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Chapter 8

Naruto sighed as laid on the couch in relaxation. Playing on the floor in front of him was his children. Bulma was at capsule corp.

Kira was shopping with Rayna while Mito and Sayuri were in the kitchen making lunch.

"Naruto-kun." Sayuri called as she walked in the room. "Yeah Sayu-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I think we should go back." Sayuri said. "Go back where?" Naruto asked.

"To Elum. Father, mother and Nii-san should see the kids." Sayuri stated.

"As well as our parents Naru-kun." Mito added as she came in with a couple bowls of baby food and started feeding the kids.

"Do we have too? We don't have to go for another five months or so." Naruto reminded. "All the more reason to go." Mito said as she fed Hime.

"Plus what if we don't get the chance?" Sayuri asked.

"What are you talking about? Were gonna beat Cell. Me and Goku have complete faith in Gohan." Naruto said.

"Your leaving the fate of our children, our family and earth! To Gohan?!" Mito asked raising her voice.

"Um, no?" Naruto grinned sheepishly.

"Does Chi-Chi know about this?!" Sayuri asked. "No." Naruto grumbled. "And when were you gonna tell us? Any of us?" Mito asked.

"Well that's the thing. We weren't. Gohan doesn't even know. Gohan hasn't been able to reach his full Saiyan potential. If he fights Cell then he would be able too. Gohan is as strong as me in Super Saiyan 3." Naruto said.

"That's a quite something to put on an 11 year olds shoulders." Mito said.

"Please. Being a human weapon. Neglected by your parents. Only having love from your sister? Beatings everyday from the very people your father protected by sealing a demon inside you. That is nothing. And if Gohan can't handle it I will step in. Case closed." Naruto shrugged.

"No, case still open. If your really gonna trust this to Gohan then he needs to have the right training and right mind set." Sayuri said.

"And Chi-Chi needs to know about this also. It is her son after all." Mito agreed.

"But Gohan is never gonna unlock his potential if he knows what coming to him. It's like the Sharingan. You activate it due to a life threatening situation. You won't activate it if you know how to handle it." Naruto said.

"Not the point! If anything else, this makes me want to go see my parents more." Sayuri said. Naruto sighed.

"Fine fine. We'll go." Naruto said.

"Everyone is going. That means Bulma, Kira and Rayna too." Mito said. "Hunh?! Why them?" Naruto asked.

"Because Trunks is your son and Bulma's son. It's only right that Bulma gets to meet Trunk's grandparents. Kira and Rayna so they can get used to them." Mito shrugged.

"I don't think brining Kira along is such a good idea." Naruto said.

"What's not such a good idea?" Kira asked as she and Rayna walked in with bags.

Naruto groaned and covered his eyes while Hime looked at him confused. "Brining you along with us to see Tou-san and Kaa-san." Mito said. Kira's face darkened.

"Naruto-koi has the right mindset. I won't go see them after what they did. I may forgive them but I will never forget. Hell I may not even forgive them." Kira stated.

"Thank you! Someone who agrees with me!" Naruto said raising his hands in joy. "You two are going." Sayuri said.

"What? Why?!" Both Naruto and Kira asked in shock.

"Because if you don't…" Mito covered Hime's ears, While Sayuri covered Izuna's and Rayna covered Trunks's. "No sex for both of you." Sayuri finished.

"WHAT?!" Kira and Naruto yelled.

"What do you mean none?!" Naruto asked. "That's exactly what we mean. Rayna, Sayuri, Bulma and I are off limits. For both of you. Meaning we will each sleep in different rooms." Mito said.

"B-but…" Kira stuttered. "That's not fair!" Naruto protested. "Yes it is. If you want some then you will come with us." Rayna said.

"You can't deny us sex!" Kira pointed comically. "Yes they can and they will." A new voice said.

Naruto and Kira snapped their heads to see Rika leaning against the wall. "Kaa-chan!" Rayna and Naruto cheered.

"I agree with Mito and Sayuri 100%. You need to see them Naruto." Rika said.

"I don't want too! When I left the village it was for good. I only went back to see Mito and Sayuri. Not even the Chunin exams are that important." Naruto said.

"Why won't you see them? Why won't you just forgive them so we can all be happy?" Mito asked after they all removed their hands.

Izuna giggled at seeing Rika and crawled over to her while Hime wanted to be picked up by her father who gladly did. After, she played with his hair making her giggle. Trunks clapped his hands as Rayna played with him.

"Because, I lost all my love for them that night, when I nearly achieved Super Saiyan. Not caring if your child was hurt by villagers? The same villagers you risked your life for? No way." Naruto said shaking his head.

"Then if you won't see them for you, that's fine. But don't ruin your children's chance to meet their grandparents because of your hate for them." Rika lectured.

Naruto looked at Hime and gazed at her wide and curious dark blue eyes.

She grinned at him, which made him smile and kiss her forehead.

"Fine, When do you want to leave?" Naruto asked.

"As soon as Bulma gets back." Sayuri smiled. Naruto nodded and handed his daughter to Sayuri.

"I'm going out for awhile." Naruto said and used instant transmission. Sayuri and Mito sighed as Kira pouted.

"Did we do the right thing?" Sayuri asked. "He may be upset now but it's not about him. It's about his kids meeting their grandparents." Rika said.

"But he didn't mind seeing my parents." Sayuri said. "It's because Naru-kun see's your parents as his parents. He talked about them all the time when we were training." Rayna said.

"He'll get over it." Mito said waving her hand. Sayuri nodded as she went to pack.

Naruto was standing on a mountain point with his eyes closed. His Ki was rising fast before you knew it he was in Super Saiyan. Then he transformed into a super Saiyan 2. You could see the changes easily.

He snapped his eyes open as he started to power up even further. "GRAAAAAAHHH!" He screamed as the sky darkened, storm clouds started to form, the mountain's started to shake.

His hair glowed and started to get longer while also turning silver a little bit. His muscles bulged and his chest pulsed. "GRRAAAAHH!" Naruto yelled as he achieved Super Saiyan 3.

"It needs to be faster. Now lets see if I can go into this next form." He muttered to himself. As he was about to try Rayna appeared in front of him wearing a white sun dress.

"I thought this power was you. Anyway Bulma's ready. We just need you to change your clothes and get ready." Rayna said. Naruto stared at her for awhile before powering down.

"Yeah." He said quietly and was about to use I.T (Instant transmission) when Rayna smashed her lips against his. Naruto was a little surprised but kissed her back.

After five minutes she pulled away and smiled gently at him.

"Nothing is gonna change, okay? Sayuri and Mito just want their parents to meet the kids." Rayna said.

"I know it's just that, I promised myself not to go back till the chunin exams and then after that never again." Naruto said.

"You can't ever forgive them, can you?" She asked. "No, and I won't. They should be happy I haven't leveled the place yet. Maybe I can send Cell there." Naruto pondered.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Rayna sweat dropped.

Naruto nodded with a sigh. "I'll be fine." Naruto said before they both left.

After getting ready and changing his clothes Naruto threw away his old outfit and wore this new one.

He wore black shinobi pants with black boots with silver trimming that were just like Goku's. Tied around his waist was a silver sash with extra length. He wore a crimson sleeveless crimson shirt with a high collar but the collar was opened a bit showing his Fishnet undershirt which was a tank top.

Tucked in his sash from behind diagonally was his Dragon sword. (Yes the very same one Ryu Hayabusa has. And picture how Sasuke holds his sword.)

Mito decided to wear a red sundress with black spandex shorts under. Sayuri just wore white shorts and a tight high collared blue shirt.

Bulma wore her usual outfit which was a black tank top with a brown vest and white capris. Kira however wore a red tank top with black skinny jeans.

Naruto carried Izuna while Rayna carried Hime, and Mito carried trunks. Hime and Trunks were sleeping while Izuna was wide awake playing with his father's blonde silver hair.

"Kaa-chan would you open a portal please?" Naruto asked. "Sure. Have fun!" Rika grinned as she opened a portal and they all stepped in.

"So who should we see first?" Rayna asked. "The Uchiha. Rather be in a good mood from the start." Naruto muttered as the girls rolled their eyes, while Kira agreed with him.

The group was now heading to the Uchiha compound. The villagers were confused in who the people wore. The men were ogling Kira who scoffed at them and latched on to Naruto's free arm.

The women were blushing and giggling at Naruto who ignored them. Sayuri and Mito however were gaining tick marks and moved closer to Naruto.

Rayna and Bulma however didn't mind the attention. They knew who they loved more than anything.

"Halt! Who goes there?" an Uchiha guard asked. "Sayuri Uchiha." Sayuri said stepping up.

The guard eyes went wide and looked at the group. "Sayuri-sama. My apologies please go right ahead." The guard bowed.

"Thank you." Sayuri nodded as they walked through the compound. The Uchiha clan members were going crazy as they saw Mito. And she was only gone for 3 weeks! To them at least.

Sayuri led them to the main house and knocked on the door. "Coming!" They heard Mikoto say. Said woman opened the door and looked at them curiously.

"Um can I help you?" She asked. "It's really insulting that you don't recognize us Miko-chan." Naruto smirked. Mikoto's eyes bugged out her head. "N-Naruto?" She asked.

"The one and only. Did I really change?" Naruto asked. Everyone sweat dropped. 'He's been hanging out with Goku to much.' Bulma thought while the other girls had the same thoughts.

"Can we come in Kaa-san?" Sayuri asked. Now Mikoto was beyond shock. In front of her, nearly as tall as her was her daughter?!

"Sayuri?! Of course you can come in!" Mikoto said moving aside. They nodded with a smile and entered the house and headed for the living room where Naruto flopped on the couch making Izuna laugh.

"What brings you here?" Mikoto asked. "Well kaa-san, I want Tou-sama and Nii-san to be here also." Sayuri said.

Mikoto looked confused and shrugged. 'I'm surprised she hasn't noticed the babies yet.' Naruto thought while Mito thought the same thing.

"Sayuri? Is that you?!" Fugaku asked in shock. "Hai, Tou-sama." Sayuri nodded. "You've grown! And it's only been three weeks!" Fugaku said. "Is there something wrong father?" Itachi asked in that Monotone voice.

"Itachi your sister has returned." Fugaku said. Itachi raised a brow and entered the room.

"Hi Nii-san!" Sayuri smiled. "S-Sayuri?" He asked in shock. "Yup it's her. Now can we move on?" Naruto grumbled.

"Still impatient as ever eh, Naruto?" Fugaku smirked. "Oh no fair! How could you recognize me right away but can't recognize your own daughter?" Naruto pouted.

"Well maybe it's because you have your own page in the Bingo book." Itachi smirked. "No way! Let me see!" Naruto grinned while the girls sweat dropped again.

'And he didn't want to come back.' They all thought. "Not now. Mother father brother, I have important news to tell you." Sayuri said.

The three looked at her confused. "I'm married to Naruto-kun now." She said. Their eyes popped out of their sockets making Naruto snicker.

"When was this?!" Fugaku deamanded. "Well it was a couple months ago on the planet earth, where I'm staying. But here it was most likely the first week I was gone." Sayuri said.

"And that's not it." Naruto grinned. The three looked between Naruto and Sayuri who had a light blush. "Me and Naruto-kun had twins." She said.

"WHAT?!" They yelled.

Hime woke up crying due to the yell. Naruto sighed and handed Izuna to Bulma and picked up Hime from Rayna and started to rock her.

"Sshhh." Naruto said as she stopped crying and snuggled into his chest. "K-kids? But Sayuri, your thirteen!" Itachi said. Sayuri nodded. "Yes. On this planet. But on earth I'm at least 16 or so. That's why I look older." Sayuri said.

Fugaku was dead silent as Mikoto watched Naruto rock his daughter. "What are their names?" She asked. "Well that little tyke is Izuna. And here is my little girl, Hime." Naruto grinned kissing her head making her giggle.

"C-Can I hold her?" She asked. Naruto shrugged. "Sure. Here Hime, go to Baa-chan." Naruto said handing the girl over to Mikoto. Hime stared at Mikoto with wide eyes. Said woman smiled down at her.

