I know I have a sick, twisted mind but this pairing is so deliciously forbidden, that I love it.

In my opinion, they are actually well matched by the things they have each suffered through. Their mutual scars and needs almost make their story the most natural happening.

Set in AU… Sue and Billy are a couple.

Listen to 'Lonely Too Long' by Patty Loveless for the second half of the chapter. It was the inspiration for this story.

Special thanks to Sari Damien… she wrote the first half and anything that is longer than two paragraphs without a lemon. I'm doing some 'citrus contracting' for a couple of her stories and she convinced me to join FF and share some of my previously unpublished works of lemons and limes. We work great together. I have too short an attention span to write anything detailed and emotional which is what she's awesome at.

The beginning was actually plagiarized from her upcoming Leah story with her blessing. I just kind of simplified it and took out her OC's.

So go ahead and enjoy her excellent writing and my smutty goodness.

I had to get out of here! I was completely melting down like a nuclear reactor. There was nowhere I could go that felt safe… If I went home, someone was bound to be there later and hear my traitorous tears. I was near hyperventilation as I escaped the party crowd. I saw Renesmee look at me with a curious look before she left Jacob's side to walk over to Edward. She tugged his hand and I saw him look down at her as I rounded the corner of the tribal center.

I bit my lip hard and held my breath as a sob rose in my throat. The long silky dress restricted my movements as I tried to lengthen my stride and when I looked down at it, it made the pain tearing my chest apart a thousand times worse. I heard the laughter and music floating from the tent and it was like poison darts lancing my heart. Hot tears slipped down my cheeks as I walked as fast as I could in the ridiculous heels I had been forced to wear. As hard as I tried to hold it in, a few sounds escaped me as I fought to hold back from crying out loud.

"Leah," I froze as an icy hand touched my arm. Oh god no! Why, oh why her! I glared at Bella. She smiled at me with real pain in her eyes.

"I know you hate me but I know what you're going through." I laughed incredulously at her and was marginally grateful for the anger that was replacing some of the more wet emotions.

"You know what I'm going through?" I whispered acidly at her. "Because you have been where I'm at? You had to watch someone else marry Edward and not only that, but you were forced to stand up as her MAID OF HONOR and act like you were so happy for them?" I was whisper screaming at her because I didn't want anyone in the pack to hear me. "I don't think you have any idea of what I'm going through." She bit her lower lip and I swear it looked like she was going to cry.

"Come on," she said quietly, towing me away from the party and towards the beach. I went only because it was in the right direction for me.

She stopped when the party was just a hum in the background and looked at me. "When Edward left me and I didn't hear from them for months and months, I felt like someone had literally reached into my chest and pulled my heart out with their bare hands. Everyone around me was worried but they didn't understand how I felt. I kept being told to get over it and that it was just a high school romance. I would find another love and it wasn't healthy." She smiled sadly at me and I saw real understanding in her eyes.

"What no one understood, was that I was dying inside. I couldn't get over him and I couldn't even think of life without him without feeling like I was going crazy. It literally made me scream in agony to think about the rest of my life without him with me. No one seemed to get that I was literally dying a little bit everyday. But then Jake just let me hurt and he was there for me… what ever I needed, however I needed and it allowed me to survive even though I was still destroyed inside." She took my scorching hand in her freezing cold one and smiled gently.

"No one's ever let you grieve. You've never even had the chance to heal at all because no one's ever understood that what Sam and Emily did to you devastated you to the highest degree that someone could endure and still live. I know that people can die of a broken heart because I almost did. And I swear; I almost killed Jacob when I heard he had Alpha ordered you to be in the wedding party. I'm tempted to ban him from seeing Renesmee for a month."

Ouch… that would definitely hurt. She held my hand with both of hers now and looked in my eyes.

"I don't know exactly what you feel like right now, but I do know what it's like to feel like you're dying inside. It's okay Leah, to feel like you do, and you don't need to justify your feelings to anyone else. You have lived through things that would have killed a weaker person. You need to be able to cry and think about whatever you need to without a bunch of insensitive jerks inside your head." I smiled weakly at that but the tears still slid silently down my face.

"Edward came back to me and I don't feel like that anymore. I can't imagine if I had to live with that pain forever. But I just want you to know Leah, that you deserve someone so much better than Sam."

