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Chapter 6

Naruto and Android 18 met fists each having their own smirk. 18 suddenly appeared behind Naruto and was about to knock him down but he managed to create a clone that kicked her away.

'I'm not sure if she can absorb energy like Gero and the fat one did. But I'll make sure.' Naruto thought as he teleported in front of 18.

The female android surprised him by launching a Ki blast him he knocked out of the way but was unprepared for the knee that bashed his face in and sent him crashing through pillars of rock.

"If that's it your weaker than I expected." 18 said. "I'm not finished yet." Naruto said smirking at her from above. 18 looked surprised before she noticed she was surrounded by clones.

"So you can make many copies of yourself big whoop." 18 said. Naruto remained silent till she realized that the area was filled with clones.

"How is that possible?" 18 stammered. "I wonder why Trunks is so scared of you. Your pretty hot and strong. That knee nearly broke my nose." Naruto said rubbing said nose.

"It doesn't matter how many you can make because I can destroy them all!" 18 said as she burst into the air. Naruto narrowed his eyes giving a nod.

"Ka-me…" The clones chanted forming blue energy. "Ha-me…" The continued. 18 noticed what they were doing and was stunned. 'So they aren't illusions? Their real breathing clones? Who is this guy?' 18 thought.

"HAAA!" They yelled shooting their respective attacks at her. "I can't knock them all away." She muttered before channeling energy right before the ray beams came.

There was an explosion in the air after the Kamehameha's struck her. Naruto watched with caculating eyes as his clones dispelled. After the dust faded their was 18 in a green barrier.

"So that's how she survived." Naruto muttered to himself. 'This guy is no joke. If I'm not careful he may kill me.' 18 thought before launching a barrage of pink blasts at him.

Naruto dodged or deflected them as he kept teleporting to 18 who fired more as he got closer. Suddenly Naruto was upon her with his fist cocked back. She looked with wide eyes and blocked his punch but it hurt like hell. Suddenly he flipped behind her and used a chakra push to make her fly away.

18 was now getting fustrated and flew at Naruto with fast speed. Naruto widened his eyes before they started going at it in the sky. While they were fighting Naruto was letting out grunts while his opponent was silent and striking him.

He struck with a quick punch and roundhouse kick and then followed with a double axe handle only to be stopped by an elbow to the gut. He suddenly vanished and reappeared behind her launching a kick from her blind spot.

She turned at the last second and grabbed his leg and spun and threw him. Naruto caught himself in mid air as Eighteen charged after him throwing a punch, which passed right through an afterimage.

She then gracefully dodged a kick from above her and landed a punch to Naruto's head that send him flying. He caught himself in midair again before he could smash into the side of the mountain.

'Damn that hurt. She's no pushover. I haven't had a good fight in forever! Time to go super.' Naruto thought with a smirk. "Is that all?" 18 asked with a glare.

"Not even close. GRRAAAAH!" Naruto yelled as he turned Super Saiyan shocking 18. 'What the hell happened? His power just increased.' She thought looking at the smirking Naruto.

"I think this will be enough." Naruto said as he appeared above 18. "Leaf Hurricane!" Naruto yelled as he spun and kicked her repeatedly only for her to block.

Naruto then transported behind her. "Leaf whirlwind!" He said as he swiped her under making her fall back. But before she could really fall Naruto spun his leg back and delivered an axe kick to her stomach making her cough in pain and go crashing to the ground.

"Kame-hame-HAA!" Naruto yelled shooting his attack in her direction.

18 was currently standing up but heard his yell and looked to see the blast coming for her. So she tried flying away but the blast was to fast and made contact with the ground causing her to be caught in the explosion.

Naruto stared impassively as the dust settled. He had no clue if he beat her or not sense he couldn't sense her Ki. But he got his answer when a pink ray beam shot at him he knocked it away and once again got kneed in the face.

Naruto went flying and crashed against a mountain with his face being red. "God damn it I fall for it everytime." Naruto grumbled but saw 18's condition.

Her jacket was gone while her left sleeve was torn and a piece of her shirt was torn letting him see a piece of her stomach. Not to mention she had stratches and bruises and smudges on her.

"Your really stupid hunh?" 18 smirked. "Shut it! I do that on instinct." Naruto said while getting back up and dusted himself off. "Ready for round 2?" He asked. 18 smirked once more and got into a stance.

"Good. Multi-shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto said without hand signs. Two thousand Naruto clones were around her prepared to fight. She grunted in annoyance as she lost track of the real Naruto.

In a blur they all came at her while she was on the defensive. They attacked her at all different angles making it a little difficult.

Somehow she managed to dodge or block every attack until she found an opening and began a counter assault, destroying clones left and right.

After getting annoyed at how tedious it was becoming she released a massive wave of energy around her destroyed all the clones. As the smoke dissipated she scanned around to find him nowhere to be seen.

"Masenko-ha!" Naruto yelled above her. "Shit." She muttered before dodging it. Naruto cursed as she was right behind him now with her arms crossed.

"I'll admit you are strong. But your body will tire out while mine won't." She smirked. "Don't worry about me 18-chan, I can go all day." Naruto said looking at her.

"Really then maybe we should settle this somewhere else." She said. "Hm maybe." Naruto said. She smirked. "Never mind." She said making his eye twitch. "That's mean. Playing with someone's emotions." Naruto said before he charged at her. She smirked and charged back.

Round 3 has started.

Vegeta and 17 were in the heat of battle while the others watched him. 16 glanced at the Z-fighters whose eyes were on the battle. Not seeing a threat he turned back to the battle.