"She is so beautiful." Mikoto said. Fugaku watched as Mikoto coddled Hime and looked over to his grandson. Who was playing with Bulma's fingers.

"M-May I hold him?" He asked. Bulma smiled at him. "Of course." Bulma smiled holding Izuna out to Fugaku.

Fugaku and Izuna stared at each other for about 10 seconds before Izuna laughed and reached out to Fugaku who gave a small smile and took him.

"I nearly forgot! Miko-chan, Fugaku-sama, Itachi-nii, these are my other wives. Bulma briefs, Rayna, and Kira kitsune." Naruto Pointed to each.

"Mito-chan, why are you here?" Mikoto asked. "Hm? Oh because I'm also Naruto-kun's wife." Mito grinned.

The three Uchiha's froze. "W-what?" Itachi spoke in disbelief.

"I'm married to Naruto-kun. And if your worried about us being siblings, don't. Naruto-kun did something to change his blood so now he is like a very distant cousin. Plus Saiyans inbreed all the time. Well that's what Vegeta told me." Mito shrugged.

"Saiyan?" Mikoto asked. Naruto nodded. "Enough about that. It's not important anyway." Naruto said as he noticed Trunks wake up with a yawn.

"Man nothing could wake this kid up." Naruto chuckled as his first born looked around to see what was going on. The first thing he spotted was his father and crawled over to him.

"Hey trunks." Naruto grinned as he played with him. "Who's kid is that Naruto?" Itachi asked. "Oh this is Trunks. It's me and Bulma-chan's kid." Naruto said as Trunks cheered.

"Thirteen years old and you already have a family." Itachi muttered shaking his head.

"Hey that's the life a Shinobi and a Saiyan." Naruto shrugged.

"Speaking of Shinobi, are you gonna teach them the Shinobi arts?" Fugaku asked.

"I don't know. But I could already tell Trunks would love fighting. It's up to the wives. They say yes, I'll teach them. They say no, oh well." Naruto shrugged.

"Naruto, what about you? Will you be returning as a Shinobi?" Mikoto asked.

"I don't know why I should. I like my life how it is. There is no point for me to return as a shinobi. With this one finger, Iwa, Kumo, Suna, Kiri and Konoha could fall." Naruto said.

"Then you could easily be Hokage." Itachi said. "Yeah but I like fighting strong opponents. Opponents that give me a hard time. For example just 2 days ago I fought this guy name Broly and Man! He was strong! He was so strong he pushed me to my limit giving me new power." Naruto grinned.

"How strong was he?" Itachi asked. "He was so strong, Madara Uchiha, and all the other kage's in their prime couldn't hold a candle to him." Naruto grinned.

"Are you that strong now?" Fugaku asked. "Hell ya I am!" Naruto cheered with Trunks and Izuna.

"Have you gotten any stronger?" Itachi asked his sister and Mito. "Yup! Naruto-kun helped us get stronger. Were not as strong as him but we can take on Hokage-sama no sweat." Sayuri said.

The Uchiha's blinked. "So basically you four are gonna show off." Itachi said.

"Yup!" They all grinned while Rayna nodded with a smile.

"Hey Mikoto? You in here?" Kushina's voice asked. Naruto silently groaned as did Kira but a smack on the back on the head from Mito and Sayuri, straightened them out.

"Yeah Kushina, in here!" Mikoto replied. Kushina walked in and froze at who she saw.

"M-Mito? N-Naruto?" She asked. Naruto looked away, his earlier happiness gone. Mito nodded with a smile.

Kushina lunged at them but Naruto was quick enough to dodge it, now standing by Itachi while holding a quiet and confused trunks.

Mito cursed her lover but hugged her mother back. "How have you been?" Kushina asked.

"I've been fine mom." Mito smiled. "You have gotten stronger right?" She asked. Mito nodded. "So that means you'll stay?" Kushina asked. "No." Mito said.

"Hunh?" Kushina asked. "Yes, I have gotten stronger but I'm not coming back home. I'm living with my husband now." Mito said.

"H-husband?! When did you get married?!" Kushina asked in shock.

"On earth, a few months ago. Here the first week I was gone." Mito said.

"Who is your husband?" Kushina asked. "My husband is Naruto-kun." Mito said dropping the bomb on Kushina.

Said woman turned around to see Naruto leaning against the wall coolly while rocking Trunks.

"Your brother is your husband?" Kushina asked in complete disarray.

"Hn." Naruto grunted and closed his eyes and continued to rock Trunks. Kushina could feel she was getting the cold shoulder from her son and noticed the baby.

"Whose baby is that?" She asked. "It's mine." Naruto said. "You and Mito already had a baby?!" She asked.

"Fool. No. I have more than one wife. This is the baby of my wife Bulma. The black haired boy and girl are also my children. They are the son and daughter of Sayuri." Naruto informed.

Kushina blinked as she was utterly confused. "How can you have kids already? Your thirteen and you have only been gone for about 3 months!" Kushina reminded.

Naruto sighed he didn't feel like going through this. This was the exact reason why he didn't want to come back here, but his wives just had to make him. Troublesome.

"I already explained when I was at that stupid council meeting. Time moves way faster on earth than here. 1 week here is like five months there. So Mito and Sayuri have been gone for about a year or so. I have been gone longer than that.

And yes I have my own family. I'm only here right now because my wives have me whipped and forced me to come along so You and Minato along with Sayuri's family will be able to meet their grandchildren." Naruto explained in a calm cold tone.

Kushina blinked before looking around to see babies who were looking with confusion. After, she looked back to her daughter who was watching her with curious calculating eyes.

"You got married, you and Sayuri who I also see as my daughter and you didn't invite us to a wedding?" Kushina asked in disbelief.

"Don't blame me, I had no part in this." Naruto stated as all the girls looked sheepish. Mikoto then understood what her old teammate was saying and also got mad.

"Yeah! How come we weren't invited to the wedding?!" Mikoto demanded. Then Fugaku got mad also because that meant he wasn't able to see his little girl in her wedding dress and give her away.

Itachi was a little angry but kept quiet. Sayuri looked away before she spoke.

"We never had a wedding." Sayuri stated. Making all parents freeze. Mito laughed and scratched her head sheepishly.

"Yeah, we just eloped. Naruto-kun offered us a wedding but we didn't want one at the moment. Were kinda busy training and all." Mito informed.

"Please you actually think I wouldn't invite you to your own daughters wedding day? I mean, I'm cold but I'm not that cold. I would at least have the decency to invite you and Minato, even though I would be totally against it. Plus Bulma is gonna want a wedding very soon." Naruto sighed, wondering how much things like this cost.

He was just grateful he knew what a wedding was. Goku on the other hand thought it was a buffet and Marriage was a type of food.

The older women calmed down, happy knowing that their daughters wedding day wasn't taken from them. Then Kushina remembered something.

"Oh right! Mikoto I wanted to come over to tell you Tsunade sensei is here." Kushina informed making Mikoto nod and Mito brighten.

"Really! Baa-chan is here?! Naruto-kun we have to go see her!" Mito stated looking excited at her husband. Naruto stared at her blankly.

"We, don't have to do anything. If you wanna go see the old hag that's fine. But me? No thanks. I rather just go back home and spar with Goku or Gohan, hell maybe even Vegeta." Naruto muttered.

"No, you're coming with me. When is the last time you saw Baa-chan or Pervy sage?" Mito asked. Naruto blinked.

"Exactly. Come on!" Mito grinned. "Mito do I have too? I'm sure Bulma or Kira don't want to go too! Can't I stay with them?" Naruto whined, making Itachi and Fugaku snicker.

'He is so whipped. The Naruto I knew would never whine. Even on his best day.' Itachi thought while Fugaku was thinking along the same lines.

"Actually Naruto-kun I don't mind seeing this Tsunade since Mito tells me lots of things about her and this Pervy sage." Bulma shrugged. Her husband gave her a deadpanned look.

"She is and old gambling Irate drunk that hides her real looks under a Genjutsu. That's all you need to know. The Pervy sage as they call him, is an old grumpy perverted old man that would ogle you and put you into his smut books in a heart beat if you give him some material." Naruto stated making everyone sweat drop who could.

"Plus I'm sure Rayna or Kira don't want to see them, right?" Naruto grinned. "Right Naruto-koi! I could care less about some old gambling big titted drunk!" Kira grinned back while Rayna just shrugged.

Mito and Sayuri bopped her on the head for her language. Kushina blinked as she looked at Naruto's other wives. Mito seemed to catch her gaze and spoke.

"Oh these are my fellow wives, but I like to call them my harem sisters. This is Bulma briefs, Rayna and Kirana Kitsune." Mito introduced. Bulma waved, Rayna nodded and Kira just turned her head away.

"And these little cuties are Trunks, Hime and Izuna." Mito introduced smiling at the babies. Kushina smiled at the babies while Mito took Hime from Mikoto since the baby girl was reaching for her.

"How old are they?" Kushina asked. Mito thought about it before answering. "About 6 or 8 months." Kushina nodded before Mito looked towards Naruto who was trying his best to stay hidden and silent.

"Come on guys lets go see Baa-chan." Mito grinned. Naruto and Kira groaned which made Mito and Rayna roll their eyes. As they walked out Bulma heard her husband mutter "I hate this place" quietly.

Bulma held his hand making him look at her only to receive a warm loving smile. Naruto smiled back before looking at Trunks who was looking around as they all walked to the Namikaze compound.

On the way to the compound Kushina started asking Mito and Sayuri about earth and what they have been up too. Rayna was having a conversation with a moping Kira, who, like her husband, hated this place also.

As they entered the gate Naruto's wives noticed him tense a bit and a cold dark aura coming from him. However his children weren't affected by it at all. Kushina also noticed Naruto's impassive look and it reminded her of the family pictures.

The group of people walked in and heard Jiraiya talking to what they guessed was Minato in the kitchen. Kushina led most of the group to the kitchen not paying attention to Naruto and his wives save for Mito and Sayuri who didn't take a step further and just sat down in the living room.

Bulma sat next Naruto and looked around the house, noting how nice it looked. Kira flopped on the single chair and took out her android that she bought one time at the mall and started playing solitaire.

Rayna just looked at the pictures in the living room, noting how her love was not smiling in any of them.

Said blonde Saiyan just played with trunks little baby hands. It wasn't till Minato and Jiraiya ran into the room they all focused on them.

Minato was wide eyed at seeing his son as was Jiraiya who hadn't seen the boy since his 8th birthday do to him always avoiding the sannin.

Naruto stared at both of them with cold eyes. Rayna noted how his Ki was slowly rising while Kira felt him drawing on her chakra.

"Naruto." Both women called making him blink. He took a deep breath and held his head, trying to calm his rage.

"Naruto what are you doing back here?" Minato asked, secretly noting how Rayna and Kira watched him carefully.

"I'm here because your daughter wanted you to meet my children." Naruto answered in a gruff tone before clearing his throat. "Other than that I would not be here till the exams." Naruto stated.

"Kids?" Jiraiya asked. Naruto glanced at him before closing his eyes, giving a small smile as Bulma squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"Yes. Kids. This is Trunks, my oldest. Sayuri and Mito had the other two who are twins. Izuna and Hime." Naruto answered.

"Who are their parents?" Minato wondered. "Bulma is Trunks's mother. Izuna and Hime are Sayuri's children." Naruto stated making them wide eyed.

"What the hell you mean Naruto is back?!" Everyone heard Tsunade yell, coming into the room seconds later. Naruto kept silent as he saw his 'Godmother' stare at him in shock.

Mito and Sayuri came in with the others seconds later. Naruto looked around the room. They were all here. His mother and father along with his 'Godparents'. His left eye gave the smallest twitch.

"Mito. Can we leave now. They saw them, now I want to leave." Naruto stated, his tone nearly ordering. Mito looked confused as she noticed Rayna and Kira begin to shift in their seats.

