it stretches on forever like an ocean of time


11:10 AM.

She glanced at the digital clock for the umpteenth time that morning.

Wonderful, she thought. Sixty seconds. It certainly is odd to stare at a clock and watch your life tick away.

She heard the distant rocketing of a train.

The congregation of people behind her, hooded in seperate groups on the train station all simultaneously stepped forward.

She stepped further.

She felt the rush of air and smelt the faint trace of smoke as the train came closer, closer—

11:11 AM.

Push yourself forward, now, she commanded. And make your wish.

Her body filled with adrenaline as she toppled off the edge of the train station, watching the head of the train thunder towards her.

Gravity did its job to pull her down as she fell, but it was slow. Everything slowed.

I wish for everyone who was part of my life to be happy.

The train gleamed until it dissipated completely into white. Her head suddenly felt so light and her movement was graced with deadly pageantry.

The white dispersed softly, fluttering away with the whisper of a butterfly, revealing anew.

Soft, dancing laughs entered into her ears. She saw her own self smile: a contrary reflection of her current expression.

The clear blue sky of the mirage widened in front her eyes as her closest friends walked into this enthralling memory.

Ino, she felt like saying, but the word escaped her lips like a thinned trace of wind. Her best friend's eyes were the colour of compassionate, baby blue.

She leaned forward as she caught sight of another grinning blonde who was her male best friend. His hair was a conglomeration of lemons, blazing brighter than the sun.

Strangely, she began to feel desperate. She reached for the memory, though she held disdain at the same time.

At the very moment of her death she was remembering the aspects of life she would miss the most.

How cruel but beautiful death could be at all the same time.

She reached and reached but the memory faded away from her.

Her head abruptly changed from lightness to a heavy weight, and she was being dragged down again, until—


The white split into a black, the cutting of the trance so sharp.

There were a few seconds before her senses cleared and she was opening her eyes again.

Was this the afterlife?

The question was answered once her eyes searched for more, only to land on the sight of the train speeding away from her.

The train station had emptied. The time had come, and gone.

11:12 AM.

notes: you can ask questions in reviews if you wish. :) this will be a drabbleseries so the chapters will be consistently this short. yes, along the line, you will find out why she attempted to commit suicide, who saved her and why, and everything will hopefully come to a full circle. i basically already have the whole plot set out but be assured that it will be a very gradual development. inspiration goes to american beauty directed by sam mendes.

p.s. did anyone get the summary reference?