They all heard a boom and looked to where Naruto was. Trunks was about to jet off when Kira stopped him. "He's fine trunks. Your father has gone past any Super Saiyan, I think he can handle himself." Kira said. Trunks looked back and sighed with a nod.

'I'm underestimating Father. Maybe he can win.' Trunks thought. His attention was turned back to Vegeta who gave 17 a three punch combo and a kick which slammed him into the wall.

"Man look at Vegeta he's killing him." Krillin commented. "I guess." Trunks said not really impressed.

"What's this Vegeta? Bringing reinforcements?" 17 asked glancing at the others. "Please. Their just here to watch. I am a Saiyan elite who has become a Super Saiyan. I am the strongest being in the universe. And I will not be denied my place!" Vegeta proclaimed before charging at the android.

After the two began exchanging blows once again it became clear that the tables had now turned with Vegeta barely able to keep up. Seventeen shrugged off his blows like they were nothing, but most of the time Vegeta was barely able to touch him.

"This isn't working!" yelled Gohan. "He's waiting for Vegeta to burn through his energy before retaliating!"

"He's right, with every move Vegeta loses power while the android stays strong." added Piccolo. "Vegeta! Let us help you!" Trunks said.

Vegeta stood from a blow 17 landed on him. "Silence boy! I don't want your help! A true warrior fights alone!" gasped Vegeta.

Seventeen turned to face them before speaking, "You really don't get it. It wouldn't matter if all you ganged up on me at once! You stand no chance! We androids are now the superior..."

"Hey Android!" Seventeen turned to look at Vegeta only to be nailed with a blast of energy.

"Never turn your back on Vegeta, especially now that I'm a Super Saiyan. You never know what kind of surprise I have in store for you. Now feel the power of a true Super Saiyan!" yelled Vegeta as he launched another massive energy blast at the Android. The smoke cleared to reveal Seventeen standing there with his hand outstretched in front of him smoking with a smirk on his face.

"So, it's going to be that kind of fight? Well then I have few tricks up my sleeve as well." Seventeen pointed his index finger at Vegeta and fired a narrow energy beam right through his left shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAHH!" screamed Vegeta in pain grasping his arm.

"What's the matter? Not enjoying my little surprise?" Seventeen quickly appeared behind the Saiyan and kicks him in the back sending him face down into the ground. He proceeds to stomp on his injured shoulder enjoying the Saiyan prince's screams of pain.

"I'm only doing this for your own good, teaching you some humility. For the prince of about three people you have way too much arrogance." mocked Seventeen as Vegeta soon lost his golden glow and his hair turned back to black.

Trunks gritted his teeth in anger. He wouldn't let History repeat it's self even though it was already messed up. "NO! Not again!" Trunks yelled as he blasted off as a Super Saiyan.

As he rushed at 17 he unsheathed his sword aiming for the androids head but without even turning around 17 blocked and shattered the blade.

"N-no w-way." Trunks stammered. "I told you not to interfere. I guess I can't play around anymore if this is going to be that kind of fight." he responded before suddenly reappearing inside Trunk's guard and kneeing him in the gut.

The Super Saiyan from the future doubled over in pain before dropping his transformation and falling to the ground unconscious.

"You were no fun, Vegeta lasted much longer." commented a disappointed Seventeen. "Well that and I'm using more power."

The other Z-fighters circled around 17 while he smirked at them. "Well your kinda cute. How about after I kick your friends asses then we go somewhere quiet?" 17 asked Rayna.

"Please, I don't think someone with a small robotic dick would satisfy me. Plus I'm happily married." Rayna scoffed. 17 glared at her before Tien and Piccolo charge at the android giving him a barrage of combo's but the android easily dodged them all.

"Move! Masenko-ha!" Gohan yelled shooting the blast at 17 who teleported behind the boy and tried knocking him out but Kira was behind 17 in an instant kicking his head so he was sent flying.

"Wow that was some kick." Krillin said. "It wasn't good enough. His head should have been knocked off." Kira glared at the android who was approaching.

"Hey 16, mind helping me out here?" 17 asked. "Mission, Kill Goku. Goku is not among them." 16 said. 17 rolled his eyes before they settled on the Z-fighters. "Fine then. I'll handle them my self." 17 smirked about to charge when there was a big explosion coming from Naruto's direction.

"What the hell was that?" 17 asked while everyone else was wondering the same thing. Before they knew it Naruto came crashing down next to Trunks and Vegeta.

"Ow." He muttered. "Naruto-kun? What happened?" Rayna asked confused. "Well I sorta used a Super Kamehameha to blast myself out of there and it back fired. I don't know if 18 lived or not." Naruto said before noticing 17.

"You guys haven't killed him yet?" Naruto asked. "Well no. Vegeta wanted to have his moment and got his ass handed to him." Kira said. Naruto nodded then looked around till he saw a knocked out trunks. "What happened?" Naruto asked seriously.

Krillin and Tien along with Piccolo were token back by his tone of voice. But Gohan knew that voice. His father used the same tone whenever he was hurt. The girls explained that Trunks tried saving Vegeta but got his sword broken and was knocked out.

"I see then." Naruto said glancing at a quiet smirking 17. "Our fight isn't finished yet." 18 said as she flew down nearly unharmed. Naruto groaned in annoyance.

"Can't you just stay down? Fine. I'll take you both on." Naruto said. "Really? What makes you think you can handle us?" 17 asked. "Because I can do this. Just give me a minute." Naruto took a deep breath and glanced at the others to back away.