"But we just got here. At least let them…" "No!" Naruto snapped, his Ki enveloping him making the Konoha ninja jump back a bit. By this time Bulma took Trunks away from Naruto while Rayna walked over to him.

"Naruto-kun you need to calm down okay? No one is going to hurt you. Please." Rayna pleaded. Naruto stared at her blankly before standing. He leaned down and kissed Trunks's forehead before doing the same with his other two children.

"I can't stay here. Kira are you coming?" Naruto asked. The Bijuu woman glanced at Rayna then Sayuri. Both nodded slowly. She nodded and stood up, walking over to him.

"I'll see you all later. Namikaze's." Naruto smiled at his wives then glared at said clan before pushing two fingers to his head and held Kira's hand before they disappeared.

Mito sighed as she sat down. "What just happened? Where did Naruto go?" Mikoto asked. Sayuri spoke instead of the Uzumaki girl.

"Naruto-kun had to go blow off some steam. Being in the same room as all of you makes him act on his Saiyan rage. The light that surrounded him, was him calling his Ki." Sayuri explained.

"But we didn't do anything?" Minato stated.

"It doesn't matter. Naruto-kun didn't want to come back to this planet in the first place. He didn't care if his children met their grandparents or not. He hates all of you besides the Uchiha's." Rayna spoke.

"Well he needs to get over it. Naruto needs to stop acting like a moody emo and let the past be the past." Tsunade stated angrily. Suddenly all four wives of Naruto snapped.

"Let the past be the past?" Mito asked as she stood and glared at Tsunade. "You all made his life here hell! How is he supposed to let that go without killing you all? If we weren't here Naruto would have killed you all." Mito stated.

"No it doesn't matter if we were here. Naruto would have killed you either way. What stopped him was his children. You can't simply tell someone to get over their past and expect them too." Rayna stated.

"Naruto-kun has been fine before coming here. He hasn't been a moody emo as you put it Tsunade! When Dan and Nawaki died did you get over it?!" Sayuri yelled making Tsunade look away.

"That's what I thought." Sayuri stated before she took a deep breath and walked over to her silent family and hugged each of them.

"I will be back when the exams start. Hime-chan Izuna-kun, say bye bye." Sayuri smiled. Hime clapped her hands while Izuna just looked confused with his wide eyes.

Mikoto smiled before kissing her grandchildren's heads and kissing Sayuri's.

"Please take care of my grandbabies, and watch your husband." Mikoto warned. Sayuri nodded with a smile. "See ya later, foolish little sister." Itachi smirked. Sayuri rolled her eyes before her father spoke.

"Take care Sayuri. And I expect to see a great match when you return." Fugaku stated. Sayuri nodded with a grin before turning to Rayna and Bulma.

"Were going home Mito." Rayna stated. Mito nodded. She was angry at Tsunade but she wanted to spend time with her parents, it felt so long since she's seen them after all.

"Alright." Rayna then opened a portal and followed Bulma and Sayuri inside before it closed.

Mito sighed before looking at Minato and Kushina who seemed to be conversing to themselves. Jiraiya was trying to calm an Irate Tsunade down.

"Were leaving as well Kushina. See you later Mito." Mikoto smiled as she hand her husband and son left the compound. Mito waved as they left before turning to her parents.

"Mito, how has Naruto been? He left so early that we couldn't ask him." Minato stated. Mito sighed once more before answering.

"He's been happy for the most part." She answered. "Does he really hate us?" Kushina asked. Mito gave her a deadpanned look.

"He sincerely hates you. It took Rayna and Goku everything they had to convince Naruto not to destroy Elum as a whole. It was bad enough Kira was trying to convince him otherwise." Mito muttered.

"Who is Goku?" Jiraiya asked. "Goku is a good friend of ours and a protector of earth." Mito replied. Minato sighed before asking another question.

"Mito, has Naruto always been that angry with us? So much that he would destroy a planet?" Minato asked. She nodded quickly.

"Yes. Naruto has no qualms about destroying Elum. He honestly cares nothing for the people here minus Mikoto and her family and maybe Anko. Everyone else can perish in the flames." Mito shrugged.

"How can we make it up to him? To show him that we are truly sorry and we do love him." Kushina wondered. Mito shook her head.

"Besides bowing down to him and allowing him to kill you? Not a damn thing. Don't get me wrong, Naruto-kun has tried over and over again in forgetting you." Mito stated.

"Don't you mean forgive?" Tsunade asked.

"No, forgetting. He doesn't want to forgive you, he wants to wipe his memory clean of you. This whole planet, but he thinks if he does that, he will lose his drive.

His past here is everything that makes him who he is. His hate for you, made him strong. It made him a Super Saiyan. Naruto-kun is the most strongest person in the universe with Goku right behind him. No one can match him at this point in time." Mito explained.

"I highly doubt that. Sure he's strong, but the strongest in the universe? Impossible." Tsunade scoffed. Mito looked at her before her hair floated a bit then flashed gold while her eyes flashed teal. A yellow flame like aura surrounded her.

"Right now I am a Super Saiyan which is the first stage. I can beat all of you easily without breaking a sweat. Naruto-kun has mastered this, able to wipe out this village in a matter of seconds.

Beyond this, is Super Saiyan 2. Naruto-kun has also mastered this. After is Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4, both of which Naruto has achieved.

Naruto can wipe out this planet as a Super Saiyan three. He is also the only Saiyan in known history to achieve this state." Mito lectured before her hair died down to its normal red.

"There are also non super Saiyans who are able to defeat you easily. One is a namekian called Piccolo, he will be able to Madara Uchiha and the Shodaime Hokage easily." Mito informed.

The adults were in shock. Earth had such strong fighters and Naruto was the most strongest? Madara Uchiha and The Shodaime were legends!

And the way Mito described her brother made it sound like they were just bugs to him. And it was true. Those so called Legends are nothing but bugs to Naruto.

The for about an hour Mito talked about as much as she could with the Namikaze's. It wasn't till Naruto came to pick her up did she leave. The blonde Saiyan said nothing to them. He completely ignored them as if they didn't even exist.

Mito said goodbye to her parents and godparents before leaving with a stoic Naruto. That night Naruto didn't say much to her much to her disappointment. But she realized that Sayuri was getting the same treatment. They knew what he was doing was fair considering they forced him into doing something he didn't want to do.

The next morning was different. Naruto felt much better, his anger was gone and he felt happy but he also knew today was a serious day. Why? Because today were the Cell games.

Those few hours Naruto and his family spent in Elum were about 5 days in Earth time. It's also one of the main reasons Naruto was pissed at Mito and Sayuri.

Because they wasted precious time he could have been spending with his kids and wives to only be in the presence of the people Naruto hated more than Cell.

The blonde opened his eyes and looked around him to see what was going on. Kira was on his right, her head buried in the crook of his neck. Bulma was on his left, her hand on his chest. Rayna was on top of him while Sayuri and Mito were in their old rooms.

Izuna was sleeping with his mother while Hime slept with Mito and Trunks slept with them. He was on the left side of Naruto above his head laying on the pillow with a binky in his mouth.

Naruto noted how his wives were only in there undergarments. Kira wore black lacy bra and panties, Bulma wore sky blue and Rayna wore red. He shook his head at their attire before shrugging and tried getting up but found out he couldn't. The each had a tight grip on him.

Naruto managed to substitute himself with a clone. As he put on some sweat pants he noticed Trunks was up and was yawning. Naruto smiled and swooped him up.

"Hey lil man." Naruto grinned as Trunks laughed but Naruto put his finger to his lips and shhd him. Trunks cocked his head to the side before giving a slight nod.

Naruto smiled and walked out the room quietly and went to go see if Hime or Izuna was awake. He surprised to see they weren't which was unusual considering they woke up earlier than Trunks by about an hour or so.

Shrugging to himself he went down stairs to fix him and Trunks something to eat. The blonde went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Both Saiyans looked into the fridge to find something to eat then looked at each other.

Naruto grinned which made Trunks grin and they pulled out Instant Ramen cups.

About 20 minutes later Bulma woke up to check on her son and noticed he was not in bed anymore. She looked to her husband to see he was still asleep and panicked.

Jumping out of bed she threw on a robe and ran downstairs to see about 10 empty ramen cups, littered all over the table and counter.

Sitting at the table was Naruto who was spoon feeding Trunks his third helping of Ramen.

"Naruto? What are you doing up so early?" Bulma asked. Said blonde looked up to his wife and smiled. "Well I kinda got hungry and woke up. By the time I was about to leave Trunks woke up too so we came down for some breakfast." Naruto shrugged.

Bulma picked up a empty ramen cup and gave him a mild glare. "So you eat Instant Ramen?" She asked. Naruto shrugged before answering.

"Can't go wrong with Ramen. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Right Trunks?" Naruto smiled at his son making him laugh and clap his hands.

"You know Trunks can't eat stuff like that." Bulma reminded. "I know. I made some for myself and Trunks wanted to try some so I let him have some. This is his third helping. It's kinda scary." Naruto chuckled nervously.

Bulma sighed with a small smile on her face before she sat down next to Naruto. The blonde teen sighed and sat back as Trunks ate the Ramen he just gave.

Bulma seemed to notice Naruto's strange behavior and asked him about it.

"Something wrong Naruto-kun?" The blonde shook his head.

"No not really. I'm thinking about how were gonna beat Cell. Were all supposed to meet up in like an hour." Naruto commented. Bulma nodded before she kissed his cheek.

"I'm sure everything will be fine. Just give him a good ass kicking and come back home." Bulma grinned. Naruto smiled and nodded.

"Right. But, I want Mito and the others to stay home. If push comes to shove I want you guys to leave earth and go to Elum." Naruto stated seriously. Bulma widened her eyes before standing up.

"Stop worrying! You're strong enough to beat Cell! You can become a Super Saiyan four and wipe him out. There is no way I'm going to that planet without you." Bulma declared.

Naruto was quiet staring at Trunks who stared at his mother curiously. He nodded with a sigh.

"Fine. I'll beat him then come back. Then we most likely won't have to worry about Earth being threatened or anything like that. I hope." Naruto muttered.

"Thank you. Sheesh, whats with you Saiyans and being so negative." Bulma grumbled and sat back down. Naruto looked at her strangely.

"I'm not negative just being real. If anything, Piccolo is the most negative. I think it goes with his green skin." Naruto shrugged making Bulma shake her head.

As time went by each member of Naruto's family woke up. Mito and Sayuri were happy to see Naruto was not acting so cold to them anymore, while Rayna and Kira were happy that things were back to normal, well as normal could be for them.

However Naruto's first two wives were furious when their husband told them they weren't coming along to help fight against Cell. Rayna stated she could handle herself while Kira didn't want Naruto to fight alone.

His argument was he wasn't alone and he knew Rayna could handle herself. He just didn't want them being caught up in things like this. Naruto wanted all of them to stay safe and watch the kids.

When 18 finally woke up she declared she was going because she wanted to save 17. Naruto couldn't really fight against her so he said whatever.

The blonde Saiyan also informed that Chi-Chi, Ox king, Roshi and the other fighters were going to stay at the house also. It was Goku and Piccolo's idea to which Naruto agreed too.

Bulma also wanted her parents to come over also and Naruto had no problem with that.

Currently Naruto was getting ready. He wore Orchre pants with a black Gi and black boots. Over his waist was white sash. He also wore short orange and black gauntlets. On the back of his Gi was the Kanji Shinobi in Orange writing.

Naruto grinned at his attire before Mito walked in. "Naruto-kun, Trunks is here." Mito informed. Naruto looked over his shoulder and nodded.

"Alright I'm on my way." Naruto stated, turning around to show his form to her. Mito blushed lightly before walking up to him and giving him a hug.

"I'm sorry for forcing you. I just thought it would be good to see them since it felt so long since I have." Mito apologized. Naruto hugged her back and kissed her forehead.

"I'm not mad at you Mito-chan. I'm mad at myself and at them. I can't stand being in the same room as them. For a moment I felt like Broly." Naruto muttered. Mito giggled before taking his lips in her own.

