Lover: Hay it's been a long time hasn't it.

Jaden: I thought you forgot about us.

Lover: I haven't besides I have other stories.

"I know but that's why you love me is it not." Jesse asked as he licked Jaden on the head. Jaden nodded thus Haou signed at his lovers' brother. "Your brother is stupid, Johan" Haou said. "I know." Johan replied. Jaden sighed softly as he moved over and lied next to Haou. "Come on Jaden come lay next to me and sleep I won't bother you." Jesse said. "You move around too much." Jaden said. "Well you always sleep." Jesse countered. Jaden stared at Jesse with tear filled eyes. "I take that back. I didn't mean it." Jesse said. Haou hissed "You better!"

Jesse whimpered and Jaden just snugged closer to Haou for protection. "Go off some where you two while I try to calm Jaden down." Haou hissed at the two wolf like dogs. Johan nodded and started to pull Jesse away only to have him snap. "I'm not leaving Jaden. I didn't mean to say that it was just the first thing that came to mind." Jesse growled. "I don't care just get out of sight for a little while so I can calm Jaden down!" Haou hissed.

Jesse nodded and then walked away with Johan. Haou sighed as he looked down at Jaden. "Jesse didn't mean it he just lost his temper for a while." Haou whispered lovingly to his smaller brother.

*Minutes later*

"You can come back now." Haou called. "Thank you I thought I would lose my mind if I stayed with him any longer." Johan said in happiness. "So did you get Jaden to calm down?" Jesse asked. "Yeah, he went to sleep." Haou whispered. "Good he needs rest." Johan stated.

Jesse walked to where Jaden lied asleep and lied down beside Jaden and also went to sleep. "They make a cute couple you know." Haou said. Johan smirked and nodded. "But we make a hot couple." Johan said in turn.

Lover: That's the end. Sorry it's so short.

Jaden: It's ok.