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Fui-son! HA!

Chapter 1

6 year old Naruto Namikaze was currently climbing a mountain. Not just any mountain, but the Hokage monument. With one arm tied behind his back.

Now this is an extreme jonin exercise so why would this 6 year old be doing this? To test himself. To see if he can go beyond his so called parents.

Ever since Naruto and his twin sister Mito, who is a minute younger than him were born they were cursed. Or well he was cursed. His sister got everything she wanted, no matter what. While he was ignored. All the time.

Now lets take a step back and find out why he was being ignored all the time.

6 years ago

"Are you sure Sarutobi? I can do it." Minato said holding his new born children. He was currently riding on top of Gamabunta's head with his Predecessor, the Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi standing next to him.

"Yes I'm positive. I can't ask you to abandon your children and wife. I will seal the Soul and chakra into the young ones. I wish to join my wife and these bones are to old for fighting any longer." Hiruzen smiled.

Minato looked away and nodded. "Thank you for everything old man." Minato smiled sadly. Hiruzen nodded before casting the Shiki fuin and summoning the Shinigami.

Both men glared into the eyes of the nine tailed fox that attacked their home not paying attention to the Shinigami who was looking at the blonde haired boy.

'I sense great hidden power within this boy. Could he be the first?' The Shinigami asked while looking at Minato and his eyes widened.

'How is this possible? Could have they really come to this distant planet? His power is dormant and may not awaken but this boy. His sister doesn't have the same but can be just as strong.' The Shinigami nodded before gazing at Naruto and awakening his power the baby cried.

The Shinigami smiled inwardly at the babies wail. That wail held power. Great power. Turning its head the Shinigami sighed before sealing the soul of Kyuubi into the baby Naruto and the chakra into Mito.

Out of the corner of its eye the Shinigami saw something wave and tore it off the baby Naruto but made sure he kept his power. Sighing in satisfaction the Shinigami took away Hiruzen's soul for it to be judged by Kami.

Minato sighed in relief now that it was over. Though he never noticed his son's hair gain black strands.

An hour later Minato told the village what happened and how his daughter saved the village by having the demons chakra sealed within her and the soul into Naruto.

Both parents were happy to be a family and continued on with their lives.

4 years later

"Father! Are you gonna train me too?" the four year old Naruto asked with a huge grin. He has been waiting forever for his father to train him and his beloved little sister. Mito who was by his side was also smiling waiting to train with her Aniki.

"Hm? No I will just be training Mito." Minato said. Naruto looked confused as did his sister. "Hunh? What about me father?" Naruto asked.

"I need to train Mito because she needs to learn how to control the Kyuubi's chakra. I'll train you when you enter the academy." Minato said.

"But what does that have to do with me?" Naruto yelled. "Naruto! Watch your tone and apologize to your father. After go to your room." Kushina said walking towards them. Naruto looked bewildered while his father waited.

"Tou-san can't Naruto-nii-kun train with me? I want him to get strong too." Mito smiled at her big brother who was surprised. His little sister wanted to train with him? Naruto gave a small grin before looking at his father who sighed.

"Fine. We can…" Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, "Never mind. Have fun Mito-chan." Naruto forced a smile at her before walking off. "Nii-san!" She called after him. Both of his parents looked on with disinterest while Mito was confused.

Didn't he want to train with her? She felt alone right now because she and her brother did everything together. When they were babies they even slept in the same crib and if they didn't Naruto would cry till his parents put him with his sister. They were inseparable

She always felt safe around her Aniki. She didn't know why but she was a little mad at her parents but shrugged off.

As Naruto walked away he glared at his parents back with little hatred before catching his sisters worried gaze. Naruto's heart lightened and gave her a grin. Mito smiled at him with a nod before going back to her parents who were none the wiser at what happened.

Naruto continued back to his room with a smile. It was always his little sister that cheered him up when he was down. But soon his smile became a frown.

Mito got everything she wanted. When they would go out for dinner they would choose her suggestion over his. Mito would sense his feelings and offer him a chance to choose.

Naruto took that chance once and regretted it. His parents seemed agitated but he didn't care as he had fun with Mito. But then he never got the chance or wanted to choose dinner again.

He also noticed how the villagers liked his sister more than him and his parents were no different. They would see her as a hero while he was just the soul.

Shaking his head he went to bed.


That night was the night he met Kyuubi for the first time. At first she was stubborn but after she saw his memories she opened up to him. That's right. The Kyuubi no Yoko was a female. Not that he minded.

Since that day she trained him. He also trained himself which he was doing right now. Since his parents wouldn't help him he would take matters into his own hands.