Naruto glared at them and started to power up. "GRAAAAAAH! AAAAAH!" Naruto said as he was in super Saiyan 2. "What is Naruto doing? He is already in Super Saiyan two." Piccolo said.

"AAAAAAHH! HAAAAAA!" Naruto yelled still powering up. His vein was bulging out his head as the ground started to shake. 17 and 18 looked on in wonder. They were also curious of what Naruto was doing.

"GRRAAAAH!" Naruto yelled as his hair flashed gold. The sky started to get cloudy and dark making everyone look around. 'NARUTO STOP! If you do this the whole earth might be destroyed!' King Kai said.

Naruto ignored him and kept going channeling his energy. "This is unreal! Naruto, is not normal!" Krillin said. "What kind of power is this? It's so strong!" Tien said.

Kira felt Naruto drawing on her power and wondered what was he doing that would make him use it? Then she saw something freaky. His hair started to grow.

Everyone watched in awe as Naruto's hair was growing while his power was sky rocketing. Now thunder and lightning were taking place. The whole area was in darkness and the only light was Naruto's energy.

Lightning started to increase around his body while he was charging. "GRAAAAAHH!" Naruto screamed as the hair on his eye brows disappeared and his hair grew. Naruto stopped for a second before screaming even louder. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" he looked up to the sky while his hair was down to his legs.

Naruto stopped charging as his hair stopped growing. It was now Silver and gold. The bang he had in front of his right eye was silver then the rest was gold then silver. At the end his hair was silver.

His body also grew as his muscles were a little bulky than his usual lean figure. Naruto's face was set into an impassive form while lighting sparked around his body.

"Done. This is what I call, a Super Saiyan 3." Naruto said stoically. "S-super Saiyan th-three?" Krillin stuttered while Piccolo had utter shock on his face.

'Naruto-kun is so strong!' Kira thought as her legs became wet thinking of him dominating her. Rayna was looking up his body and licked her lips. Gohan was also shocked but snapped out of it. His 'Older brother' was so cool!

"So what, your hair has grown and you have no eye brows. Big whoop." 17 shrugged. "Your power is nothing compared to mine." 17 smirked while 18 looked wearily at Naruto.

16 was analyzing Naruto and was shocked that his power level was unknown. "17 and 18. I advise you not to engage this man. He is way beyond our level." 16 warned. "Like hell. I'm not backing down from a challenge. Lets go rock star." 17 smirked.

Naruto didn't reply and was behind a shocked 17 with his arm ready to knock off 17's head off his shoulders. "Where are you looking?" Naruto asked before hitting the android away. He went flew so fast he was just a black blur.

18 was scared now. This guy was holding back the whole time in their fight. "I think you should take 16's advise 18-chan. I wouldn't want to hurt you too much." Naruto smirked but frowned when he had to block 17's kick.

"That hurt you bastard!" 17 yelled as he gave a barrage of kicks at Naruto's arm. The Saiyan just scoffed before grabbing 17's ankle and threw him to the ground. The robot teen went crashing face first into the ground.

Naruto stared imassively before pointing his open palm at 17. A blue orb buzzed alive. "Kamehameha." Naruto said as the orb shot from his hand as a ray beam.

18's eyes widened as she saw her brother about to get vaporized. Everyone else was in total shock that Naruto could perform that with one hand.

16 grimaced before charging at Naruto surprising the Saiyan and knocking him off course causing the blast to move else where. Naruto skidded to the ground and glared at 16. He took a step and regretted it as he coughed up blood.

"Naru-kun?" Rayna asked as Blood spilled from Naruto's mouth. Before they knew it Naruto was on his knees coughing up globs of blood. His hair turned back to normal after a few seconds as he coughed up more.

"Naruto!" They all cried rushing over to him. Naruto panted as he stopped coughing for a moment. He gripped his heart wondering why was he in pain.

'Turning Super Saiyan 3 has never done this before. It would only tire me out. What the hell is…' Naruto's eyes widened before he coughed more. His eyes dazed as his ears went numb along with his limbs. The last thing he heard was Rayna's voice.

"Naruto! Stay with me!" She pleaded. "Rayna." Naruto muttered before passing out. While they were distracted 16 grabbed 17 and he along with 18 quickly flew off for cover.

"Hey someone give him a Senzu bean!" Kira barked. Krillin pulled them out and gave Naruto two. Rayna made Naruto chew but he didn't wake up. But Trunks did.

'My head. What happened?' Trunks wondered before noticing the Z-fighters crowded around someone. Narrowing his eyes they widened. "Father!" Trunks called rushing to Naruto.

"What happened? Did 18 do this?" Trunks demanded. "No. He was in his new super Saiyan mode and he just coughed up blood." Rayna said.

"Blood?" Trunks asked before remembering what his mother told him. He asked her how his father died and she said he had an unknown disease that was way different from Goku's but had something to do with his DNA.

"Oh no! it's the Disease! Mother said father died from some strange disease that was connected to his DNA." Trunks informed. "But what does that have to do with anything?" Rayna asked. Kira was silent thinking till she remembered.

'I wish to become a full Saiyan.' Naruto stated. "His Saiyan blood! Remember Rayna when he made that wish! That probably did it! But why?" Kira asked.

"Because he is not a full Saiyan." Vegeta said from out of nowhere. The Z-fighters turned to see Vegeta leaning against the wall holding his broken arm.

"What do you mean?" Rayna asked.

"Back when Planet Vegeta still existed my father told me of a disease that half breed Saiyans get when they tried to become Full Saiyan by changing their DNA.

