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"Winter is Coming."

The motto of the hardy vanguard of the North, House Stark of the Castle Winterfell. Known throughout Westeros as the one of the most honorable and most loyal houses in all of Westeros, they are also one of more remote regions in the Seven Kingdoms. Lord Eddard Stark currently reigns over the North with a sheathed sword, always vigilant and hoping for peace after the terrible civil war more commonly known as Robert's Rebellion. He became well known in the war and was well spoken by many as a warrior of great skill, a general of keen wit, and a man of impeccable honor. After the war, he came back home to his wife, Lady Catelyn Stark. However he came back with a son and a scruffy runaway child with ghostly green eyes, haunted with nightmares. Though Lady Stark did not welcome these two boys, she did raise them with her spouse as one of her own. They grew up alongside her and Lord Stark's children, knowing full well they were indebted to Lord Stark's generosity and served him well over the years.

Lord Eddard Stark smiled as he watched his oldest son, Robb, coach his second youngest, Brandon, as the young lad practiced his archery in the castle courtyard. Beside Robb was Jon, Lord Stark's illegitimate son. Jon chuckled lightly as he watched Brandon struggle to shoot the target in the center. Brandon let the arrow fly and sighed in disappointment as the arrow hit off center.

"Not bad Brandon," Jon said, much to the young boy's delight. "Remember that the arrow does not always fly true. Try again."

Brandon nodded and raised his boy again. This time the strain of the bow was too much and his arrow flew high above the target, missing badly. Jon and Robb tried to stifle their laughter but couldn't. Brandon's younger brother, Rickon, laughed loudly while Brandon's head fell in shame.

"And how many of you were marksmen at his age?"

The three boys looked up to see Lord Stark looking sternly down at them. When neither Robb or Theon answered, he smirked.

"Keep on practicing Bran," the patriarch said. "You'll get better."

Brandon nodded. He raised his bow and aimed at the target. Before he could fire his arrow, another arrow flew and embedded deeply into the target's center. All three turned to see Ayra, Stark's youngest daughter, curtsy mockingly at the three. Brandon dropped his bow in shock but before he could chase his older sister, a knife flashed out and split Arya's arrow cleanly in two. Everyone turned to see a hooded figure in black crouching on the roof nearby where Lord Stark was watching. Under his hood, they could see the figure smile before turning to Arya.

"You're an excellent shot milady, but there are always those who are better," the man said. "Modesty in public is prudent young one."

Arya gaped as the figure's face was seen, his eyes covered in black cloth.

"How did you do that Harry?" Arya shouted. "You're over thirty paces away!"

"You learn some tricks as you age little lady," Harry replied lightly. "But now is not the time for you to be practicing archery. You should be with the our beloved nursemaid learning how to sew, Lady Arya."

He hopped lightly from rooftop to rooftop before landing in the courtyard near Arya. Harry gently escorted the protesting girl as her brothers laughed before resuming their practice. Above them, Lord Stark chuckled but felt his wife's glare on him.

"Yes my dear?" the patriarch asked, knowing full well of the scolding that would be coming.

"Why did you let Harry off so lightly, Ned?" she demanded. "Harry might be an excellent knife thrower but he could've killed our sons."

"Harry knows what he is doing, love," Ned replied calmly. "I've seen him stab a man in the eye from further away while moving. His skills with blades are unmatched."

"Milord, milady," a voice interrupted them.

Ned and Catelyn looked up to see Ser Rodrik standing stiffly near them holding a missive with Theon Greyjoy, ward of House Stark. Theon watched while Ser Rodrik reported to Lord Stark of the deserter found and captured near Winterfell. Eddard's face fell and he sighed tiredly as he turned back to his Master-at-Arms.

"Tell the lads to get their horses. And tell Bran that he's coming as well," Lord Stark commanded. Theon bowed and went off to due his duties. Behind Lord Stark, Catelyn frowned.

"Do you have to?" she asked her husband. Lord Stark sighed and nodded.

"He swore an oath Cat," Ned said gently. "I have no choice."

"Law is law, milady," Ser Rodrik added.

"But ten is too young," Catelyn protested.

"He won't be a boy forever," her husband replied. "Winter is coming and its best if he's prepared."

Hours later, Harry watched Bran carefully as they came back from the execution grounds. Bran was always the deep thinker and the more thoughtful one out of the Stark children. He was not a born warrior like the older Stark sons. It many ways, it reminded Harry of himself. However Harry agreed with Lord Stark's actions. It was best if Bran knew of it now and understood the significance of justice before it was too late.

"You alright, Bran?" Harry asked softly.

The young boy nodded. "The man was a deserter. He deserved to be executed."

"Do you truly believe that little Lord?" Harry asked. Bran did not respond but rather stared in the sky.


"Yes Bran."

"What happens to people after they die?" Bran asked. Harry chuckled.

"Why do ask me that?"

"You fought be father's side in the rebellion. You must have killed many people," Bran said. Harry sighed.

"I did when I was a little younger than you are now," Harry said. "I was Lord Stark's personal scout, spy, and bodyguard after I saved him from a Targaryen ambush. and had to kill many people during the war. When a person dies, I believe that their bodies and spirits rejoin the earth. It is from the earth that all life comes from. Long after our deaths, we will be reborn again in a different age and a different world. That is what I believe."

Bran smiled. "So we never really go away?"

