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[The Day of the Acme Atomics Corporation Explosion, Location: Blue of the Moon.]

Uatu watched Earth from his post. It was becoming tedious now. Billions of years had passed since his father, Ikor, had passed the decree stating that no Watcher should ever interfere with the disputes and goings on of other lesser races. He had adhered to his father's commands for quite some time now. Earth was a very pitiful place though, and he didn't know how much longer he could watch them suffer.

But he had sat alone in this old abandoned place, tasked with the job of observing the humans of Earth for all eternity. He had been good for so long. Idly he sat by and watched as Troy was destroyed, Rome was sacked, London was burned, the Jewish were brutally persecuted. He watched Hiroshima explode; he saw the Trade Centers fall. Every human born disaster Uatu had sat by and let happen. He never intervened and that fact ate away at him for years and years. He could help - he could save these poor pathetic humans that he had grown so fond of. They weren't all bad, most of them. There was a need to do good that many of them possessed and they just didn't have the means to carry it out.

He desperately wanted to give them those means.

A stirring in a certain quadrant of Earth caught his eye and he focused his keen vision down upon it like a satellite zooming in on a specific location. His eyes widened slightly and he clenched his jaw.

"No," he whispered as he watched the events unfold.

The itching to help now became a powerful prodding, thrumming against his every fiber. His hands shook ever so slightly, his cool and calm composure slowly breaking as he deliberated what to do.

It had been eons since he had taken his oath and had sworn not to intervene.

He tapped his foot on the ground. It had been eons.

So many deaths he had watched and done nothing to stop them.

Uatu's face was set in fierce determination as he lifted off the dusty ground of the Moon and shot out into space.

"Not today," he said as he rocketed forward towards a floating satellite that he had had his eyes on for many years now.

Uatu would interfere today. He would not idly stand by. He would go against the decree of his father. From what he had observed of the humans thus far, everyone had daddy issues.

Uatu supposed he should join the ranks.

He reached the satellite and used his psionic powers to propel it towards Earth. The Watcher followed closely, returning to his place on the Moon after he had pushed the capsule into Earth's gravitational field. By his calculations it would take the vessel nearly two days to find it's way into the planet's atmosphere. When that happened, he knew exactly where he would put her.

"Time to shine, little one."

In two days Uatu was sure that a certain genius billionaire's life would change forever.

[The Day of the Acme Atomics Corporation Explosion. Brooklyn, New York.]

Owen was out cold. The first explosion from the particle generator had just blasted him and not a single soul was around to come to his aid - not like they'd have made it out alive if they had.

Directly after the first blast the generator backfired and a sputtering noise came from the barrel. The machine charged up again and fired a flat white disc of energy that hovered in mid air almost like a doorway. Slowly, the disc spread into an oval and an otherworldly being stepped out. A different dimension lay on the other side of the cosmic doorway but was immediately sealed off when the hole closed up.

The figure that emerged was lean and tall. His body was completely blue, no visible skin or features - just pure Tesseract power. He was a walking body of energy inside and out.

Slowly, his form became corporeal. He took on the form of a human being and grunted, stepping over the unconscious body of Owen Reece.

He ascended the stairs, just narrowly missing the lab techs rushing down to see what the explosion was all about, and exited the nuclear plant. Once outside he breathed in the Earthly air and smirked to himself. For far too long he had waited for this day. Who knew that a foolish lab tech would grant him his wish? He would finally teach these humans what it felt like to be complete, to be in total power. He would introduce the type of rule that he knew was best for such pitiful creatures.

And he knew just where to start.

From his hand dropped a token that he had held on to for many years now. He had kept it from way back when the most interesting creature he had ever laid eyes on had been pulled into his realm. After his keepers were finished their experiments they had sent the creature away but he had kept this small and strange object as a memory of the incomplete little thing that had cried and screamed pathetically as the race that harbored him had tried to make improvements. Yes, that was where he would start.

He would teach her a lesson first.

He was coming for her.

The short chain was held tight in his hand as the pendant dangled freely. He brought it up to his face and his now human eyes scanned the letters molded from the silver.

Stark Industries.

[Two Days Later. Location: Blue of the Moon.]

Uatu watched as the satellite crashed to Earth.

"What the hell was that?" Uatu heard from down below.

"A human being has just landed on your hood, sir."


Uatu folded his arms across his chest as he gazed upon the scene on the busy New York City street. This was the first time he had broken his oath. He would not know until much later that he would break it again - and both times for the same tiny, innocent, and naive pink haired woman.

"Keep this on!" Uatu watched Tony Stark order the naked woman embedded in the hood of his Bentley, "You're showing everybody your...you have no idea what I'm saying, do you?"

The ghost of a smile appeared on the Watcher's stoic face.

"You are now where you belong, little one. Welcome home."

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