Naruto kissed her back and squeezed her ass making her jump a bit. She pulled away and gave him a mild glare.

"What was that for?" Mito demanded. The blonde shrugged with a smirk.

"Just felt like it. What are you gonna do about it?" Naruto grinned before he kissed her forehead and left the room. Mito huffed before following him downstairs.

When Naruto came down he saw Trunks playing with Izuna and Hime while Bulma was rocking Trunks to sleep. Rayna was in the kitchen making a sandwich while Kira was on the couch watching T.v.

"Yo Trunks." Naruto greeted. The Teen from the future looked up and smiled at his father.

"Hey dad, where did you get those clothes?" Trunks asked. Naruto shrugged. "King Kai. He gave them to me since Goku didn't want them." Naruto answered.

He noted that Trunks was wearing The Saiyan armor Bulma made for him personally. But he was only wearing the top half the bottom was just grey pants along with black boots, his sword was strapped at his side. His hair was also let down instead of in a ponytail.

"Alright, I guess were ready to go. Do you remember where Goku said to meet him?" Naruto wondered. Trunks nodded and stood.

"He said we were gonna leave together since he is bringing ChiChi and Ox king." Trunks answered. Naruto nodded before looking around for 18 who came down stairs.

Instead of wearing her usual attire she wore a black long sleeved shirt but the sleeves were with stripes. She also wore blue jeans and with boots.

"Hey guys!" Everyone blinked to see Goku, Gohan and Chichi suddenly appear in the living room. Izuna apparently thought it was cool because he started clapping and laughing.

"Goku, who gave you persmission to just transport in here?" Bulma asked making the Saiyan scratch his head sheepishly.

"Hehe Sorry. I just thought it would be faster." Goku shrugged. Naruto shook his head with a sigh.

Goku was wearing his usual outfit but was in Super Saiyan. Gohan wore an outfit like Piccolo's, cape and all and he was also in super Saiyan.

"I'm guessing were ready to go. I'm surprised Roshi isn't here yet." Naruto muttered before turning to his wives.

"I'll be back guys, love ya." Naruto grinned kissing each of them. Rayna was giving him the cold shoulder a bit but accepted his kiss while Kira tried to pull him in a heated make out session. But a clearing of throat from Mito and Sayuri made her blush in embarrassment.

Naruto kissed Hime, Izuna and the sleeping baby trunks on the forehead before he left with the other 3 Saiyans and Android.

"Father what's the plan?" Trunks asked as the group flew. Naruto shrugged before giving a quick glance to Goku who caught it and gave a quick short nod.

"Don't know. But what I do know is I'm going first. Still need to pay the bastard back for absorbing me." Naruto stated. Goku chuckled before speaking.

"Well then I'll go after you. I want to see how strong he is." The man grinned in joy. Naruto and Gohan sighed as they flew.

The blonde glanced to 18 who seemed in deep thought. He looked forward and gave a small smile.

"We'll save him 18. Don't worry." Naruto stated. 18 snapped out of her own musings and looked surprised at him.

"What?" She asked. Naruto looked at her and grinned. "We'll save him. He's really important to you right? So if he is important to you then he's important to me. I won't let you down." Naruto stated.

18 smiled and gave a nod before turning forward, more at ease. Trunks observed how his Father acted around the android who in his time was pure evil and gave a small smile.

'Mother was right. Dad does have that ability to change people.' Trunks thought as Naruto was suddenly hit by an idea.

"Hey you guys got Dende to remodel Shenron right?" Naruto asked. Goku and Gohan nodded. "How many wishes can he grant?" Naruto wondered.

"He can only grant two wishes." Gohan answered. Naruto nodded before turning to Trunks.

"Trunks do you think by going to your time with the dragon balls I'll be able to make a wish?" Naruto asked.

"I think it's possible, since Dende would be alive." A voice answered. Everyone looked up to see Piccolo flying above them before he came down a bit to match with them.

"So it would work then. I'll have to ask Kaa-chan if she can take me." Naruto muttered. Trunks looked confused before he asked his Dad what was on his mind.

"Dad why do you need to come to my time?" Trunks wondered. Naruto smiled before answering.

"Because Trunks. I'm gonna make sure everyone the androids killed in your time is revived." Naruto stated shocking the others greatly.

Trunks grinned at Naruto before they all rushed to get to Cell's arena. As they approached they caught sight of Vegeta, Yamach and Tien.

"Yo guys!" Goku greeted as they touched base. They all turned to the man and greeted them.

"What took you fools so long?" Vegeta snorted. "Well…" Naruto was about to start when Yamacha cut him off.

"We don't want to know." Naruto grinned at him before looking towards the middle of the arena where Cell stood. Both met eyes and smirked.

"Yo!" Krillin grinned as he appeared. They greeted him too before they noticed a plane or some kind of blimp above them with a screen.

"What the hell?" Naruto muttered, squinting his eyes. Suddenly on the screen a picture of a Grinning Hercule giving the victory sign appeared.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I Hercule Satan have come to defeat Cell!" A voice declared. The door opened and a rope was let loose and a group of people slid down the rope.

The Z-fighters watched with confused looks as Hercule and the announcer introduced each one of them.

"They're not serious are they?" Krillin asked with a groan. Naruto rolled his eyes muttering how he hated the Media.

After five minutes Cell took inhaled deeply before exhaling and stepping forward.

"It's nice to see you all showed up. I would be surprised if you didn't. Now who would like to go first to face me?" Cell grinned evilly.

"That would be me!" One of Hercules apprentices stated, his name was Caroni and he looked pretty girly. Naruto thought he was Gay while Vegeta wanted to kill him.

The Z-fighters and every person viewing this on Tv was forced to watch as each person was easily beaten by cell. Cell seemed Annoyed and focused his attention back on the Z-fighters.

"Alright, now that the pests are out of the way, who will be going first?" Cell wondered. Naruto glanced at Piccolo who smirked with a nod.

His eyes flashed and the Camera suddenly burst into flames. Naruto nodded in satisfaction before he stepped up the ring.

"Good luck Naruto." Gohan smiled. Naruto nodded. "Don't kill him out right. Let us have a chance to beat him." Vegeta smirked. Naruto smirked back before he faced Cell.

"So you are going first then? I suspected for Goku to go first but you will do. What makes you think you can beat me, Naruto." Cell asked smugly.

"You only got the chance to absorb me because I was sick. I'm 3 times more powerful now." Naruto smirked before his Ki erupted around him, making him a Super Saiyan.

Cell smirked before he let his Ki burst also. Naruto got into his fighting stance while Cell eyed him carefully.

"It seems the blonde fighter and Cell are about to begin! I highly doubt that This man can do any damage to Cell since our hero, Hercule couldn't do anything at all." The Announcer stated, but the Z-fighters ignored him as they felt Naruto and Cell's Ki still rising.


In a blink of an eye both Fighters disappeared from sight only leaving a trail of dust and a small gust of wind behind.

The announcer and the now awake Hercule along with his apprentices were looking everywhere for Naruto and Cell. The glanced over to the Z-fighters who were calm and darting their eyes around.

"Naruto is really kicking ass." Yamacha smirked. "It's only a warm up. Things have just started after all." Piccolo commented just as the two reappeared in the middle of the arena, their fists smashed against each other and both smirking madly.

"You're better than last time, Naruto." Cell spoke. "Like I said, I was sick but now I'm not so I can now properly kick your ass!" Naruto yelled as he quickly ducked low and gave a sweep kick to Cell's legs.

The Android barely tripped and steadied himself before flipping back and delivering a kick to Naruto's chin sending him back.

As Cell flipped back he finished his hand signs and blew out long wild stream of fire.

"Fire style: Dragon flame bomb!" Naruto was surprised by this and went through his own hand signs.

"Water style: Water wall!" A large wall of water appeared and blocked off the stream of fire, creating mist.

Vegeta, Yamacha and Krillin were confused in what techniques Cell and Naruto were using. Tien also was curious but kept his face calm.

"I'm surprised Cell was able to excute Naruto-nii's jutsu." Gohan muttered getting a nod from Goku. Trunks grunted in annoyance. While Piccolo eyed Naruto who had a frown on his face.

"How the hell were you able to you my jutsu?" Naruto wondered. Cell grinned and answered smugly.

"I had two weeks to go through all the information I obtained from absorbing you. You losers weren't the only ones training. For example…" Cell quickly went through hand signs before clapping his hands.

"Ninja style: Giant meteor crash!" Cell yelled out surprising Naruto. The blonde Saiyan looked up as the clouds were beginning to twist.

Suddenly a Very large Meteor engulfed in flames was making it's way down to earth, directly at Naruto.

"What is he doing?!" Tien yelled out as he and the other Z-fighters were also shocked.

"He'll destroy the…" Krillin was interrupted when they heard a buzzing sound.

"Kaaa-meee-haa-meee-haaaa!" Naruto yelled shooting the thick large blue beam of energy at the meteor. Cell grunted before charging at Naruto. The blonde glanced at the oncoming Cell while grunting in annoyance.

"Susanoo!" Naruto growled out as golden samurai spirit appeared around Naruto. The warrior was wearing Samurai armor similar to Madara and Hashirama. It's hair was long and spiky like Madara's but was glowing gold while having lightning spark around it's body, indicating it was in Super Saiyan 3.

The warrior's left arm was looking like a shield. (Imagine Chad's shield arm.) While in it's right hand was Tensa Zangetsu. Covering the lower half of it's face was a mask, it's eyes were a pupil-less teal. From behind, thrashing around were nine fox like tails.

Cell along with all viewers were very surprised by this mysterious being. As the Android charged at Naruto, his Susanoo blocked Cell off before brining down his sword in order to kill Cell. But the green android transported away so he was a safe distance.

Satisfied, Naruto poured more energy to blast away the meteor. The Z-fighters and others watched as the Meteor exploded into tiny shards and shooting across the sky as shooting stars.

Naruto sighed before turning to Cell, and dispelling Susanoo. No one noticed the 3 tomoes on the back of his neck disappear also.

"Alright, I'll admit, you surprised me with that. But now I'm done with my warm up. Can we start the fight now?" Naruto smirked getting a nod from Cell.

Naruto smirked and powered up some more, using his full power as a Super Saiyan. Naruto got into Kame stance which Cell recognized Goku do all the time.

Cell got into his own stance and prepared himself. Without a word Naruto and Cell charged at each other with their own battle cry and crashed their forearms together while glaring at each other.

2 seconds later of pushing each other the two pulled back and begun trading blows at a fast speed while making sonic booms every now and then.

They ended with Naruto and Cell punching each other's jaw. The two leaped back and flew into the air where they disappeared from sight once more.

Naruto's house

Back with the others in the blonde Saiyans house sat Naruto's wives, Roshi, Puar, Oolong, Chiaotsu, Chichi, Ox king and the witch Baba.

The children were playing with Bulma's parents who were a little away from the crowd.

The crowd were huddled together watching Baba's crystal ball. Mito, Sayuri, and Kira were very surprised to see Cell pull out jutsu, while Sayuri was shocked to see her husband use a technique only those with the Mangekyou Sharingan could do, the Susanoo.

"Man Naruto is pretty tough." Oolong spoke with Puar and Chiaotsu nodding in agreement.

Naruto's wives were surprised when they could feel his Ki from here, meaning he was using a large amount but didn't do a dent to his reserves.

Cell Arena

"Gah!" Naruto yelled as he struck Cell in the face before delivering a barrage of fists to his chest before Kneeing his chin and giving a spin kick to his head, making the android go flying.

The blond panted as he touched back down to the ground and watch Cell glare at him from above.

"That's it! I've had enough!" Cell yelled. Naruto smirked before speaking in a smug tone.

"What's wrong Cell? Finally figured out that I am strong enough to kill you? I warned you what would happen after I got out that stink pit you called a stomach. But I've had enough for now. So I'm gonna let someone else fight who is stronger than Goku can beat you. He just doesn't know it yet." Naruto smirked.