However he couldn't wear weights since it would stunt his growth but the training exercises he did made up for it.

The boy was more interested in Taijutsu than anything but that didn't mean he didn't try Ninjutsu. He worked on his chakra control which was at best mid chunin level. He was also a fuinjutsu specialist. His level was intermediate but he was learning. No thanks to his 'father' or 'Godfather' who also took a liking to his beloved sister.

Since that incident their relationship didn't wane in fact it got stronger if that was even possible. Mito started hanging out with him more and wanted to skip training to play with him but he told her she needed to get strong so they could protect each other.

That was the only reason she continued training to help her Aniki. His parents took notice but didn't comment on it. Whenever they went out as a family Naruto would be behind them glaring at their backs while they paid attention to Mito.

Not in anyway shape or form was he jealous or felt angry at his sister. He just wished he was paid more attention also. But the only attention he received were glares and beatings from the villagers his father protected.

He could beat them back but just withstood using it as training his endurance and giving him another reason to hate the village and his parents.

He had few friends very few. Sayuri Uchiha who was the younger sister of his brother figure Itachi Uchiha. Both children of the clan head Fugaku Uchiha and his wife who is his mother figure Mikoto.

He really didn't mind Fugaku and Fugaku didn't mind him. When they saw each other they just gave nods and kept moving. Mikoto treated him like his mother should have. He actually started calling her Kaa-san much to her joy.

Next to Mito, Sayuri was his best friend. She was the first person in the academy who accepted him since he was always quiet and never talked to anyone besides his sister who was out going. The whole class loved her while he was a bug. The only person seeing potential in Naruto was Iruka Umino the class teacher.

Naruto flipped on top of the Shodaime head and untied his arm and sat down looking at the village with his emotionless eyes. Tomorrow was his birthday. A day he hated the most because he was ignored.

Mito received a batch full of gifts from everybody while he received a couple and they were half assed at that. The festival was also tomorrow. Something he won't be attending. Every time he went with his 'family' he was ignored and unwanted.

Shaking his head he grabbed a towel from his back pocket and wiped the sweat of his body. He was currently shirtless only wearing a pair of black shorts and with ankle gauze wrapped around well, his ankle.

Standing up he walked down the mountain using chakra and made his way to the Namikaze compound.

Kushina Namikaze was currently cooking dinner for her family. She didn't know why but she felt empty. She looked to the side at the family picture. She smiled then frowned a little at seeing her son.

He was a little bit away from the family with a frown on his face that would put Fugaku to shame. He was looking at the camera with emotionless eyes with the most perfect impassive face ever.

She was broken from her thoughts when Naruto walked into the house. He had his a orange tank top while holding his arm. If she looked closely he was also limping.

He walked in the kitchen not even sparing her a glance or acknowledgement. "Naruto are you okay?" She asked. "I'm fine." Naruto said quickly and went up stairs to his room. She frowned at the tone and frowned even further when his door was slammed shut.

She went back to doing the dishes thinking about her son and how it seemed he wasn't part of the family and didn't smile unless it was at Mito.

"Mom? Is Naruto-nii home?" Mito asked walking inside. "Yes. Why weren't you with him?" She asked. "Well he didn't come to the academy today. I was worried." Mito said.

The girl had grown since her training started. Her hair was as red as her mothers and long too. So she kept it in a ponytail. She was a inch shorter than her brother and still had some baby fat.

"He didn't go to school? Naruto!" she called. The boy heard his name and walked down stairs. "Hi Mito-Chan." Naruto grinned at her making her smile then frown.

"Big brother how come you didn't go to school with me?" she asked. Naruto gazed at her his smile gone. "Because school is a waste of time." He said seriously.

"What is a waste of time?" Minato asked walking in the room. "Your son, didn't go to school today." Kushina said not knowing the quick glare the boy sent her, but Mito did and she frowned further.

"You didn't? so what were you doing?" Minato asked. Naruto looked at him and unbandaged his arm much to everyone's confusion. What they saw made their eyes widened.

Naruto had a serious burn on his arm and if they looked closely he was also bruised. "I was taken out of school by those people you call villagers. They did this. Is that good enough for you?" Naruto asked with a half glare.

"Naruto." Kushina whispered In worry. Naruto glanced at her and bandaged his arm back and walked off. "This is nothing." He muttered going back to his room.

Minato was confused. His son just walked away from them like it was normal. He had been worried all day about Naruto being different than everyone else. And he was right. His son was different.

"I'm going to see if big brother is okay." Mito said walking off. When she was gone Kushina returned to the dishes. "I talked to Jiraiya today." Minato said. "Oh? What did the pervert want?" Kushina asked with a raised eye brow.

