The Wedding

By KatieDee15

Chapter One ~ the Announcement

Ziva started to wonder if telling Abby so soon had been such a good idea.

"There has to be flowers and lace and balloons and food," she rambled as she paced back and forth around her lab. "Of course, it all really depends on what wedding theme you want. You've always struck me as a nature kind of girl. You could have your wedding outside! Oh, that would be SO amazing. My uncle Jerry has the most perfect pasture for a wedding. My cousin Samantha got married there, it was ah-maz-ing. Or you could have an ocean-themed wedding, those are all always so romantic. There would have to be an ocean view, so you could have it by the beach or on a cliff near the beach… well, maybe not. That could be dangerous!" Abby paused to laugh and take a breath. "Gothic weddings are always a blast…"

"Abby!" Ziva said, grabbing hold of the Goth's shoulders. "There's plenty of time to plan – just take another breath, okay?"
Abby grinned. "Sorry, Zi. I'm just SO excited! I knew you and Tony would end up together – you guys are perfect!"

Ziva shook her head in disbelief as Abby continued to talk. How does she not run out of things to say? She thought to herself.

Suddenly, Abby stopped talking and smiled at something behind Ziva. Ziva spun around and found herself looking into the face of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

"Hello, Gibbs," she said.
He tipped his head. "Ziver. Care to tell me what has NCIS in such a frenzy?"
"What makes you think I know?" Ziva said innocently.
"Because every time I get near anybody, the only thing that I pick up before they go silent is your name."
Ziva giggled involuntarily. "Has Tony not told you?"

Wanting him to figure it out for himself, she started biting the nails on her left hand. When he saw the engagement ring, his eyes went wide.

Gibbs eyes went to Abby for a moment. "Can you give us a minute, Abs?"

"Sure thing, Gibbs." She went to take the CAF-POW! out of his hand but he moved it out of her reach. After a short pout and a kiss to his cheek, Abby left and went to autopsy.

Ziva didn't have time to say anything before she was enveloped in a very rare bear hug from Gibbs.

"Congratulations, Ziver," he whispered.
Ziva's eyes watered a little bit. "Thank you, Gibbs."
He let go and held her at arm's length. "Anything I can do to help?"
She smiled shyly. "You can walk me down the aisle. My father won't come."
"I'd love to." Gibbs kissed his surrogate daughter on the forehead and gave her Abby's CAF-POW!

"I'll get her a new one," he chuckled as he left the lab.

Ziva grinned as she took a large slurp of the delicious caffeinated drink. I love these guys, she thought happily.

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