Another new chapter. This one will focus on Jayden and Deker's battle. Wait, how many times have they battled before?

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Normal POV

"So, let's see if you're still worthy to battle me without your Ranger powers!" Deker says to the former Red Ranger. Jayden rushes in and strikes with quick reflexes, focusing on sending Deker's sword right out of his hands.

Jayden continues working on get rid of Deker's sword, but with no luck as Deker's grip on his sword is to strong. But Jayden has been training for his battle with Deker for months, and is ready for the battle.

The two continue to duke it out, with Jayden being successful in sending Deker's sword flying, and it crashes into a nearby tree.

"Excelent job! You're still worthy, I'm impressed!"

Jayden then asks him "If I'm, not the Red Ranger, why do you still want to fight me?"

"You're not with truth, and I look for the ultimate battle with you even if you're not the true Red Ranger!"

Jayden then replies "Get your sword, I won't fight if you aren't armed!"

Deker then heads for his sword, but he struggles to get it out of the tree where it landed. Jayden then slices the tree down and holds his Spin Sword in-front of Deker's face.

Both sword continue to hit each-other, and there is no clear winner, thus far.

"I see! You want this battle to be what chooses your fate, am I right?" Deker says, and Jayden gives a nod. The sun then begins to set, with Jayden choosing now he'll finish it!

Jayden knocks Deker's sword out of his hands, Jayden then strikes Deker right in the chest.

Deker lies beaten on the ground, with Jayden just looking at him.

"You gave me the battle I've been craving, I thank you Red Ranger. The Red Ranger before you would be proud." Deker tells Jayden.

Jayden then gives Deker, Uramasa back. "Here, I think that you should die holding that."

Deker then says with his dying breath "Thank you... Red Ranger." and he disappears in a purple flash. Jayden then sees someone in the leafs, and Jayden tells the person "I'm sorry."

Jayden walks up to his dad's grave. He says "Dad, I enjoyed my time, but Lauren was your first born, being Red Ranger was fun, but that's Lauren's role now."

Jayden then walks away from his father's grave. Trying to find out where his destiny lies.

Well this is cool. There is a final battle between Jayden and Deker in Super Samurai.

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