"He wanted Mito to sign the toad contract." Minato said. Kushina eyes widened and looked at Minato demanding answers. Minato nodded and told her what happened.


The 4th Hokage was sitting at his desk filling paperwork. But not just any paperwork, the paperwork that concerned the villagers and his son. He didn't tell his wife because he she would get mad so he kept it to himself for now and knew Naruto had been doing the same.

He had no choice but to let them go and charge a fee. Minato just hoped his son would forgive him and the villagers would move on.

"Yo gaki." A voice said from behind. "What is it Ero-sennin? I'm busy." Minato said not looking away from his work. Jiraiya grumbled about no respect and spoke.

"I talked with the toads. They told me about the child of the prophecy and I think its Mito." Jiraiya said. "What about Naruto?" Minato asked. "Well has he talked to the Kyuubi?" Jiraiya asked.

"I don't know. I don't what that boy is thinking anymore. When he was younger he was an open book but now it seems he shut off all connections. He doesn't even acknowledge our presence, just Mito." Minato said sadly.

"Well at least he didn't meet it yet. Wouldn't you want him to meet it as a child or older? Anyway can I let her sign it?" Jiraiya asked. Minato nodded. Jiraiya grinned and left for 'research'.

When the old pervert was gone he turned back to his desk and smiled at his family picture which was on his desk. He thought about his family and how happy they were?

He looked closely and saw that Naruto wasn't smiling or anything. He looked, dead. As he gazed at the picture he remembered all the times his son asked for something but they ignored him and asked Mito what she wanted.

The dinner requests became less frequent since his request was granted before they just stopped. Naruto would not show his face in the house instead being in his room or outside somewhere.

At dinnertime he would be so focused on his food unless Mito asked him something but when he was gonna reply he or Kushina would interrupt and ask Mito instead. The girl would get mad at them and ask Naruto again but he would just ignore her and leave.

He cursed himself that he would treat one of his children better than the other. Packing up his stuff he went home vowing to be a better father to Naruto.

Flash back end

"So you also think Naruto isn't a part of the family." Kushina said. Minato nodded at her which made her sullen. Looking back at the picture she remembered how when the family went out Naruto would be a couple feet behind them.

Or when he came home he didn't say hi or anything and just dropped his stuff and left the house. When she did see him he was reading which was good since Mito started to take Reading seriously since her big brother by a minute was doing it.

Snapping out of her thoughts Minato said, "After his birthday I'll start his training." Minato said. "Oh he would love that." Kushina smiled. "I hope he will." Minato smiled. Kushina smiled before asking with a frown,

"Minato what are we gonna do about… Wait did you know about this? About Naruto getting hurt by the villagers?" She asked in a heated tone. Minato looked away making her eyes widened.

"How dare you! How dare you hide..." "Naruto did the same thing. He didn't even tell me about it." Minato replied. "Yes but I'm his mother! I should know if something like that happens!" Kushina yelled.

The two continued to argue till dinner was ready. As Naruto came down he noticed that his parents were smiling at him while his sister had that grin on her face not that he minded that but his parents were another story.

Narrowing his eyes he grabbed his long sleeved jacket zipped it up and walked off. "I'm going out." He said making everyone's eyes widen.

"Naruto where are you going?" Kushina asked. "Out." He said heatedly. "What about dinner?" Mito asked. Naruto stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"I'll eat at the Uchiha's." Naruto said walking off not sparing them a glance. Minato and Kushina were in shock while Mito looked away sadly. But everyone perked up when Naruto came back and unzipped his jacket and sat in his seat.

"I forgot that Mikoto-Chan is cooking sushi for Sayuri. Ew." Naruto shuddered while eating his food. Minato was about to comment on his son's near absence but pretended it didn't even happen as did Kushina, for now.

"Mito-Chan, what was the lesson Iruka sensei had?" Naruto asked. Mito smiled and answered. "He was teaching us about the parts of chakra and elements." Mito said. "Then it was a waste of time." Naruto said.

Hoping to get his son talking more he said, "What are the lessons still boring?" "Yes." Naruto said simply. "Well the theory is quite…" "No. You misunderstand. The lesson is a waste. It's a waste because I already know it. Along with the rest of the year." Naruto said wiping his mouth and standing up.

He put his plate into the sink and started to wash before Kushina said, "Its okay Naruto I can wash it." She smiled. "I know. But don't want to be a bigger burden that's all." Naruto said not even looking at her. After he was done wiping his hands he kissed Mito's forehead and headed out.

