Okay so I wrote the first BM fic after asking FF to add the fandom. Unfortunately all my stories got deleted and I have no back up of the story! So here's a new one! It is a multi chapter (15ish), this is a really short opening chapter just to set the scene and re-familiarize myself with the characters. I'm usually a 2000 words per chapter writer, so this is a one off and expect longer in the future! Please review if your interested in the continuation of this story :)

"Ellie love, get the door will you?" Janine hollered down the stairs to her daughter.

"Sure Mum," the teenager replied rolling her eyes at the normal chaos of a morning in the Lewis household.

Ellie haphazardly flung the door open and without taking a moment to register the face of the man in the doorway spoke, "Morning Richard, Mum's running behind," the teenager hurdled back up the stairs to get ready and shouted down as an afterthought, "Oh and there's a pot of coffee in the kitchen!"

"Cheers Ellie. Morning all!" Richard called up the stairs.

He heard grumpy mumbles of morning floating down the stairs and knowing better than to rush Janine poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down beside Tom at the kitchen table.

"Morning mate, you got football tonight?" he asked affectionately ruffling the eleven year-olds hair.

Tom sighed and looked up at Richard, "Yeah, we have a match on Saturday so everyone has to go tonight!"

Richard looked puzzled, "I thought you liked football mate; when did that change?"

"I do like football but I hate matches. I just spend the whole time wondering when Dad will turn up; he always comes at the very end and tries to tell me he was there for the whole time!" Tom finished, tears glistening in his eyes.

"Too busy with the hussy," Michael mumbled as he entered the kitchen.

"Michael, don't speak like that." Richard reprimanded the eighteen year old.

"Why not? It's the truth!" Ellie piped in as she re-entered the kitchen to make her self breakfast.

"What's the truth?" came the boss of the household's voice as she entered the kitchen with Charlotte on her hip; causing the other three children to fall silent.

"It doesn't matter Janine, we're having no more of that! I was just telling Tom that I can't wait to go see him play in his footy match this Saturday."

"Do you really mean it?" Tom asked, his young eyes alight with wonder.

"I don't say things that aren't true," Richard answered winking at the boy, who with a cheeky grin gave Richard a hug.

Janine quirked an eyebrow to Richard in question and he simply mouthed later.

"Right Michael, Ellie; off to the bus step before you miss it!" Janine stated ushering her two eldest out the door and turning back to Tom; "Right you, shoes on and we need to go."

"Where's Charlotte going for the day?" Richard asked as the little girl was transferred to his arms and Janine busied herself with packing her sons schoolbag.

"To my parents' house, they've agreed to have Charlotte during the day and Tom afterschool until I can get another nanny sorted out."

"Don't have much luck on the nanny front do you?"

"Tell me about it, Pete says the bitch is willing to help out. No thanks…"

The four made their way out of the home, to go about their day.