Harry chuckled. "No. And neither do the people we love and cherish. We will meet them again, hopefully in a better time."

"I like that," Bran whispered.


Harry and Bran pulled their horses bridles and peered out in the middle of the road. Lying in the middle of their path was the bloodied corpse of a stag. Its throat was ripped open but strangely its body was untouched aside from the maggots. Harry hopped off and scouted forward while Lord Stark and his sons followed carefully. It wasn't long before Harry found the stag's killer, a dire wolf with its throat stabbed by the stag's antlers. Harry's eyes softened when he spotted five dire wolf cubs snuffling and squealing as they huddled next the body of their mother. Harry turned and signaled to Lord Stark that all was safe. Lord Stark and his group stomped to Harry's side and looked down at the corpse.

"Its a dire wolf milord," Harry said. "Rare to see them south of the wall. A bad sign."

"Why's that?" Bran asked.

"A dire wolf here is a sure sign that winter is coming," Harry explained. "That prey up north of the wall is scarce enough to venture south in strange land. One so far down means that the coming winter will be harsh."

"What do we do with them?" Robb asked as he pointed at the cubs.

Ned looked at the wolf pups and sighed.

"They won't survive without their mother. Better a quick death," Ned said. Theon nodded.

"Right then. Look away Bran," Theon said curtly.

"NO!" Bran protested.

"Put away your blade," Robb commanded. Theon glared at him.

"I take orders from your father, not you," Theon replied.

Jon took pity on Brand and spoke up.

"Milord, there's five pups, one for each of the Stark children. The dire wolf is the symbol of your house," Jon stated. "Its as if they were meant to have them."

"Dire wolves are fiercely loyal," Harry added. "They can serve as watchdogs and protectors for your children milord."

Lord Stark glanced at Harry and Jon before turning down to Bran, silently begging his father.

"You will feed them and train them," Lord Stark demanded much to Bran's delight. "Any trouble they bring will be your responsibility and if they die, you will bury them."

Bran smiled widely as he picked up one of the wolf cubs and held it in his arms. Harry handed Robb one of the cubs. Theon grabbed two of the cubs for the Stark girls while Ser Rodrik carried the last one for the youngest Stark son. As they went back Jon heard whimpering and crouched down to see a small white cub cowering in a small hollow. Jon picked it up and stared at it.

"That one's yours," Theon chuckled. "The runt of the litter."

Harry laughed softly at Jon's expression before a small snarl was heard. A black blur leapt at Harry's throat. Only Harry's fast reflexes saved him as he caught the blur and held it up to stare at a pitch black cub with green eyes. Harry blinked in shock as the pup snarled again and attempted to bite his throat again.

"Whoa, you got a fighter Harry," Theon said. Lord Stark smiled grimly as he watched Harry attempt to pet the young cub, only for the pup to bite his finger.

"Reminds me of you," Ned said. Harry cocked his head and looked at the pup who had realized the fighting was useless and had resorted to glaring at him. Harry frowned.

"Very funny milord." Harry replied in a droll voice.

Bran stared at Harry's pup and smiled.

"You should call him Sirius!" Bran said. Harry turned to Bran with a blank expression.

"Why would I call him that, young master?" Harry asked. Bran smiled widely.

"Cause he's always serious!" Bran replied.

Harry grinned. "You here that! I'll call you Sirius!"

The pup merely glared before snuffling.

A month later, Winterfell was bustling with activity as everyone in the castle prepared for their latest guest, King Robert Baratheon. Cooks were frantically checking inventory, making sure they had enough for the king contingent. Wine and ale casks were tapped in preparation for many drinks to be downed for the feasts to come. Maids and servants cleaned the rooms while blacksmiths and carpenter crafted and repaired feasting wares. People made sure their finest clothes were ready for the royal party that would soon arrive.

Up at the rooftop of Winterfell, Harry watched as Bran excitedly pointed at the large caravan of gold that was steadily making their way to the Winterfell Castle.

"Look Harry! Over there, I can see them!" Bran said. Harry chuckled.

"Aye, young Lord. C'mon, we better climb down and get ready for them to arrive," Harry said.

Bran nodded and started to make his way down the side of the Winterfell tower. Bran heard a rustling noise and he saw Harry gracefully leap his way down using the beams, posts, and wall to scale his way down. Bran hurried downwards and jumped down by Harry's side in time to face his mother.

"Bran, have you been climbing again?" Catelyn Stark asked. "You know you shouldn't climb the tower!"

Bran looked down at his feet and scuffed his boot on the ground.

"Sorry mom," he said guiltily.

Harry hid his smile as the matriarch sighed. "I know you'll do it again. Go on and warn your father."

Bran smiled and ran off to tell his father of the coming caravan. Harry stood at attention as Lady Stark eyed him.

"Keep an eye out these next coming days. I trust the king but not the people around him," Lady Stark commanded. "Keep a close eye on Sansa. I've heard disturbing stories of the Prince and I fear Sansa is too enthralled by the idea of royalty to see straight."

"Yes milady," Harry said. "Permission to speak freely?"

"Of course Harry," Catelyn replied.

"If I need to, may I use my gifts?" Harry asked.

Lady Stark eyed Harry. She and her husband knew that Harry could wield magic. It was why Harry was kept so close to Lord Stark. It was how Harry rescue Lord Stark many years ago from a Targaryean ambush. He was the last line of defense for Lord Stark's family.

