The Beginning of the Friendship

Jack sat on his bed. Lucinda sat at a table drinking tea. Neither had spoken in a while. Both looked up as the lights flashed off again. The blackout lasted for eight seconds this time, the longest one yet tonight.

"Your uncle will face a lot of questions," Lucinda said.

"This is something else," Jack responded quietly. It was directed less at Lucinda and more at the silence.

"What do you mean?"

"It's the way the power grid and Crossgen work. The power problem is probably confined to the palace."

"I can see from the window that other areas blink the same time we do."

"Only a small section near us, right? It's how the power grid here works."

The lights went out again. However, grunts and thumps accompanied this blackout. Jack stood up and approached the door hesitantly.

The door opened and Stu appeared.

"Sir, we only have a few minutes. Hurry," Stu said.

Jack rushed out with Stu ignoring Lucinda. Jack and Stu ran down the hall. After descending flights of stairs, they came across another one of Jack's old bodyguards, Mark.

"Behind the clock," Mark said.

The three dove behind quickly as the lights turned back on.

"You all did this?" Jack asked.

"Some of us," Stu answered. "You need to go with Mark now."

The lights turned off again and Mark guided Jack out, down a path that was also blacked out. A sedan waited at the end.

"This is it. Good luck, sir," Mark said as Jack got in the car, which promptly sped off.

Jack noticed Glenn driving. "Thank you, Glenn."

Glenn nodded.

"They'll know I'm missing soon enough. There aren't many places in Gilboa where I can hide."

"We found someone who can help. It took a lot of time and effort to convince him to help, but he's willing."


"It's best to wait until we get there. You won't believe me otherwise."

Jack sighed. "Okay." He leaned back and stared out at the sights of Gilboa that he had not seen in nearly eight months.

The comfort of familiarity and being out eventually lulled Jack to sleep.

Glenn's voice woke Jack up.

"I'm Glenn Maris."

"Go ahead," someone said.

Jack sat up as Glenn drove for another minute and then stopped.

"We're in Gath," Jack realized.

Glenn quickly got out and opened the door for Jack.

Jack got out and saw a blond man standing in front of him.

"Hi, Jack."

"Hi, David."

Thank you for reading. This was just an idea for what could have happened in season 2 regarding Jack's fate and how David/Jonathan's friendship would play out (or at least begin) in the TV series.