Cell raised a brow before looking at the Z-fighters and spoke.

"Who is this mystery fighter of yours that is stronger than Goku. Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks? Hehe Krillin?" Cell joked, making Krillin grumble. Yamach gave the bald man put a hand on his shoulder.

"Bottom line there is no one here besides you and Goku who can probably beat me and save the earth. So tell me who is he!" Cell barked.

"All right then. The person who can beat you and is stronger than Goku is…" Naruto turned around and smiled at the person before he spoke again. "You, Gohan."

"WHAT?!" Vegeta and Chichi yelled in outrage. Piccolo blinked in confusion.

'Is he trying to get Gohan killed? He can't beat Cell!' The namek thought and glanced over to Goku who was smiling.

"Wha? Me? I can't beat Cell." Gohan proclaimed. Cell was agreeing with him by saying,

"The boy is right! He can't beat me! Do you want me to destroy the earth and end your pitiful lives?! If you give up then Goku will fight me! He is the real reason I did this tournament!" Cell informed with a smirk.

"Sorry Cell, but I decline to fight. I agree with Naruto on this one. Gohan, you can do it son. We believe in you." Goku smiled as Naruto powered down and walked back to the group.

"Are you two stupid?! You're gonna decide the fate of the world on a child?! I should blow it up now!" Cell yelled in outrage.

"Fuck you Cell! This tournament isn't over! So let Gohan fight!" Naruto yelled back. Goku ignored them and talked with Gohan.

"You can do it son, I know you can." Goku smiled while Piccolo growled and glared at Goku and Naruto.

"Goku stop this! Think about what you're saying! Think about what is going to happen if you maintain this course of action! If Gohan fights with Cell he's going to die!" Piccolo yelled.

"You're doubting him. You don't think Gohan is strong enough to take Cell?" Naruto asked with a raised eye brow.

"That's exactly what I'm saying! Yes we have been training but the only ones who can take on Cell is you and Goku!" Piccolo shot.

"Listen, Gohan has a power hidden within him that you or I can even begin to Imagine. Naruto has seen it as well, I mean just think about it.

Don't you think it's a little strange that he has been keeping up with the rest of us since he was just a little boy? I remember back at his age, I wasn't half as strong as he is." Goku smiled gently.

"Well that's all good and well Kakarot but what if this power you say Gohan has doesn't come out! Your son would have died for nothing!" Vegeta mentioned.

"Listen fools, you're just gonna have to trust us. Plus I think it's time Gohan puts his new strength to the test. And what better way than fighting Cell? Sayians get stronger every time they fight a stronger opponent right? That means Gohan will just get stronger." Naruto shrugged.

"Plus I wouldn't do this if I knew he wasn't going to win." Goku added. Gohan looked down with a worried expression on his face before Goku walked to him.

"Look at me son. Do you think it was hard to keep up with Naruto and Cell? I mean were they ever moving to fast for you to keep up?" Goku asked. Gohan shook his head.

"No I could see it all. But that was only because Naruto and Cell were outputting a lot of power. I'm sure if Naruto and Cell…"

"I wasn't holding back Gohan." Naruto stated making everyone look at him with a deadpanned expression. Naruto scratched his head sheepishly before speaking.

"I mean I was going full power as just a Super Saiyan. I was giving it my all, and I'm sure Cell was too. But you were comparing the energy you sensed from me to your own." Naruto grinned.

Piccolo's eyes widened before he asked, "Is this true Gohan?" Piccolo asked looking back from Naruto and the boy. Gohan gave a short nod.

"Yes." Gohan muttered quietly as Naruto smirked. "See, we all know I have a lot of power in general. But the fact that Gohan's power is higher than mine at a full power Super Saiyan means something right?" Naruto asked.

'This is impossible! He is just a child! How can his power be more than the fools?!' Vegeta thought.

"Any day now." Cell spoke in an annoyed tone. Goku looked back at Gohan and smiled.

"Whaddaya say son? Go out there and win this for us." Goku grinned. Gohan looked at his father then at Naruto who gave a wry smile with a nod.

Gohan took a deep breath before opening his eyes and nodding. "Okay dad, I'll do it." Gohan stated, getting a worried name call from Krillin, a growl from Vegeta and from Chichi…

Naruto's house

"GOKU! HOW COULD YOU PUT OUR SON OUT THERE YOU MONSTER!" Chichi screamed as she was thrashing around, her father trying to calm her down.

Bulma sighed while Rayna just scowled. 'How could you do this Naruto-kun? Why would you put Gohan out like that?' Rayna demanded inwardly.

Naruto's wives wondered why they didn't tell Chichi but couldn't find the answer. It was unknown to them Naruto completely erased it from there memories. Even Kira.

"Naruto-baka is so gonna get it when he comes home! How can he just do that?" Mito growled while Sayuri shook her head. Kira was the most quiet since she wondered why she couldn't remember anything pertaining to the situation.

Cell arena

Gohan threw off his cape and flew down to the ground and stepped up to the arena and stared at Cell who was gazing back.

"How absurd. Putting the world into a childs hands." Cell muttered with a smirk then shrugged. "Whatever, if they want the world to end then who am I to say no?"

Naruto's eye twitched in annoyance.

"Hey Krillin got any of those Senzu beans?" Goku asked. Krillin looked up and nodded. "Yeah, here ya go. But what do you need it for?" Krillin asked, handing him the bean.

Naruto raised a brow in wonder too. "Hey Cell, catch!" Goku yelled throwing the Senzu bean to Cell who caught it easily. Naruto and the other Z-fighters eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO?!" Naruto demanded, showing everyone that this was a shock to him also. Goku grinned at him before he explained his reasonings.

"Well Naruto you beat up Cell pretty bad. Need him to be in tip top shape if he is gonna go up against Gohan." Goku stated. Naruto blinked in confusion before bonking Goku on the head.

"You idiot! There was a reason I beat up Cell like that in the first place! Now you just went in healed his wounds. Great." Naruto grumbled as Goku rubbed his head.

Cell laughed at Goku before speaking. "Thank you Goku for this. Your over confidence in your son will be your downfall, I will sure see to that." Cell smirked before popping the bean into his mouth, healing his wounds and restoring his energy.

"GRAAAAHH!" Cell yelled as his aura surrounded him. Naruto growled in annoyance, not seeing any wounds he inflicted on the android at all.

"So child are you ready?" Cell asked. Krillin got worried and turned to his friends.

"Guys, we have to get Gohan out of there." The bald man stated. Piccolo shook his head.

"I'm afraid it's too late for that Krillin." Piccolo stated as Gohan powered up also, causing a strong gust of wind to blow, Naruto stared stoically with his arms crossed with Goku beside him who watched with a smile.

"Father do you think this is a good idea? Should we really bet on Gohan like this?" Trunks asked. Naruto nodded.

"Yes. You all can't sense it but I can. It comes with me being an Uzumaki and the Jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox. We can sense chakra and Ki to a deeper extent than what you can. I, my mother, and the last clan head of our clan, Mito Uzumaki, are chakra sensors." Naruto explained then narrowed his eyes.

"When I started training Gohan, I was able to sense his power. If I recall, Krillin and Gohan went to go see the namek elder Guru to unlock your hidden potential right?" Naruto asked.

Krillin nodded. "Thought so. To tell the truth. Guru barely scratched the surface of Gohan's power. Gohan has way more power than that. Becoming a Super Saiyan only increased how deep he was going.

I told my wives a week ago or so, that Gohan has hidden potential, a lot of hidden potential. This hidden potential of his, can most likely equal my Super Saiyan 3 state." Naruto stated shocking them besides Goku who knew of this.

"That's not possible. No kid should have that much power!" Vegeta stated. Naruto smirked.

"It's very possible. I'm sure with enough training and a strong enough drive, Gohan might also become a Super Saiyan three." Naruto stated before focusing his attention to the upcoming fight.

"This is amazing." Piccolo stated in awe as he could feel Gohan's ki rising, already passing Naruto's Super Saiyan power. Vegeta was at a loss for words while Goku maintained his smile.

Cell was in thought also as he watched Gohan. 'Perhaps there is more to this boy than I thought.'

Everyone besides Naruto and Goku were now at a complete loss. Rayna, and the others who could sense Ki were also at a loss.

'Gohan he is more far more stronger, than anyone ever imagined.' Naruto thought, as a smirk tugged at his lips.

Gohan stared at Cell seriously before speaking. "Okay Cell. I'm ready."

"Gohan, I hope you are ready. Because you won't be getting a second chance." Piccolo stated in worry as Cell smirked.

"Well perhaps Naruto wasn't entirely bluffing about your strength. But it was a bit exaggeration to say that you were stronger than me, but I'm just gonna let that slide." Cell stated as he flew down behind Gohan.

The Saiyan boy glanced behind him before turning around and setting into his stance.

"I must say you are quite brave and loyal. Not most son's would willingly die fighting their fathers battles. Your devotion is really most admirable." Cell chuckled before he rushed at Gohan and gave a kick.

Gohan blocked it with his left arm before Cell gave another kick and he blocked it with his right. Cell then started delivering a barrage of his fists at Gohan who dodged and blocked every single one till the android flew over him.

Cell then came back trying to deliver a low kick but Gohan jumped in to the air as Cell came at him. The android then came back to where Gohan jumped and chased after him into the air.

Cell passed by Gohan before giving a yell and transported in front of him and gave a kick but Gohan was fast enough to move out the way.

The boy flew back to the ground and stared back at Cell while Goku cheered for him. Vegeta and Piccolo wore grim looks while Naruto still had a small smirk on his face.

Cell came crashing down at Gohan who flew to the sky. But Cell surprised him by teleporting in front of him and started trying to hit him again. Gohan was able to focus once more and evaded his opponents hits.

The two leaped back and gazed at each other. A smirk made it's way on Cells lips before he spoke.

"You're pretty fast aren't you? What do you say we kick things up a notch or two?" Cell smiled before going through hand signs in a blur making Naruto narrow his eyes, his smirk gone.

"Fire style: Flame flower jutsu!" Cell yelled as he flew higher into the sky and flipped while blowing out 3 enoourmous fire balls.

Gohan stared in surprise as the balls coated in fire flew down at him. Naruto cursed Cell to the deepest pits of hell.

'What do I do? How am I supposed to block those off? If I let them hit the ground earth might be destroyed!' Gohan thought in panic. Cell grinned as he saw Gohan go into a panic.

"See if you can dodge those boy!" Cell taunted. Naruto growled before he yelled at Gohan.

"Calm yourself Gohan! Think!" Naruto barked. Gohan snapped out of his fear then took a deep breath before getting into his kame stance.

"Ka-me-ha-me…HAA!" Gohan yelled sending out a large thick blue beam of energy towards the three balls of fire. Cell saw his chance and rushed at Gohan but was surprised when a second Gohan appeared in front of him, each hand next to each eye.

"Solar flare!" The clone yelled blinding Cell. The clone gave a ki enhanced kick to Cell's face, sending him flying before dispelling.

Gohan sighed in content as his energy blast erased the balls made of fire from existence.

Naruto sighed in relief before giving a smile. "Great job Gohan!" Naruto cheered along with Goku. The others were surprised on how Gohan handled the situation.

"YOU BRAT! HOW DARE YOU BLIND ME!" Cell yelled in out rage before he transported in front of a surprised Gohan and head butted him. Before he could go anywhere Cell grabbed Gohan by the collar and started punching in his face and chest.

Gohan could do nothing but scream in pain while Cell had a angry sneer on his face, enjoying seeing his young prey in pain.

Piccolo growled. "No this was a mistake." Krillin turned to Gohan's father and pleaded with Goku who was still smiling.

"Uh Goku, we gotta help him before it's too late." Goku ignored him as Krillin turned to a frowning Naruto.

"Naruto?" Krillin asked. "He'll be fine Krillin. Just watch." Naruto ordered calmly not knowing the worry Chichi was going through at the house.

After about two minutes of hitting Gohan repeatedly he let the boy go and kicked him in the stomach, making the boy crash to the ground.