The Disease kills them slowly by shutting down all the bodies main organs and sapping energy. It seems the virus has attacked his spleen. If you give him enough Senzu beans it will Nullify the virus but he will die soon." Vegeta explained.

"So how do we get rid of it?" Rayna asked. "A full moon. When a Saiyan transforms any diseases, Ailements, or Viruses are wiped clean from their system. The only way form him to be cured is seeing a Full moon." Vegeta said.

The Z-fighters were gonna sigh but Vegeta stopped them. "But! The namek had to go on and blow the moon up before Nappa and I came to earth. I had to make an artificial moon just to turn great ape myself." Vegeta said.

Piccolo looked away a little embarrassed. "It doesn't matter anyway. Even if the moon was here we would have to wait another month till a Full moon does happen." Gohan said getting grim looks from Naruto's wives.

"Then how do we save Naruto?" Rayna asked. "If you feed him those beans of yours he will be fine but he would be asleep." Vegeta informed. "Well sitting out here isn't gonna help him. We need to get him home." Krillin said getting nods from the others. "I'm leaving." Vegeta said before blasting off. Trunks and Piccolo hefted Naruto onto their shoulders before they blasted off for Naruto's home with the others behind them. On the way Piccolo was thinking.

'Naruto had such power. If he was still here with Goku those androids wouldn't stand a chance. But they are both out of commission.

And the only Super Saiyans to willingly fight with us and not give problems are Rayna, Gohan and Trunks. But Gohan is not strong enough neither is trunks from seeing the way 17 handled him. And Rayna would be on constant worry about Naruto.

Meaning I will need to gain new power also. It seems I have a meeting with Kami.' Piccolo thought glancing at a passed out Naruto. He shivered thinking of the power the teen was admitting.

The Z-fighters landed on Naruto's porch and walked inside to see that 3 babies were playing together on the floor with Mito behind them smiling. Sayuri was on the couch reading while Bulma was in the kitchen.

Mito looked up with a smile but her eyes widened when she saw her husband passed out. "What happened to Naruto-kun?" Mito asked causing Sayuri to look from her book and look frightened. Bulma came from the kitchen wondering what was going on and saw Naruto's condition.

The children looked at their father and felt ready to cry.

"He is trying to get rest. But not in a good way." Piccolo said as he and trunks took him up stairs with Bulma and Rayna following them. Krillin and the others sat down somewhere. Gohan sat next to the kids and started to play with them much to their joy.

"What happened?" Mito asked Kira. The human Kyuubi sighed. "Vegeta told us that Naruto has a disease only half Saiyans get when they become a full Saiyan. I think the affects should have been immediate but they weren't." Kira said.

"Why's that?" Krillin asked. "Because one, Naruto-kun is ¾ of a Saiyan. His father is full Saiyan while his mother his half Saiyan. So instead of having his DNA transformed half way it was only done part way slowing the process.

Two, since I am still connected to Naruto-kun I can prevent certain things to keep him from getting sick. As we speak I am trying to prevent any major damage since his spleen has already been attacked." Kira explained.

"Well how can he be cured?" Sayuri asked. "Vegeta said Naruto must witness a full moon. When he does that the Disease will fade away along with any other sicknesses he might have." Kira answered.

"The problem is Piccolo blew up the moon when we were training to fight off the Saiyans all those years ago. Also if the Moon was still here it would be another month before we see a Full one." Gohan said. "Then what do we do?" Mito demanded.

"We wait." Piccolo said as he and Trunks walked downstairs. "What? Can't we wish for Shenron to make him all better?" Mito asked. "It can't work like that. This is something that is out of his power. Just like the same reason why we can't wish for Goku to get better too." Piccolo said.

"What happened to Goku?" Sayuri asked. "The virus that Trunks warned him about attacked his heart when he was fighting the androids. Now were out of the two most strongest people in our group." Piccolo said.

"Wait Trunks? how did Trunks warn you? He can barely talk." Mito said. Baby trunks proved her point by spitting out bubbles and then laughing.

"Not that Trunks. This Trunks. He is from the Future." Piccolo said as Trunks waved at them. Sayuri and Mito were looking at him with a blank face before looking at the laughing baby trunks. Before he knew it both of girls were next saying how cute he has grown and stuff like that. Krillin sweatdropped from that.

Bulma came down stairs with a Sigh. "Naruto is sleeping but he seems he is in minor pain." She said sitting on the couch. "So what do we do now?" Krillin asked.

"Well we take Goku somewhere else but not here. Somewhere where the androids won't find him as quickly." Piccolo said. "Why not bring dad here?" Gohan asked. "Because this house is closest to your house and if the Androids find him there they will go exploring and will probably come here." Piccolo explained.

"Then we need to move Naruto-kun too! If they do come here then they will try and fight Naruto and cause havoc. We need to put Naruto and Goku at Roshi's. I doubt they will find them there quickly." Mito said.

"Then it's settled. We move Naruto and Goku at Roshi's till one of them is up and moving." Piccolo said. They all nodded and started to get everything ready.

Trunks and Piccolo went back upstairs to get Naruto while Bulma prepared her flying van. "Gohan go let your mother know what's going on we'll be there soon." Rayna said. "Okay." Gohan nodded. "I'll come with you." Tien said as he and Gohan left.

Mito picked up trunks while Sayuri picked up Izuna and Hime. Trunks and Piccolo came down with Naruto who was still asleep. The two took him and laid him on the floor in the flying van. The others stepped in the car and sat down. Mito and Sayuri watched their husband sleep while in a bit of pain.

