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Gabby paced back and forth, up and down the hallway, which made Adam feel naseous, but he understood. Injuries weren't fun, especially when no one was sure exactly what had gone wrong.

"What could be taking so long? I thought this hospital had some of the best technology, it shouldn't take this long!" Gabby rambled a mile a minute while continuing to pace until Adam stood up and took her by the shoulders making her focus on him.

"Gabby, you need to calm down…everything will be fine, just let the doctors do what they need to do." Gabby nodded as she felt her eyes well up with tears again causing Adam to pull her close in and attempt to comfort her. Just as she started to calm down, the doctor appeared in the waiting room.

"Mrs. Brooks?" Gabby pushed Adam away going to meet the doctor who extended his hand upon meeting her. "I'm Dr. Devlin, the neurosurgeon here at the hospital. We've done a few tests on Mr. Brooks and everything appears to be normal."

"Oh thank God…so his skull isn't cracked or anything? That's happened before and looking at the impact that was my immediate fear."

"No, everything looks to be okay. At this point it's believed that he just took a bad hit and it knocked him out. He does have a concussion and he'll need monitored through the night…"

"How severe of a concussion? It must be bad if he still hasn't woken up…"

"Well he stirred slightly, which is a good thing, as far as the severity we won't know until he wakes up."

"Okay, well when can I see him?" Dr. Devlin gave Gabby a slight smile as he flipped through the chart in his hand.

"He's just been moved to room 230, so you can see him now, but I wouldn't recommend more then two people at a time. Feel free to talk to him, he can hear you, but just be patient. We anticipate he'll wake up within the next hour or so, but if he's out for longer then three hours we'll do further tests." Gabby nodded before thanking the doctor and grabbing her things heading for the elevator, Beth, Adam and Colt followed close behind her.

Once they boarded the elevator, Adam spoke first. "Did the doctor call you Mrs. Brooks?"

"Maybe…I didn't notice…"

"Did you seriously tell the EMT you were Punk's wife?" Gabby turned to look at her brother as the elevator slowed to the second floor.

"He said family only and it just came out, I wasn't thinking clearly. Besides you were one of the people nodding, convincing the EMT that I wasn't lying…it's whatever, the least of my worries right now." Adam shook his head laughing to himself at his unpredictable sister; she was something alright.

Gabby saw the arrow pointing to rooms 215-230 and picked up her pace feeling her heart practically beating out of her chest, but she stopped at the site of him. He looked like he was sleeping, which made Gabby laugh because this little 'coma' was probably the longest he'd slept in a few days. Gabby pulled a chair close to the bed and sat down preparing for a long night.

Almost two hours later, Punk was still out, which made Gabby worry more then she already had been. It was after 2AM and though Gabby was exhausted, she refused to leave Punk's side sending Beth, Adam and Colt home for the night promising to call the minute anything changed.

Gabby yawned as she flipped through a magazine; she could feel her eyes getting heavy, but tried her best to shake off the feeling of exhaustion. She needed to stay awake, keep an eye on Punk, alert the nurses of any changes, as well as everyone else on her call list. Leaning forward, she took Punk's hand in hers choosing to rest her head on her free hand. Taking a long hard look at Punk she let out a sigh; he'd seemed to have aged so much since she'd last observed him this closely and she couldn't help but wonder if she was part of the reason why.

Punk woke up and blinked a few times before he realized where he was, in a hospital room. He wondered for a minute why he was there, but the pain in his head triggered the memory and he remembered taking a bad bump and everything fading to black. Though everything after that was hazy, he remembered hearing voices, Gabby's in particular; she'd been crying as she grabbed his hand saying he finally had her full attention even though he'd gone about it the wrong way, then he swore he made out the words I love you, but with the other voices filtering in and out, the sounds of beeping monitors and questions, he couldn't be sure.

Punk sat up slowly, but stopped once he noticed her. He couldn't help but smile seeing Gabby asleep at the foot of the bed. Maybe what he'd thought he heard really happened, why else would she be here? Not wanting to disturb her, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and attempted to stand, but apparently something he was hooked up to didn't like that and the beeping started. Gabby heard the noise and woke up immediately worried something was wrong, but felt a huge sense of relief as she saw him standing, pushing buttons in an attempt to silence the monitor.