After the dust faded away, Gohan stood and wiped the blood from his mouth then smirked at Cell. Said Android had a smile on his face before looking towards Goku and Naruto then back at Gohan.

Cell flew to the ground. "Well Gohan, I see you're ready for round two." Cell stated as Gohan got back into his stance.

"Someone please tell me we are gonna get Gohan out of there. Somebody? Anybody?" Krillin asked but no one answered. "Oh man I can't believe were just gonna sit here and watch him die!" Krillin shouted, annoying Naruto.

"Would you shut up?! If you care about saving him so much then why don't you take your short little bald ass down there and bring him up here?!" Naruto snapped making Krillin look away while everyone stared at Naruto who sighed to calm his anger.

"That's what I thought. Listen Krillin I don't like this either. But Gohan is never gonna get stronger if he is on the side lines." Naruto informed before turning back to the battle.

While back at the house Chichi started crying while Rayna and the Ox king were trying to calm her down.

"I'm ready when you are creep." Gohan stated while Cell smirked. The android then flew back into the air and launched a blast at him.

The young Saiyan jumped back ran off with Cell chasing after him. Once again Cell through a blast at him but the boy dodged once more but Cell threw another and this time Gohan was caught in the explosion and landed on the floor.

Smirking to himself, Cell went through a quick set of hand signs before blowing out a stream of fire and tried hitting Gohan with it. The boy had to roll across the floor just to get away before he jumped away.

By that time Cell had enough and threw a blast of energy at him. "Hold still!" The android yelled and kept on launching blasts at him.

But Gohan managed to dodge everyone then fly into the air. Cell laughed as he transported behind Gohan and decked him in the face before kicking him.

Transporting behind Gohan away he punched him before flying over Gohan and zooming back at him for another kick, but Gohan jumped and flew into the air.

Cell transported above Gohan and tried delivering an axe kick but Gohan blurred out of sight before appearing a couple feet away. The two then flew back to the ground and had a stare off.

Cell then ran at Gohan before transporting behind him and bringing his interlaced fists down on his head before blurring in front of him and delivering a kick to his face, making Gohan fly back with a scream of pain.

Cell then zoomed into the air and punched Gohan in the face. Cell then pointed his open palm at Gohan.

"Good fight kid. But like all things, I must say good things must come to an end." Cell stated before he launched a blast at Gohan who screamed in pain as he flew into a mountain. The boy crashed as the rocks landed on him.

"Gohan!" Piccolo yelled. "It's over. He's gone." Trunks said in disbelief. Cell turned to the two Strongest Saiyans and smirked.

"That was almost too easy. But then again, it always is." Cell laughed.

Naruto's house

Everyone was wide eyed at what they just witnessed. Suddenly ChiChi fainted making her father call her name in worry. Rayna and Bulma sighed before the latter stood and went to get her a warm towel.

"What were those two idiots thinking?" Sayuri muttered. "That's the problem they weren't!" Mito yelled irratibly. "Shut it! Gohan is still alive." Kira stated annoyed while Baba agreed with her.

"But we just saw Gohan get blasted, how is he alive?" Oolong wondered. "His energy is still pouring. It's low but it's still active." Kira answered.

Cell Arena

The namek turned to Goku and Naruto, barely able to hold in his rage.

"You fools! We told you this would happen! We told you! But you wouldn't listen to us. Well maybe you'll hear this! Gohan is dead! Goku! Your son is dead!" Piccolo yelled.

Naruto glanced at him with an annoyed look. "You done yet?" Naruto asked making Piccolo nearly lose it. "Keep your hat on Piccolo. Gohan isn't dead. His Energy is just too low for you to sense it. I would have stepped in if he was about to die." Naruto stated seriously.

"Now Naruto, Goku. It appears that I have…" "Would you shut up?! Maybe if you just looked at the pile of shitty rocks and waited a bit then you would see Gohan isn't dead." Naruto snapped at him.

Cell looked confused before turning his attention the rocks that just exploded in a flash of light. A few seconds later, it revealed Gohan who was in full Super Saiyan with rocks floating around him.

The young Saiyan calmly walked over to Cell who smirked. "Well it seems I misjudged you. Maybe you got a lot more nerve than I gave you credit for." Cell smiled.

"We don't have to do this. This fight, it's meaningless." Gohan stated getting a raised brow from Cell and Naruto.

'Way to mess up a cool entrance Gohan. You say some dumbshit like that.' Naruto muttered inwardly while Cell laughed.

"Meaningless? Oh on the contrary my dear boy, do you not realize I hold the fate of your world in my hands?" Cell asked.

"No you don't. I know that Naruto-nii will stop you before you get the chance. That is why I am saying this fight means nothing. This is just a test to my power." Gohan informed making Cell angry.

"That brat can't beat me! I am the strongest in the universe. Do you expect me to stop my cell games just because you think it's meaningless? I will destroy the earth! And there is no one who can stop me. Take that for meaning." Cell smirked, getting a tick mark from Naruto.

"I'm telling you I don't want to fight anymore Cell. Even though you're evil, I really have no desire to kill you." Gohan informed seriously.

"Whoa, check it out, Gohan looks intense. If I knew what he was saying." Krillin muttered getting a nod from Trunks. Naruto frowned.

"He's saying he doesn't want to fight, that this battle is meaningless and he doesn't want to kill Cell." Naruto informed getting everyone besides Goku's attention.

"You don't have to continue this senseless violence. You can put an end to it right now. I don't want…"

"You don't want to fight, yes I understand that. Now, correct me if I'm wrong. But did I just hear you declare to kill me? Interesting. And what makes you think you can carry out this threat?" Cell wondered.

"What is he doing?" 18 muttered to herself, making Naruto glance at her since she and 16 have been silent the whole time. She was fidgeting around, clearly nervous about something.

"Don't worry 18-chan. Like I said before, we'll save your brother, okay?" Naruto grinned. The female android noticed him and took a deep breath before sighing, wondering why she had so much trust in him. Nonetheless, she nodded with a small smile.

"Please do tell." Cell smiled evilly. Gohan remained quiet before speaking.

"I know now what Naruto and my father meant. I know now why I'm the only person besides Naruto-nii who can beat you!" Gohan glared. Cell's eye twitched at hearing Naruto's name again. He didn't know why but hearing that Naruto could actually beat him made him angry.

"Don't make me laugh. You can't touch me kid. That fool up there barely can." Cell smirked. Gohan looked down and spoke.

"No, maybe not right now. But I only think it's fair that you know what's gonna happen if you push me too far." Gohan started.

"When I was just a little boy, a Saiyan named Raditz came to earth. He was a lot like you Cell, he enjoyed hurting others. Especially my dad. Raditz continued his ruthless torture, and I had was trapped inside of his space ship. But I could still hear my father's cries." Gohan continued.

"Each time he cried out in agony, my heart cried out along with him. The pain I felt at not being able to help him was maddening. Then I snapped. The pain that I felt became so great that I lost myself in it. A serious blinding force began to surge through me. And I knew only one thing. I had to help my dad, no matter what." Gohan went on.

"That was the first time I discovered I had a hidden power. But I still had no idea where It had come from or how to use it. Fortunately those were the things Piccolo was determined to teach me. I think Piccolo recognized my power for what it was. He knew the only way it would surface was if I was faced with a crisis so great, I had no other choice but to use it." Gohan explained.

"This wasn't a voluntary decision on my part. It was more like a feeling. A gut reaction to a situation beyond my control. Once again, I lost myself, and the power emerged." Gohan informed.

"I would learn even more about my hidden abilities when we are on Namek fighting against Frieza. Krillin was hurt really bad, but I knew there was still a chance to save him. I tried to get to him as fast as I could, but before I had a chance to do anything Frieza was right there, laughing.

Krillin my friend, was sinking to the bottom of that lake, dying. And Frieza, that cold blooded monster was actually enjoying it. I couldn't control what happened next. I attacked, I didn't care that Frieza was the most powerful fighter in the universe.

I didn't care that he had the ability to destroy and entire planet with a single finger. All I knew, was that I had to help my friend. And the only way to him was through Frieza. I still don't what happened. My memories of those moments aren't really that clear. I was lost in a raging storm of emotion. Unable to control my emotions.

It's like a switch had been pulled. Something opened up inside of me and once it opened nothing could stop me from raising it to the surface. For those few moments, I was an unstoppable force. With those few moments, I was able to bring Frieza, the most powerful tyrant in the universe, crashing to his knees." Gohan finished.

"That was a long time ago. Since then, I've gotten much stronger. Naruto and my dad think I'm as strong as them. They took that into account I think. I think they realized, that if I were to be pushed to far, if I was to lose control, there is no telling how powerful I'd become. No telling what kind of damage and power that might cause." Gohan frowned as he clenched his fist.

Cell stared at Gohan, loss for words before he smirked then started laughing. Gohan was a bit put off by this and stared at Cell with confusion.

"An interesting story. But it didn't work. Well not in the way you intended. But you have given me something to work for. You see Gohan, this hidden power of yours intrigues me and now that I know about it…I'm determined to see if for my SELF!" Cell yelled as he punched Gohan away.

Cell elbowed his head and punched his gut, making Gohan fall. The android then stomped his foot on Gohan's head and started pressing down.

"Goku you can't let this go on! Cell doesn't want to fight Gohan, he wants to fight Naruto and you!" Krillin yelled. Goku ignored him and kept smiling while Naruto watched stoically.

"Goku!" Krillin called. "Don't worry Krillin, Gohan's going to win." Goku spoke before turning back to the match.

"Gohan, what's stopping you? Give into your anger, lose control! Show me your hidden power, it's the only way to save yourself!" Cell stated as he ground his foot into Gohan's head.

The boy screamed in pain as Cell continued speaking. "You stubborn child! Get mad!" Cell barked out before he picked Gohan up by the collar.

"Do you hear me?! I want you to be furious!" Cell yelled as he started bashing Gohan with his fists repeatedly. He then elbowed Gohan away before running at him and kicking him.

"Come on! Show me your power!" Cell yelled as he leaped at Gohan who jumped and kicked Cell in the face. Krillin cheered for him as Cell stood.

Some of his blood leaked from the corner of his lip. The android swiped it up and inspected it before smirking.

"Well, it seems I may get through to you after all." Cell said before he pointed his finger at him.

"Lets see if we can give your engine a jump start." The android smirked before firing pink beams at him. The boy was able to duck under one before he started evading the others.

Gohan dodged one more before Cell chased after him and grabbed him into a bear hug and started crushing him. Cell laughed while doing it.

"Think about it, a righteous way, to die! And no one can stop me! Except for you and that blonde Saiyan. But he won't be helping you any time soon, since he knows you can probably beat me. Come on! I know this hurts you! What are you waiting for?! I can hear your bones beginning to crack so if you're going to act do it now." Cell advised as Gohan kept screaming in pain.

Piccolo started growling before he glared at Goku and Naruto. "You two can keep standing there all you want but I'm going to help Gohan!" Piccolo declared.

"Fat chance. We all know that you or the others aren't strong enough to fight Cell. So unless you want to get yourself and Gohan killed I suggest you sit tight." Naruto advised, not looking up from the battle.

"Naruto is right. So wait, just a little bit longer." Goku pleaded. "For what? Till Gohan dies? Till Cell rips him to pieces?!" Piccolo shouted.

"Wait till he has no choice. And then, when Gohan is backed into a corner with no way out, he'll awaken his furious inner strength. And when that happens you watch! Gohan will break Cell down once and for all!" Goku exclaimed.

Gohan screamed a Cell tried provoking him. "That's it! Get angry! It makes you mad that you're in pain." Cell growled.

"Enough of this game Goku! You're wrong about your son. Gohan might have that power but it doesn't matter. He doesn't thirst for battle and mayhem! He's not a fighter like you and Naruto!" Piccolo stated as Goku gasped and looked surprised while Naruto spared the namek a glance.

"What the hell do you mean, Piccolo?" Naruto questioned while Piccolo turned his attention to the blonde Saiyan.

