She was seen as innocent but in all honesty she had always had a thing for her… not just any girl, but her. It was not as if any men were working out for her anyway. There was only one problem. She was not just anyone. She was Ziva David and this all but innocent woman was Caitlin Todd. She had no idea what was going through her head. All Caitlin knew was that everything she had been taught as a child and adolescent told her this was wrong but within her heart of hearts she was told it was perfectly okay to love a woman the way she did.

Kate, as her friends would call her, would watch the mysterious Israeli as she walked, or sat at her desk. It was a wonder Ziva did not notice. Or did she? If Ziva had noticed, wouldn't she have said something? Kate couldn't have been sure. All she could have been sure of was the conflict between her head and heart. Both screamed at her like relentless harpies through the night as she dreamt about the sexual, sensual woman. She was so beautiful. Ziva had managed to captivate Kate in ways no other human on the face of this planet could. And for her, it was a constant struggle.
That night Kate let out an exasperated sigh as she sat up in bed. It was late, probably no later than midnight. That night Kate could not sleep. Her mind was a whir with thoughts of her, fantasies of her. She could just imagine throwing her down on her desk and doing so many things to her. She shook away the thought, rubbing her eyes. She looked at the clock and then the crucifix hanging from her neck.

Damn Catholic school… damn Catholic beliefs… damn, damn, damn. She threw her pillow angrily at the wall in front of her and buried her face in her knees. Kate could hear Ziva's melodious voice ringing in her ears. Caitlin… Caitlin. She let out a somewhat loud and frustrated groan as she lied back in her small, cold, lonely bed.
That night Caitlin did not sleep. In fact, she remained awake, still as she stared up at the ceiling. She could only see Ziva's face as her eyes fixed onto a spot on the ceiling. When she finally readied herself for another possibly long day she looked at herself in the mirror and saw a pitiful sight. She looked like shit. Kate knew she would have to wear more makeup today than usual. Would Ziva notice? Would she care? Would she like it?

Another sigh escaped her lips, loneliness tingeing it. She ran her fingers through her hair, causing it to become disheveled as she looked at the cell phone lying on the table beneath her. She picked it up and flipped it open before reluctantly texting Ziva. She wouldn't notice. She would not care. She would never like it. That is what Kate told herself as she typed the two letter text, hi.
It didn't take more than a minute for her to reply, hello Caitlin. Her heart leaped into her throat as she felt her phone vibrate. She grabbed it quickly and read the text, somehow not able to believe it. She replied! What would Kate say back? Good morning? Ready for work? How are you? Need a ride? Kate shook her head, as if to shake herself out of some sort of hallucination.

Why on earth was she doing this to herself? It was as if she was torturing herself. Kate was technically straight, perhaps just curious. And Ziva was never exactly definitive about her sexuality. It was one thing Kate, and many others, found alluring about her. She simply replied, good morning. Fixing her makeup so that she didn't look totally exhausted, she waited for Ziva to reply. Again the woman replied, good morning to you too, Kate.

She smiled down at the phone as she read the words. The older agent wrote back, how are you? This conversation kept going for a few minutes until Gibbs called Kate. Kate picked up the phone from its spot on the table and answered.

"Agent Todd." She announced.
"Kate, you do plan on getting to work sometime soon, right?" Gibbs quipped.
"Oh, yeah. I am just having… car trouble." She replied. "I will be there quickly."
"I shall see to it that you are." Gibbs said before he hung up.

Kate let out the breath she held within her throat; relieved Gibbs had not caught her in a lie. Ziva had actually managed to distract her that much. She shook her head, this time in disbelief. She was like… a wizard, or a Jedi ninja. All she knew was that Ziva was played mind games with her; games she'd win. She glanced at the clock, 0700 already. Today was going to be a long day.