I couldn't hold back the sob that escaped and I felt my control slipping as I cried harder. "I can't stop loving him," I told her. "I can't find someone else, and it just keeps hurting." She hugged me with her stone arm and for once I didn't yank away. After a few minutes she spoke.

"Rosalie wants to kill him," she said conversationally. I laughed through my tears.

"Seriously," she continued. "Carlisle had to command her to keep a hundred miles from the wedding. We like you Leah, our whole family and it hurts that we can't do anything to make it better."

"It hurts?" I scoffed.

"Hey, in a few years we'll be related." I raised an eyebrow as I wiped my cheeks with the back of my hand. She smiled. "Well, when your mom and Billy get married and Jacob and Nessie will eventually, I'll be your step-brother's mother-in-law." She froze with a look of consternation and we both burst out laughing.

"Ew, that sounds totally wrong," she said and I thought of how quickly I went from despising her to understanding her on a deep level. She smiled sadly at me. "I don't have anything to say that will make you feel better, but we did want to tell you that you could use our house… Edward and I, that is. Only if you want; but we thought it might be a convenient place to hide."

I looked at her, no longer on the verge of panic, but the pain hadn't really diminished. I nodded my head as fresh tears welled in my eyes.

"It's time for the bouquet tossing… All the single ladies. Where's the maid of honor? We know she's single." The faint but audible announcement over the speakers in the wedding tent floated over to us and Bella growled as I gasped in shock. Agony speared my heart as I recognized Jared's voice and I started crying in earnest. How could he make light of my suffering? How could he say that out loud for everyone to hear?

Bella dragged me along behind her towards the far end of the parking lot where there were trees. "Esme will put clothes in a basket for you, give me your dress. I'll make sure it gets home for you."

I sobbed louder as I ripped the dress off in the privacy of the forest. "Keep it, no burn it!" I wailed and I tore the shoes from my feet. The fake jewelry followed as I stripped bare and tossed it to her. "I don't want it; I don't ever want to see it again!" Bella looked seriously upset as she held my discarded wedding finery in her arms. I started backing away from her as I cried.

"There is a key tucked up in the gutter to the right of the door… or just smash in the front door; it doesn't matter." I shook my head as heat raced up my spine. "I'll use the key," I managed to gasp as I exploded into a wolf.

I was so relieved as I raced towards the Cullen's that there were no other voices in my head that I cried harder. No, they were all too busy celebrating Sam and Emily's marriage and thinking that I was just a bitter bitch causing the happy couple undeserved problems. I wept as I ran, the sounds coming as whines and quiet howls of agony.

Bella was right and somehow in the tiniest way it comforted me to know that there was one person who actually understood. Everyone else treated me like I was the bad guy because I was hurt and upset over Sam and Emily's relationship. He had cheated on me with my own cousin and I was the bad guy. She had betrayed me with the love of my life and I was the bad guy. No one seemed to remember or acknowledge that they had been sleeping together while Sam was still with me… that he didn't have the courage to tell me to my face and break it off with me before they started a relationship.

I saw the Cullen house and Esme's small form on the back porch. I slowed and looked at her and saw her with a hand over her heart and her golden eyes full of pain.

Was it possible that the Cullen's had more understanding and compassion for my suffering than my own family and pack did?

I leapt the river and ran up to Edward and Bella's cottage. I phased back and tried the door; it was open. There was a wicker laundry basket inside the door with clean clothes and I noticed all of the windows were open. Bella must have called Esme when I had left her.

The whole cottage and Edward and Bella's room was empty of any furniture but Renesmee's room had a queen size bed that looked like it had just been made. I stepped closer and sniffed and could detect fresh traces of Esme's scent. There was a nightstand with a small lace doily under a lamp. Two accent rugs, a comfortable reclining rocker and a padded trunk filled in some of the blank space along with a few candle sconces on the walls and a tapestry hanging above the bed. There was a chenille throw tossed artfully over the back of the recliner and a cotton blanket folded like origami at the foot of the bed.

Everything smelled clean and fresh with Esme's traces on it and I was astounded when I realized that she must have done this in the ten minutes it took me to run here.

