Nathan was standing at the doorway of the stadium. He didn't know what to do or where Victoria was. Everyone else he was with was fighting the mutants. He didn't want to get eaten alive, so he just stood still. His group was fighting the monsters, which he thought was incredibly stupid. He just waned to take the food and get out of there.

A couple days ago…

Nathan had found the Careers running out of the house he met Victoria in. There were only three of them, but Nathan knew they were deadly. He watched them from the shadows of an alley. One of the boys was carrying a girl in his arms.

"Come on Alonso!" the boy yelled, "We have to get Sabrina out of here."

"I know Nikel! I'm just trying to make sure that that thing isn't going to come out after us!" Alonso yelled. The girl in Nikel's arms, Sabrina, groaned. The two boys ran.

Behind them, a white rabbit emerged. Nathan laughed. They were running from a bunny. The rabbit kept coming out. Nathan's eyes widened. The rabbit's tail was a serpent. Fire and purple gas came out of its mouth. The rabbit hopped off in the opposite direction of the Careers, but Nathan followed them.

The Careers disappeared into a building. Nathan crept in quickly. He took only one step and there was a sword at his neck.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you!" Alonso roared.

"Because I can get you to Victoria," Nathan replied, not knowing if it was true, "She was in that house. She probably killed the other half of your group. If you kill me, she will kill you. I can get her alone. Then you can kill her." Like that will happen, he thought.

The Careers kept Nathan alive only because of that. Sabrina was fine. She had only been knocked out by the gas the rabbit's tail produced. The group finished off whatever other tributes they found. It had only been two days ago when they found Lyn.

Lyn ran into them after Conner died. She wanted revenge. Lyn planned to kill Victoria and the remaining tributes. She was deadly with a bow and could kill in seconds.

However, even though Nathan and Lyn both wanted to kill Victoria, something happened that neither of them expected. They fell in love.

Well, for Lyn it was sort of love, but it was mostly lust for Nathan. You see, Nathan is one of those guys who doesn't respect women. He thought he loved Victoria, but he didn't. He longed for Victoria. Lyn was just a replacement. Nathan was also a replacement for Lyn. Conner was her childhood friend. Victoria didn't save him, although she could have, but she didn't. Nathan was just another boy.

Their feelings are what lead to their deaths. They put them aside. Revenge for Lyn, and lust for Nathan.

The group found Iris stealing their supplies. The Careers wanted to kill her, but Lyn and Nathan decided that they could use her as a guinea pig at the stadium. Their plan had worked, well almost. Victoria had changed it all.

Present Day

Victoria left the still unconscious Janna in the tallest point. Even though Janna was older than her, Victoria could carry her with almost no effort. This surprised Victoria because District 10 is in charge of livestock. The Hunger Games must have gotten to Janna because she looked starved. Victoria took the rest of her group down to the level by the weapons pile.

"Iris, Joey, and I will go down there. I want the rest of you to stay up here and shoot arrows. Don't come down unless it is absolutely necessary." With that Victoria jumped onto the weapons pile and slid down onto the field. Iris and Joey looked at each other and followed Victoria.

Victoria drew her sword and charged. She went to the closest beast and stabbed it in the heart. Victoria took down a lot of the mutants that way, but more were appearing the faster she killed.

An arrow sped by her shoulder. "Sorry!" Adelia yelled. Then she screamed. Victoria turned around. Sabrina was by her group. She had slit in Leonard's neck. Ross ran away, but now Sabrina had Adelia cornered.

Victoria sprint to the wall and climbed up, but she was too late. Sabrina had stabbed Adelia in the heart. By the time she got up, Adelia was almost dead and Sabrina had disappeared. "Avenge me," Adelia said. Two cannons sounded.

"That was cheesy," Victoria said through her teeth. Victoria was pissed. Two of her group was dead. Victoria didn't know why she felt so obliged to help the weaker kids. She could have let them die when the lizard monster showed up, but she didn't. She could have let Sam and Rory kill them, but she didn't. Victoria even saved Janna, hopefully. Victoria was confused by her new compassion, but she saw herself when she looked at them. Well, rather herself when she was defenseless.

Victoria left the two deceased and returned to the fight. The other tributes had corned most of the beasts and were now fighting each other. Nikel and Joey were having a sword fight. Iris and Sabrina were fighting too, Sabrina had a sword, but Iris stuck with her axe. Victoria ran for the girls.

She jumped up with her sword and brought it down on Sabrina's arm. "That is for Leonard!" Victoria yelled. Sabrina screamed in pain. "And this is for Adelia!" Victoria yelled as she struck again. Her sword slashed through Sabrina's neck. Sabrina's head rolled off her shoulders and the cannon boomed.

