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Chapter 1: Calling on Iris

"What do you mean, she's dead?" The nobleman demanded, and the messenger took a step backwards.

"Just that, my lord… she was found dead in her sleep just this morning, a cup of spilled tea lying on the floor… the wedding will have to be cancelled."

"That treacherous woman! Poisoning herself on our wedding day… My family ends with me if I do not have a bride…" the nobleman muttered, dismissing the messenger. "I must have her. I will show her that even death I no escape..." He snapped his fingers, and a servant ran in.

"Yes, my lord!"

"Fetch me the sorcerers who came peddling their service yesterday. I need them."

"Yes, my lord!" The servant ran off, and the nobleman sat down to wait.

An hour later found them in front of the nobleman, mumbling excitedly and exchanging glances. The nobleman raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not paying you to waste my time."

"Oh, yes, sir!" The first one said, unveiling a large, glass sphere. "We can use our magic to find whatever you need, wherever it is, whenever it is!"

"Whenever, hm? Perfect. My bride has recently passed away, and I need to retrieve her." The other magician paled.

"We… we cannot summon the dead from beyond, your highness," he stumbled over his words, "B-but… we can find her i-in the future."

"The future? You mean in another life?" The nobleman asked, crossing his arms.

"Yes!" The first one quickly cut in, "In another life! We can call her here from the future, as soon as we find her reborn as a human girl again! What is her name?" He waved a hand over the crystal ball, which began to fill with purple smoke.

"Ayame," the nobleman said. "My bride's name is Ayame."

"Iris. Wake up, Iris, the meeting ended an hour ago."

Iris snapped her eyes open, and pushed the curtain of silky black hair out of her face as the president of the poetry club gently shook her shoulder. The small bunch of strands she had dyed blue fell back to frame the side of her face as she stood, closing her notebook and putting it into her bag. She lifted her bag from the bench and, with a final nod to the club president, she walked out of the building.

It's a beautiful afternoon, Iris thought as she walked down the street towards her apartment. Maybe I should walk to the park in a few minutes. The streets of San Francisco buzzed with the activity of people who were rushing to get somewhere in their lives as the half-Japanese girl walked, calmly and at an easy pace.

I walk the streets here

In San Francisco, my home

Everyone runs – Oh, I should write that one down. Iris quickly pulled her notebook out, holding it with her left hand and opening it while reaching for the pen tucked behind her hear with her right hand and jotting it down as she walked.

"Kid, look out!"

Iris stumbled backwards just in time to stop from entering the path of the Chevy that had run a red light. She instinctively reached for the katana she kept strapped to her back – an old joke she'd followed up on after claiming he could do martial arts to her classmates a few years before – but relaxed as she realized she wasn't being attacked.

"Crazy girl," the voice said as the man who had warned her walked off, "Get your head out of the clouds!"

Iris shook her head, and put her notebook away again, walking across the street and continuing in the direction she'd been going.

That was close. If I hadn't looked up, I'd have been a goner…

A fog was starting to settle on the city. That's odd, Iris thought, it was sunny a moment ago. As she kept walking, the fog grew thicker, and she found it harder to see. The buildings and cars seemed to vanish, and she felt grass tickle the bare skin of her feet around her flip-flops. A few minutes passed by the time the fog started to clear, and Ayame suddenly found it hard to breathe.

"Um, my lord…" The first magician began, "we have a problem."

"What is it?" The nobleman demanded.

"Something went wrong in the spell," the second magician continued. "We found her, and brought hr to Nippon… but she's not here. We lost her."

"So where is she?"

"We don't know. For all we can tell, she's somewhere on the other side of Nippon, where that dark storm is. It sucked her in."

As the fog cleared, Iris found herself climbing up a hill – no, RUNNING up a hill. Dark storm clouds swirled around, and she choked on the poisonious air as she stumbled up. She was too scared to question where she wa and too sick with the noxious fumes crawling into her lungs to think clearly. She forced herself to focus on walking, to get away from the air - the toxic, evil air.

Must… keep… going… She thought to herself, as something in her mind screamed to her that sanctuary lay between the poles of the gate she could barely make out beyond the trees on one side and stone on the other. With the last bit of breath she had, Iris sprinted the last few steps, and fell beyond the gate and into clean air before opening her eyes.