"You may," she said. "Keep my children safe."

Harry nodded. "I take my leave, milady."

Harry bowed to the Lady of Winterfell and headed towards his quarters inside the large castle. He entered his room and headed towards an armor stand where Harry's personal armor was. Unlike the armor of the North where furs were prevalent over heavy chain and plate, Harry's armor was made from light plates and leather. It was retrofitted with many pockets of fur to adapt to the cold northern country but resembled armor from the South. Harry fastened the padding made of leather and furs to his chest and legs. Then he placed the chest piece, leggings, bracers, and boots on his body. Harry frowned as he remembered the battles the had fought in this armor, the eyes of the men dying around him still haunted him to this day. Lastly he added the headpiece, a cowl that covered all of his face except for his eyes. Harry then reached down and pulled a loose board. First was his belt that held several dagger, each one collected from important enemies. Near it was his staff, disguised as an intimidating two-handed warhammer. Despite its heavy weight, Harry easily hefted the brutal weapon. The oaken haft hummed as he could feel the magic within the weapon through the leather grip as the blood he bled into the wood recognized Harry. The head was a solid block of steel that crushed bones even through armor. Harry smiled grimly at the weapon as he shouldered it.

"Welcome back Hrothgar."

Harry walked out of the room and attracted many stares as he walked through the halls of Winterfell. He strode outside to see the Stark family and their closest servants and wards lined up in neat rows. Harry nodded to the Stark family in greeting before taking his place next to Ser Rodrik who winced at the sight of the weapon. Harry slammed the head onto the ground and placed his hands on the pommel of the weapon.

"Do you have to bring that monstrosity?" Ser Rodrik hissed. Harry grinned cheekily at the knight as he fondly patted the weapon.

"I assume you remember ol' Hrothgar here?" Harry replied. Ser Rodrik rubbed his chest ruefully.

"How could I not? That thing nearly crushed my chest inwards." the man snapped back. Harry chuckled.

"It has that effect on people."

Ser Rodrik laughed dryly and turned away to watch as the king's contingent rode in. Garbed in bright colors, the men of the king's court marched proudly inside Winterfell. Harry chuckled as he watched one guardsman remove his helm and wave his blond hair, remarkably resembling another person back in his past life.

"That's Jaime Lannister," he heard Bran whisper.

"Where's the imp?" he heard Arya asked. Harry smirked. Little children have no idea how to watch what they say.

At last the king rode in. Harry raised an eyebrow at how Robert Lannister changed since the great rebellion. His strong powerful frame bloated by years of debauchery and plenty. The once clean shaven face was now hidden under a huge beard, probably to cover the multiple chins. On his side was the royal sword unlike the blood-stained warhammer that Harry had seen many times in the war.

"Years at court certainly changed him," Harry muttered to Ser Rodrik. The man nodded slightly to acknowledge the statement.

The King dismounted off his horse and approached Lord Stark's contingent. When the man's feet hit the ground, everyone in the castle kneeled in respect of the king. The man stared down at Lord Stark and waited for his vassal to stand back up. The two men looked eye to eye, waiting for one to speak. After a long silence, the king spoke.

"You got fat."

Harry struggled to not laugh at the pure bluntness and absurdity of the man. He had to hand it to Lord Stark who merely raised an eyebrow and glanced down at the king's stomach. A moment later, the king and lord burst into laughter as they embraced each other in a hug. The man also greeted Lady Stark happily and patted Rickon's head before turning back to Ned.

"9 years. Nine! Where the hell have you been?" the king asked.

"Guarding the North for you, your grace," the man responded with a smile. "Lord Winterfell is yours."

As the two men were speaking, a blond woman exited the carriage with her two children. Harry frowned as he felt a foul vibe from the woman as she examined the castle with a slightly disgusted expression on her face. To his side, he heard Arya ask her sister, much to his amusement. The king then strode down to greet Robb, then Sansa, Arya next, and Bran who flexed for the king. The king laughed and patted Bran's head before craning his neck looking at the crowd.

"Ned? Where's the little bastard that was always trotting at your side?" the man asked.

"Harry, come here," Lord Stark commanded.

Harry hefted his weapon and strode to the front to face the king. Robert's eyebrows rose in surprise and shock before he burst into laughter.

"Harry! Look at you! You look like a real killer now! I see the past years have been very good to you," Robert said jovially. He glanced down at the great warhammer in Harry's hands. "Look like you can wield that monster now."

"Yes your grace," Harry said politely. "I've used it on many an enemy of the land."

"Crushed a few heads, haven't ya?" the King replied. "I tell you, there's nothing more satisfying then delivering crushing the head of a man that deserved it."

A hurt expression flashed on King Robert's face as he turned to Ned.

"Speaking of which, Ned lead me to the crypts. I wish to pay my respects," the king said. The queen looked up and frowned at her husband.

"We've been riding for a month, my love. Surely the dead can wait," she said.

The king ignored her and motioned for Lord Stark. The man gave the queen an apologetic smile as he walked off to lead the king to where the fallen members of House Stark rested.

"Allow me to welcome you into Winterfell milady," Lady Catelyn said courteously. "It is an honor to have you here."

"As it should be," the queen replied haughtily.

As the two women conversed, servants quickly began to sort out the king's contingent, guiding them and helping them. Highborn lords and knights began to mingle with members of the Winterfell court. Harry quickly spotted Robb exchanging his greeting with a nearby lord before he was approached by one of the king's guard.