"Sabrina!" Nikel yelled and turned towards Victoria. "Now Iris!" Nikel yelled again. Victoria turned towards Iris. Iris's axe was raised over her head. Victoria raised her sword, but she didn't need to. Iris stopped and fell to the ground. The cannon boomed again.

Joey was standing in front of Victoria. His sword was bloody. "That was for Georgia," he said. Joey turned to Nikel weapons raised.

Victoria looked around the stadium. The most of the monsters had returned to the cages and were starting to fight each other. She was going to stay out of it. She spotted someone standing in the entrance. Victoria smiled. It was Nathan.

Nathan saw Victoria charging towards him. He was screwed. He took a break for the weapon pile. Nathan grabbed a sword and turned. Victoria was standing twenty feet away leaning on her sword. Nathan couldn't help himself; he thought she looked super-hot.

"Hey bud," she said, "How's life been? I see you got yourself some friends. Ooo, and I heard you swearing when I killed the people from 8."

"You heard that?" Nathan asked. His face flushed.

"Who didn't?" Victoria asked. She raised her sword and charged. Nathan raised his. Their swords clanged.

"When did you learn to use a sword?" Victoria asked. The two circled, blades pressed against each other.

"You didn't know?" Nathan replied, "My father, the mayor, is charge of security. I learned how to use a blade when I was five. What about you? Where did you learn about knives and swords, Tori Tot?"

Victoria pushed Nathan away with her sword, "Don't call me that! I always wondered whom you were related to. I hope you father is proud that he raised a good for nothing scum bag. And I think you know where I learned. Remember the hobo?"

Nathan charged. Their swords clanged again. "That old coot? I didn't know he knew about blades."

"Well he did," Victoria replied, "He knew much more than the security force. Duck." Nathan did and Victoria threw her sword into the mouth of a beast.

"Why would you do that?" Nathan asked, "Now you don't have a weapon. But you look cute when you're angry and trying to kill me."

"I don't need a sword to beat you. Brace yourself." Victoria charged and brought up her fists.

Left! Right! Right! Right! Left! Kick Right! Right! Kick Right! Knee! Kick Left! Right! she thought. And with that Victoria disarmed Nathan, took his blade, and had it on his throat.

"How did you?" Nathan started, "Holy crap!"

Victoria laughed, "You need to stop underestimating women. Grab a sword and face me like a man." Victoria let Nathan up. He grabbed another sword. The two blades rang as they were brought down on each other.

"Where's your girlfriend?" Victoria asked.

"What are you talking about?" Nathan asked.

Their blades rang. "Don't play the fool. You already are one. I know you have a thing for Lyn. She only has a thing for you because her boyfriend died. You are an idiot. Where is she? No doubt she is aiming her bow straight for my head. So where is she?"

"I don't know and I don't care," Nathan said. An arrow hit him in the shoulder, and he sank to his knees.

Victoria turned away from Nathan. "Ah, she's over there," she said as Nathan screamed in pain. Victoria knelt down behind Nathan.

"She did that on purpose you know," Victoria whispered into his ear, "Right now she doesn't care about you. She wants revenge. I'm about to get mine." Victoria brought her sword to Nathan's heart. "You know your group?" she asked, "They are all dead. It was way to easy. I did it before we got on the train. Well, everyone except Tobias, your younger brother. He only did it because you wanted him to. He was the only one who apologized. He apologized everyday. He didn't look that one-day in the alley. Remember that day when you almost got what you wanted? I still hate you for that. I forgave Tobias, but no one else. I even asked him I he would mind if I killed you. Do you know what he said?" Victoria thrust her sword into Nathan's back.

Nathan winced. "He told me to tell you: See you in hell perv!" Victoria put all of her weight on the sword. It burst through Nathan's chest just as an arrow pierced through his neck. The cannon roared.

Lyn looked down at Victoria. That girl was too talented for her own good. Victoria looked up at her and yelled, "Turn around!" Lyn spun around, drawing an arrow at the same time. She released the arrow just as a mutant cat leapt for her. The arrow hit it in the neck, and the creature turned to dust. Lyn jumped down to the field and started walking towards Victoria.

"Thanks," Lyn said as she let another arrow go. It hit Victoria in the right shoulder. She fell to her knees.

"I saved your life!" Victoria yelled as she pulled the arrow out of her shoulder, "Twice!"

"It doesn't matter," Lyn as she notched another arrow, "You didn't save him. And you just killed Nathan." The arrow flew towards Victoria. Victoria ducked and rolled to the right. She reveled her pain when she put her hand on her shoulder as she got up. Lyn quickly notched another arrow and aimed. Victoria raised her left arm to stop the arrow from hitting her neck. The arrow's head buried itself in her left forearm. Victoria took the arrow out, but the head remained inside her arm.