"Now I'm leaving." Naruto closed the door leaving a shocked Minato and Kushina. Mito sighed before finishing her food. "I'm going to bed." She said and walked away.

The next morning was greeted with the Namikaze family sitting in the living room for a meeting. Bogus. That's what Naruto thought. Instead of sitting in between his sister and mother he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Good morning everyone. I want to say happy birthday to both of you. Also Naruto your mother and I will be starting your training tomorrow." Minato said hoping this would work as did Kushina. Mito sat there looking at her brother knowing this was far from working. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the ground.

"Train me? Now of all times you decide to train me. I refuse." Naruto said with a glare. "Hunh?" Minato sputtered.

"I refuse. Why would I want your training when I can train myself? Something that I have been doing for the last 2 years. Continue to train Mito." Naruto growled before walking off.

Kushina was in tears while Minato looked away, ashamed with himself. Mito on the other hand felt pity but not for her brother. But for her parents. She tried to stop this but a 7 year old can only do so much.

Naruto walked out of the compound grumbling with a glare. How dare they try and teach him when he bugged them but chose his sister instead. It infuriated him to no end! As he was walking Naruto tripped over something.

Rubbing away his pain he looked at what he tripped over. On the ground was a bluish kind of orb which seemed to glow. For some reason he felt drawn to it and picked it up.

As he kept holding it, it felt as if he was getting stronger. 'Kyuu-chan. Do you know what this is?' Naruto asked. "I have no clue Naruto-kun. But your power is increasing just by touching it. I want you to hold it to your chest.' Kyuubi ordered. Naruto nodded and held it to his chest.

To his and Kyuubi's surprise the rock fazed through him like it was some kind of ghost. "What the hell?" He gasped. 'I can't see it anywhere! Kyuu-chan do you know?' Naruto asked.

'I do. It is in your body. Be…' "Looks like it found its new container." A voice said. Naruto looked up to see a woman with white hair and piercing violet eyes.

She was wearing black hakama pants and a white tank top that showed her generous bust that was at least a D cup bordering on DD.

"What do you mean container? What was that thing?" Naruto demanded. "Calm down Naruto. That rock you were holding was called the Hyogaku." The woman said.

"Hyogaku? What does it do? And why me?" Naruto wondered while Kyuubi was trying to ponder on who this person was. She had a feeling but couldn't put her finger on it.

"The Hyogaku grants a persons deepest desires and brings power. It only chooses people who want power but for the right reasons. You are the first on this planet since I came here." The woman explained.

"So it could tell I wanted power hunh? What's the catch?" Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Your smart aren't you. The catch is you come with me for training when you pass your genin exam. There I can train you." She said. Naruto eyes lightened up at that.

Someone was willing to train him besides Kyuubi? He asked Itachi but the Uchiha was way to busy to train him, even though he really wanted too. There was no way he was asking his parents anymore. Naruto thought about the pros and cons.

The good side was he would leave this stupid village and become more powerful while the bad side was he would leave Sayuri, Itachi, Mikoto and worst of all. Mito.

Naruto sighed this would be hard on her the most. But he couldn't stay here. "We'll come back for her." The woman said guessing on what he was thinking. Naruto looked up at her.

"Her power is dormant but if we train her later she can become as powerful as you. But I want you. We will come back for her later." She said. Naruto nodded. "Then I accept." Naruto said. The woman grinned at him.

"I'm glad Naruto-kun. By the way you can call me Rika. Meet me at the valley of the end in 6 years when you pass your genin test. Oh here is a gift from me. Train with it. Become one because it is apart of your soul." Rika said putting her palm against his chest.

She drew it back and what followed was a black katana. Naruto eyes widened at how long it was. Once she was done pulling it out she handed it to him.

The blade it's self was black and at least 8 inches. The cross guard was a Black swastika. Naruto gripped the red grip that was on the 4 inched long hilt. At the end of the hilt was a chain of 9 links.

"This is your weapon. Your soul slayer." Rika smiled. Naruto was so surprised he didn't even register was he just said but Rika did. "Zangetsu." He breathed. Rika nodded.

"Train with it Naruto. Meet me in 6 years and your power will be ready to burst. Now I must go. Happy birthday Naruto-kun." Rika smiled before vanishing. Naruto looked up to not see the person who gave him this awesome present.

'Naruto, go home and come into the seal. We need to talk.' Kyuubi said in an urgent voice. Naruto raised a brow but shrugged. "Darn I don't have a sheath." Naruto muttered before his eyes a black sheath encased his sword. Naruto grinned before getting some long thick string and tying the sword to his back. Nodding satisfaction Naruto ran home to talk with his inner best friend.

