Blue Moon

This story was created originally by DevilsDoCry and after taking it down, revamping it with a new plot, here is the first remodeled chapter on TeamDragonStar, written by LadyLaide & Saiyajin-Love.

The dissatisfaction on his face increased ten-fold upon hearing Frieza's request.

"Can your pathetic little monkey brain understand that?" Frieza said condescendingly as he stared directly at the Saiyan bowed before him. Looking at him from head to toe, Frieza only felt the bile rise from his gut, collecting at the back of his throat.


They were all just Saiyan vermin. Not even worth the time he had spent training the boy, but if anything he could at least be trusted with this simple mission; not even the monkey Prince was that incompetent nor stupid.

Dodoria smirked at the so called Prince's displeasure. Seeing him reduced to such a pitiful level was highly enjoyable. Hah! That would be the last time he'd dare to threaten him! Just look at him bowed in submission - just like a bitch. Haha yes, he was Frieza's bitch.

"Yes Lord Frieza." responded the saiyan prince. The vein protruding on his forehead jutting out a little more than usual as he tried to reign in his temper so he wouldn't forget his purpose..

"Good, be gone monkey." dismissed Frieza. He amusedly watched the Saiyan make his leave with eroded pride. Belittling the monkey and pushing him to the brink of insanity was always fun.

"That was interesting, wouldn't you agree?" Frieza commented without turning his head to those standing beside him. His smirk still patently obvious.

"Most certainly Lord Frieza, you rule supreme." Zarbon agreed.

"Yes, yes, yes…Lord Frieza, that baboon Prince, is yours! He doesn't even know what you're…"

"Shut up Dodoria before I blast your bloated gut to hell. That's a secret." Zarbon spat, his hand itching to hit him.

"Right…right…I err-…forgot that."

"Now now Zarbon, I'm sure Dodoria meant no harm," Frieza said as he smirked devilishly, looking at Dodoria from the corner of his eyes, making him shrink back slightly behind him. "Yes. I'm quite sure he meant no harm. If anything goes wrong, I'm sure Dodoria wouldn't mind taking the blame."

Dodoria coughed slightly as Frieza's words registered in his mind, "Y-y..yes Lord Frieza," he muttered to the ground.

"Wonderful. This is going to be quite a show! And I just love destruction."


Vegeta stomped furiously out of Frieza's chambers. How dare he talk to the Saiyan Prince like that? What impudence! As soon as he was strong enough - which was soon, he was going to blast Frieza and his two idiots to eternity. It was his birthright, since his own father had failed to accomplish the task. In fact, the pathetic excuse of a King was probably lounging away as he, the Prince, was steadily working and demeaning himself to new lows each time he followed Frieza's demands for him to purge and conquer.

That very thought infuriated Vegeta even more as he stormed down the corridors to the area where he'd get suited up for his journey. As he rounded a corner to enter said room, he immediately ordered the spaceship commanders walking around, "Ready a pod."

"For what and who-"

Before the remaining words could leave the individuals mouth, his body disappeared in a cloud of smoke - done in by a blast of ki from the Prince's hand.

Though accustomed to Vegeta's temper, the onlookers were still astounded and terrified by the merciless killing of their peer. The room stood quiet as agape mouths and worried eyes fell upon an unusually calm Vegeta who was slipping on his gloves. "If you feel the need to question the Prince, then you should be prepared for his answer. Now.." He said, with terrifying malice. "If any of you want to question me as well and not do as I say, you can expect the same answer and end up just like that pitiable waste of space." He spoke with narrowed eyes.

In a frenzy, the onlookers hurried off to do Vegeta's bidding without any further questions. They did not desire the same fate as their unfortunate peer.

With only the sound of scurrying feet, Vegeta could only smirk at the predictability of the weak so easy to bend to his will. Should he wish it, they would kiss his feet just like-

His face crumpled in disgust as the name Frieza tainted his mind. As if he would want to be compared to that heinous fiend. Bastard had everyone falling to their knees, practically kissing his feet. It was either that or perish by his fast and callous hands. Even he, the mighty Prince, was forced to succumb to him and go on this damn mission.

Infuriated by these thoughts, Vegeta stomped off to his quarters, trying to focus only on the place he was to depart to - not the one who had given him instructions to do so.

