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Song: About a Girl
Title: While You Hang me Out to Dry

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night

Eli Goldsworthy's breath caught in his throat as she walked past him in the hall. He wanted to say something, but his voice was captured, held hostage by the nerves that twisted and mutilated up through his stomach, through his heart, and to his throat.

She looked beautiful as she walked down the hallway. He knew she was hurting inside. She had lost a lot of her friends, and was pretty much alone at Degrassi. However, she always managed to walk with her head held high, and a small smile painted in red lipstick on her face.

Eli watched as she pushed her cinnamon hair out of her sea-glass eyes. She was positively stunning, and Eli was officially stopped in his tracks. She had this dangerously magnetic pull on him. It was as if, when she was around, the whole world froze. All he saw was her.

Clare had apparently felt the stare of his eyes upon her back, and she turned around and faced him. Eli desperately wanted to say something, but the words were still held captive, locked in the cage of his throat. She parted those crimson-stained lips of hers, as if she were going to perhaps say "hello," however, she merely cocked her head to the side, and stared at him as though she recognized him from somewhere but couldn't exactly place her finger on where. Perhaps it was a dream?

She turned away and continued down the hall. Eli shook his head, and retreated – defeated – to his locker. He wondered if she realized the pull that she still had over him. After everything…he was still completely held prisoner by his feelings towards the girl who had once seen the world in his eyes. Now all she seemed to see was an empty reflection of her lonely self.

However, as she walked down the hall to her class (History, Eli remembered – trying to convince himself that it wasn't weird at all that he memorized her schedule) with that sense of confidence and freedom, Eli realized that she was free.

He didn't hold her emotions captive. He didn't pull her heart with a rope of satin and barb. He didn't creep into her thoughts or her dreams. She was completely free of whatever it was she had once felt towards him.

And Eli was still a captive. Prisoner of war.