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Chapter 1 brought to you by texasbella


I carefully wrapped the last picture frame and tucked it into the box. Grabbing the packing tape, I folded the sides down and ran the tape over the seam before pulling the lid of the marker off with my teeth and labeling the box DESK.

I flopped onto my back across my bed and exhaled roughly, blowing my bangs up off of my forehead. The headache I'd been willing to hold off for the last hour had finally settled in. I was going to have to take a break and get something to eat.

Slowly, I pulled myself back into a sitting position and looked around my barren room.

This had been my home for the last four years and in the matter of a day and a half I had packed my life into a few boxes. All that was left were my books and my small closet that held the handful of clothes I owned.

Answering the ad for a roommate had been the best thing I had ever done in my life… so far. While it had been awkward at first, Alice and Rosalie had quickly become like sisters to me. We definitely had our own individual personalities, but somehow we had clicked and now… it was ending.

We were officially "respectable adults," as the Dean had professed at our commencement ceremony three days ago. It was time to leave our college days behind us and go into the big bad world and make something of ourselves. Easy…right?

Maybe for Rose.

Her family had been ecstatic when she received her engineering degree. I personally had been a little disgusted by how they had all seemed so surprised that she 'had pulled it off,' as her dad had so eloquently put it, but whatever. She let it roll off her back so I could too.

She had an internship at Lockheed Martin lined up to begin in the fall, it was an entry level, but at least she had her foot in the door. She was planning on spending the summer with her family back in Chicago.

Or perhaps for Alice.

She'd received her degree in fashion design and had plans to open her own boutique with her parent's money. They said it was an investment and that they expected to be repaid once she was a famous designer. In the meantime, they were taking her on a European vacation for the next two months as a graduation present.

She had done nothing but complain since she found out two weeks ago. Sure, the trip sounded like heaven…it was the company that wasn't so pleasing. She wanted to be free to actually enjoy the trip without worrying about her parent's judgment of her behavior.

I had to give her credit…the girl could party.

What was I going to do with my literature degree? I had no idea. I was taking my few boxes to the post office tomorrow afternoon and shipping them to Charlie's. Once Alice and Rose left the following morning, I would get on the road, making the drive back to Forks to move back in with my dad until I could procure work.

Big bad world, here I come…not.

My stomach grumbled loudly as my head throbbed. Definitely time to feed the human.

I shuffled down to the kitchen and fixed myself a quick ham and cheese sandwich which I washed down with a glass of milk. Having rinsed my dishes and set them in the drainer to dry, I headed back to my room to grab my shower stuff.

I wasn't sure when the girls were due back, but I was beat. I just wanted to clean up and crawl into bed. I was about to head across the hall to the bathroom when it hit me that the house was quiet because it was empty. On a whim, I ran back to my nightstand and dug out Robbie…my trusty sparkly rabbit.

The last few weeks had been so crazy with finals, graduation, finding new renters…the list went on and on, that I had not indulged in any self-loving release. I figured I'd earned it and was going to take advantage of the privacy. Plus it would help me sleep.

I got the water going and laid out my gel and razor, along with Robbie, in the shower. I closed the door and stripped out of my clothes before running a brush through my boring brown hair and then twisting it up into a knot on the top of my head.

I quickly bathed and took care of my legs. The basic necessities out of the way, I grabbed Robbie and turned him on. My nipples immediately hardened and I felt the familiar rush of arousal between my legs as my body reacted to the sound.

I propped my foot up on the edge of the tub and leaned my back against the wall as I teased my nipples with the toy before slowly lowering it to where I needed the friction. Robbie slid in easily, stretching me slightly until I felt full. My eyes closed as I focused on the sensations coursing through me, willing myself closer to the orgasm I so desperately wanted.

I knew I was only moments away by the tingling that was running along my body, making my nipples harden further, causing my inner walls to flutter against the vibe when the door flew open.

"Bella! We're going to Europe!" screeched Alice from the other side of the shower curtain. My orgasm instantly evaporated as I roughly pulled Robbie out and dropped him on the floor of the tub. I peeked around the corner of the curtain to glare at the evil woman who had just cost me my satisfaction.

"No shit Alice…you've known for weeks," I growled at her. "Why do you have to barge in on me to remind me?"

She was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

"My parents had something come up and can't go. But the trip is already paid for so they told me to take you and Rose," she said rather calmly.

I stared at her as the words sank in. Then it was my turn to scream.

"We're going to Europe!"

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