Transformers Prime – New Cybertron

The eighth and last chapter of the New Cybertron story (and also the shortest).

As always, any errors are mine, the intellectual properties belong to Hasbro/Taraka.

Chapter Eight

"Must you go so soon?" Elita-one asked as the newly-constructed ground-bridge started to power up. Jack nodded as he positioned himself on Arcee's saddle.

"We discussed this, and we do need some time alone to let our Bond settle."

"We're going to drop by Bulk and Bee first, then we have a beach to find." Arcee said as Jack slightly adjusted the panniers and tested their effect on Arcee's balance. "Tell Optimus not to worry about us, and to call if he needs us for anything."

Elita nodded. "Jack, I'll arrange a transfer into your account, you have done so much for us, you deserve some down-time. Arcee, you look after Jack Prime for us, alright?"

"I always do, as he does for me." Arcee replied. "Don't worry about us, we've managed to survive Unicron, Megatron, the Insectoids, Scraplets... we'll be fine."

Elita nodded and stepped back slightly, giving them a clear run to the now-stable vortex.

"I'll pass word to Orion. Be well."

Jack waved as Arcee accelerated, and with a spray of dust and gravel, they were gone. Elita stared after them as the ground-bridge closed, then a second vortex opened nearby and a large figure strode through.

"Jack? Arcee?"

"You just missed them, Orion." Elita said quietly as Optimus stopped beside her.

"I just wanted to wish them good luck on their journey."

"I think they already knew." she replied. "They said that they'd be there for us should we ever need them again."

"Hopefully, we will not be forced to interrupt their time together." Optimus rumbled thoughtfully. "They have both sacrificed much for the Autobot cause, it is time and past that they claimed their reward."

The vortex Optimus had appeared through re-opened and both figures turned and walked towards it.

"They make a cute couple, don't they?" Elita asked as Optimus draped his arm across her shoulders and hugged her. "Although I don't know how many of the others will understand."

"If anyone tries to cause any trouble for Arcee and Jack, they will answer to me. Personally." Optimus stated as they stepped through the vortex. A moment later, the vortex vanished, leaving only the sighing wind and rising sun.