Though my mind took in the scene, I was still drowning in sorrow as I walked naked to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The water wasn't very warm but I showered and stood under the spray as it heated some. I shut off the faucet after ten minutes and grabbed a fluffy towel off the stack set out. After patting myself down and rubbing my short hair dry as best I could, I wrapped it around myself and collapsed on the bed. I wasn't technically cold, but somehow I felt chilled to the bone. So I unfolded the blanket art and covered myself with it. I didn't hear anyone around or smell any of the Cullen's as I laid there. I didn't fight the sobs this time and I let all the pain of the last three years pour out.

I had always cried before from bitterness and anger and to some degree hurt. This was different. With Bella's validation, I grieved as I cried. I cried from the devastation of my hopes and dreams. I cried for the babies that Sam and I had planned together. I cried for the wedding that was supposed to have been mine. I allowed myself to face the truth in my own mind and mourned over it. The truth was; I didn't hate my cousin because she ended up with Sam. I hated her for how deeply the knife was plunged by her two timing betrayal. She was like my sister. She knew EVERYTHING about me and she had still only thought of herself. The truth was; I wasn't really a hateful bitch. When I had phased and the pack and SAM were in my mind all the time, I had thought that way to hide the real me.

The real me was a destroyed human being. If my soul was a visible organ, it would have looked like it had been knifed and stomped upon by the devil himself. If it were a vital organ, I would have ceased life functions long ago. But it wasn't… People talked down to me like it was just a stupid feeling I needed to get over. Not the decimation of my whole spirit.

I cried now on the guest bed, and Esme's scent, though slightly acrid, was in a way comforting. It made emotions well with a fresh wave of tears when I thought of her and Bella. I was their natural enemy, born to kill them but they were good enough, kind enough, that in the lowest hour of my life, when I felt there was no future, no hope of escaping the agony in my heart; they did what was in their power to comfort me.

I didn't know what the time was, how long I had lain there weeping, but after a while a measure of peace came over me as I fell asleep. It didn't last long enough as my subconscious decided to rear its head like a demon.

My dreams were haunting and cruel. Images of the day of hell I had been forced to not only endure, but participate in. There were torturous versions mixed in with the actual event; scenes where it was me walking down the aisle and Emily as the Maid of Honor; how it should have been. When I reached Sam, the pack would flood the altar, laughing and making jeering remarks. Jared would tear my wedding dress off and give it to Emily who put it on and smiled triumphantly at me. Jacob would Alpha order me to stand as the Maid of Honor in Emily's discarded dress and the whole congregation laughed at how ridiculous it looked, four sizes too small. I was weeping and trying to run away while Jacob and Paul held me in place, forcing me to watch the ceremony.

I woke up wheezing and crying and sat up, drenched in sweat. I thrashed free of the blanket and ran a trembling hand through my hair. I was so thirsty and I stumbled out of the bedroom. I heard footsteps and froze, clutching the towel tighter to me. The steps stopped at the front door and I stared in horror, mentally begging that it not be one of the pack. There was a triple knock and I couldn't force myself to do anything as I just stared at the door. The knock came again and then the door cracked open.

"Leah?" What the hell?

"Um, Bella asked me to make sure you were okay." I was still rooted to the spot as my mind raced. Oh my god! What the hell? The door pushed open further and his eyes widened when he saw me.

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I didn't hear anything, so I uh was just going to put this in uh," he was stammering as he tried to look anywhere but directly at me. There was a faint flush across his cheekbones as he set the paper bag he was carrying on a side table that I was sure had not been in here when I had fallen asleep. I would notice later that the entire cottage had been furnished with even a small kitchenette and refrigerator put in, all in the few hours that I had been sleeping.

But right then, I was staring at the man who stood in front of me looking uncertain and bashful.

"Uh, Bella thought you might need something to drink," he said, motioning to the paper bag. "I wasn't sure what you like, so I got a few different things. Are you… ah hell."

He crossed over to me and touched the side of my face. "They made you stand up there didn't they?" I nodded as fresh tears sprung into my eyes. He closed his eyes for a second and shook his head in disappointment. "I told them to leave you alone, told them that they were cruel and unfeeling to do that to you." I looked up at his face in surprise. "You did?" My words were shamefully teary and breathless. He smiled sadly.

"Yeah, I know how it feels when the person you love more than anything on this earth breaks your heart and crushes your soul. You feel like you can't breathe, like you're dying inside and no on seems to get it." I stared at him speechless.

