Protecting (humanized)

Blowhole gulped as he was cowered on the ground as he covered his head with his arms. His clothes were torned, he was covered in bruises and scratches and covered in blood.

Three boys were standing above him. A tall blond hair, a mid-sized brown hair, and an average height black hair boy.

"Time to end this," A bigger teen replied, raising his fist to hit Blowhole one last time.

"Don't you DARE touch him!" A voice growled.

The three boys that were beating on Blowhole looked up. Even the one eyed teen looked up to see his older sister. The boys laughed.

"And you a girl is going to stop us?" The strongest boy asked.

"You bet I am! Take one step closer to my little brother and I'll open of can of butt whooping!" The black-red highlighted girl exclaimed.

"Chey… don't…"

"Make me." The blond hair growled.

Chey cracked her knuckles.

"Gladly." She ran over and started beating them. "No… one… is…. Allowed… to… harm… my… brother… but… me!"

Blowhole watched as his small, yet strong older sister protected him. When she was done beating the three boys, she dusted her hands off.

"Now what did we learn boys?"

"Not to mess with your brother."

"And what happen if you do?"

"We'll suffer!"

"Good…" she grinned. She grabbed them by their shirts. "Cause if you do… I'll make sure you three won't see the light of day again."

She threw them down and went over to Blowhole. She helped him up and dusted him off.

"Are you okay bro?"

Blowhole nodded.

"Good, because I'll always be here to protect you."

Need to know

Blowhole looked at his sister, who was busy working on her newest spell.

"Chey, how come you won't tell me what happened to you in Russia?"

"Because you don't need to know. It's like Skipper and Hans and what happened in Denmark. As they say baby brother, what happens in Russia stays in Russia."

"But I want to know! You know everything about me why can't I know everything about you?"

"Because I'm not a mama's boy who's an open book. Now shut up."

"But I want to know!" he whined.

"Well I ain't telling you."


"No. It's on a need to know basis little brother."


Blowhole couldn't help but stare at his sister every time he spoke at her when they were kids. He accent was seemed fine. Hers was so… different.

"What's up little brother? Ya ready to get some fun on?"

Blowhole stared at her. She didn't have the New York accent like he did. Hers was so… Indianan like. It was too country for him. The references, the country slang… it was confusing.

"Uh sure. What are we doing?"

"Mud wrestling!"

Blowhole stared at her. Yea she was definitely weird compare to him.


Blowhole knew his sister had some problems, especially when it came to the voices in her head. He was the only one that knew about them, especially since she didn't trust anyone else. He was in his lab, watching her from the security cameras in her room, something that he never thought of doing before.

"Shut up Brainy, no one cares." She replied to 'Brainy'.

He wrote down something on his clipboard. He has been watching her from a far. Wondering why she had these supposed "imaginary friends", as she put it. He looked at the clipboard. There were eight, Evil, Angel, Brainy, Creative, Childish, Fangirl, Motherly, and lastly Emo. He had recently learned about Emo, surprised that it was the last one. He had managed to profile each of them.

Angel: Her good conscious side. Helping his sister keep from doing the bad and seemed to be fighting with Evil.

Evil: The most vicious and the one that caused his sister to turn evil. The most he got out of this one was that it was defiant, cocky, and seemed to have no remorse.

Brainy: The smartest one of the group, smarter than him! Everything she needed to know, or didn't know was in it. And it apparently didn't know how to shut up sometimes.

Childish: Its name said it all. The youngest as it sounded and the most immature one as well. Always playing and always making sure that his sister had her child-like streak in her.

Fangirl: Love-sick. Always making a pairing of a couple that looked good and even tried to set his sister up with someone. A little too energetic and happy for his liking.

Creative: Artistic, colorful, the one that gave his sister her musical, and artistic appeal that she was talented for. Even in her writing. Poems, short stories, everything that involved an art, it possessed.

Motherly: That one was a no brainer too. It obviously gave his sister her parental figure. And she was an overly a bit protective when it came to him, the Hobokeners and other animals that need advice.

And finally Emo: Most depressed, antisocial, uses cutting for a since of happiness, no feelings other than misery and depression. But it seemed to have a gift. It could tell what others were feeling without them saying or expressing it.

Each was unique and each had created what his sister was today.


Crystal knew her children were special. Her son, Dr. Blowhole, extremely smart, cunning, a little childish but very bright. And her daughter, Cartoongirl, secretive, powerful, cunning, naïve at times, and very loyal.

"I'll show you just how smart you are ya little brat!" Cartoongirl snapped.

Crystal looked up to see them running into the room, Cartoongirl growling and trying to capture and knock down her bigger, little brother.

"Help!" Blowhole exclaimed, hiding behind his mother.

"I'm gonna kill ya!" she growled.

Crystal sighed. They were special that was for sure, but they were a handful too.