A/N: Erin's POV. The italicized are the exact lines from "A Wedding on Walton's Mountain."

It all started three months ago. I was engaged to the man I loved- Paul Matthews Northridge. That's when Ashley Longworth Junior came back into my life. The night Ashley came back is as fresh in my mind as it was the day it happened. Paul and I were arguing on the front porch when Ashley casually walked up the front steps and stood before me and Paul. I knew at that moment my life had just become more complicated; but I didn't realize how complicated until months later. Once Paul had gone inside and Ashley and I were alone he walked over to me and put his hands on mine.

"No." I said walking away from him.

"Erin, you've got to understand." Ashley said from behind me. I turned my head and shoulder to face him.

"What? Why you walked out on me? Why you married someone else?" I asked angrily, yet there was relief in finally letting Ashley know how I felt and getting rid of that hurt.

"London was a battle zone. Burnings and bombings every night. I didn't believe that I'd come back. That I'd ever see you again. Kathy was a nurse. She was… so like you. We were both grasping for the moment, we never knew. The next day, the next hour." Ashley said and sighed. "When the war was over we tried to make a life together. She died six months ago." I looked over at Ashley. That was hard to believe. Poor Ashley. I had some sympathy for him. "We loved each other, but there was always a shadow between us… You."

"I'm sorry." I said quietly and softly.

"I'm not sure if you could ever understand or forgive me, but I want you to know that I never stopped loving you." Ashley said. He came close to me again and I had to get away. I walked away from him, past the porch swing as I spoke.

"Don't say this. Ashley, so much has changed now." I stated.

"I know it's not too late. I can see it; I can feel it in you." Ashley exclaimed.

"You're wrong. Whatever there was between us is gone. I love Paul, and I'm gonna marry him." I stated firmly looking into Ashley's eyes.

"I don't believe you." He repeated back. Ashley was looking right back at me. It was hard to deny my feelings for him. But I truly loved Paul and I was going to marry Paul. I just didn't know when.

"Ashley, please go away." I pleaded.

"I know you better than you know yourself Erin. I'm not giving up. You'll come to me, and I'll be waiting." I opened the front door and ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. Vaguely while I was on the stairs I heard somebody call my name; but I didn't stop to see who it was. Part of me wished Ashley had never come, but another part of me wanted to let Ashley hold me and tell me he loved me and marry me like we agreed years ago. I was so confused. I wish there was somebody to talk to. I heard myself sigh. What I really wished was that Mama was here. She would know what to do. I mean, I love Paul; but he has no interest in getting married right now. He told me so tonight. I loved Ashley and he's right here with me now. I don't have to wait for Ashley's love and attention. Mama would tell me to go with Ashley… wouldn't she? I'm so confused. The tears dripping off my cheeks wouldn't help, but maybe a good rest would. I changed into my nightgown and slipped under the blanket. Usually I listen to Elizabeth's breathing as I fall asleep; but she was downstairs with everybody else. I fell asleep dreaming about Ashley's deep, crystal blue eyes.