Ziva was wearing those clothes again. Kate knew what that meant. She was probably sported an all-too revealing button down blouse with those tight jeans. Or those booty hugging cargo pants Kate loved on her so much. Shit! There she goes again making those googly eyes at thoughts of Ziva. She let out a breath as the doors of the elevator opened, revealing the third floor to her. She stepped out and sure enough there Ziva was sitting at her desk, wearing a dark blue button down blouse, her curly brunette hair hanging in waves down her right shoulder. The top two buttons were undone, revealing the perfect amount of her cleavage in that push up bra Kate knew she was wearing. What Kate did not know was that Ziva was wearing this ensemble to get her attention. She wanted her to notice.
Looking up from some paper work, Ziva saw Kate and her heart beat a little faster. A bit of her bangs fell into her face as she looked at Kate and she smiled to the older woman. Ziva did not know what to do from there. Should she speak? Should she just smile? Her brain was a discombobulated mess of questions. She swallowed the nervous lump in her throat building up and moved her arms inward a bit with pushed her breasts in a bit, somehow making them more noticeable. Kate gave them a quick glance, returning her hazel eyes to Ziva's chocolate brown. The mocha orbs within their sockets sparkled as light refracted off of them. Ziva blinked a few times, tilting her head to the left slightly.

"Hello Caitlin. Good morning." Ziva greeted politely.
"Hi. And a good morning to you, Ziva." Kate replied, acting oddly sly.

Kate decided to go to her desk, sitting down in the office chair which was positioned there. Throughout the seemingly eventless morning Kate would glance up from her computer to look at Ziva, who sat on the other side of Gibbs' desk. Rarely ever did Ziva catch her looking at her, and for that Ziva was grateful. How would she explain all of the gocking?
Kate didn't realize that Ziva did the same thing. She looked up, blinking a few times watching as the woman typed. Caitlin was wearing a beautiful red shirt, somewhat t-shirt like with a suit skirt of a brown color. The clothes went well together and they looked really well on her. Ziva looked at the skirt and the skin it exposed. She bit her bottom lip, enjoying her current view.
At some point Ziva forced herself to look away, putting her attention back onto her computer. As images came up on her monitor, whirring by as they were being sent to FBI, Ziva thought about what it would be like to have sex with Kate. Sex with Kate? Sex with Kate? No. Kate would not want her in that way. She shook her head a bit, finding it absolutely insane that she was having these thoughts, and about her co-worker no less… a woman co-worker. Could she keep playing this game with Kate?
At that moment it seemed as though the rest of the squad room was bustling with activity yet Kate and Ziva were at a standstill. Neither wanted to move or speak in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. Ziva's mouth opened slightly, but she didn't say anything. Small talk was never her strongest suit and to be honest she hated it. She hated making it. She hated hearing it. It meant nothing. She simply shut her mouth and turned back to her desk. What else could she do?
Kate, meanwhile, was tapping her pencil against the side of her face, watching Ziva closely. After a few moments of consideration, she set the pencil down and stood from her seat. Ziva's eyes darted up from the paper work beneath her nose and she watched as Kate sauntered over to her.

"Hello." Kate's voice rang out again.

It was melodious, beautiful even. Ziva enjoyed hearing it. She grinned.

"May I help you?" Ziva asked as she bat her eyelashes with every blink, that grin still on her face.

Kate simply shrugged at her question, being mysterious and truthful at the same time.

"Eh," She vocalized. "Maybe you can, maybe you can't."

The woman's words intrigued her. Narrowing her eyes slightly at the woman, Ziva sat back in her office chair as she scrutinized the older agent which stood before her. Her head tilted to the side, seeming confused.

"Hmm…" She simply hummed, biting her bottom lip a bit. "Sometimes, Caitlin, you surprise me."

"Is that a… good thing?" Kate asked.

Ziva shrugged, leaving Kate guessing. This back and forth game between them kept some sort of fire burning within them both. Neither woman entirely hated the game, nor was it loved. It got quiet between them both as they stared at each other, no words said. Kate watched as Ziva allowed her eyes to relax, hazel meeting brown. Kate's heart began to race. What would she say next?

"At a loss for words, are we?" Ziva quipped, crossing her arms cockily.

"N-no." Kate stuttered which made Ziva giggle but she pulled it back. "Oh, you find that funny?"

"Yeah, a little." Ziva admitted with a sigh at the end.

Kate furrowed her brows somewhat frustratedly. Ziva wondered what Kate was thinking about. Why was she staring at Ziva that way? Kate walked around the right hand side of the desk, perching herself against the edge. She still looked down at Ziva.

"Seriously, what do you need?" Ziva asked, seeing agitated.

"Can I not just come over to your desk and say hello?" Kate deflected.

"You can, and you did." Ziva pointed out, which was true. She had already said hello.

"I did?" Kate questioned, maintaining that slyness.

"Yes. Caitlin, really…"

Kate then did something neither expected. She bent down and kissed Ziva right on the lips. Ziva sat there, eyes wide. At the same time Kate was confused. Her lips felt real, soft, just like she had imagined them, yet they did not. Kate pulled away and suddenly a buzzing sound filled her ears, drowning out Ziva's voice. Within an instant everything around her was gone and when she opened her eyes she was in her room, her alarm clock blaring. She turned it off and looked around the room. Ziva was not there. No one was there. She found the pillow she had thrown the night before. Kate then realized she must have fallen asleep while she was staring at the ceiling. Groaning, she rubbed her eyes and tried to make sense of that dream.
She had kissed Ziva. She kissed Ziva. The more she repeated that phrase in her head the more she found it utterly insane. There was no way that would ever get to happen. Ziva was straight… at least that's what Kate thought. And besides, Kate was straight as well. Or was she?
This made her think back to the time when she was thirteen and she had had a crush on a girl. They dated for a week before the nuns at her Catholic school had found out and phoned her parents. They told her to stop. They told her it was bad, not natural, just a phase. A phase? Loving women is a phase? The idea in and of itself seemed utterly ludicrous, but even then Kate never dated another girl. She tried being with men, boy did she try. Yet, despite her efforts, none ever stuck.
So, the question was, would Ziva stick? Would loving Ziva, being with Ziva in the way she wanted to be work? Kate knew the answer going in. No. No. It would not, nor could it ever work. This was her mentality, the reality at the time. What Kate had not known was that Ziva had had a dream along the same lines.