Bam! An elite soldier suddenly ran into him.

"It'll do you some good to use your eyes to watch where you're going. Or next time they'll wound up blasted along with your head." he cautioned icily.

The elite saiyan chuckled. "Oh really, Prince? The same Prince who's bitchassness makes him bow down to Frieza. Well to be frank, I believe you can't do shit."

Vegeta smirked before he scoffed. "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You must be a newbie." Vegeta brushed pass him. "One word of advice, shut the fuck up before you end up dead."

Leaving the saiyan intimidated and thus speechless, Vegeta walked to his room, slamming the door behind him before plopping down onto the bed with his head resting in the palm of his hands. As he leaned back onto his pillows, ease tried to massage its way into his mind.

"Yo rise and shine sleeping beauty, we're only ten minutes out from planet Vegeta and we need you looking your best," said his childhood associate in a rather bored tone.

Some referred to her as his slave from birth, some would joke and say they're friends; but he had no need for either.

This woman was just someone who for some strange reason kept pestering him. He would've blasted her away a long time ago if it had not been for her constant advancements in technology - which she'd let him be the first to try out. He was sure it was for only that reason that he tolerated her. For with her babbling mouth, she always managed to insult or scold him damn more than any living being should.

"Hmm, Vegeta are you even listening to me," the blue haired saiyan said in an annoyed tone.

Lazily, his eyes halfway opened to a squint. As he peered at her, his expression slightly changed for a brief second when he noticed it once again. "I'm listening wench, but tell me before you go any further, how did you get those markings on your neck this time?" He didn't care as to who had done it, since it wasn't his problem. He had convinced himself that he only had asked because it was an embarrassment to be seen within even a few meters of her skin that was blemished so.

"Erm, one of the pods power cables got tangled around my neck when I was trying to repair the pod, damn lab monkeys hadn't fixed this thing at all." replied Bulma rather nervously.

His eyes snapped open as he instantly pushed those thoughts of that woman within the depths of his mind. He shouldn't be wasting his time thinking about that. He stood up and went towards his closet to pull out his Saiyan armour. After forcing his arms through the right openings, he had on his proper attire.

Grabbing the nearby scouter from the stand, Vegeta left the room and went back to the loading area. The ship commanders saw him arrive and immediately led him to his pod. After all, it was time to leave this hell hole, just to go to another Vegeta supposed. Once he had settled into his pod, he left with a destination set for Earth.

The gas to set his body in for stasis filled the pod and he felt himself gradually losing consciousness and slipping into a deep sleep.

Update: 15 minutes remaining till landing. Status: Entering the mesosphere layer of Earth. Increasing oxygen gas partial pressure concentration to optimum levels.

Vegeta's eyes began to flutter open as he regained consciousness. The tingling sensation of pins and needles returning to his arm and leg muscles as he shifted his body weight within the pod in an attempt to get a little more comfortable.

Looking out of the window he saw the peaceful black forge of space surround him and the space debris that remained stationary in the distance. Looking further beyond this, a sharp blue came into view, Earth.

The planet looked so tranquil, with nothing there to disturb it. He could only gaze at it's unrefined beauty and smirk. 'This is all to change. Earth. This is your end.'

Vegeta began to plot and plan all the different ways he could destroy the planet. His eyes widening as he became entranced by the beauty of the death, decay and destruction he would soon be the sole cause of. His mind trapped in a vivid trance of bloodlust frenzy as he thought over each and every opportunity, each and every method, each and every …. He wanted to see the people suffer, no suffering meant nothing to him, it didn't provide him with any gratification whatsoever. His sadistic mind needed to be eased, it has been so long since he killed. Frieza didn't even let him travel to the nearby solar systems anymore because he knew how much his little monkey enjoyed taking innocent lives and he couldn't have him just gallivanting all over the universe whenever he felt like he needed a thrill.

No, Frieza couldn't have that. That was precisely the reason why he was on a lone mission to Earth that was supposed to be destroyed some time ago. It was a last ditch attempt to quell the Saiyan's appetite for blood. That was what he needed. Blood. At least, that's what Frieza suspected. But, as a peculiar half smirk teased the corner of his mouth, Vegeta knew otherwise. Besides what was expected, he had an ulterior motive.