When he arrived home he passed by his parents who caught a glimpse of his new weapon. "Naruto!" Minato called. Naruto stopped and walked backwards to face them. "Yes?" He asked in annoyance.

"That sword where did you…" "It was a present from a friend. Now if you excuse me I'll be in my room." Naruto said in a cold tone before walking away muttering about something incoherent.

"What are we gonna do about him Minato? He hates us." Kushina asked with tears falling from her face. "We try and bring him back. We've neglected him too long. We will do anything to get him back." Minato said.

"Okay. But first we must get ready for the party." Kushina smiled wiping her eyes. They both nodded and got started.

Naruto was sitting on the floor Indian style while his new sword was resting on his lap. His arms were folded and his head was down trying to concentrate.

After a few minutes he entered the seal. Opening his eyes he was not where he thought he was. His mindscape was a green field for Kyuubi not some rural city.

"What the hell is this?" Naruto demanded. "So you are my new partner. I must say you resemble Ichigo a lot. But I think its because you are his Reincarnation, no matter if you are from a different planet." A voice said.

Naruto whipped around to see a tall middle aged man with long black hair and with unkempt facial hair, he was wearing a white undershirt with a tall collar with a black overcoat over it along with a grey pair of combat boots, and a black pair of pants with a dark pair of narrow sunglasses covering his eyes.

"Hey I know you! Your Zangetsu!" Naruto pointed. "Yes I am. It is nice to meet you after so long Naruto Namikaze." Zangetsu said noticing a flash of hate from the surname.

"I would say the same but I don't know you. But how do you know me and who is this Ichigo person?" Naruto asked. Zangetsu nodded before waving his hand. Behind Naruto was a screen full of Ichigo's fights from when his mother died to when he killed Aizen.

"Not that long ago on a planet that is similar to yours called earth Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends were dragged into a spiritual war. This is the result. Please view his memories." Zangetsu said.

Naruto nodded and gave his full attention. For 2 hours he watched everything his incarnation as been through. And how he killed Sosuke Aizen and died along with his friends.

When it all ended Naruto turned to Zangetsu with a serious face. "How can I be his reincarnation if he is from a different planet as you say. It makes no sense." Naruto said.

"Reincarnations are made everywhere. For example your Reincarnation could be made 2 galaxies away from where you were born. The bottom line is you're a new Ichigo but you are your own person. The Hyogaku can bring you your dormant power. And I will help you." Zangetsu explained.

Naruto sighed this was too much to bear and put on one kid. Reincarnation? Normally he wouldn't believe it but he has a giant fox sealed into his gut and his species can do stuff normal people would never believe.

"I…I believe you Zangetsu." Naruto said. "Good this makes things easier." Kyuubi said walking up from behind. "So you believe this too hunh?" Naruto muttered.

"Yup. So from now on you just won't be training under me, but under Zangetsu as well. That way you will be able to use him correctly. You better go, someone wants to speak to you." Kyuubi said. "They can wait." Naruto said.

"Its your sister." Kyuubi said. Naruto sighed before leaving the two alone. "Are you sure it is wise to leave him to me? He may not come out in one peace." Zangetsu smirked.

"Yes. But there is something I must take care of." Kyuubi said with a far away look. "Oh and what is that may I ask?" Zangetsu wondered.

"Naruto may be Ichigo's reincarnation but I don't need it to be another moody kid. Naruto has locked away his true personality when his parents started to neglect him from his sister. I think its time to release it." Kyuubi said.

"Yes. Ichigo was a bit emo and I hate to have another partner like that. But release it when the time comes. I think he should keep this personality till it is time for Departure." Zangetsu suggested.

Kyuubi nodded. "Yeah. I'll just loosen it then." She smirked before vanishing leaving Zangetsu alone. "Are you gonna come out now?" Zangetsu asked to no one.

"So your Zangetsu. It will be fun to see what he can do." A rough voice said. It reminded Zangetsu of hollow Ichigo's voice. "So you're his inner hollow then?" Zangetsu asked facing another Naruto.

This Naruto's skin was pure white while his hair was black with white strands here and there. His sclera was black as was his pupils while his irises was gold.

He wore a the typical Arrancar out fit except his sleeves were rolled up and his jacket was part way unzipped letting Zangetsu see the gothic number 0 on the right side of his chest even though it was barely.

Last what annoyed Zangetsu to no end was the arrogant smirk. The same smirk Hollow Ichigo used to wear.

"Most of his mind is in your control. What do you hope to gain?" Zangetsu smirked. "Actually I'm not really in control I just control his dark thoughts and turn it into power." Hnaruto said.