"Greetings Ser Jaime Lannister," Harry said to the approaching guard. "Welcome to Winterfell."

"Thanks. Means a lot to me you know," the man responded. "Do you know where's the brothel around here?"

"So willing to ride again?" Harry quipped. The man smirked.

"Not for me. Its for my brother. The imp, so to speak," the knight replied. "He decided it was better off with his own party than to arrive at Winterfell with the king. I need to speak with him and if I know my brother, I'll find him at the nearest brothel."

Harry nodded. "Follow me milord."

The two quickly left the courtyard and followed a pathway out of the castle. Harry caught Jaime glancing at the warhammer and smiled under his cowl.

"Is there something you'd like to say milord?" Harry asked.

"Just wondering how you can wield that brutish weapon," Jaime replied. "You're smaller than me yet carry that thing as if it were nothing. And why use that instead of a sword? Gods know that thing is slow."

"If I need something faster, I'll use a dagger," Harry replied, pointing to the many daggers he had holstered. "The hammer though is not a weapon one can easily shrug aside."

"Interesting, I'd like to see that myself," Jaime said lightly. Harry could sense the underlying disbelief of the knight and frowned slightly.

"As you wish milord," Harry responded. "But not tonight. Lord Stark and Lady Stark would have my head if I had possibly injured you in a fight."

Jaime laughed. "As if you could touch me. Go on, I dare you."

Harry grimaced. "This is neither the time or place, Ser Jaime."

"Bah, defend yourself," Jaime replied. "That's a command, serf!"

Harry easily dodged a slash from Ser Jaime by spinning about on his heel. He used to momentum of the spin to slam his elbow into the knight's neck, staggering the man. Harry then took the opportunity to spin his hammer about and slam the shaft of it onto Ser Jaime's legs, knocking the knight down. Harry raised the hammer her and sent it crashing down on the ground near Jaime's side.

"If that was a hit, milord, you would have been dead," Harry replied coldly. Harry held out a hand to help the fallen knight who smirked before pushing himself up. Jaime brushed the dirt off his armor and laughed a bit before speaking.

"Well struck Harry. Tell me, why don't you participate in tournaments? You would have done well," Jaime asked lightly.

"I am Lord Stark's personal scout and bodyguard but I am not a knight, Ser Jaime," Harry replied. "My skills are best served in Castle Winterfell."

"One could argue that it would be better served in King's Landing," the knight countered.

"I am flattered you think so highly. However I am sworn to protect Lord Stark and his kin." Harry said with a note of finality.

Hours later, Harry was outside with Jon. The two were practicing as they have done many a time as neither one of them were welcome at many of the feasts that were held at Winterfell for important guests. Jon wasn't welcome for he was a bastard while Harry was only not a noble or servant. As the two fought, the two conversed with words as well with blows using the blunted practice weapons.

Jon dodged a slash from Harry's weapon but not the follow up kick in the shin. Jon hobbled a bit before Harry struck him again, sweeping Jon off his feet. Jon landed hard onto the ground but kicked out, knocking Harry onto the ground. Then Jon grabbed Harry's arm and grappled it, twisting the limb so that Harry couldn't move. Harry laughed and tapped Jon's arm, signaling that he surrendered. The two scrabbled to their feet and Harry gave Jon a rueful smile as he cradled his aching arm.

"Well done Jon. I almost regret showing you that," Harry said ruefully. "Nearly tore my elbow apart."

"Sorry Harry," Jon said apologetically. Harry waved off the apology.

"No, you did good," Harry complimented. "What's my motto?"

"Fight dirty and fight to live," Jon repeated, grinning. Many times while practicing, Harry pounded into Jon's head that honor and chivalry meant nothing in a battle. Jon may have learned how to wield a sword by the Master-at-Arms but Harry was the one to teach him how to fight. Speaking of which, Harry raised his sword and charged at Jon. Jon immediately blocked the blow and pushed at Harry. Harry smirked and whistled loudly. Jon stared at Harry in confusion before a large blur knocked him down and began to lick at his face. Jon looked up to see Sirius panting and licking at his face. Jon laughed and pushed Harry's wolf off of him before charging at Harry and tackling him. The two wrestled playfully until Harry grabbed Jon's limb and pulled it back, cackling victoriously as Jon struggled to escape.

"Surrender you bastard!" Harry howled.

"I give, I give!" Jon cried out. Harry released Jon's leg and fell back laughing. He wasn't the only one laughing as another person who was watching the scuffle began to laugh as well.

"And so the proud warrior falls!"

"Uncle Benjen!"

The dark haired man laughed as Jon ran up to hug the man. Harry dusted himself off as the two exchanged greetings. When the two finished, Benjen turned to Harry who nodded at the man.

"First Ranger Benjen, welcome to Winterfell," Harry greeted the man.

"Harry, still here. I would have thought you'd have join the Watch by now," Benjen said. "We could use your skills up there."

"You could but my place is here serving your brother," Harry replied. Benjen nodded.

"If you're tired of complacency, there's always a place on the wall. No man has ever been refused a place on the wall."

"So take me with you!" Jon interrupted. Benjen and Harry looked at him. "Bring me with you when you go back!"

Benjen sighed. "Jon-!"

"Father will let me if you ask him," Jon pleaded earnestly. "I know he will."