"You know it was Conner's own fault. He shot the arrow at the beast. Every reasonable person knows that most animals charge towards sound and movement. And as for Nathan, you put an arrow in his neck! Even though I killed him first, you were going to!"

Victoria showed no pain as she walked towards Lyn. Lyn started for an arrow, but something knocked the bow out of her hand. Victoria had thrown her sword, and it cut the bow in half.

Lyn smiled, "Now you are unarmed."

"So are you," Victoria replied.

"Think again!" Lyn yelled as she charged. Lyn pulled three knifes out of her boots. She threw one at Victoria, but she caught it on the handle. Victoria threw it back at Lyn; it hit her in the shoulder. Lyn yelled in pain.

"Now we are even," Victoria said. Victoria took out her two knives and charged. Lyn pulled the knife out of her shoulder and threw it. Victoria ducked. The girls' knives were against each other.

The girls continued to swing their knives. From far away it looked like they were dancing.

Lyn yelled, "Why" CLINK! "Won't" CLINK! "You" CLINK! "DIE?" CLINK!

Lyn threw the knife in her right hand. Victoria ducked at the last possible second.

The two girls looked after the knife. Joey and Nikel were still fighting. It was as if time had slowed down. "Joey!" Victoria yelled, "Duck!" Joey did. Nikel's eyes widened as the knife Lyn had thrown came into his view. Time sped back up. Nikel fell to the ground with the knife embedded in his neck.

"Serves you right! You pathetic coin!" Lyn yelled. Lyn was about to yell more insults, cut Victoria cut her off. She threw her knife at Lyn's heart. It hit dead on.

Lyn staggered. "So this is how it ends for Lyndsi Whitarce! Stabbed in the heart by the woman of the hour, Victoria Thorn!" Lyn took a step back. There was a click. Lyn looked down at her feet. Victoria took off sprinting in the other direction.

"Damn," Lyn spat. BOOM! An arrow entered the fire. Smoke and flames burst. It took awhile for everything to clear. There was no trace of Lyn. The cannon went off.

Victoria didn't know what was louder: the mine or the cannon. Victoria finally looked at her injuries. Her right shoulder was bleeding and the arrowhead was still in her left forearm. Victoria pulled it out. There was a gapping hole, but something was still in it. It took all of Victoria's will to reach in to her arm and pull it out. It was a microchip. The tracking chip had been planted inside her arm before she entered the arena. She put it in her pocket and headed towards her sword.

Just as Victoria reached her weapon, the cannon boomed. Victoria turned towards were she left Janna. Janna hadn't moved. Victoria turned around. About fifty feet away, Alonso was standing over Joey's body.

"Dang it," Victoria yelled, "I thought he was kind of cute!" Alonso laughed. He raised his weapon. It was a bow and arrow. Alonso let the arrow go. Victoria didn't even flinch. The arrow landed about twenty feet away.

"Grab something else!" Victoria yelled, "You obviously can't use that." Victoria was going to yell out more insults, but something cut her off.

"Congratulations to the remaining three tributes alive," the man's voice boomed, "Alonso Jones, Victoria Thorn, and Janna Lawrence! Be on the lookout! And may the odds be ever in your favor!" At that Victoria dashed for the entrance, but Alonso stood still.

The beasts emerged once again from their cages. They charged towards Alonso. The boy screamed as the creatures jumped on him. Victoria didn't look back. She charged out of the stadium. She closed the gates behind her, but that didn't stop them. The beasts clawed at the gates until they broke. By then, Victoria had climbed onto a roof and was trying to get to Janna.

Victoria managed to get back into the stadium. She climbed back up to where she had left Janna, but she wasn't there. Victoria looked around the stadium for any sign. The beasts were feeding on what used to be Alonso. Some were trying to climb up to her. There was screaming on the other side of the stadium.

Victoria grabbed as much as she could carry. She climbed down, managing to avoid the beasts. She dashed towards the sound. Victoria found Janna cowering in the corner as a green dog approached her. Victoria dropped her gear and tackled the dog.

The dog flew over the railing and into the field, but so did Victoria. She grabbed the last bit of the railing. Mutants started gathering under Victoria waiting for her to fall. The railing couldn't hold her for much longer. Her right shoulder was bursting with pain. Her left forearm was burning. The railing collapsed just as rope fell to her side.

Victoria leapt into the rope. The mutants below got a mouthful of metal. Victoria looked up at Janna. The girl was using her only arm to pull the rope, but Victoria knew she wasn't strong enough.

"Janna!" Victoria called, "Let go! It's just you and me. I'm not going to fight you."

"No way!" Janna argued, "You saved my life on numerous occasions. I'm not going to let go. If you want to die, then you let go!"

"I can't Janna!" Victoria yelled, "If I do, then that's suicide. The Gamemakers will punish my family if I do. You can win. You're eighteen! You have a life! I have nothing. I've spent most of my life running and fighting."