After a few minutes Goku was right next to him with the same expression. ChiChi sat next to Rayna while Yamcha sat next to Bulma who was driving. Gohan stood next to Piccolo.

"I have to go. I trust that Naruto and Goku will get there safely?" Piccolo asked getting nods. "Where ya going Piccolo?" Krillin asked. "I have a meeting with the old man." Piccolo said cryptically before flying away from the car. "I wonder whats up with him." Krillin said.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Kira asked who was holding a sleeping Hime. "We wait till they get better. We gave Goku the medicine so he should be fine soon." Yamcha said. "Then what about Naruto?" Sayuri asked.

"We wait till he wakes up." Gohan said staring at both sleeping men.


A week or so has pass since the Androids were released. Ginger city was under attack by something mysterious and Piccolo sought it out after merging with Kami. Turns out the mysterious being was Cell another android who sent himself to the past. Before Piccolo engaged Cell, Trunks and Gohan along with Bulma went to check out a damaged time ship that was similars to trunks.

After the event with Cell Goku woke up who was now perfectly fine. He was worried for Naruto but said he couldn't do much about it. So he and Gohan with Trunks were on Kami's Lookout.

"Are you sure this will work Dad?" Gohan asked. "I'm positive Gohan. If we use the Hyperbolic time chamber and come out I'm sure we will be stronger and be able to defeat cell." Goku said.

"So who the hell is this Cell guy?" A voice asked. The three turned their heads to see Naruto. "N-Naruto?" Gohan gasped. "Father! Your okay!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Yeah. Did you think some stupid virus was gonna keep me down? No way." Naruto said. "But how?" Goku asked.

"Kira. Its still in my system but the Senzu beans you guys kept feeding me and her slowing down the process allowed me to wake up. But I feel weak. I doubt I can go higher than Super Saiyan and I can probably only hold that for about 20 minutes." Naruto explained.

"So you will be fine then?" Goku asked. "For now." Naruto nodded. "Alright then." Goku grinned before explaining what has happened. Naruto nodded understanding. "So this Cell freak is gonna try and absorb 17 and 18. Hm, can't let that happen. 18 is pretty cute." Naruto said getting sweat drops from the three.

"Alright here's what were gonna do. Gohan you go in with your father first. After you guys come out me and Trunks will go in. Then we'll get Piccolo and Vegeta to go. Speaking of him, where is the prince of two?" Naruto asked.

"He's probably out moping still." Gohan said. "Figures. Anyway you guys hurry and go in." Naruto ordered. "Alright, see you later." Goku waved. "Wait! Bulma wanted me to give you guys these." Naruto said taking out a capsule and pressing the button.

After that in his hand was a suit case. "Here ya go. New battle ready Saiyan armor." Naruto grinned. Goku inspected it to see it looked like Vegeta's but the blue was black and the Vest, boots and gloves were Orange. "Can't go wrong with Orange." Naruto grinned. "You got that right." Goku grinned before he and Gohan put it on and left.

"So Father what happened? I heard from Piccolo that you were able to go beyond Super Saiyan. Is that even possible?" Trunks asked. "It is but it's difficult. You see Trunks, Every level is difficult to obtain due to have certain requirements." Naruto said.

"Requirements?" Trunks asked. "Yes. When you first become a Super Saiyan it is out of Rage. I showed potential of Becoming a Super Saiyan when I was 5 due to your grandmother Kushina leaving me for death for Mito-chan's training.

But I fully became a Super Saiyan when I fought my Zanpakuto, Zangetsu, in my mindscape. Later Rayna-chan helped me transform but I went a step further." Naruto said.

" A step further?" Trunks asked. "Yes. While I tried achieving Super Saiyan I had to channel my anger. After remembering my life with the Namikaze's I exploded turning into something I call a Super Saiyan 2. To reach Super Saiyan 2 you must feel more rage than you felt when becoming a Super Saiyan. Gohan is working on it but he hasn't been able to do it yet." Naruto said.

"So you're the only one who can become a Super Saiyan 2?" Trunks asked. "Yes for now. I Think Goku will achieve it very soon along with Vegeta. Now Piccolo along with the others have seen my Super Saiyan 2 state. But what Piccolo told you about is my Super Saiyan 3 mode." Naruto said.

"S-Super Saiyan 3?" Trunks asked. "Yes. Super Saiyan 3 is raw power. It doesn't draw from to much rage but from power. I can only hold the form for about 2 minutes before I tire out. But transforming into a Super Saiyan 3 is dangerous as the world is put in danger. Natural disasters start to occur due to the power output. But after it is done you don't have to worry about that. You speed and Power have tripled from being a Super Saiyan 2. It is truly invigorating." Naruto smirked.

"So then you can defeat cell!" Trunks said. "No. I can barely hold my Super Saiyan form for 20 minutes. I wouldn't stand a chance a against cell at my current state. Plus turning into a Super Saiyan just quickens the process. This is up to you and the others. Now let me tell you about the state in between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2." Naruto said.

"There is another state?" Trunks asked. "Yes, I call it Super mode. Now I don't really use this form unless I need to pour in some extra power. The form is to bulk and relies on power more than speed which will be necessary. What's the point of power if you can't move to use it?" Naruto asked getting a nod from his son.

So Naruto explained Super mode to Trunks before he felt someones Ki dropping and fast. Naruto concentrated before he noticed it was Piccolo's.

"Cell. He has injured piccolo greatly. Damn it. Trunks I have to go." Naruto said before using instant transmission.

The sight he was greeted too was Cell throwing Piccolo away. Naruto cast a clone and ordered it to go save Piccolo and give him a Senzu bean at Kami's. Glancing behind him he saw 17 and 18 who looked scared while 16 looked alert.