Benjen glanced at Harry who nodded.

"The boy knows how to fight. He knows how to hunt and scout as well. Best of all, he knows how to survive," Harry said. "He's ready for the Wall."

Benjen looked at his nephew. "Jon, do you know what you are doing? You know if you join the watch-."

"I don't care Uncle Benjen. I know what I'll be giving up," Jon said. "I still want to join."

Benjen nodded. "I'll talk to your father about it. Right now though, I'd best be rescuing your father from his guests."

Jon beamed as he hugged his uncle in thanks. Harry and Jon watched as the man left and entered the hall as they turned towards each other. Harry tossed Jon a practice sword and raised his own.

"Thanks Harry."

"You earned it, bastard."

Jon laughed as he blocked Harry's sword and kicked at Harry. Before he could follow up, a voice was heard.

"So your uncle's in the Night's Watch."

Harry and Jon turned to see a short man strut towards them, sipping on a flask of what Harry assumed to be wine. The man turned to stare at them before looking off into the hall where the feast was happening.

"What're you doing there?" Jon asked.

"Preparing for a night with your family," the man replied as he took another sip from his flask.

"You're the queen's brother, Tyrion?"

"You must be Lord Stark's bastard," Tyrion replied. "And that one there must be Stark's pet orphan I've heard about."

Harry bowed. "Guilty as charged."

Jon grit his teeth but relaxed as he ignored the insult and accepted the fact that he was a bastard.

"I am."

"Sorry if I offended you," Tyrion apologized. "I see that you're training to join the Watch. Noble ambition. I can see the Stark blood flows thick in you. The Lannister blood, not so much in mine."

Jon nodded. "Thank you for the compliment, milord."

"You there, Harry is it?" Tyrion said. "I've heard much about you from my sister's husband. Said you rescued Lord Stark from a Targaryean ambush during the rebellions. Might I ask how?"

"Snuck up on them as they were attacking Lord Stark. They were so focused on capturing Lord Stark they did not see the boy they captured escape using a knife they left behind. First I killed the stragglers by slicing their ankles and covering their mouths as I sliced their throats. Then backstabbing the others Lord Stark did not kill," Harry explained flatly. "That's how I met Lord Stark."

"And how old were you?" Tyrion asked.

"9 years of age," Harry answered. "The wilds forced me to grow."

Tyrion nodded. "And you served the Starks well I see. I hope to talk to you again. After I eat my fill and pass out I suppose."

The two watched as the odd dwarf whistled merrily away to the feast.

"Quite the odd fellow, isn't he?" Jon said lightly. Harry chuckled.

"You meet odder people," Harry replied. "Now, on guard!"

The next day, Harry watched as the king howled in laughter as he and his friend chased down a boar on Lord Stark's hunting ground. While Harry and Jon looked on, Robb was he helping his father and the king corral the boar as the wild pig dashed through the underbrush in an attempt to escape the king and his followers. Jon stifled his laughter as the boar tackled Robb's horse, knocking him and the horse down. Robb was trampled by the boar briefly before it jumped off of him hoping to escape its pursuers. Jon looked over to see Harry noticeably twitchy and antsy, constantly turning. Jon frowned and patted Harry, receiving the fright of his life as Harry whipped out a blade with a wild look in his eye.

"What is it?" Harry snapped as he holstered the blade.

"What's wrong with you?" Jon asked. "You've been acting strange ever since we left Winterfell."

A loud victorious cry was heard from afar. Harry idly assumed that the king had finally speared the beast and was now going for the kill. He turned back to Jon who stared back concerned at his friend and mentor. Harry placed the knife back on his belt and stared back at the sky.

"I don't know. I have a terrible feeling that something bad has happened."

A loud harsh caw caught both of their attention. Harry looked around and spotted a raven flying down towards them carrying a message. Harry opened the message and read it briefly before dashing off without a word. Jon followed Harry as he rode full speed to where the King's hunting party was celebrating over their successful hunt, standing over the corpse of a large boar. Harry ignored the hails of the other riders and went to Lord Stark's side.

"Milord, you need to read this."

The man's smile faded as he read the note. Before anyone could stop him, the man bolted onto his horse and rode away towards Winterfell. The king was understandably confused and he turned to Harry.

"What's going on? Where's Ned going?" King Robert bellowed at him.

"Lord Stark's son Brandon fell off the Winterfell tower," Harry explained. "The boy is being treated but we don't know if he'll live or not."

Robb paled and he too immediately started riding off to Winterfell alongside Jon. Harry stared at the two sadly before turning to the king who was climbing up on his saddle.

"Apologies milord, it appears we must ride with all haste back to Winterfell," Harry said. The king waved off his apologies.

"Its his blasted son. Of course Ned'll ride off. C'mon, you lead me and my party here back to Winterfell. We got a boar to cook and a boy to look after," Robert said gruffly.

It was a quiet ride back to Winterfell. The only sounds that were heard were the horses moving and the occasional conversation between Harry and the king about Brandon. When they arrived back to Winterfell, Harry led the King to where Brandon was being treated. Outside of Brandon's room, were his siblings waiting eagerly on any word about Brandon. Harry opened the door to see Lord Stark and Lady Stark looking on anxiously as old Luwin carefully treated the boy's wounds. Harry winced as he saw the boy's legs mangled on the sheets. He went over to Ludwin's side.

