AN: Two separate oneshots I wrote using the same plotline. They're not interconnected any further than having the same basic plot, though.

Using Itsuki Kimura for the protagonist name here.

It was rare for him to get phone calls from JP's members, especially ones he wasn't friends with. After the cell phone server had been turned on, there had been a huge lecture from Yamato about needlessly wasting cell phone batteries, so hardly anyone used their phones for anything but demon summoning unless it was really important. Itsuki flipped his phone open and held it up to his ear.


"Is this Itsuki Kimura?" The woman's voice on the other end of the phone was emotionless, calm, and unfitting of the words she said next. "We need you to come to the medic station in Shibuya so that you can identify a body."

The body had been found under a bit of rubble near where Itsuki's house now lay in ruins. A driver's license found on the body belonged to Mizuki Kimura, and because Yamato's favorite protégé and the body shared a family name, it had been decided that they should call him down. Even with her long black hair splayed around her bashed in face, he could easily recognize her, because she was still wearing the same clothes she'd worn when he'd left that morning for the mock exam.

Each step he took up the ruined stairs back to the surface was more difficult than the last; his feet were lead bricks as he walked, each one wanting to weigh him down and take him back into that subway station. He grasped the handrail with both hands as he climbed, as his wobbling legs wouldn't have been able to hold him up otherwise.

He kept walking, balancing himself on walls and handrails, until he reached Yoyogi Park and sat down on a bench in the shade of a large tree, its overhanging branches shielding him from view. With no cars running on the roads and most people hiding from the demons, it was very quiet.

It wasn't like he and Daichi hadn't discussed this possibility before. With the state that Io's apartment building had been in, it was very likely that their neighborhood too had been destroyed, and their parents likely killed. But he had still held onto some hope that his parents were still alive. His entire body began to shake, and he grabbed himself about the shoulders in a futile attempt to stop it.

There was a burning sensation in the corners of Itsuki's eyes, and it alarmed him, causing him to dig his nails into his shoulders. He couldn't cry—if he cried, it would be all over… nothing would remain to stop him from breaking apart and never coming back again.

The shaking returned at an even greater frequency, and panic began to rise in Itsuki's mind. But he couldn't cry, because if he cried then that meant that the person they were all looking up to was too weak to go on, and he couldn't cry—

"Itsuki?" Io called from down the path. His hands fell from his shoulders. He turned toward her, and she walked slowly toward him. She took a seat next to him on the bench, sitting just far enough away that she wasn't touching him. Her words came slowly, nervously. "I heard someone at the station say that you were there and…"

She looked toward him, a look of sympathy on her face. Her gaze moved away from him, and an uncomfortable silence passed before she could gain enough confidence to look Itsuki in the eye and speak once more. "Do you want to talk about it?"

He shook his head numbly, and Itsuki didn't say anything else, his throat closed, as if he'd gone mute. His face was screwed up from the effort to hold back tears. He couldn't cry—he couldn't…

"Let it all out," Io's voice whispered, and she put an arm around his shoulders, having to stretch up to do so due to their difference in heights. The sob that had been fighting to escape from Itsuki's chest finally burst free, and he buried his face in his hands, crying until his eyes began to ache and his throat hurt. Io held him close until he finally ran out of tears, sometimes whispering to him words he couldn't hear through his own sobbing. The silence after his tears stopped was only broken occasionally by a rogue hiccup, keeping the two of them rooted there until his body felt like it was normal again.

It was Io who spoke up next, once the silence had cloaked them for a good few minutes and remained unbroken. "Do you want to go back to JP's?" Itsuki nodded almost imperceptibly. The two of them stood up, and Io's arm moved down from his too tall, too broad shoulders to around his waist, and they walked back together, letting her support him all the way back.