"That's just it Victoria!" Janna replied, "You deserve to win! You were the one who fought. You were the one who saved us. This isn't the Hunger Games; it's the Thorn Games. You are younger than me, but you carried me all the way! You could have let us die, but you didn't! It was my job to look out for my group, but you did it. You are the only one who deserves to win."

"That's very sweet Janna," Victoria called, "But I don't want to win. I came to the Games for revenge and I got it. Nathan and most of his group are dead. I don't need to survive. I don't need medicine. You may be alive and the poison may be out of your system, but you still only have one arm. Janna, even if I did win, I couldn't bear knowing that I won by beating a girl with one arm. You can't hold me for much longer. Janna, I'm begging you, let go."

"Okay," Janna said, "I'll let go, but say your last words first."

Victoria reached into her pocket and grabbed the tracking chip. She crushed it with her hand. She dropped her sword.

"Goodbye you f****** cruel world!" Victoria yelled. Janna dropped the rope. Victoria fell into the field. The beasts swarmed around her. Her green eyes looked up at Janna. She turned her attention back to the beasts.

The last things Janna saw were Victoria's smile and her black hair flying as she grabbed her sword. Then, the beasts jumped on her. The cannon fired its last shot for that year.

After all she had been through, Victoria Thorn was finally dead.

Janna Lawrence was the winner, even though she hadn't killed anyone. Janna didn't count Victoria's death because Victoria wanted it. It took five minutes, but the all beasts turned to ash. When the wind carried it away, there was no sign of Victoria only blood. There was no doubt Victoria Thorn really was dead.

Five months later…

A girl with raven black hair was walking towards District 5 in the middle of the night. She carried a blue bag. She had a sword and scabbard around her waist. Her green eyes shone as bright as the sun. She was on a mission. Then she would disappear. She didn't know where she would go, but she wouldn't stay here.

She crept up to the walls surrounding the District. She climbed a tree next to the wall. She leapt to the top of the wall. She almost lost her footing, but she kept her balance. She was in.

The girl kept to the shadows as she made her way to a lone mansion. She went around to the back door. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. The girl walked around the mansion looked for an open window. She eventually found one. She climbed up the wall and entered the house silently.

She knew where she was going. She entered a room. It looked abandoned. She closed the door and went to the desk in the corner of the room. She sat down and pulled out a piece of paper. She wrote a letter to the one person she cared about.

The girl looked at the bed in the room. She longed to sleep, but she couldn't. Not yet anyway. She folded the letter in half and got up. She made her way to the bed and put something under it. She left the room, leaving the door wide open. She stopped by the room across the hall. She opened the door, peered in, and smiled. She opened the door wide open.

The girl left the house and returned to the wall. This time, she climbed up the stairs that the guards used. She ran and leapt onto a nearby tree. She climbed down and walked into the forest, never to be a prisoner of the Capital again.

Benjamin Thorn woke up. He had heard something. It was late, but he knew he had heard something. It happened a lot. Benjamin thought that it was Victoria a couple times, because her body had never been found, but he was always disappointed.

Benjamin looked around his room. He didn't see anything out of place, but then he saw the door. It was wipe opened. He could see into Victoria's room.

Benjamin got out of bed and crept to his door. He looked down the hall. He continued on to her room. He closed the door and turned on the light. Nothing looked out of place. Benjamin came into her room everyday. He walked around searching for something. When Benjamin got to the desk, he saw the letter. He grabbed it and jumped on her bed. Benjamin opened it.

It read: Benjamin,

First of all get off my bed!

Benjamin hopped down.

That's better. Second of all, I'm sorry. It has been months since we've seen each other. I hope my "death" hasn't been that tough on you. I know I missed your birthday, so Happy Birthday. Fourteen is still very young. Anyway, there is a present for you under my bed. It's the sword District 6 sent me. I think there is still some blood on it. I have plenty more weapons so don't worry about me. Make sure you keep it hidden and BE CAREFUL! It is sharp. As you can tell, I am still very much alive. It takes more then mutants to kill me. I faked my death. It wasn't that hard, but I was almost discovered when they scanned the arena for life. Don't worry about being picked for the Games. I'll make sure you won't be. In the last drawer of my dresser is a journal. In it is all I learned from the hobo. I know you knew. I saw you watching us on numerous occasions. I finally found out where he went. There is so much I have found, but if I told you, you might die. Every two months I'll write you a letter. Look in the ruined building. At the top floor there is a panel in the floor. It has a lock. The key is in the journal. The letters will be there. Feel free to write me. If the building is ever demolished, I'll put them on my desk. Make sure no one ever reads them but you. This is goodbye for now. I promise that we will meet again. Just know that I love you. Your beloved sister, Tori Tot aka Victoria Thorn


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