Transformers Prime – New Cybertron

This story is based just after the TV series and is a prequel (as requested) to Transformers Prime - Epilogue. Again, unlike many Transfrormers other stories, I have decided to avoid doing a human-to-cybertronian or cybertronian-to-human transformation since it does not seem to fit with canon.

One of the hardest parts of this story was setting it up to limit the Jack/Optimus interaction since I did not want it to contradict my previous story. Thankfully, I was reminded of the character Elita-one. You'll understand.

Once again, any errors are mine, the intellectual properties belong to Hasbro/Taraka.

Story Start

Chapter One

Optimus slowly lowered the inactive spark-chamber of the being that had once been his greatest ally, then his greatest enemy, into the final grave and then stepped back. Pausing in contemplation for a moment, he turned and walked to the large podium constructed for him and looked out at the silent crowd, humans and cybertronians, gathered before him.

"The Great War is over." Optimus said. "Megatron's Spark has been extinguished and his path has reached an end. Now is the time to pause and reflect, to abandon old hatreds and to look forwards to a new future."

The silence seemed to deepen as Optimus turned slightly to look at the line of graves.

"All of us have lost loved ones in the Great War. We have taken injuries, both physical and mental, and the scars will remain with us. Yet, to use an expression of those upon whose planet we stand, scars fade over time. The losses we have taken will always be with us, but we will hold those we have lost in our Sparks, in our hearts."

Once again, silence held his audience and Optimus straightened, knowing that his image was being seen across the world.

"The War is over." he repeated. "Now it is time to move on. I have already spoken with the leaders of the greater nations of this world and they have agreed to accept any cybertronian who wishes to stay here as citizen with the same rights, and responsabilities, as the humans whose world this is. But I know that many will fear us because of our size, our strength and the fact that we are different. So I have this to say.

"For years, the Autobots have sought to protect this world. Now that Megatron is no more, the old divisions between Autobot and Decepticon can be healed. Those Decepticons who agree to follow the path of terror and power no longer will be welcomed back as cybertronians. Those who wish to continue will be exiled, free to go their own way as long as they never return.

"But a symbol of this is needed. A place where cybertronians can live without infringing on the lands that humans have need of, a place from where we can protect the humans who have proven themselves to be dear to our Sparks.

"And so I have gained the approval of the leaders of the great nations for the construction of a city on the moon. A place built for both cybertronians and humans, a place where we can live in peace and where the leaders of the human nations can meet to discuss their differences, and how to avoid those differences causing conflict.

"A place that shall be called New Cybertron.

"And to show that we are serious about our quest for peace, I have already named the new Senate Building which is under construction. I have named it after June and William, two of the bravest humans I have ever encountered, and two who had the largest hearts. The Senate of New Cybertron, open to both human and cybertronian members, shall be named Fowler Hall."

The silence, already deep, seemed to freeze, then heads turned to look at Jack Darby, cradled in Arcee's arm. Jack blinked then used his remaining hand to dash the insipient tears from his eyes. Arcee looked down at him and then lifted her gaze back to meet that of Optimus.

"All here know of the sacrifice that June and William Fowler made, how they gave their lives selflessly to prevent Megatron from detonating the device that would have wiped out all organic life on earth. Their courage, their heroism, shall never be forgotten as long as single cybertronian remains on-line.

"And now I ask you to join me in remembering those who fell on this world, human and cybertronian, Decepticon and Autobot. Although they are no longer with us in being, their Spark, their spirit, will remain with us forever."

Optimus stepped back from the podium and Raf, his face still bandaged from the injuries he had received, stepped forwards and began reading from a list.

"Cliffjumper, Breakdown..."

"Are you alright?"

Jack looked up at Arcee's worried expression and gave a faint smile.

"I'm coping. Not going to go for any more rides, though. Hard to do with an arm and leg missing."

"I wanted to talk to you about that." Ratchett said, approaching them. "I've been keepting track of your human medical research and I think there may be a way to replace your lost limbs with powered artificial ones. It'll take a while, I'll need to get a human medical team to help and operate to isolate the nerves in your arm and leg so I can link them to a biochip, but I think it's possible. Once I'm done, you two will be able to ride to your sparks content."

Jack looked at the old medic in shock but Arcee reached out with her free arm and gave Ratchett a powerful hug before releasing him and stepping back.

"If you can, that'll be great."

Jack nodded, then looked round.

"Where did Optimus go?"