"Who are you?" Cell asked. Naruto looked forward. "So your cell hunh? Your pretty ugly for an Android." Naruto said. "I won't look ugly once I absorb 17 and 18. Then I will be in my perfect form. Now out of my way." Cell ordered.

"No way. I'm not letting you get your moldy sausages you call fingers on 18-chan. And even though I don't like him, 17 either." Naruto said. 'Why is he protecting us?' 18 wondered.

"Get out of my way boy! I will not let you interfere!" Cell charged at Naruto. Naruto smirked before becoming Super Saiyan and flashed in front of Cell. "Whatever." Naruto said as he blasted Cell in the face.

"Hey! I advise you three get the hell out of here." Naruto said. "Why are you helping us? You know this changes nothing between us!" 17 said. "Yeah Yeah, now go before I kick your ass myself." Naruto said glaring at Cell. "Lets go." 16 said as he along with 17 flew off.

18 stayed behind gazing at Naruto's back. "You going or not?" Naruto asked. 18 nodded and flew off but not before giving Naruto one more glance.

"You Bastard! You let them get away!" Cell growled. "Shut it freak." Naruto said while quietly panting. Cell charged at Naruto who dodged the attacks before Kneeing Cell in the gut and kicked him upwards into the sky.

Naruto teleported above Cell and smashed him down to the ground. "Naruto!" Tien called. Naruto glanced at Tien then looked back to Cell. "What are you doing here Tien?" Naruto asked.

"I came to help. Krillin is on his way. What happened to Piccolo?" Tien asked. Naruto was about to answer before Cell stood and glared at Naruto.

"I WILL ABSORB YOU!" He yelled. "Fat chance freak!" Naruto retorted as Cell flew at him. "Kamehame…HAAA!" Naruto yelled firing the blast at the oncoming Cell.

Cell's eyes widened before he knocked it away and was surprised that he was kneed in the face by a smirking Naruto. "What do you know it does work." Nauto said while grinning but gripped his heart.

'Damn. I can't keep this up. But hopefull the androids got awa…' "Photon flash!" 17 yelled firing the blast at Cell who barely dodged. Naruto face faulted. "You Idiot! Why the hell are you back here?" Naruto demanded.

"There is no way in hell I'm running away to let you take care of him." 17 said. "Your such an idiot! That thing will absorb you!" Naruto said. "Like that will happen." 17 scoffed. "Oh it will 17." Cell said from behind. 'How?' 17 thought.

"17!" Naruto yelled as he charged at Cell. "Dodon Ray!" Tien yelled blasting Cell away from the android. Naruto sighed in relief as he saw Cell start to stand up.

"You all are really annoying." Cell commented. "Your not getting your hands on the androids you got me!" Naruto yelled as he kneed Cells chin after flashing in front of him. Cell slammed against the wall as Naruto was upon him in an instant choking the living shit out of him.

"Your time ends here Cell." Naruto said as he readied a Ki blast at the androids head. Cell looked frightened but was smirking inwardly. 'I have you now boy!' Cell thought. "NARUTO BEHIND YOU!" Tien yelled. "Wha?" Naruto then glanced behind him and was shocked to see Cell's tail. 'To late!' Cell thought as his tail grabbed onto Naruto.

"Get me out of here! Cell! I'll kill you!" Naruto roared as he was being sucked in. "Yes you will now be apart of me." Cell said creepily. It made Naruto thrash even more. "GET ME OUT!" Naruto screamed before they became muffeld and before he knew it he was absorbed.

"NARUTO!" Tien yelled. Cell's tail turned back to normal as he grinned evilly. "Yes. It is done." Cell said before weird things started to happen to him. After a few minutes Cell was different.

His eyes were silver and slitted while fangs jutted from his upper lip. "So this is my imperfect form. Interesting." Cell said in a now deeper voice. "He just ate him." 17 said stunned. "He absorbed him. We have to get out of here!" Tien said.

"17 come to me and let me achieve perfect form." Cell said with a grin. "Get the hell away from me you freak!" 17 yelled shooting an energy beam at him. "Lets go!" Tien said as he and 17 flew off towards 18 and 16.

"Hm, I wonder what is this feeling. I'll figure it out later." Cell said before flying off.

Meanwhile with the androids 17 was looking over his shoulder. "What happened to Naruto? Is he still back there?" 18 asked. "No. Cell absorbed Naruto and evolved." Tien said grimly. "How is that possible?" 18 asked. "Naruto must have lots of power for that happen." 16 said.

"Then what would happen if he absorbs both of us?" 18 asked worried. "He will become even stronger most likely." Tien said.

Trunks was concentrating and couldn't feel his fathers energy. 'What happened? It feels as if Dad's power just vanished and Cells has…no.'

"Father!" Trunks yelled. "Trunks." a voice called. The teen turned around to see Piccolo panting. "Piccolo what happened? Where's my father?" Trunks asked.

"He's gone. Naruto sent a clone to help me and on our way here it dispelled. I think Cell absorbed Naruto. Where is Goku and Gohan?" Piccolo asked. "Their in the Hyperbolic time chamber. Is there anyway to save him?" Trunks asked hopefully.

"I don't think so Trunks. But we have to make sure Cell doesn't get the other Androids." Piccolo said. "Yeah. You stay I'll be back." Trunks said before he jumped off the edge and flew to save the Androids but he really wanted to save his father.