"Is there anything I can do?" Harry asked Ludwin. Luwin nodded as he knew that Harry knew how to treat wounds.

"We need to prepare the salves and straighten out the boy's legs so they'll heal correctly while keeping the boy from dying from blood loss," Luwin stated. Harry nodded and ran out the door to where the children were waiting along with several servants.

"Robb, I need you to go down to the cellers and fetch the strongest brandy you can find and also a small barrel of water. Arya, I need ice or cold iron, iron cauldrons, and a strong leather belt. Sansa, find bolts of silk and bring them here! Jon, go to my room and bring my bag of herbs," Harry commanded.

The children quickly ran off with servants to bring Harry the materials he needed. Harry went back into the room and watched as Luwin poured a potion down Brandon's throat, putting the child into a deep sleep. The medicine slowed the body's blood and will hopefully keep Bran under as they worked on his body. Harry went over to where Lady Stark and Lord Stark were sitting, watching their son and praying. Harry swallowed nervously but stood in front of the pair of grieving parents.

"Milord, milady, I know this will be hard but I need you two to step outside as Luwin and I treat your son," Harry asked. "When we start treating your son, its better for all of us if you do not watch."

Lord Stark looked at Harry wordlessly before he stood up, towering over Harry. He looked into Harry's eyes and Harry could see the worry, pain, and hope that shone in his eyes.

"Promise me my son will live," Lord Stark whispered. "Promise me."

"I swear on my life that Brandon Stark shall live," Harry swore. Lord Stark nodded and escorted his friend and his wife out of the room just in time to see his children carrying the materials that Harry needed. Harry quickly gathered the materials and shut the door leaving only Luwin and himself inside the room to treat the boy. Harry turned to Luwin and faced the old healer.

"Luwin, what happens here must not be told ever," Harry said. Ludwin nodded distracted.

"Of course. But why are you telling me this?" the old healer asked.

Harry set up one of the cauldrons and poured water in it. With neither wood or fire, Harry pointed at the water inside and immediately, it began to bubble and boil. Old Ludwin stared at Harry in shock.

"M-m-magic?" he breathed. Harry nodded.

"We will need everything to keep the boy alive," Harry said. Ludwin regain his composure and nodded.

"Of course. Tear off strips off silk for the bandages and hand me those herbs. Place the straps on Bran's legs to slow the blood. Prepare my tools and boil me two more pots of water," the old man instructed.

Harry quickly accomplished this and he hurried to Bran's side. He used the blocks of ice to numb Bran's legs and praying to Merlin that Bran wouldn't wake, Harry used of the sterilized blades to cut into Bran's legs. Blood flowed out but Luwin was at his side, minimizing the blood loss as Harry corrected the bones, lining the shards using magic. As Harry finally corrected the bones in Bran's left leg, he panted as it took much of his energy controlling the magic. Luwin quickly sewed the boy's incisions before working on the other leg. Just as before, Harry used magic to line up the broken shards and correct his legs from the terrible damage. When it was done, Harry collapsed onto the floor and watched as Luwin quickly sewed Brandon's legs and applied salves and bandages on the wounds to seal them. Luwin also cleaned the surrounding blood on Bran's legs and panted as he observed his work. Harry glanced at the window and saw that night had fallen in the time the pair had been working on Brandon. Harry turned back at the old maester as he cleaned up the bloodied materials and herbs. The man smiled at Harry.

"Young man, I have lived a long life and I have never seen anything more extraordinary. We must talk in private. I have so much to ask," Luwin said excitedly. Harry chuckled.

"Of course old man. Right now though, I think its best we let the his father and mother see him," Harry said. Luwin nodded. With the old man's help, Harry managed to get on his feet and walk to the door. When he opened the door, he saw Ned and Cat looking at him and hoping for good news. Harry smiled and nodded while Luwin spoke.

"Bran will live. Right now he is resting," Ludwin announced happily.

Both parents burst into happy tears and rushed in to see their son sleeping peacefully. Lady Stark covered her mouth as she sobbed happy tears before hugging Luwin and Harry tightly. Lord Stark blinked the tears and gently brushed his son's hair. Bran unconsciously smiled at the touch which caused Lady Catelyn to stifle another cry of happiness.

"Excuse me, milord, milady," Harry spoke.

"Yes Harry?" Lady Stark asked.

"Bran is alive and he will be well. However his legs will be brittle and weak. He will need much work and rehabilitation for his legs to strengthen when he wakes," Harry listed. "Also, I have no idea on how the fall affected his head. He may not remember what caused his fall and may have lost some of his memories."

"Will Bran be fine?" Lady Stark asked urgently. Luwin glanced at Harry who nodded.

"He will milady. He is in deep sleep due to the potion I gave him. Bran will not wake until his body is mind is well. I will consult my books but I can assure you, Bran will be well when he wakes up," Ludwin assured her.

Lady Stark smiled. "Bless you and Harry. Thank you."

Lord Stark nodded and smiled. "Thank you Harry. Ludwin. Good work both of you."

"Of course milord."

The two stepped out to see the children and servants around awaiting their news. Luwin smiled.

"You tell them. I'm off for a well deserved rest in my room. I bid you good night Harry."

