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We aren't at Hogwarts anymore

Harry Potter hit the ground with all the grace and skill of a brain dead water buffalo.

He bounced on impact and started to roll farther down the hill when he was brought to an abrupt halt by something around his neck. After some coughing to restore his breathing Harry tried to remove the thing around his neck, but when he tugged on it something else pulled it the other way again. there was an intense round of tug of war for several seconds between Harry and his assailant before a voice snapped behind him.

"Harry you git! stop trying to strangle me!" The voice sounded both feminan and annoy'd. Harry immeadiately stopped pulling on what he had found to be a chain of some kind and waited. The chain tightened slightly then fell loose before being lift off his neck. Finally Harry could turn around to see his assailant. It was his friend Hermione Granger, a fourteen year old girl with bushy brown hair, brown eyes and fairly large front teeth. Both of them were still dressed in black robes, though they were now covered in leaves, twigs and other bits of assorted forest junk.

"Hermione was that supposed to happen. . . And WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE WE!" Harry asked but Hermione was too bizy looking at something in her hand to answer. After a few minutes of silence Hermione cursed loudly. Harry tried to ask what was wrong, but was interupted by a loud crash and sliding sounds. Reacting on instinct Harry dove acrossed the half dozen feet that seperated him and his friend, and tackled her out of the way as to large, heavy objects slid through where they'd just been standing and hit a pair of trees. Harry and Hermione looked up from where they'd tumbled to see their school trunks resting against the trees. A second later a snowy owl and a large ginger hair, squashed face cat appear from the shadows.

"Hedwig?" "Crockshanks?"the pair asked. The cat and owl gave their humans bland looks as if to say 'no Mr. and Mrs. Claus dimwits!'.

"Ookayyy, so Hermione what just happened?" Harry asked after a moment, mostly to get away from the annoy'd look Hedwig was giving him.

"Its call a Time Turner Harry" Hermione said as she flopped down on the softest piece of ground she could find, then she held up something for Harry to see. It was a gold ring surrounding a small hour glass on a gold chain. It definatly looked the part of a magical time device but on closer inspection Harry noticed that the gold ring was slightly bent, and there was a crack in one of the globes of the hour glass.

"We were only supposed to go three hours into the past and appear in the entrance hall, but I think it got damaged when the Whomping Willow hit me" Hermione grumbled. Harry had to agree with that and Crockshanks forgot his annoyance with his human to jump into Hermione's lap and commenced purring. Hermione started to absentmindedly pet her cat.

"So what do we do now?" Hermione asked.

Harry thought for a moment before he started to walk towards his trunk.

"First we gather our stuff up, then we try to find a town"

"I could probably help you with that" Harry and Hermione both nearly jumped out of their skins as they spun around, looking for the voice that had just spoken.

"Up here kids" The voice spoke again. Hermione and Harry's eyes snapped upward and there they saw a fourties-ish with graying light brown hair, gray eyes and the figure of a very pretty woman that time and age had been nice to with a large bust (and strangely cat ears and a tail) sitting sidesaddle on a broom. The woman was wareing a pair of trousers with a white blouse and a brown sleeveless sweeter. And (Harry gulped when he saw it) a pistol(1) in a shoulder holester hanging under her left arm. The woman brought the broom slowly to the ground and stepped off, her feline features curling out of sight as she took a couple of steps towards the two kids, her broom held lightly in her left hand.

"What are two scramps like you doing out here?" the woman's voice was casual even nice, but Harry knew an order when he heard one.

"We got lost ma'am" Hermione answered quickly. The woman raised an eyebrow at Hermione.

"Lost?" She asked then let out a sigh and sat down on Harry's trunk.

"Why don't you two just start explaining from the beginning".


It took Harry and Hermione several hours but they finally managed to explain everything relivant to the woman, who was named Minnie Bishop.

"You kids are in quite the spot of trouble aren't ya" Minnie said as she messaged the bridge of her nose, like there was a migrane slowly building behind her eyes. The two younger magicals just sat quietly on Hermione's trunk waiting for Minnie to decide their fate. After a moment Minnie rubbed the back of her head and gave a low chuckle.

"Well I can't just leave you two squirts out here now can I" Minnie hopped off of Harry's trunk "Lets get these trunks rounded up and you can stay at my house for tonight". Hermione and Harry nodded in agreement before Hermione jumped off her own trunk and turned to Harry.

"You can put your trunk in mine Harry" Hermione said as she tapped the lock of her trunk with her wand while Harry pointed his own wand at his trunk.

"Windguardium Leviousa" The trunk lifted a couple of feet into the air and slowly floated over to Hermione's trunk where Hermione helped him lower it into the newly revealed compartment. It turned out that the compartment was a small study and lounge area with a desk, couch and two large book shelves. When asked Hermione told Harry that she'd gotten her trunk upgraded before the start of term so that she could study without disturbing (or being disturbed by) her dormmates, especially with all the new courses that she'd been taking that year.

"Crockshanks!" the bandy-legged cat came bounding down the stairs and leap onto the couch, looking to the two teens like a large, ginger fluffy cushion.

"Stay here boy and we'll let you out when we get where ever we're going" Hermione said as she stroked her cat while Harry grabbed his broom from his trunk, then the two trooped back out where Mrs Bishop was waiting with a rope. A few minutes and some well placed knots had Hermione's trunk hanging from Mrs. Bishop's broom. Hermione had climbed into the back of Harry's Firebolt and with Hedwig falling into formation began to follow the older woman home.

Chapter End

(1) Webley-Fosbery Automatic revolver .38(sorry I forgot to add this the first time)

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