"Why are you here?" Zangetsu asked with narrowed eyes. "I just came to see if he was really gonna gain power. But I will fight for his body soon and destroy this planet." Hnaruto laughed while fading away.

Zangetsu was troubled. His inner hollow shouldn't be here unless he already existed in some other form. Then he came to the conclusion of Dark Naruto. He guessed when he revealed Naruto's connection with Ichigo Dnaruto transformed into Hnaruto.

With that he started to go deeper into his thoughts.

Meanwhile Naruto opened his eyes to see his sister in front of him with curious eyes. "Nii-san what are you doing?" Mito asked. Naruto stared at her for a couple of seconds before falling back comically.

"AH! Mito! You can't be in someone's face when they first wake up!" Naruto pointed at her. Mito giggled. "Sorry Naruto-nii." She said. "I sweat you and Sayuri-chan are one in the same." Naruto grumbled.

"Anyway what is it?" He wondered. "Well mother and father wanted me to tell you to get dressed were going to the Hyuuga's for…" "Sorry not coming. I got plans." Naruto cut her off.

"But Nii-san! Why won't you come with us? Hinata will be there." She said. "That weak Hyuuga girl? Why do I care if she's there or not." Naruto said coldly.

"Hunh? Is that what you think of her?" She asked in disbelief. "Of course. And tell her to stop stalking me. It makes it harder for me to train when she does." Naruto said. "But she likes you! How can you say something like that?" Mito asked.

"Because I can. And so what. I don't like her. If she wants to get my attention in a good way tell her to stop that stuttering nonsense. Its unfitting for a future clan head." Naruto said.

By this time Kushina and Minato were outside the door listening in.

"So she can act like you? Your gonna be clan head soon also!" Mito yelled. "YOU THINK I WANT TOO? I hate this stupid clan and village! Why the hell would I want to be clan head when I'm rejected by my own family? If I had the choice I would burn everything to the ground! Now get out!" Naruto yelled.

Mito stared in shock as tears started to fall from her eyes. "You hate us?" She whispered. Naruto turned away from her. "Leave Mito." Naruto said coldly making her flinch before running out the room.

Kushina went after her daughter tears falling down her face as well. Minato stayed by the door with an ashamed expression. "Why are you outside my door? Do you need something?" Naruto asked in that calm yet cold voice.

"No. just get dressed were leaving in ten." Minato said walking off. Naruto sighed in annoyance before grabbing some clothes. He felt bad at yelling at Mito but she was annoying him to no end.

But it was true. He hated this small clan of four people. Well he hated his 'parents.' His sister he would always protect. But he also hates the village. After getting dressed he looked into the mirror. He narrowed his eyes as he saw some of his bangs with black strands and his hair was a still blonde but more black than before.

He wondered what was happening to him but shrugged off thinking it was the Hyogaku. He inspected his clothing. It wasn't like the kimono his father were. Far from it in fact.

He wore black sandals with black pants a mesh shirt and a short orange jacket. He messed with his hair to make it more messy. Nodding to himself he left his room to see his sister was wiping her eyes. But she had a red kimono on with blue swirls. Her hair was let down like Kushina's.

He refused to call her his mother. That was for Mikoto. He passed her by without a word and went down stairs. He noticed Minato was wearing a traditional white Kimono but stitched to his back was Namikaze.

Kushina wore the same kimono Mito wore. "Naruto why are you wearing that?" Kushina asked noticing her son's clothing. Naruto glanced at her before leaning against a wall with his eyes closed and arms folded.

"Because I refuse to wear the same thing he wears. It ridicules. A Saiyan should always be ready for battle." Naruto said before his eyes snapped open. What the hell did he just say? Saiyan? How did he…

"Naruto where are you going?" Minato wondered as Naruto ignored him and rushed to the bathroom. He slammed the door shut and locked the door. Going through some hand signs he placed a sound barrier.

As soon as it was done he screamed in pain as the lower part of his body started to hurt. "AAAAHHHH!" Naruto screamed matching the same screams Hnaruto was going through.

Kyuubi and Zangetsu watched in confusion while above in the heavens a certain white haired woman smiled in glee. It was happening.

Naruto screamed once again in more pain before his body shook and something shot out of the back part of his pants right above his but. Naruto fell to the ground as he started to pant.

"What the hell was that?" He asked. He slowly stood up and something knocked over the soap dispenser. Looking in confusion he picked it back up and turned and caught something brown.

"What the?" he muttered before hi eyes widened as he saw a brown tail. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Naruto screamed as he grabbed the tail and grunted in pain. He let go of the tail as the pain went away.