The crowd parted as Harry announced the good news. Arya bounced in joy as she hugged Harry tightly along with Rickon. Jon covered his mouth and blinked away tears of happiness while Robb began laughing loudly in relief. Sansa began to cry and was quickly comforted by Robb while Theon began to laugh aloud as well. Ser Rodrik chuckled and clapped his hands while King Robert boomed out in a loud voice, thanking the gods. Harry pried Arya and Rickon off of him only to be hugged tightly by Robb, who whispered his thanks in Harry's ears. Harry laughed weakly as the Stark family began to walk inside to check on Bran. Robert laughed and patted Ned's shoulder before escorting Harry down to the kitchens, laughing happily in relief.

The next day, Harry carried a bucket down to the courtyard well so that a nursemaid could wash Bran. As he lowered the bucket into the well, he watched as the crown prince taunt his uncle. He smiled as Tyrion scolded his nephew before delivering three satisfying smacks to the prince's face before the prince slinked off like a whipped dog. The dwarf smiled widely and clapped his hands, in welcome of a new day.

"Well struck milord."

Tyrion turned around to see Harry with a bucket of water. Tyrion smiled widely and patted Harry on the leg.

"Morning Harry! I've heard of yours and Maester Luwin's miraculous treatment of the little lord. Well done indeed!" Tyrion praised. "Come, dine with me and my family. I'm sure they'd love to tell them how you cured Brandon."

Harry quickly passed the bucket to a servant, instructing the boy to carry the pail to Brandon's room before following the dwarf into the dining hall. At a small table, the Lannisters were enjoying breakfast together with the exception of Joffrey. Tyrion clambered up onto the seat and greeted his siblings and relatives happily. The queen glanced at Harry who gave him a scornful glare.

"You there, servant. Begone from my sight and do something useful," she commanded.

"Now, now Cersei! Don't be so rude," Tyrion chided. "This is Harry, one of the people that treated poor Brandon. He's here because I asked him to. Please come and sit."

At Tyrion's encouragement, Harry sat next to the dwarf while his brother moved to the queen's side. A nearby servant came bearing food for Harry and Tyrion along with ale to wash it down. Tyrion clapped in delight to see hot beef and fresh bread was given and quickly made a sandwich with the bacon given.

"So Harry, how is the young lordling?" the Cersei asked. "Will he die?"

Harry shook his head. "No milady. He will most likely live."

Jaime frowned. "But as a cripple? Gods know that would be a worse fate than death. Give me a clean death any day."

"Brandon will live and it is likely he will walk and run just like the rest of us," Harry corrected.

"He fell so high though," Myrcella, the queen's daughter exclaimed. "Father said that its almost certain that he would become a cripple. How did you treat him?"

"With the knowledge of herbal remedies by Maester Luwin and my treatment and surgery, little princess, Brandon was well treated," Harry replied. "You see little lady, knowledge is what allows us to do miraculous deeds. Almost like magic if you think of how a simple rock can turn into something as beautiful as your uncle's sword."

"That's right Myrcella!" Tyrion added. "Keep reading and you might be as smart as clever Harry here."

"More so if she loves to learn," Harry replied much to the young princess' delight. Harry glanced at the faces of the queen and Jaime. More than once, their eyes met each others when Harry spoke of Brandon, something Harry found very suspicious.

"Of course Brandon was as sure footed as a squirrel before this. Never fell from anything," Harry said carelessly. "I do wonder what he'll say when he wakes up."

There. The pair's eyes met once again. Inwardly, Harry groaned as the Lannisters were very powerful. They were one of the great houses and well-known as the richest house in the lands. Brandon must have stumbled into something troubling enough that involved the Lannister twins. He resolved to look at the tower itself when the time comes.

"What are you suggesting Harry?" Tyrion asked. "Someone made him fall?"

Harry nodded. "Tower Winterfell is riddled with footholds and nooks that makes it easy to climb, even with full plate. For Brandon to fall when he could climb a slick stone on a rainy day, something must have made him."

"Maybe it was an accident," Jaime said lightly. "The boy could have been distracted."

Harry shook his head as he laughed at the quaver in Jaime's voice. "No, I doubt it."

"I hope you find whoever did it," Tyrion said. "Pushing a boy like that is something only a monster could do."

Harry's lips twitched into a small smirk. "Winter is coming for House Stark's enemies. I can guarantee that whoever did this, Lord Stark will come with all the fury of a Northern storm."

Harry made a slicing motion across his neck along with a grotesque expression that sent Myrcella and her sibling into giggles but disgusted the queen.

"Come now children, we don't have to listen to this drivel," the queen said. Myrcella frowned but followed her mother. Jaime carried small Tommen out. However as they left, the little prince pulled himself over Jaime's shoulder and waved a chubby hand at Harry.

"Bye Hawwy!" Tommen called out. Harry smiled and waved at the small boy. Tyrion smiled.

"I think they like you," Tyrion said. "Why don't you come to King's Landing and become the Royal babysitter. Gods know the ones there are all groveling flunkies."

Harry chuckled dryly. "I don't think it'd work out. I've already had to raise six of someone else's kids. I need one for myself."

Later that day, Harry and Robb climbed to the top of the tower. The tower itself was dusty and and covered with cobwebs and many leaves from the nearby trees. It had been abandoned for many years which is why Robb was confused as to why he and Harry were exploring it.

"What are we doing here?" Robb asked. "There's nothing here."

"I brought you here to look for anything out of the ordinary for a dusty old tower," Harry replied. "Nobody should have been here. Bran was the only one but he was pushed out. Do you think Bran could have fallen so easily with all those footholds?"

