The wedding is beautiful. Of course it is. It goes off without a hitch really. The cliché New Yorkers they are, they decide to have the ceremony in Central Park, at the Ceremony Gardens, and Kurt has taken almost all of the planning duties unto himself.

"Kurt! Kurt! My bowtie, Kurt!" Kurt turns around quickly, looking around for the object of his attentions.

"Ollie, what's wrong?"

He's already exasperated. The napkins had been the complete wrong color when the dresser had brought them in this morning for the reception and then the justice of the peace was caught in traffic on the parkway and he was having an internal panic attack because the last time he got married he had kind of thought that was forever and—


"Sorry, Oliver, I zoned out for a sec. What's the problem?"

Ollie just holds his undone bowtie out pitifully, looking so put out that it almost makes Kurt chuckle, almost.

"Not a problem." Kurt hooks the tie around the back of Ollie's collar and starts to tie it, messing it up and having to start again. Twice.

"Kurt." Oliver puts his hand over Kurt's where he is currently making his third attempt.


"I think you're nervous." Kurt stops and can't help but smile, crouching down so he's at Ollie's eye level.

"You do, do you?"

"Mhmm," Ollie nods his head vehemently.

"Well," Kurt starts, starting to tie Ollie's bowtie again, this time successfully, "I think you might be a little bit right."

Ollie makes a big "oh" face and then beckons Kurt closer with a finger, waiting until he is down on his knees and leaning close enough to Ollie that he can lean over and whisper into his ear. "Daddy told me not to tell you, but he's nervous too."

Kurt laughed. "He is, is he?"

"Don't tell him I told you! But he was too crazy to tie my bowtie so I found you. You both need to chill," Ollie huffed, sitting down on the big red chair in the corner of Kurt's dressing room next to the full-length mirror. Kurt, his own cherry bowtie tied, puts on his blazer, tailored to near-perfection by his on-call tailor (one of the many perks of being in his business), and pats it down repeatedly, turning this way and that, checking himself out in the mirror.


"Yeah bud?"

"Why are you and Daddy so nervous?" Kurt turns to the boy to see him picking at a loose thread coming off of the chair. "I mean, I know I get nervous when something bad is about to happen, and I don't think that this is bad, but you and Daddy are nervous and…"


"Yeah?" The young boy looks up, now giving Kurt his full attention.

"You know how when we take you to the dentist and even though you know it's going to be great and that you brush you're teeth three times today and you've never had a cavity, you still get nervous?"


"And do you remember your first day of school? And me and your daddy told you how much fun it was gonna be and we knew how many friends you were gonna make and you were still nervous? You knew all these things were gonna work out well, but because it was new, you didn't know exactly how to feel?"

Ollie nods, still not quite getting it.

"Well that's kind of how I'm feeling right now; and I bet that's how Daddy is feeling now too. We're really excited for everything, what's going to happen today, what's going to happen in 10 years, but we're also nervous for that same reason—we don't know what the future holds for any of us."

"Oh…ok!" Ollie gets up from his chair, checks himself out in the mirror once and then runs towards the exit of the room, before stopping in the doorway and quickly turning around to Kurt who is smiling at the boy. "And Kurt?"


"I love you. A lot. Like this much," Ollie holds his hands out to the side, "But like so much more." Ollie runs up to Kurt and pulls him in for a hug, petting his hair. Kurt does his best not to let the few stray tears fall from his eyes as he hugs back, just as fiercely.

"I love you too, Oliver. So much more than you can imagine." What neither of the boys hugging see, is another figure standing in the doorway smiling down at them.

"Hey, I want in," Blaine says, causing Kurt and Ollie to turn around in surprise just as Blaine reaches them and hugs them both, squishing Ollie slightly in the middle, and picks them up, the best he can for his compact size. He puts them down when Kurt lets out an indignant squawk, and quickly pecks his soon-to-be-husband on the lips over Ollie's shoulder.

Suddenly, no one's quite so nervous anymore.

Ollie doesn't really realize the first time he does it. I mean, that doesn't mean he hasn't been thinking about it for probably the last few months, debating whether he should ask his dad or he should just do it. Rip the Band-Aid and see how Kurt reacts. He's not dumb—he's seven years old for Christ Sakes!—and he knows that of all the possibilities in his head, not all of them are what he wants. But it just happens without him thinking about it; maybe for the best. Anderson men are at their best when calm and oblivious.

Oliver had not had a good day at school. It was actually probably the worst day in his life if you asked him which you probably shouldn't because he wasn't talking to anyone. It was Effie's birthday today and everyone was going to go out to dinner tonight but Ollie was so excited he decided he should wear his nice outfit to school to show off to everyone. Everyone loved it, of course, except for this one older boy, meanie head butt-face, as Ollie liked to call him even when it got him in trouble with his dad. Oh god, he wants his dad.

Meanie head butt-face had come behind Ollie during recess and pushed him over and got dirt all over new white Oxford and bright green pants. He was not happy. Not one bit.

It also didn't help that they were doing an art project in class today and someone had taken all of the purple crayons and colored pencils away and so he didn't even have his favorite color to make anything.

Now school was officially over, thank god, and all he wanted to do was hug his daddy and cry into his shoulder and have him play with his hair and go home and color with all the purple crayons ever.

Ollie makes stuffs all of his homework into his backpack and hoists it up onto his back, making a beeline to the hallway behind the other kids in his class, finally reaching the front door where dismissal was held. He looked over to his right where his father stands every day waiting to sign Ollie out, but he was nowhere to be found. Ollie started freaking out, and moved his head around more rapidly, looking for the telltale head of dark curls standing amongst the crowd of parents. When he couldn't find him after scanning the crowd three more times with no luck, he really started to panic and could feel tears starting to form in his eyes. It was in the midst of this panic attack that he heard a familiar voice call his name.

"Ollie? Ollie!"

He whipped his head off and finally located the voice, seeing Kurt waiting there looking concerned and confused. Without thinking twice, Ollie sprinted towards Kurt and threw himself into his arms crying into his shoulder.

"Papa, I thought you had forgot about me. I couldn't find Daddy, but you're here. I love you!"

Oliver couldn't see how Kurt was currently frozen with his arms a little boy, that first word stopping him in his tracks. He knew it was probably just an offhand comment in the heat of the moment, but he couldn't help but think about how good it had felt, how right it had felt when he heard that. He wanted to be that for Oliver, he just didn't know how the little boy was feeling about it. He knew they'd have to talk about it later with him, after he talked with Blaine, of course, but he had a good feeling about it. If the bill fits…

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