I do not own . This is in Dororo's Point of View. Flash backs of Dororo/Zeroro childhood memories.
Only The Cookie Crumbs Remain
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Hey, Dororo." Keroro said in a cheerful voice and I wonder what he wants from me now. After all he normally forgets about me. I might as well eat my cookie before listening to him, but then before I could move my hand up to eat it. Keroro grabbed my arm and ate the cookie.

"Hey, Zeroro. You are my very best friend." Keroro commented cheerfully to me. My cheeks were burning, no one ever called me their 'Very best friend', and I didn't notice until later that he ate all of my cookies.

"How could you, Keroro." I cried while looking at the cookie crumbs.

"Keroro, How could you." I cried out to him.

"Umm…I'm keeping you from getting fat like Tamama." Keroro said to me and I wiped my tears away.

"How could you, Sergeant! I'm not fat!" Tamama yelled and it for the best to leave before he uses Tamama Impact, but then Keroro grabbed me and used my body like a shield.

Sometimes…I really do hate you, Keroro…and at times I think you must really hate me.

"It's a waste of time to hate someone, Zeroro." Keroro told me and he had grinned widely. "It's best to just destroy that someone or torture them with tickles until they wet themselves!"

"Are you okay, Dororo?" Keroro asked me and I managed to look up at him.

"No…You used me as a shield." I replied to him.

"Heh, Of course you'll be okay. You have had worse stuff happen to you." Keroro informed me. I closed my eyes and tears started to fall. "Come on, Dororo…Don't cry…It's not like that time you fell off a waterfall which turned out to be infected with slime monsters."

"You were the one that pushed me." I sobbed. "You pushed me and-"

"I slipped on a banana peel. It is the banana's peel fault not mine." Keroro stated firmly, he puffed out his cheeks, and crossed his arms. "Besides you should have been more aware of your surroundings."

"You are so mean, Keroro." I muttered, but he was already walking away and I'm left to my depressing memories...

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