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Chapter 23 brought to you by LissyLock

Jasper POV

The lights faded to black and me and Emmett made our way off stage.

I cannot believe Alice talked me into that.

Why did the pixie have to be so damn cute?!

We followed the dancers back round to the changing rooms where our costumes were peeled off and we were given a complimentary drink for our hard work. Can't say we didn't deserve it.

"Emmett, are you going to take off that make-up or are you fond of your new look?"

"I look sexy. Don't deny it, Jazz. Man, that was awesome!"

I laughed, "It really was. And, in under twenty-four hours, I bet our performance will be gracing the world on YouTube!"

Emmett wiped off the remainder of his lipstick and we wandered out to the lobby to look for the girls.

Alice bounded into me.

"You. Were. Amazing," she spoke between kisses.

"Thank you ma'am," I answered, giving her a wink and smile, which I knew made her shiver.

"Dinner! I'm starving!" Emmett broke in; we all saluted him in agreement.

The four of us made our way to the restaurant, off to the side of the main performance room and sat at our reserved table. The waiters came and served us some glasses of fresh iced water and we ordered our bar drinks.

We all studied the menus and were struck by the vast amount of choice we had. Five minutes later, our drinks were placed onto the table and we were asked for our food orders. Alice chimed in first, ordering in her beautifully exact French accent.

"Je vais avoir la Blanquette de Veau veuillez." I'll have the Blanquette of Veal, please.

"Très bien," the waiter answered, smiling at her adoringly. I couldn't blame him. She was beautiful.

Rose then ordered the Coq au Vin, which sounded just as difficult to make as it was for me to pronounce.

"Monsieur?" The waiter turned to me.

Here I was, about to put, Alice and Roses perfect French to shame.

"The… Cassoutlet, s'il vous plaît?" Sausage and white beans, to be simple.

"Très bien," the waiter repeated.

Then it was time for Emmett to entertain us all.

"Et pour vous monsieur?" And for you, Sir?

"Right. Could I have the… Steak Fri… Fr…Frit? Free-tes? Fry-tes? Frit-ssss?"

The waiter began to laugh as Emmett struggled with his wording.

Rose lent over his shoulder, to see what he was pointing at on the menu. It happened to be the most basic item on there.

"He'll have the Steak Frites," Rose answered the waiter. Steak and Fries.

Oh, Emmett.

The waiter nodded, thanked us all and left us to continue our evening.

I sat back in my chair, watching Rose and Alice laugh whilst Emmett had his hand around Rose's waist. I realised how happy I was to be here with such an amazing small group of friends. And how lucky I was to have met Alice.

Things were looking up and I wasn't planning on letting them fall, again, anytime soon.

Alice's hand made contact with my leg as she patted my thigh, laughing hard at a story Rose had just shared with them. She lifted her head to look at me, her eyes twinkling in the slightest of lights and I smiled.

Her eyes didn't leave mine and I knew, right then, that this was the moment I'd been waiting for, for a while, now.

I leant forwards and whispered into her ear the words that had petrified me for the best part of my life.

"I love you, Alice."

And then her lips met mine.

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