"Pod preparation sequence for landing, ready to initiate in 5…4…3…2…1. Initiating landing sequence, measuring air resistance, gravity detected, adjusting rotation and speed. Estimated time till arrival on Earth set for 10 minutes. Please prepare for landing immediately."

As the automated female voice in the pod spoke, Vegeta couldn't wait. He could feel the anticipation building within his gut almost like a panther ready to pounce on it's prey. It could not be contained as a smirk spread over his face and he ran his tongue over the points of his canines, they even seemed to jut out even more than usual, only increasing his thirst.

A dying thirst in which he knew would be satisfied quite soon.


As the sun peered its brilliant light across the horizon, the birds flew with magnificence through the sky and little creatures chomped down the dew-encased grass, one farmer was steadily shoveling a pile of hay into the back of his pickup truck. A cigarette was carefully perched between his lips as a straw-hat sat on top of his head to shield him from the hot rays of the sun.

Yet, his continuous work eventually built up a trail of sweat which fell down the side of his face, causing him to take off his hat and fan himself to cool down only slightly.

"Phew! This job here is bigger than I thought," his country voice rang. He glanced over at the other stacks of hay he was supposed to shovel and let out an exasperated sigh. Just as he was about to get back to his tiring work, he heard it.

The sharp sound of something similar to a rocket echoed within the sky, as it drew near. The inquiring eyes of the farmer frantically searched for the source of such, impatient and worried as to know what was he hearing.

"What is that?" the farmer questioned as it came into his view before crashing, almost like an explosion, down into the field not too far away from him.

The farmer jumped back, shivers racing across his back as he continued to wonder what that was. Curiosity got the best of him, and soon his pickup truck arrived at the scene of said crash. Slowly, the farmer exited his truck, weary but wise enough to grab the shotgun stored underneath his seat.

Something, told him to go back home to his wife. To forget and ignore what he had witnessed. Yet, he proceeded to the hole and before his curiosity could be assuaged, his body was overtaken by a golden flash. It pierced him ever so quickly. Quick enough that pain could not be registered in his mind, and the farmer died an easy death.

"Pathetic Earthling believed he could take me by surprise. How amusing." Vegeta said as his feet touched the grassy field outside of the hole he had created. Once it did, Vegeta scanned the area with a nonchalant expression, not caring at all for what he was seeing. He was bored already as easily as he had been amused.

There wasn't much to behold, meaning his blood thirst may not be quenched. Frustrated, Vegeta activated his scouter, expecting but not convinced enough that he'd discover a strong power level among this pathetic planet which would offer him some sort of challenge maybe a little entertainment. However, he was a bit astounded to see that there was but only to some extent. This person had a power level around 1500.

Vegeta scoffed though. That's all that planet had to offer. And with that power level, it had to be that disgraced Saiyan Kakarrot, the one Bardock had mentioned about only days before. With another irritated sigh, Vegeta tapped the side of his scouter to report his findings to headquarters.

"Prince Vegeta calling in to inform headquarters that the inhabitants of Earth are relatively weak and from appearances Earth is not of superior value. It is a waste of planetary resources, so I'll be returning to the base."

"Discouraging news, it is. But Vegeta, you've already purged the planet. The pod was set to arrive only five minutes ago. Earth was that easy to conquer?" Zarbon questioned.

"I haven't annihilate them yet…"

"Then why are you calling? Frieza will not be pleased if you leave without completing your mission. Eradicate and salvage the planet first and then give a full report back to base!" he demanded before rudely ending the transmission.

He had to stop himself for crushing the scouter in his hand, in which he would envision as Zarbon's head. That fool! How dare he address him in such a way. It was bad enough that Frieza thought he could speak to him in such a manner. Well, all is well then. Once he's finished doing what he actually came to do and not what Frieza suspected, all will be well. Then Frieza would be the one succumbing to him.

With another smirk driven by his thoughts, Vegeta took off in the air towards the power level he had discovered not too long ago. Soon, at an incredible speed, he arrived to a house pleasantly settled on top of a hill.

A kid, no more than 5, was looking up to a woman and attempting to mimic her movements. The woman appeared as if she could be a Saiyan and Vegeta couldn't help but to expect such as he saw the tail dangle out from behind the 5 year old, indicating that the child may've had saiyan blood running through his veins.

