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"Can you save from this nothing I've become?
It's just something that I've done,
Never meant to cause you worry."

"Authorities say that no one was injured in the lab explosion that happened two days ago at the Acme Corporations plant in Brooklyn. The President of Acme Corp along with several workers still have not been located, and no traces were found at the scene. Civilians are still being advised to stay away from the area as there is still police activi-"

Tony switched off the radio. He was sure that Pepper was going to kill him this time. It was a miracle that she hadn't already, really. After all the shit that he'd put her through he wondered every single day why she still stuck around.

He smirked, Because I'm Tony Stark. Of course.

Then he frowned.

But she was actually going to kill him today.

He'd never been on time for anything before. Ever. Well, as far back as he could remember. At least back to the time when he stopped caring about what people thought about him, which was a long time ago, by the way. But today, of all days, he was going to be late. And he hadn't even tried to be late! He had actually attempted to be early! Traffic would be the death of him. Well, Pep would be, but traffic would be an accessory to murder, or something. He honked his horn impatiently.

"You'd think me being a genius billionaire would mean I wouldn't have to wait in traffic," he sighed. "But I guess that's just not how it works. Jarvis, how long until we reach the restaurant?"

"Approximately thirty minutes from now," Jarvis replied.

Tony slammed his head onto the steering wheel. Great, he thought. One year anniversary with Pep and I'm going to be late.

Just then something crashed onto the hood of his car and the airbag deployed, effectively shooting burning powder into his face. He coughed and sputtered and tried to ignore the searing burning sensation in his lungs and the pain in his face from the bag. While attempting to stuff the airbag back in or at least get it away from him, he called out to his AI.

"Jarvis," another cough, "what the hell was that?"

"A human being has just landed on your hood, sir."


Tony scrambled out of the car, marveling at the fact that he wasn't as injured as he thought he'd be, and peered over his open door to look at his now obliterated hood. He took a short moment to grieve. His poor, poor Bentley...

Slowly, he walked around to inspect the damage and see this supposed 'human being' who had just fallen from the sky and ruined his perfectly good car. People were talking loudly around him, snapping pictures on their cellphones, calling 911, generally just being in the way and nosey. But oh man did they have a reason to be nosey. Sure enough there was a human being embedded into the hood of Tony's car. A relatively unharmed human being...

"Um," was all that Tony could manage when he saw that a woman, a naked woman, was attempting to climb out of the crater she had just created in his hood.

"Uhhh, Miss?" He asked, standing in front of her and offering her a hand. Shouldn't she be, well, putty? A pile of scrambled bones? Road pizza?

The strange creature looked up at him with an expression of extreme fear mixed with incredible confusion. He had never seen someone simultaneously look terrified out of their mind and completely clueless. She looked at his hand but made no move to take it. Tony didn't know for certain but just by the look in her eyes he could guess that she didn't understand what his hand offering meant. Weird...

She looked around at everyone staring at her and Tony could see her chest begin to heave, the tell-tale signs of a panic attack coming on strong. He knew this – knew them very well. She was scared, that much was certain. Her unusual silvery grey eyes darted around frantically, wide like a doe caught in headlights. The burgundy hood of his now destroyed Bentley made her pale skin stand out. Had this woman never seen the sun before? Not one sunspot was visible on her creamy skin.

Huh, Tony thought. This woman had pink hair. Light pink curls fell down her back and effectively covered her, uh, chest. This woman was, barring the Chitauri and Thor, the strangest thing he'd come across in...what? Like a year...? Was she weirder than Whiplash? Probably. Yeah, actually, totally weirder.

"Geez," Tony whispered, "you're a shoo-in for a main character in an anime, you know that?"

Again, she stared blankly at him, but her breathing continued to increase, her chest rising and falling more rapidly than before.

Then the realization that she was naked – naked! – popped back into his mind and he instinctively shrugged out of his jacket and threw it around, ahem, her lady parts. The woman flinched backwards at the movement, scared, like a caged animal.

"What happened to you?" He mumbled, genuinely concerned. "And where the hell did you come from?"

She opened and closed her mouth, drawing his jacket closer to her and pulling her knees to her chest as best as she could given the fact that the deformed hood had twisted upwards underneath her knees. Her bare legs and feet dangled over the front of the hood while the rest of her body was sunken into the car. Tony noticed her obvious apprehension towards the bystanders and turned to them, slightly angry.

"Hey! Get back! What's wrong with all of you?" He swung his arms out and forced them back, "Nosey bastards..."

The woman looked up at him blankly and Tony wondered what the hell he was going to do. He scratched his head and pulled out his phone. He had to make a very important call.

"Tony, you have five seconds to explain yourself before I kill y-" Pepper's voice sounded after two rings.

He cut her off, "I know, babe, but I, uh, I have a really good reason. It's bizarre and...you probably won't believe it."


"No, but like, you're gonna hang up on me and I don't want you to do tha-"

"…three… two-"

"Okay okay!" He didn't know how to say this but - "A naked woman fell from the sky and landed on my car."

No response.

"Pep? Hello?" He looked at the phone and saw that it had disconnected. Yep. He was as good as dead.

He sighed and dialed another number. When the person on the other line answered, Tony sighed.

"For the record, I am not happy to be the one doing the calling right now, but I think I found something you might want to see."

"What is it?"

"I think that taking a picture of it will get me arrested. Video chat? Wait, would that be like porn? I'm not into that. Filming it, I mean. Because, you know I'm all abou-"

"What are you talking about, Stark?"

"You know, this is one of those rare moments where I don't know what I'm talking about so if you could just get your monkey-suit asses down here, that would be great. There are, like, a million people taking pictures right now."

"Where are you?"

Tony looked around and gave the caller his location. As the voice on the other line barked out instructions for him, he sighed for what felt like the millionth time that morning and looked at the woman again. She had somehow stood up from the hood crater and his jacket had slipped off. Tony rushed over and covered her with his body before quickly snatching the jacket off the hood with his free hand and bringing it back up.

"Keep this on!" He ordered. "You're showing everybody your...you have no idea what I'm saying, do you?" At the blank look she gave him he sighed, "Of course you don't. No, not you," he said to the phone.

"How did you come upon this…this whatever it is?" The sound of a car starting up sounded in the background followed by someone Tony didn't know mumbling something that vaguely sounded like, "Stark found porn?"

"It...fell from the sky."

Silence. And then, "Don't move."

"Well my car is destroyed so that's not really an optio-" Tony looked down at his phone, "Why is everybody hanging up on me today?"

A few minutes later the screeching of tires sounded on the busy New York City street and four sleek, black cars sped into view, windows tinted. A man stepped out of the foremost car, flanked by agents dressed in, as Tony had guessed, suits. The permanent frown on his face almost made Tony roll his eyes. This guy was always so serious.

"Stark," the man looked at him with the eye not covered by his eyepatch, "What hap- Christ." His eyes widened as they locked onto the woman standing wrapped in Tony's jacket. Tony was even more confused now.

"No, it's not Jesus, this is-"

"Agent Hill!" The man called, effectively cutting Tony off, "Get over here! Stark, meet me at Avengers Tower."

"My car is destroyed. What's going on?" Tony demanded. "Who is she?"

Nick Fury gave him a hard look.

"Someone who isn't supposed to be alive."

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