"Oh my God, you're up…and you're out of bed, why are you out of bed? Get back in bed!" Punk held up his hands, but did as she said sitting back down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm fine Gabby, a little dizzy, but I'm okay…"

"You've been unconcious for a number of hours, so you are not okay! I'm going to get the doctor so he can check you out."

"Gabby that's not necessary…" As patient as she tried to be, he was really trying her and due to the lack of sleep and the constant worry of the day, she lost it.

"Phillip you are not going to argue with me on this! You need to get your ass back in bed and when the doctor comes back he'll check out your condition and you're going to like every second of it!" Punk could tell she'd been through the ringer and tried his hardest to just obey her command, but he couldn't resist laughing. Gabby pursed her lips as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Can you tell me what's so funny because I don't find anything funny about this situation!" Punk composed himself and tried to charm his way out of the situation.

"I'm sorry Gabby, I know this situation hasn't been easy for you and it's not funny, but I forgot how cute you look when you're angry. You're like the she-hulk, it's kind of hot…" Gabby rolled her eyes, but couldn't help smirking a little bit. Why was it so hard to stay mad at him?

"Okay fine, you're forgiven…now get comfortable and I'll be right back with the doctor." Punk watched as Gabby walked out of the room and smiled to himself. Not only had she stayed by his side the whole time, but she clearly couldn't stay mad at him, which meant nothing but good things were to come.

The doctor shined a light in Punk's eyes, having him follow it back and forth for a few minutes before putting it away and scribbling something down on his chart.

"Well doc, what's the diagnosis?"

"Mild concussion, but I still want you to take it easy for the next two weeks. Only light workouts, no in ring stuff and if you have any of the following symptoms then you need to go to a hospital immediately." Dr. Devlin handed him a paper, which Punk ignored; he'd had a number of concussions, he knew the drill.

"Okay, so I'm cleared to go home then?"

"Yes, you have your wife to keep an eye on you through the night, so I'll go ahead and get your discharge papers." Punk caught the wife mention and raised his eyebrow, but kept to himself. "You're a lucky man Mr. Brooks, this could have been much worse then a concussion." Punk nodded in acknowledgement as the doctor left the room and Gabby came in carrying his bag.

"Oh good someone thought to grab my stuff…"

"Yeah Colt grabbed it; so you're good to head home?"

"That's what they tell me, however the doctor suggested my wife stay with me tonight just in case." Gabby's cheeks turned red as she pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. She'd really hoped to avoid the whole 'wife' conversation, but that wasn't going to happen.

"About that, it got a lot a little out of control. I told the EMT I was your wife so that I could ride to the hospital with you because he said it was family only. It wasn't supposed to go beyond that, but then the doctor assumed the same thing and yeah…a little white lie stretched a little too far…sorry about that."

"Why are you apologizing? Honestly I would've done the same thing. Besides that I wouldn't have wanted anyone else with me." Gabby smiled knowing by the look in his eyes he'd really meant what he said.

"After everything you've done for me, I couldn't just ignore you going to the hospital. Especially since it was my fault."

"What do you mean it was your fault? Did I miss the part where you clotheslined me?"

"No…it wasn't me deliberately, but I know you were distracted."

"Was it that noticeable?"

"Punk you botched a leap frog; I alone have watched you do that move hundreds of times and I know you've done it thousands of times before I came along."

"Okay, I'll admit the leap frog was your fault, but after that I got it together. I knew you were watching and I couldn't risk Rock or Cena impressing you more then me…the clothesline was just something that happened. I took a bad fall and hit my head, not the first time it's happened and though I can hope it'll be the last time, it probably won't be. The upside is I'm going to be fine, just a mild concussion, which means I get to go home for two weeks."

"You at home for two weeks? Wow, that's just unheard of…"

"I know, what the hell am I going to do for two weeks?"

"There's plenty for you to do and between your friends and family there's a lot of people for you to hang out with."

"That's true, but I don't want to hang out with them…"

"Why not? You never see Colt and I'm sure Abby and Joey would love some alone time with Uncle Punk." Punk caught site of the big smile on her face and decided to go out on a limb. The worst she could say was no, and seeing he was currently a 'sick man' he doubted she'd have the heart to turn him down.

"I'll make time for Colt and the kids, but I'll make even more time for you…" Gabby didn't really know what he was saying and as usual when she needed to say something, she was completely mute. "What do you say to coming back to Chicago? You can stay for two days, or two weeks, your choice and this time I'll respect the choice you make."

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