"Do you want to know what he is thinking right now? He's not thinking about strength or competition. He is wondering why his father and brother, are standing here letting him die!" Piccolo yelled at them making Goku's wide but Naruto still remained impassive before looking forward.

"Your son, might be the strongest person in the world, but he is also a scared eleven year old boy. I'd rather die, then wait!" Piccolo stated as he threw off his cape and Goku turned forward with a shocked expression.

The Saiyan turned to Naruto who was still impassive. "What should we do? Piccolo's right." Goku stated. Naruto gave a short nod.

"I agree. But we won't make any moves till Cell is open. Right now he can see us." Naruto stated. They watched as Gohan continued to be crushed by Cells bear hug. The whole time Goku watched with a shocked expression on his face before it hardened and he turned to Krillin.

"Krillin, give me a senzu bean." Goku ordered. Krillin nodded and was about to give toss it but Cell dropped Gohan to the ground making everyone freeze.

"Stubborn creature. You refuse to fight despite all the pain I inflict on you. Perhaps you'll respond better by the pain of you're dear old friends." Cell smirked.

Gohan's eyes snapped open when Cell suddenly appeared in front of Krillin making Naruto glare at the android for using Shunpo.

Cell raised his hand and snatched the Senzu bag from Krillin's hand.

"These must be the Senzu beans right? You won't mind if I take these do you?" Cell asked with his smirk still in place.

"Darn! I was too late." Goku cursed. Cell then jumped off the cliff and flew back to Gohan. After holding it in his hands Cell glanced back at them.

"With these out of the way I won't even have to fight them myself. Well not literally." Cell chuckled darkly.

"Wait what are you planning to do?!" Gohan demanded as Cell crushed the Senzu beans.

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to make you angry and bring out your full power. And if your friends end up dead then you can blame yourself for being so stubborn!" Cell sneered.

"Please don't do this! If you unleash my power I might not be able to hold back! I'll kill you!" Gohan warned making Cell laugh.

"Oh Gohan, I assure you that once I've had my fill I'll end you myself." Cell stated before turning to the Z-fighters.

"This is it. Cell is going to make his move." Naruto warned. The blonde Saiyan noticed that 18 seemed uneasy while 16 clenched his fists. His attention was drawn back to Gohan when the boy lunged at Cell only to receive a kick to the face.

"That's the spirit let your fury overcome you!" Cell grinned before he realized 16 grabbed him from behind.

"What are you doing?!" Cell asked in panic while everyone had wide eyes.

"Cell couldn't detect him because he is an android. So he snuck up from behind. Clever, but what's his game?" Naruto mused out loud.

"We've got to help him!" Trunks barked out as he and the others took a step but 16 halted them.

"No stay back, please! I will kill him by self destructing." 16 informed making Cell gasp in shock.

"Has he lost his mind?! Doesn't he remember Bulma took out his bomb along with 18's?!" Naruto asked in shock. Everyone looked at him in pure shock while 16 nearly pissed his pants from being in such a dangerous position at the minute.

"Bulma asked if 18 wanted the bomb removed and she said yes. However they also took the bomb out of you when you shut down for a reboot." Naruto explained.

Everyone blinked in confusion.

Naruto's house

"What? Is that true Bulma?" Roshi asked her and the blue headed woman nodded, everyones attention on her.

"Yeah, we figured since 18 wanted her bomb removed, 16 would want his removed also." Bulma informed.

"Well that's just great. So now how are they gonna beat Cell?" Oolong wondered. Mito and Rayna sighed in frustration.

"Damn that Naruto. He just see's this as some time of game. He can easily defeat Cell just being in Super Saiyan 2." Mito stated.

"Yeah but he wants Gohan to have the light. To see the fruit of his labor." Rayna muttered. Everyone blinked before they all sighed.

"Couldn't he just kill the thing already? I mean he is playing with the Earths life here!" Chichi stated, fully awake.

"Like I said he sees it as a game."

Cell Arena

After hearing that news, Cell laughed, his earlier panic replaced with relief. 16 was worried and a bit angry but could understand why the bomb was removed.

"Sorry 16, I'm not going anywhere. But if you have a death wish, don't let me stand in your way. In fact I'll even help you." Cell chuckled as he broke away from 16's grip and launched an energy blast where his heart was supposed to be.

Everyone gasped in shock as the android was blasted back and was destroyed into multiple pieces.

Gohan was staring in shock with a slack jaw. His friend, his recently made Android friend was just killed, blasted into pieces.

"16, his petty existence proved had his flaws." Cell stated smugly before delivering a soccer kick to 16's head.

Naruto was staring with wide anger filled eyes. His eyes were unblinking, his jaw was slightly slacked, showing his own shock on the matter. Cell just completely destroyed him, without a second thought.

This could have all been prevented if Naruto killed him when he had to the chance. Slowly, but surely, Naruto's Ki was rising, along with is instinct to Kill. But he was in too much shock to even move.

He was in to much shock to even witness and realize what was going on around him. To realize that Cell had used some kind of jutsu to create little copies of himself, calling them Cell juniors.

Cell seemed to notice Naruto was still in shock and reveled in it. So he ordered his children not to attack Naruto. Everyone tried calling Naruto's name to snap him out of his trance but it didn't work.

He was in his own self doubt. He was also a friend of 16's when spending time with Gohan and he actually enjoyed his time with the big lug. He loved earth as much as he did, and enjoyed life.

The android gave him a peaceful feeling. This could have been all avoided. The Cell games, Gohan's beating, 16's death, it could have all been avoided if Naruto killed Cell right after he returned from his fight with Broly.

But no. He saw this as a game. As entertainment. Something to amuse him while his time on earth. This was all his fault.

He wasn't aware that Gohan had finally snapped and easily dealt with the Cell juniors and was brutally toying with Cell. Everyone watched amazed at the beating Gohan was giving Cell, everyone but Naruto.

Naruto's house

The Z-fighters weren't the only ones who noticed Naruto wasn't doing anything. His wives noticed also and were worried.

"What's going on? Why isn't Naruto helping them out?" Mito wondered.

"He just froze up after seeing 16 get destroyed. Kira can you figure out what's wrong?" Rayna wondered. Kira nodded before closing her eyes and tried entering her mates mind. Not even 30 seconds later she was pushed out.

"Damn, his mind is in a whirlpool of emotions, mostly anger and regret. I'm guessing it had to do with 16 being destroyed and seeing Gohan nearly dying." Kira explained.

"Well we have to wake him up before Cell kills him!" Sayuri stated. Kira grimaced and shook her head.

"That's the problem. I can't get him up. I can't even find him. It will take awhile and try." Kira informed before they turned back to the crystal ball to see Gohan sock Cell right in the gut.

Cell's arena

"Damn you! DAMN YOU ALL!" Cell screamed before his eyes bulged and his throat expanded. Gohan just glared at Cell while the others besides Naruto wondered what was going on.

It wasn't until Cell puked 17 out that they understood what just happened. 18 was beyond shocked and shot straight for her brother with no one able to stop her.

The female android thanked Gohan before flying somewhere safe with her brother. The boy just gave a curt nod while he continued to glare at the imperfect Cell.

"Damn you child! You made me lose my perfect form! You will pay for this!" Cell yelled in outrage before he suddenly expanded making everyone but Gohan take a step back.

"What's going on?" Trunks asked. "His Ki is rising fast!" Piccolo informed.

Gohan remained unfazed as Cell began laughing. "You should show more emotion, Gohan. After all after I have exploded you, your friends and this stupid planet will be gone forever!" Cell laughed in glee as he grew some more.

That's when everyone besides Naruto, who was still frozen, gasped in shock. Gohan then gritted his teeth and tried preparing a Kamehameha, but Cell stopped him.

"No no no, Gohan. I wouldn't do that. You see I'm very easy to unsettle, and one push of anything, I might blow up!" Cell grinned. Gohan's eyes widened before he glared.

"You're bluffing!" Gohan shouted. Cell laughed some more before he answered.

"Why would I bluff about something like this? You can obviously tell my energy is rising fast and I'm ready to explode. You have about 3 minutes." Cell laughed.

'NARUTO SNAP OUT OF IT!' Kira yelled at him. Naruto blinked before his already high Ki rose even slower, he had enough to become a Super Saiyan 2 outright.

'What's going on? What happened?' Naruto wondered as he looked around. Kira sighed in relief before she answered his questions.

'You froze up after seeing Cell kill 16. You submerged yourself in regret and anger and nearly destroyed the planet. Meanwhile while you were brooding Gohan became a Super Saiyan two out of anger and started kicking Cell's ass. Cell just hocked up 17 and is about to explode.' Kira explained.

Naruto's eyes widened before he heard everyone call Goku's name in confusion. The blonde Saiyan wondered what was going on and looked to his friend.

"Goku what are you doing?" Krillin asked. "I'm gonna take Cell out of here. Away from earth. It's the only way." Goku smiled sadly.

"What the fuck you mean the only way?! Just blast his fat ass out of here!" Naruto yelled making everyone turn their heads at him in surprise.

"So you finally stopped brooding." Vegeta smirked. "Shut up prince of 2!" Naruto snapped before turning to Goku.

"I have no other choice. You, Gohan and the rest of you can protect earth now. Goodbye, my friends." Goku smiled before he transported over to Cell and Gohan.

"GOKU!" Krillin screamed. Naruto tried moving but he couldn't. His legs were tense and were still trying to unwind that tension.

'Damn it!' Naruto thought before he looked up to Goku.

"Goku?!" Cell called in surprise. "D-dad?" Gohan blinked. Goku smiled at his son and rubbed his head.

"You did great son, I'm proud of you. I'm gonna take Cell out of here and it will be your job to protect earth, with Naruto's help of course. I need you to take care of your mother for me, I love you both." Goku grinned before glaring at Cell.

"Lets go Cell." Goku ordered sternly right before he used Instant transmission. That was when Naruto was about to stop him but he promptly skidded to a halt.

"Damn it! GOKU YOU ASS! YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM TO ELUM!" Naruto yelled out.

King Kai's planet

King Kai's eyes widened when he saw what Goku was doing. His head snapped to his right to see Goku and a ready to detonate Cell.

"Goku! Why did you bring him here?!" King Kai demanded. Goku laughed and scratched the back of his head sheepishly while Cell looked shocked.

"Sorry King Kai, this was the only place I could think of." Goku stated right before Cell bellowed at a no and exploded. Killing everyone on King Kai's little planet.

Cells arena

Gohan just realized what his father did and he was angry. He was angry at himself. The boy punched the ground while tears streamed out his eyes.

"Father." Gohan cried while Naruto gritted his teeth. Another one of his friends gone because of his arrogance. If anything, Naruto started to have dark thoughts again when Kira yelled at him.

'NO MORE EMO THOUGHTS!' Kira screamed making Naruto jump and scratch the back of his head with a sigh. He looked towards Gohan with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry Gohan. This is all my fault." Naruto muttered but Gohan shook his head.

"No it wasn't. If I just finished Cell off instead of played with him like my father wanted me too, he would be here!" Gohan yelled and punched the ground again. Naruto closed his eyes before they snapped open at feeling a very large power appear out of nowhere.

The others must have felt it too because they also froze in fear and disbelief.

Without warning, from the dust cloud that suddenly appeared with the large power, a purple beam of light shot out of the cloud and passed by Naruto and Gohan.

Naruto spun around to see the beam hit Trunks in the heart. The boy from the future's eyes went of focus as blood flew from his wound. He fell down with a thud as everyone watched in shock.

"Who did I hit? Trunks? Hunh, I was aiming for Vegeta but that's good enough." A new perfect Cell smirked as he showed himself from the dust cloud.

"H-how are you alive?" Krillin asked. Cell's smirk grew wider.

"Oh this? Just my Cells regenerating my body." Cell stated before he gave a full explanation which Naruto totally ignored in favor of his dying son that just coughed up a glob of blood.

