Well, time for a new story. If this story's continuity is of I made this before "The Master Returns"

Anyway this will have Lauren the older sister of Jayden soon to be Red Samurai Ranger! Hope this will be good

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Mia's POV

Pink Ranger of Wind, the 18th Pink Samurai Ranger. Well training is always important to the Samurai life. Like what Kevin says, oh Kevin is the Blue Samurai Ranger. He's, annoying about the "samurai life" sometimes it's gets on everyone's nerves.

Then there's Emily, Yellow Samurai Ranger, she's actually a younger sibling, and in the Samurai Ranger code, if there's a rule saying that the older sibling becomes the Ranger, but her sister got sick, and it's fatal, she died a week ago, Emily's been devastated, but the five of use are helping her through it, her boyfriend helps, Mike the Green Samurai Ranger, although a slacker he knows how to be a Ranger, and he became Emily's boyfriend, I'm happy for them.

Antonio is our 7th Gold Samurai Ranger, while not an original samurai warrior, he's unlocked the Black Box, SharkZord, ClawZord, and even built his own Samurai Morpher.

Ian is the Cyan Ranger, he was a Power Ranger prior to this, he's pretty cool, I guess. He knows some Ranger facts like my cousin, Cam, had the original powers of the Samurai Rangers, created to protect some ninja acadmey.

Then our leader Jayden, the Red Ranger. He's so cool, and I have a huge crush on him. Well now, we're training, our skills.

Normal POV

Jayden and Antonio begin to spar with each-other, and things go good.

"Nice wrist work J!" Antonio tells his friend. Jayden gives a nod, and then knock Antonio's wooden sword out of his hands.

"Now take this!" Antonio strikes from behind and Jayden uses his sword and knocks Antonio right on the ground.

Jayden looks at the Gold Ranger and helps him up. Then the Gap Alarm goes off.

Ji then tells the Ranger "Main Street!" then all seven Rangers rush for Main Street!

Main Street

The Nighlok has begun to burn everything in sight!

"Not so fast Nighlok!"

The Nighlok turns around to see the six Rangers.

"Samuraizers! Go Go Samurai!"

"Samurai Morpher! Gold Power!"

Each Ranger make their Symbol!

(火- Fire

水 – Water

木 – Forest

天 – Sky

土 – Earth

氷 – Ice

光 – Light)

Each Ranger morphs and they begin battle! Jayden leads and strikes down some Moogers, and Emily knocks some Moogers into the ocean.

"Hydro Bow!" then Kevins fires arrows at the Moogers, and they continue to grow in numbers.

"Antonio, we need to re-group!" Ian yells to the Gold Ranger. "Right amigo!"

Antonio pulls out his Barracuda Blade and Ian pulls out his Spin Sword. "Hey Ian, catch!" Jayden tells him and he tosses Ian the Black Box!

"Alright! Super Samurai Mode!"

Then, Ian's suit gain's an upgrade with a cape and some other upgrades!

"Bullzooka!" then a huge gun appears in Ian's other arm, and he fires blasts all over onto the Moogers! Then Ian turns to the main Nighlok. "Let's let this bull loose! Super Bullzooka!"

Ian then places his Spin Sword ontop of the Bullzooka, and then fires the Blaster!

"Time to finish you Rangers!"

Each of the main six Rangers toss their Spin Swords high into the air.

"Lion FoldingZord!"

"Dragon FoldingZord!"

"Bear FoldingZord!"

"Ape FoldingZord!"

"Turtle FoldingZord!"

"Penguin FoldingZord!"

(超 – Mega)

"Megamode Power!"

Each Ranger then mounts their FoldingZords, and ready them for battle!

"Time to invite my little buddy to this fiesta!ClawZord, Enlarge!"

Then the ClawZord arrives to the scene and gains some major height making him about the same size as all the FoldingZords.

"Alright, let's do this!"

The ClawZord expands in size and then gains armor and weapons! "ClawBattleZord East! Ready!"

The Rangers and the Megazords make swift work of the Nighlok, and they take a minute to rest up.

"Another Nighlok down!" Mike says with joy, and then Ian asks Jayden "Hey, you got more then enough Symbol Power to use the Sealing Symbol, so why not use it?"

Jayden hesitates, before a voice behind the Rangers says "Because Cyan Ranger, he doesn't know the Sealing Symbol!"

All seven Rangers turn around to see a girl, slightly taller then Jayden, with blue eyes, brown-yellow hair, and a red dress.

"Let me introduce myself Samurai Rangers! Lauren Shiba, the 18th Red Samurai Power Ranger! And..." she then points to Jayden and continues, "Jayden's older sister!"


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Anyway, the story will be told in Mia, Antonio, Jayden and Ian's POV.

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