"So if someone grabs my tail then I hurt." Naruto guessed. How the hell was he gonna explain this to the two adults outside when he didn't know what happened his damn self.

But he guessed it came with saying he was a Saiyan, whatever that is. Sighing to calm himself down his tail wrapped around his waist like a belt. After getting rid of everything to the bathroom he left to see his 'parents' looking at him curiously.

"Bathroom. Lets go." Naruto ordered leaving the house. The parents sighed before looking at Mito who was sad. They all left the house following Naruto, but soon he was following them ignoring all the glares by sending his own amount of glares and KI.

The four traveled to the Hyuuga compound where they were greeted by Hiashi himself.

"Minato, I'm glad you came." Hiashi smiled. Minato nodded with his own smile while Kushina turned to her kids. "You two go and play. We will leave in awhile." Kushina smiled. Mito nodded while Naruto had other plans.

"Excuse me Hiashi-sama, is there anywhere I can train?" Naruto asked politely. "Yes. Just go straight and make a right. There will be some training space." Hiashi informed. "Thank you." Naruto bowed before walking off.

"He is quite the looker isn't he. Seems he can't stop training either. Reminds me of you Minato." Hiashi joked. "No. He doesn't. Not at all." Minato sighed before setting up his false smile and continued with the party.

While Kushina stared after her son in sadness. She would check on him in a few hours or so.

It's been an hour and Naruto was meditating learning all there was need to know about Soul reaper power. Zangetsu would start teaching him Shunpo. Something that was much faster than Minato's Hiraishin no jutsu.

As soon as the lesson was over Naruto opened his eyes and was immediately aware of his surroundings. "Its rude to spy on some one Hinata." Naruto said in a cold voice making the hidden girl flinch.

Naruto stood and began stretching when Hinata showed herself. "N-Naruto-kun, w-why a-aren't you at…" "Would you stop stuttering? Its annoying. How am I gonna hear what your saying if your stuttering and quiet. Speak up!" Naruto glared. Hinata kept jumping every time he raised his voice and was hurt he would say that.

"No matter. I'm not at the party because I don't like parties. And second I didn't want to come anyway. I could be using this as training which you are interrupting." Naruto said.

"That's enough Naruto." Mito said. Naruto turned his glare to his sister making her tense a bit. "What do you want? If its to get her out of my face then hurry and do so." Naruto spat before turning around not expecting a rock to hit his head.

"Why did you throw that?" Naruto glared. "Stop being a meanie!" Mito glared back. "Your really testing my patience foolish little sister." Naruto said. Mito glared harder while Naruto had enough and sent his killer intent at her making her and Hinata freeze.

"Naruto!" Kushina yelled upon feeling the small dose. Naruto turned his gaze at his mother and it increased making her freeze. She couldn't believe it. There was no way her little boy had this much killer intent at this age.

"Can I help you?" Naruto asked. Kushina remained calm and stared back. "Why are you treating your sister and friend this way?" Kushina wondered not knowing she struck a nerve.

"Friend? FRIEND?" Naruto yelled making her step back a inch. "What do you know about me having friends? HUNH?" Naruto yelled not knowing that his eyes flashed teal.

"You think you know everything about me because you conceived me? Is that it? News flash! I have one friend! And she isn't here right now. What makes you think I want to be friends with this weak Hyuuga?" Naruto glared his Ki rising by this time Hinata passed out and Mito was close to it.

"GRRAAAH!" Naruto roared looking at the sky. He sighed as he calmed down. The night sky was really calming him down. Then he glanced at the quarter moon. He felt a rise in power but it died down.

"I'm going to the compound." Naruto said as he walked away. "Naruto wait." Kushina called after him but he ignored her and kept walking. "Hey whats going on? I heard yelling." Minato said.

"Were going home." Kushina said as she grabbed Mito's hand. "What? But we…" "NOW!" Kushina screamed tears falling from her eyes. Minato stepped back then came back just as quick.

"Does this have to do with Naruto?" He asked. The woman flinched and turned away. "I'm leaving." She said walking off. Minato sighed as Hinata stood up.

"H-hokage-sa-sama. Does Na-Naruto-kun h-hate me?" She asked wiping her eyes. Minato turned around to see she was crying.

"No. He is just angry at me and . he doesn't hate you." Minato smiled. Hinata nodded satisfied with that answer. Minato sighed as he walked back home. The guests would be arriving soon and the festival already started.

An hour later Naruto was leaning against the wall watching his sister open her batch full of presents. "Naruto-kun." A voice called. Naruto turned his head to see Sayuri along wit Itachi.

"Hey guys." Naruto grinned. "Happy birthday. I hope you like it." Sayuri handed it a wrapped gift while blushing. Naruto grinned at her while taking it.