That power he was sensing, couldn't have been that female, could it? Vegeta activated his scouter once again, which automatically analyzed the powers of the two who had not noticed him yet.

The woman's power was surprisingly being shown as 20. So that meant this mere child had a power level that high? A power level of almost 1500? Such notion was absurd.

But he steadily smirked, and finally neared the two immediately catching her attention.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" she asked as she stopped training her son and slowly pushed him behind her.

"In fact you may. Hand over the kid since he's the only thing worth some sort of value on this planet."

Her eyes narrowed, as mother instinct pushed her son even further behind her and required her to squat into her fighting stance. Amusement spread to Vegeta's face as he could only chuckle at this weakling preparing to battle him.

"What's so damn funny?" the woman spat.

"It's hilarious to think that you stand a chance. Your pathetic earthling brain can not grasp nor fathom the power than stands before you. A power belonging to a great Prince."

"Mommy, what's going on," her son asked as he gripped her kimono and trembled behind her.

Never loosing the intensity of her stare, she chuckled to ease his nerves and say, "It's okay sweetie. Mommy has this, since this man also doubts her power. And he can't pull that royalty crap since Mommy's a princess of Ox Kingdom."

The feistiness in this woman reminded him of her again. That alone, annoyed Vegeta. He had no time to even think about her. He might as well take this woman's life and get along with this pointless mission before he becomes distracted or influenced in some way from his ulterior goal.

Vegeta, using the smallest fraction of his power, lightened his hand as his golden ki extended to the tip of his fingers encasing his entire palm in its energy. He held it up towards the woman, with another smirk curling up the corners of his lips ever so evilly. The energy increased and grew to a little ball with enough caliber to kill someone of her strength.

"This is the end of the road for you wench." Vegeta spat as he shot the blast from his hand. He just knew he was about to hit her until, immediately he dodged to the side.

Vegeta had to refrain from his mouth hanging agape as his least powerful blast had been overtaken by this woman's whose power at the same time had shot up to 182 on his scouter. He thought she stood at 20! That meant she must have somehow suppressed her ki. Earthlings had the power to do that!

"You'll have to do better than that." she panted as she came out of the stance she was in when she shot that blast, interrupting his thoughts. She then began to charge at him.

But Vegeta, wanting to not be taken lightly any longer, sent another blast flying. This time it was aimed at her son whom she had left unattended as she dashed towards him. Suddenly, the mother's eyes shot open as she immediately halted her movement towards him.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion to her now as the quick blast left his hand. Her words to tell her son to move, were slow to warn him. Her feet that ran back to him, weren't fast enough. Her frantic hands reaching out to repel the blast, did not come close to do such. Therefore her innocent son was left defenseless. She wouldn't be able to protect him! He was going to be killed!

The blast engulfed the little boy in a cloud of golden smoke and dirt. Vegeta returned his hand to his side and looked upon the woman's painstaking expression - that filled him with joy. As she looked speechlessly at the smoke, unable to grasp what had just happened nor come to terms with it, Vegeta watched it also, awaiting the sight of a fallen child who was supposed to be strong or either ashes since the scouter had probably malfunctioned and given him inaccurate readings.

However, there…. A man stood, holding his son in his arms, completely unaffected by the blast.

"Goku!" she cried tears of joy.

His eyes scrutinized this very man's familiar appearance, until he rightfully assumed, "Oh, you must be Kakkarot, Bardock's son. What luck to run into you here."

And as Goku crouched into his fighting stance, Vegeta followed his suit and added, "You've disgraced the Saiyan race enough. Be prepared to die along with the inhabitants of this planet."


"Any word from that monkey savage, Vegeta yet?" Frieza asked indifferently as he swished his drink in his glass, careful in his occasional sips.

"No Lord Frieza. It's been a few days since he last reported to us. He did say that Earth looked unprofitable."

"Such a shame," Frieza said through a bored tone as he took another sip from his glass. "Send Nappa and the remaining Saiyans available to Earth to investigate." he ordered.

"Yes my Lord." the creature replied as he hurried off.

Zarbon cast Frieza a look with a glint in his eyes. "Things are still going according to plan, Lord Frieza. You must be pleased."

"That I am," Frieza agreed before he let out an ominous chuckle which echoed throughout his chambers.


Ahh, and that was the first chapter for Blue Moon. Hope you've enjoyed it.