"That's the other thing. He wants you two to join him in the bunker. Just before the funeral, we received a signal from an Autobot ship.

"It's the Ark. And it's going to arrive fairly soon."

"The Ark?" Arcee gasped, her voice shocked. "Where has it been? I thought it was destroyed!"

"We all did, but apparently Elita-one managed to pull a fast one and got all the sparklings to safety. I only got part of the message, but there's close to a thousand fully-grown 'Bots aboard, and the Ark's energon tanks are still at something like 40%."

Arcee stared at Ratchett, unable to speak.

"Bridge-lock confirmed, the Ark has locked onto and activated stabilisation circuits for the other end." Wheeljack announced. Beside him, Soundwave stood by the control console, tentacles extended and readouts flashing across his visor. "Activating vortex now."

The familiar vortex opened up and a moment later a form walked through it. Walking up to Optimus, it saluted, then threw both arms round him in a hug.

"Orion, I thought you were lost!"

"Elita, it is good to see you here once more."

"Who's that?"

Miko's quiet question somehow managed to cut through the hangar and Elita released Optimus and stepped back, looking round quizzically.

"Elita, you already know Arcee and Bulkhead, the humans with them are Jack and Miko. They have proven themselves valuable allies, it was Jack who took Megatron off-line, although he took serious injuries in the process."

Elita walked over and bent slightly to look at Jack, ignoring the way Arcee stiffened and shifted her free arm ready to raise it to protect him.

"You took out Megatron? You must have some pretty big bearings for an organic."

"He does." Arcee said curtly and Elita smiled wryly.

"It's okay, Arcee. I'm not going to make a run on him like I did with Tailgate. You can keep him to yourself. I'm not sure I could cope with anyone who managed to take down Megs without being a Prime."

"Jack is my second-in-command." Optimus said, amusement evident in his voice. "His actions proved that my choice was not an error. If he is not a Prime among humans, I know not what to call him."

"Jack Prime..." Elita mused. "Sounds good, but no. I'll stick with Orion."

Jack smiled and leaned back against Arcee's shoulder, shifting the stump of his lost arm slightly to releive the pressure on it. Elita's optics widened and she stared at his missing limbs, then at Arcee.

"Yes." Arcee confirmed. "Jack lost his arm and leg when he deactivated Megatron. Alone."

Elita's already-wide optics widened even more, then she stepped back and bowed.

"Then I truly honoured to meet you, Jack Prime."

"If you are done here, I need to get him to surgery." Ratchett said from behind them. "The team is waiting and I have the chips ready for implantation. After that, Arcee, I need to talk to you."

"The Ark has several med-bots who can..." Elita started, only for Ratchett to interrupt her.

"I'm sure it does, but what do they know about organics? Do they understand the complexities of the humans biological setup? How humans live? I've been studying them for years, Elita. I was taught by June Fowler herself! I can't risk an untrained med-bot blundering through an operation of this delicacy, especially not with Jack as the patient! Your offer is noted, but declined. Arcee, Jack, let's go."

Elita watched the trio exit, then turned to Miko and Bulkhead. Moving across, she clapped Bulkhead on his free shoulder then looked at Miko.

"Good to see you again, Bulkhead. Been a while. Greetings, Miko."

Miko nodded in return and Elita turned back to Optimus.

"I see that there is a great deal that I must catch up on."

"Then if you will come with me, I will see to your debriefing." Optimus said, gently wrapping his arm around her. "Wheeljack, you are in charge until I return."

"The others will want to debark."


"We're on it." Bulkhead said with a salute. "Miko, I don't think there'll be any air up there for you, so let's grab Jack's old suit. It should fit you."

"Wow!" Miko eclaimed, bouncing on his shoulder as he turned towards the storage rooms. "At last! I'm going into space! The first human on an autobot spaceship! Way cool!"

"Very." rumbled Bulkhead. "Which is why you'll need the suit."

Wheeljack watched them leave and laughed softly. Soundwave turned to look at him, head tilted inquisitively.

"Oh, Bulk's always been a pushover for a sparkling."

Soundwave's visor lit with a picture of Arcee and Jack gazing into each others eyes, then one of Miko and Bukhead laughing.

"Yeah, Soundwave." Wheeljack said. "Arcee and Jack, if I didn't know better, I'd say they had become Sparkmates. Miko and Bulkhead, I'd say siblings."

Soundwave considered it for a moment, then nodded and turned back to the control panel, checking that the bridge was remaining stable.