Robb shook his head. "No. You think someone tried to kill him."

"Exactly. So we're looking for clues to figure out why."

Robb watched as Harry fell to the floor and examined it. Plenty of disturbed dust. Handprints though of a woman, too large for a child and too thin for a man's. Harry swept away another covering of leaves to spot several white stains onto the ground. Harry recoiled in disgust before bending close down to see a hair had fallen into one of the cracks. He used his blade to pick the hair out and examined it in the light. It was a very long strand of silvery-blond hair.

"Robb, did you find anything?" Harry called out as he stared at the hair.

"No, nothing really," Robb replied. "You?"

"Yeah, come here."

Robb approached Harry and Harry held up the hair to him.

"What does this look like?" Harry asked.

"A hair. Blond if I had to guess. Hard to tell," Robb answered. He looked down to see Harry point at the white stains on the ground. "Someone had fun here."

"Do you know what I think?" Harry mused.


"Our royal guest, Cersei Baratheon was here with someone other than our beloved king, Robert. Robert was with us when we got the news of Bran falling off the tower so Queen Cersei must have ordered her lover to push Bran to prevent the secret from ever coming out," Harry whispered.

Robb shook with anger and held his sword. "I'll slice that bitch's head off!"

"You will do nothing. Tell Lady Stark and Luwin in private when you can. I shall tell Lord Stark myself. This is not open war, Robb. We must be careful in how we approach this," Harry warned. As Robb left, Harry bent down and scraped the white discharge off of the ground. He opened a flask normally used for herbs and placed it inside. With a little fresh water, he rehydrated the fluid and pocketed it before setting off to find his dog.

"Milord Stark, may I speak to you?"

Lord Stark looked up from his studies to see Harry at the door. The man smiled at him and motioned Harry to come inside. Harry walked in and closed to door, silently casting a ward around the room to prevent any eavesdropper. Lord Stark turned around just in time to see Harry draw a knife to slice open his hand. Harry splashed the blood on the door, locking the wards to his magic.

"Harry, what are you doing?" the man said in alarm.

Harry ignored the stinging pain and wrapped a cloth around his hand to stave the bleeding.

"What I did was to make sure that no one would hear us speak," Harry said. "Where we can speak freely."

The man looked at Harry solemnly before sitting back in his chair.

"What is it?"

"I fear that Brandon's fall was no accident milord," Harry said. "Bran's fall was an attempted murder on the order of Queen Cersei. I also suspect that it was Jaime Lannister that pushed Brandon out because Brandon found out about their illicit love affair."

Lord Stark stared at Harry for a long while before speaking.

"If you were anyone else, I would have you flogged for such nonsense. However your instincts are sharper than anyone I know. Explain to me why you feel that way," the lord said in a deep gravelly voice.

"My first clue was the fact that Bran and I have been climbing the tower many times over the year. Bran has never fallen or lose his footing. He can climb better than I can and he can easily scale that tower even in a blizzard. Next is when I had breakfast with the Lannisters, both the Queen and Jaime were acting suspiciously. Both were certain that Bran had died in the fall and were genuinely shocked and surprised when I told them that Bran would definitely live. Then I saw tell tale signs of worry when I mused of what Bran might've seen. Following on my suspicions, Robb and I went up to the tower to see handprints on the floor, dried bodily fluids, and this strand of hair."

Harry pulled out the strand of hair for Lord Stark to examined. The man looked at it gravely before turning to Harry.

"The only one here with such hair is Queen Baratheon," Ned said. "Continue."

"My last clue is that I scraped off the dried fluid and mixed it with water in a flask. Then I gave it to Sirius to search. It wasn't long until Sirius began to bark at Jaime nonstop that my last clue was confirmed," Harry explained. "This also brings up another issue though milord."

The lord sighed. "What else could possibly come from this? The Lannisters nearly kill my son to keep their sick incest from ever coming to light!"

"I think that King Baratheon has no real sons," Harry said. "All of Queen Lannister's children have golden blond hair that is the trademark feature of the Lannisters. Not only that, Joffrey has the slim frame and face of Jaime compared to the broad and stock build of King Robert's family. In fact, Joffrey nor any of his siblings have any of the features of King Robert. I would hazard one child not having any features of a parent but all three? The queen has a lover and it isn't the King."

The man groaned. "So the Lannisters are after the throne. This makes my job as Hand of the King so much easier."

"I apologize milord," Harry said. Eddard shook his head.

"No, don't," the man replied. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Tyrion seems to be clueless about this. He might be forced to be join his family's side. However he is an honorable person of sorts," Harry listed. "I doubt he had anything to do with your son's situation or his sibling's sick fetish. His goal as of now is to see the Wall and piss off the edge of the world."

The man gave a grim chuckle. "I will have to tell Robert of this you know. The problem is that I have no proof aside from this hair and your word."

Harry nodded. "I know milord."

The man gave Harry a shrewd look before speaking.

"If the Lannisters are indeed after the throne, I will need you to help me. Come with me to King's Landing as a favor to me," Eddard said. "I will need your help. I'm not one for these back room games."

"This'll be ugly milord," Harry said as a grin stretched on Lord Eddard Stark's face. "We must brace ourselves-."

"For winter is coming," Lord Stark finished as he clasped Harry's hand.

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