"Thanks Sayuri-chan." Naruto grinned. "This is from me." Itachi said giving Naruto a shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back. "Thanks Nii-san." Naruto smiled.

Naruto then opened Sayuri's gift to see it was a picture of them together. Unlike the other pictures in the house Naruto had a genuine grin and had his arm around Sayuri's shoulder.

They took that picture a week ago. Sayuri was also smiling her long dark indigo hair pulled into a braid while she matched his grin.

"Thanks Sayuri-chan." Naruto hugged her making her blush. Without knowing it Naruto channeled some Reiatsu into her. Sayuri gained a warm feeling and started to hug him back.

"Hey everyone now it is time for Jiraiya's present." Minato called. Naruto let go of Sayuri and watched with narrowed eyes as the white haired man walked over to Mito.

"Here ya go Mito. I'm allowing you to sign the toad contract so you can train under me." Jiraiya grinned. It grew bigger from hearing Tsunade growl. She was mad because she wanted Mito to sign the slug scroll.

The guests were in awe that Jiraiya would allow that. Even Naruto making him turn away and walk off. Itachi noticed this and wanted to go after him but saw his father walk off also.

Mito signed the scroll next to her fathers name and looked up. "Pervy granddad what about Naruto-nii? Shouldn't he sign the scroll too?" Mito asked. Jiraiya looked confused but remembered his talk with Minato.

"Yeah. Want to go take it to him?" He asked with a smile. "Sure! I'm sure Nii-san will be really happy!" Mito grinned and went to look for her brother. Tsunade did as well. She wouldn't lose Naruto to the toad contract either.

Naruto was sitting on the porch in the back yard looking at the night sky with a glare.

"Something troubling you kid?" A gruff male voice asked. Naruto looked away and spotted Fugaku leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

"No. Is there something you need Fugaku-sama?" Naruto asked politely. "Just wanted to give you your presents that's all." Fugaku shrugged. Naruto eyes widened.

"Hunh?" Naruto asked. "What never heard of gifts?" Fugaku joked with a smirk. "No its just that I didn't think you would give me one." Naruto said.

"Well I like ya kid. You got the spirit of an Uchiha and you make my daughter happy. Plus you don't annoy the hell out of me like your father." Fugaku muttered.

Naruto smirked also. "Thank you Fugaku-sama." Naruto bowed. "Here. These are some fire jutsu from the clan. Use them well. See ya." Fugaku said giving 3 scrolls and left with a wave.

Naruto smiled at the man's retreating figure and set aside the scrolls. "Nii-san?" Mito called from behind the big scroll in her hands. "Yes mito what is it?" Naruto asked.

"Uh Pervy granddad wanted me to give you this. He wanted you to sign it also." Mito said pushing out the scroll. "No thanks. I refuse to sign something because someone is guilty." Naruto said.

Mito huffed. "Brother would you just take the scroll already?" She said forcefully. "GET IT AWAY!" Naruto yelled smacking it away while glaring at her.

Mito stared with wide eyes tears about to spill. "What is going on here?" Tsunade asked, standing in front of them. Naruto turned his glare at her.

"What you want me to sign your stupid scroll too? No thanks." Naruto said walking off. "Naruto where are you going?" Tsunade asked in astonishment.

"WHY ARE YOU SUCH A JERK?" Mito screamed making Naruto stop. "Ever since they said no you've always been like this. You always put on that fake smile and act like your not in pain. You are hateful to everybody but the Uchiha's and me. Why can't you…"

"Quiet." Naruto whispered his tone cold. "You may be my little sister but you know nothing. You know nothing of the pain I have been through. 6 years. 6 years of neglect and now you all want to notice me? Fat chance.

This village will burn to the ground sooner or later and when your precious hokage can't save you then you will all perish." Naruto said darkly glaring directly at his father who was standing in front of him. Naruto closed his eyes and walked passed going to his room.

"What is wrong with him?" Tsunade asked in a whisper. Minato was frozen. That glare. That glare was made from pure hate. Looking over to his daughter Mito was silently sobbing. The whole house heard Naruto's speech and were taken back.

Eventually they all jumped when someone came tumbling down the stairs.

"AND STAY OUT!" Naruto yelled before his door slammed shut shaking the house. Even the door started to crack. Everyone looked to the person on the stairs.

It was man wearing a Chunin uniform. He eye was black his lips were swollen. Blood was oozing from his head and his right arm was twisted the wrong way. The only person to do this was Naruto.

Everyone looked at Minato who was looking at the direction Naruto was.

His family was breaking apart.

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