Tien laid beaten behind Cell who was walking towards a panting 16. 17 and 18 were behind him waiting for battle but were scared. "You are in the way. Move." Cell ordered. "I will not let you absorb them." 16 said.

"Then you will die." Cell said about to charge. "Galick Gun!" A purple beam hit Cell making him go flying. The androids looked to see Vegeta who landed in front of 16.

"Tell me where that fool Naruto is. I sensed his power earlier and now it's gone." Vegeta said. "Naruto was absorbed by Cell, which made Cell evolve." 16 informed. Vegeta's eyes widened before chuckling.

"Tell me what is so funny Vegeta?" Cell said glaring at Vegeta as soon as he was back. "I'm laughing because If the Fool was at Full power you would be dead by now. It's only by pure luck he was weak and you absorbed him. And from the looks of it his power was still enough to make you evolve which concludes my thoughts." Vegeta said.

"And what thought is that?" Cell asked. "Naruto is the Legendary Super Saiyan." Vegeta admitted. "Legendary hunh? Didn't seem so Legendary to me." Cell smirked. "Like I said it was by pure luck that you absorbed him and he was weak at the time. But now I will beat you and show you the power of a real Saiyan." Vegeta said as he flashed into a Super Saiyan.

"Vegeta!" Trunks called as he landed by him. "What Boy?" Vegeta asked irritated. "Let me fight Cell." Trunks said. "No. Cell is probably stronger than normal and you can barely handle the androids." Vegeta said.

"What? You are no better!" Trunks retorted getting a tick mark from Vegeta. "You are his son. You are both annoying." Vegeta said as he blasted off at Cell who was surprised. Vegeta socked Cell in the face and backhanded him away.

"I will defeat Cell. As I am…" Vegeta smirked before his muscles grew and his hair became more rigid and Golden. "Super Vegeta!" Vegeta proclaimed making Trunks eyes widen.

"How?" Trunks asked. "I was furious at the thought that Your fool of a father and the Clown Kakarot or 'Goku' as you call him were possibly the Legendary Super Saiyans.

Wanting for my power to increase I achieved this form and trained with It in the last week. Now out of my way!" Vegeta said as he appeared in front of Cell and delivered an Uppercut.

Trunks and the others watched as Vegeta was kicking Cell's ass. "Is this all the power you got from the fool? Pathetic." Vegeta scoffed. "You wouldn't be saying that if I was in my perfect form!" Cell said.

"Do you really think being in your perfect form will make a difference?" Vegeta asked. "Yes! then I would be beating you from here to Kingdom come!" Cell proclaimed. "Hn. Fine go ahead and absorb the androids." Vegeta said.

"Vegeta what are you doing?" Trunks demanded. "Shut it boy! I want to see the power Cell possess in his 'Perfect' form." Vegeta said as Cell charged at the androids. "No!" Trunks yelled as he intercepted Cell and kicked him away.

"Trunks! what do you think your doing?" Vegeta glared. "This is not what Father wanted! Cell is a bigger threat to earth than the androids! Your supposed to kill him not help him!" Trunks glared back.

"I don't care! We Saiyans live for battle! It is our joy to fight strong opponents so we can put them down." Vegeta said. "This is wrong!" Trunks said before he saw Cell charge at 17.

He knocked 16 away and had his tail grab and absorb 17. "NO!" Trunks yelled and was about to go help when Vegeta appeared and punched him in the gut.

"Know your place boy." Vegeta glared. He glanced back to Cell who was now in his perfect form. His skin instead of light green was silver as his eyes were now pink and slitted.

"Now for 18." Cell smirked turning to a shocked android 18. as he was about to absorb her he froze in mid step. "What is going on? I can't feel my body!" Cell said.

"18! Run! Get away! Trunks make sure she gets safe now!" Cell braked out in Naruto's voice. Trunks who scooted away from Vegeta after the punch was shocked to hear his fathers voice.

"Father?" Trunks asked. "NOW TRUNKS!" Naruto roared. Trunks nodded and got passed a stunned Vegeta. He grabbed 18 along with 16 while a hidden Krillin grabbed Tien. Both flew into the air and left for Kami's lookout.

"How are you doing this?" Cell gritted his teeth. "Because I'm awesome. And Vegeta when I get out of here your gonna get a royal ass kicking only a prince of 2 gets." Naruto said before he faded away.

Cell regained control of his body and looked around to see that Trunks was long gone. "Damn him. I'm gonna have to deal with him soon." Cell muttered before turning to Vegeta who snapped out of his stupor.

"Are you ready Vegeta?" Cell asked. "Lets see if you can keep up with me now Cell." Vegeta smirked before he charged at him.

Trunks along with the others arrived on the lookout while Trunks was worried about his father. "Trunks what happened? And why are the androids here?" Piccolo asked as was observing from afar.

"Cell got 17. Father prevented Cell from absorbing 18 and gave this chance to get away. Vegeta-teme is back with Cell fighting." Trunks said. "Naruto prevented Cell from getting 18? But how? I thought he was absorbed.

"He is. But Father somehow managed to get by Cell and freeze his body for a minute." Trunks said as Krillin gave Tien a Senzu bean.

'He saved me. He could have let me get absorbed but he saved me twice. Not to mention warned me earlier when 17 fought him.' 18 thought. "Your are not hurt are you 18?" 16 asked.

"No, just thinking." 18 said. 16 nodded. Everyone then sat down waiting for Goku and Gohan to come out the Time chamber. But Piccolo along with Trunks were observing Vegeta and Cell. And Cell was giving Vegeta a hard time.