'My son. Cell killed my son. All those people. 16, Goku, King Kai, Trunks. Cell killed him. CELL KILLD MY SON!' Naruto screamed inwardly, his Ki suddenly just burst which caused everyone to snap their eyes and attention to him.

"Get him out of here. NOW!" Naruto yelled. Yamcha and Tien acted quickly and flew off with Trunks towards Kami's lookout.

Everyone was staring wide eyed at what was taking place. Naruto's energy was becoming so high that they nearly drowned in it. Not to mention the Killing intent.

His usual red and black Aura was just black, and had a very dark feeling. Without warning Naruto transformed into a Super Saiyan, causing a gust of wind.

Naruto then glared at Cell. His usual teal eyes as a Super Saiyan were not there. Instead it was a murderous red, his sclera was black also.

"Cell, I will kill you for what you did to my son!" Naruto growled out as his energy just kept rising. Cell's surprised expression then became smug as he smirked at Naruto.

"You can't beat me. I am the most powerful being in the universe. I am more perfect than before!" Cell gloated with a laugh. Naruto's eye twitched as the ground started to shake.

In another burst Naruto was now a Super Saiyan two. That's when the ground started cracking and fissures started opening. The announcer and others were wanting to get out of there as a fissure opened near them.

Giant rocks started to float as Naruto was powering up with a growl. He was concentrating on brining out Kyuubi's Youki, his chakra, Reiatsu, and Ki. All at the same time.

"I will Kill you!" Naruto growled in a broly like tone. His hair seemed more rigid and longer, nearly shoulder length, indicating he was in his Legend state. A state only Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta and Goku only saw Broly use.

But what was strange was, Naruto wasn't as huge or bulky as Broly. Sure his muscles grew but nothing more. It was his hair that really changed. It became more spiky than usual, but the power behind it made sense.

Pitch black tendrils of energy, chakra and everything else Naruto possessed was floating around him, giving of dark thoughts and aura.

It's wasn't till Naruto's hair started growing. His eye brows changed, now browless. His hair was now to his legs, indicating he was now a Super Saiyan three. The blonde Saiyans silver Saiyan hair suddenly turned pitch black and was now shortening while his height grew.

His shirt was ripped off due to the fast muscle growth Naruto went through. Silver fur started to surround his entire body besides his face, neck and center of his chest.

Naruto's hair was now nearly to his high back while in the front it stopped just a bit past his shoulders. It had several spikes in it, reminding them of Broly's hair when he was just a super Saiyan.

His tail was flailing around while he stood straight, but you could feel his energy still rising. His sclera returned to it's usual white but his eyes were still that murderous red.

Naruto was now in his strongest super Saiyan state. Super Saiyan Four.

"Well that was quite a show. It seems to me that all you did was devolve from the monkey you are. So monkey, want a banana?" Cell taunted not knowing how scared Naruto's friends were at the moment.

They didn't know why Cell couldn't feel the Massive Killer intent Naruto was directed at him but they knew things were about to get ugly and needed to get out of here.

"Gohan. Leave. All of you. Go back to Dende's. Make sure 18 knows where to go. I will end this quickly." Naruto informed. His tone was dark and cold and a bit deeper, showing he was no longer playing around.

Cell laughed at him. "What makes you think you can? What makes you think I will just let all of you go that easily?" Cell asked with a smirk. Naruto didn't respond but Krillin was gonna make him say it again.

"Lets go guys. I'm sure Naruto can handle Cell. Good luck." Krillin waved as he started to fly off. But Cell smirked and aimed his finger at him and was about to shoot his death beam when he felt someone grasp his arm, then… nothing.

He couldn't feel anything in his arm. So the android looked at his arm to see he didn't have an arm. Only his purple blood indicated that it was sever. And the fact that Naruto was holding his dismembered arm.

"What the hell?" Cell gasped in shock. "Go." Naruto ordered sternly. The other Z-fighters left, except for Gohan.

"Naruto let me help! Let me avenge my dad!" Gohan pleaded. Naruto glanced at him before looking at Cell who was still trying to get over the shock of losing his arm.

"Fine. Don't get in my way." Naruto ordered as he threw down the arm. That's when Gohan rushed and kicked Cell in the chest making him snap out of his stupor.

With a grunt Cell re-grew his arm then glared at the two Saiyans. The half monkey shinobi, just folded his arms and watched as Cell and Gohan started to go at it. It wasn't until Gohan leaped back Naruto came in and elbowed his Cell's gut.

The android yelled in pain before Naruto delivered an upper cut. Cell flew into the sky, not by his own will. As he was getting higher Naruto was already above him and gave him an axe kick with his arms still folded.

Cell went crashing down back to the ground but Gohan was able to grab his ankle and throw him away, making the android crash into a boulder.

Naruto flew back down to Gohan as they both glared at Cell who growled in anger and flew into the sky.

"YOU WILL DIE! I WILL DESTROY THE EARTH!" Cell bellowed. As he got into a stance. "Take this! A full powered Kamehameha!" Cell yelled with glee as he powered up his attack.

Naruto glanced at Gohan who settled into his stance. "KA-ME-HA-ME…"Cell and Gohan chanted before they fired off their energy beams.

"HAAAA!" Naruto watched as both beams collided with each other. But Cell was winning, Gohan was out of energy. Naruto then looked back at Cell before stood in his own stance.

"Ka-me-ha-me…HA x10!" Naruto yelled as he fired pure black Kamehameha beam.

Cell and Gohan were very surprised as the black beam was added with their attacks. Naruto suddenly felt the power behind Cell's attack but knew he would be able to handle it.

'Gohan you can do it! Believe in yourself! Don't let Naruto outshine you son!' Goku cheered making Gohan surprised and Naruto smirk.

'You know Goku, I should kick your ass, but since you're dead I can't do that.' Naruto muttered as Goku laughed sheepishly.

'Dad, I'm sorry. I let you down. Because of me you had to give up your life.' Gohan apologized. Goku shook his head and replied.

'No son you didn't let me down. You made me proud. Plus I'm having lots of fun with king kai.' Goku grinned.

'Speak for yourself. Dumbass.' King Kai muttered making Naruto chuckle.

"Come on Gohan. Lets say we end this piece of trash and go home." Naruto suggested. Gohan nodded.

'Let it out Gohan! Let your power explode!' Goku yelled. It had the desired effect as Naruto and Gohan's power erupted in a sudden burst, adding to their attacks to overwhelm a completely shocked Cell.

"NO! I CAN NOT LOSE! I AM PERFECT!" Cell screamed out as the blast completely eradicated his entire being. Not one single cell left.

Naruto and Gohan released their stances to relax before the latter collapsed on the ground. He returned back to normal, panting, while having a smile on his face.

Naruto gave a small smile before he picked up Gohan and carried him on his back. The Super Saiyan four then glanced over to the humans who saw everything.

"You all might want to find a ride home. Cell is dead and won't be coming back." Naruto spoke before he rose a few feet and blasted off, leaving them all alone and confused.

While Naruto flew to the lookout he was still in turmoil. Trunks was most likely dead and Bulma saw everything. Meaning he was in a world of pain. Not to mention what Goku and he put Gohan through. He also came to the conclusion that…

Naruto stopped his thoughts right there, contemplating if Kira was still within his head or not. Guessing she most likely was he just moved on.

16 and Goku were dead, they gave up their lives to kill Cell but it didn't work as planned. King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory were probably dead as well. Naruto just wished he would be able to wish everyone who was killed by Cell in someway was brought back to life.

He also wished he would have stopped treating the whole ordeal as a game. Yes even though he could bring people back, Shenron can only bring them back once. Unless you found some kind of loop hole.

When Naruto arrived on the look out he was surprised to see his wives along with the Z-fighters waiting for him. 18 seemed to be tending to her brother while his wives plus Chi-chi were glaring at him.

Baby trunks, Hime and Izuna were all asleep, unaware how much trouble their father would be in within a few seconds or so. Naruto also noticed that Dende and Popo were setting up the dragon balls which started to pulse with a glow.

Naruto set Gohan down, ignoring everyone else for now and gave him a Senzu bean Krillin tossed him. He made Gohan chew the bean which woke him up a few seconds later.

After he was up Chichi rushed over to him and squeezed him to death, muttering about her baby.

Naruto watched with an impassive gaze before walking over to the Dragon balls. Mito wanted to stop him but Kira prevented her from doing so as he started speaking.

"Shenron! Get your lazy ass out here and grant my wish!" Naruto barked, not in the mood at the moment. Everyone could tell Naruto was still angry about Goku, 16 and Trunks death so they just remained silent.

The 7 mystic balls glowed brightly before the sky went dark and a stream of light shot from the balls. Naruto had to wait 30 seconds for Shenron to be fully out.

"Who has wakened me from my slumber? I can grant two wishes, what are they?" Shenron demanded. Naruto remained impassive before speaking.

"My first wish is for everyone that died by Cell's hand be brought back to life." Naruto stated. Shenron's eyes glowed before he began speaking.

"There is a slight problem with your wish. It can be done, but there is one who won't want to be reborn." Shenron informed making Naruto raise a brow.

'Hey guys!' Goku greeted making everyone look surprised. "Goku? Where are you?!" Chichi demanded.

'I'm in other world Chichi. Listen guys, I don't want to be brought back to life.' Goku informed making everyones eyes wide.

"What the hell you mean you don't want to be brought back?!" Mito yelled.

'That's exactly what I mean. I don't want to be brought back. It seems that anywhere I go, evil is attracted to me. So I'm gonna stay here for awhile so the earth can be safe.' Goku stated.

"And what if it's not Goku? What if there are evil ones who still come to earth? Then what?!" Naruto yelled, Goku was quiet before answering.

'Then I guess it's up to you and Gohan to take care of them. I know you two can do it. I trust in both of you.' Goku smiled. Naruto was silent before looking to Gohan who was also silent before he smiled and nodded.

"Okay dad! I'll protect the earth for you!" Gohan grinned. Naruto simply closed his eyes. He really wasn't in the mood for this.

"Whatever." Naruto muttered before looking at Shenron.

"Shenron! My second wish is for everyone and everything that the androids killed and destroyed in Trunks time line is brought back to life and fixed as well!" Naruto informed his second wish, wishing to move on.

Shenron was quiet for awhile before his eyes glowed. "Your wishes have been granted. Since your last wish was more taxing it will now take two years for you to be able to summon me. Farewell!" Shenron informed before Naruto created some clones to keep the dragonballs here.

The dragon disappeared and so where the dragonballs when Naruto's clones caught them quickly and gave them back to Popo who left to seal them away.

Naruto walked to the edge of the lookout, aware that all eyes were on him. He was happy to see that Trunks was alive again and who was curious to what his father was doing.

Without warning Naruto jumped off the edge and was free falling down to earth, unaware of his wives screaming for him to come back. Annoyed, the ones who could fly jumped after him to catch him but they couldn't find Naruto as he just disappeared.

Unknown to them that Naruto was now in space, looking down at the planet under him. He was able to breathe in space due to the massive amounts of Chakra he put into his lungs. It would only hold for an hour though before he had to leave.

He needed to calm his mind, and try and revert back to his regular form. Naruto opened his eyes and look down at the planet under him.


Naruto stared at it for a good five minutes before he called on his energy to form a black Ki blast that kept growing till it shrunk down to the size of a bouncy ball.

Naruto's eye twitched. Dark emotions were clouding his thinking process. He felt the need to destroy this planet and move on with his life. But… something was holding him back. His Ki blast dissipated in favor for grabbing his head.

'DO IT! You want too! Show them what it means to mess with a Saiyan! Show them how much they screwed up by destroying the planet!' A dark voice similar to his own ordered.

'You! I got rid of you!' Naruto yelled. The voice laughed before it spoke.

'Wrong fool. I can never be destroyed. As long as there is darkness within your heart I am always here. You forget that you conquered your hollow side, not your dark side. Which is me.' Dark Naruto thought.

Naruto grunted before he took a deep breath and teleported within Elum. There was only one place to get rid of the darkness in his heart. To completely conquer it.

The Falls of Truth.

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