House, M.D.

Season Zero



Humming to herself peacefully as she stepped out of the car, Sarah Albright looked thru her hefty purse for the keys to the office, taking out her headphones and placing her sunglasses away. Pausing at the front entrance, she held the bag under her right arm muttering, "Where is it?" Finally, after tossing aside an empty bottle of an energy drink, she jingled them free and unlocked the door. Instantly she was greeted by the soft yelp of a dog inside the veterinary clinic and she turned about, looking over the small grate that had been designed to keep the animals from roaming about and declared to the yellow lab as he jumped up, "Hey Maxie! What're you doing out?" The dog leapt again, whining and howling and then barking turning it's head toward the direction of the eastern corridor and Sarah muttered, "Okay, hold on." Sliding past the grate, she quickly punched in and then said, "Let me guess, you're hungry!" Max yelped again, rushing down the corridor and she raised her eyebrow in surprise following him into the operation room. When she got there, the technician gasped in surprise, seeing the form of her supervisor lying on the cold tile floor and dropping her purse. Turning the older woman over, Sarah began to perform CPR, and then checked her pulse before rummaging thru her purse again this time in search of her cell phone. Without hesitation, she dialed 911 and declared, "Emergency? This is East Hubert Veterinary Clinic."