A few hours later Vegeta appeared on the look out beaten and with a scowl on his face. "What happened?" Piccolo asked. "Cell is way stronger than he was before. He was going to kill me till…" Vegeta paused.

"Till what?" Krillin asked. "Till he said he was going to throw a Tournament in two weeks. He calls it the Cell games. It is basically for the whole planet to witness earths last defenses defeated then destroy the earth. He mainly wants to fight Kakarot." Vegeta explained. "So that is why he let you live? To deliver the message?" Trunks asked. "Yes." Vegeta growled.

"So that means we need to be more ready." Goku said as he and Gohan walked out. Their armor were in tatters while they were both Super Saiyan. Gohan's hair was cut so now it wasn't in a ponytail.

"Hey where is Naruto?" Gohan asked. "Cell has him. He's been absorbed." Piccolo said. Goku narrowed his eyes. "Goku what are you doing out here? It hasn't been a full day." Trunks said. "Dad felt he got all his training in so we came out early." Gohan said.

"I'm going in." Vegeta said. "But it was supposed to be Naruto's turn." Gohan said. "It's okay Gohan. Trunks do you mind going in with him?" Goku asked. "Very much so but I'll live. See ya." Trunks waved after he put on the armor his mother made. Vegeta scoffed at it and just went on ahead.

"Hey what is the androids doing here?" Goku asked. "Naruto told trunks to get them out of there. So here they are." Krillin shrugged. "Goku. My mission was to kill you. But now my mission is to stop Cell." 16 said. "Um okay? Thanks I guess." Goku said sheepishly.

"So what are we gonna do now Goku?" Krillin asked. "Well first things first, I go get Naruto." Goku said after changing into his normal outfit.

"Piccolo." Gohan called. "What's up Gohan?" Piccolo asked. "Can I get an outfit like yours?" Gohan asked. "Sure." Piccolo said as he changed Gohan's outfit to look like his.

"Thanks." Gohan grinned. "Alright, I'll be back guys." Goku said as he used instant transmission. "Did you guys feel his energy? Gohan what did you guys do in there?" Krillin asked.

"Lets just say dad went to the next level." Gohan grinned. Piccolo's eyes widened while Krillin scratched his head in confusion.

Meanwhile with Goku he was now standing in front of a large Arena where Cell stood in the middle. Looking around Goku sighed as he saw the destruction Cell caused.

"Goku. I'm surprised you are here." Cell said. "Seems you've been busy." Goku said stepping up to Cell. "Is there a reason you're here? Want to try and stop me now?" Cell asked with a smirk. "No not really." Goku said before punching Cell in the gut really hard.

Cell's eyes bulged out of his head has drool dropped from his mouth. "I just came for my friend." Goku said stepping back. Cell was coughing holding his mouth has vomit spilled out but Goku watched impassively. Cell grew sick before he hurled out a body.

He was about to hurl once more but he refused for that to happen and held his mouth and built his Ki to hold it in place. Goku looked at the body to see it was panting.

"I'm gonna take a long ass shower." Naruto muttered. "Glad to see your okay." Goku grinned. "Yeah whatever. I wished I grabbed 17 but I had no clue what was going on." Naruto said as he wiped the gunk off him.

"You bastards." Cell growled. Both glanced at him to see he was still in his perfect form. "Damn. I was kinda hoping he would revert." Naruto grumbled. "It seems he absorbed your power as your not a Super Saiyan anymore." Goku noted.

Naruto nodded. "I will kill you." Cell glared. "Shut it." Naruto said before he used instant transmission. "I'll tell you now, Cell be ready because I will have someone as strong as Me and Naruto to fight you." Goku said before he also left. Cell glared at where they stood. "I'll enjoy destroying all of you." Cell said.

Naruto and Goku were now back on the lookout. "Naruto!" Tien called. "Hey guys." Naruto grinned before not seeing Trunks. "Hey where's Trunks?" Naruto asked. "He is in the Hyperbolic time chamber with Vegeta. Are you gonna go next?" Gohan asked.

Naruto frowned. He really wanted to go with Trunks so he could spend time with his son, but he would do it later. "Yeah. In fact I'll go with 18." Naruto grinned. 18 raised an eye brow. "Why me?" 18 asked.

"Well I can actually help you out in training plus spend sometime together." Naruto grinned. 18 rolled her eyes but if you looked close enough she had a small smile.

"So what now?" Krillin asked. "Why does it seem you keep saying that?" Tien asked. "I don't know. It seems like we get somewhere then we need a plan." Krillin said.

"Well how about we just relax. I mean not many things can happen if the Cell games are in two weeks. But first we need to find a new guardian for earth." Goku said. "Why not go to the new planet namek? I'm sure you can find someone there." Gohan said.

"Hey your right! But who are we gonna get for the job?" Goku wondered. "Hey what about little green?" Krillin asked. "Who?" Naruto asked. "He means Dende." Gohan said. "Dende hunh? Was he that young namek that helped us out?" Goku asked. "Yeah that's him." Gohan grinned.

"Okay then I'll be back. Naruto what are you gonna do?" Goku asked. "I'm gonna go home. The others are probably worried about me. Hey 18 wanna come with?" Naruto asked. "Sure." 18 shrugged.

"Alright then, see ya later guys." Naruto waved before he and 18 jumped of the edge. "Hey dad can 16 stay with us?" Gohan asked. "I don't see why not. Anyway I'll be back later." Goku said before using instant transmission.

"Alright then, I'm gonna continue training." Krillin said. "Okay see ya Krillin. Come on 16." Gohan said before he and the android left.

"Man I hope things go easy these few next weeks."

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