"In a way, it feels like you're frozen in the moment that your heart was broken and your life ends even though your body keeps aging and you survive. But your emotions never move on." I saw it in his eyes. It was like he was living my life, like he felt exactly what I did. I closed my eyes and bowed my head.

A cool hand touched my bare shoulder. "I wish I could say it gets better," he said in a low voice. "But I don't want to lie and say trivial things that only insult your intelligence. Sometimes it does get better, a lot of times it doesn't. Sometimes you just learn to exist with the pain, it becomes familiar." I cried more, catching my lower lip in my teeth, trying not to sob aloud.

"I'm so lonely," I said before I even realized I had spoken. His eyes narrowed in sympathy and he nodded. "I know; me too," he whispered as he looked at me. I closed my eyes again and involuntarily leaned towards him. He hesitated a moment before he wrapped his arms awkwardly around me. After a few seconds, he relaxed a little and rubbed my back with one hand.

"Leah," he said gently. I pulled back and wiped my face, holding my towel together with one hand. "You should drink something. Bella said you left around seven. That's a long time especially if you've been crying." I nodded and smiled weakly. I knew I should feel embarrassed but somehow I didn't. He went over to the side table and opened the paper bag. He looked for a second and then pulled out a bottle.

"Come on," he said motioning to the couch. I sat dutifully and he handed me the bottle. "It's Life Water, supposed to be good for electrolytes and all that." I unscrewed the cap and guzzled the entire thing in one shot. I nodded with an attempted smile. "Thanks." It came out more of a croak and I grimaced.

"I'll put the rest in the fridge," he said and I looked up in his eyes again. His were warm and still held empathy. "Are you going to be okay? Bella was pretty worried." I thought of being alone again and shrugged.

"I guess I have to learn to be, right?" He sat down next to me and seemed to think of what he should do before he covered my hand with one of his. It rested against my thigh and gave me a funny feeling. I looked at it and then up at him. He really was good looking, I thought absently. He had a pretty great form under his jeans and button up flannel shirt. I thought of the way he walked and involuntarily shivered. A man with a sexy walk always got to me. He definitely had a sexy walk.

Oh my god, what the hell was I thinking?

But he was lonely like me, a little devil whispered and I pushed it aside. He wouldn't ever think of me like that. No one thought of me like that. I was Leah Clearwater… cold bitter bitch and genetic dead end. Even if a man didn't care about my barren state, no one wanted to get near me; either because of my attitude or because the pack scared them off.

"I can stay if you would rather. I'll just crash on the couch until you feel like being alone." His voice caused my stomach to quiver and I shook aside the second of worry that it gave me.

I bit my lip and took a deep breath before looking at his face. He was staring at my chest and I saw his eyes travel down to where the towel split and my thigh was showing. I saw something spark in his eyes and I casually shifted so that the towel opened a little more. My hip and thigh was exposed and the edge of the towel just barely covered my groin. He sucked in a breath through his nose and quickly looked away. So he was thinking the same thing as me.

I turned my hand over in his and wove my fingers through his. "It hurts to be thrown aside," I said quietly and his eyes darted to my face. "But it hurts more to think that I'll be alone for the rest of my life. That no man wants me." I looked down to our hands. "Sometimes I worry that everything that has happened has made me look ugly from the bitterness." He squeezed my hand and I was surprised that he didn't take it from my intimate hold.

"You're anything but ugly, Leah," he said with a little chuckle. "Believe me," he added under his breath and I knew he didn't mean for me to hear it.

"I guess with how everything has happened, I haven't felt like I'm worth much in a long, long time." Saying that aloud made emotion rise in my throat and I fought to stop the tears that wanted to follow. They swam in my eyes as I looked away from his deep brown gaze.

I closed my eyes as he lifted his hand to touch the side of my face. "Oh, Leah," he said in a tone of voice unfamiliar coming from him. "You are a beautiful woman and you are worth so much more than that loser Sam ever even saw in you." I knew he was just comforting me however he could, but it did something to me inside.

He was a man, a real man, not an immature boy and he just told me I was beautiful and worth something. "Do you really think I'm beautiful?" I whispered, the wounded female inside needed the reassurance. I looked back at him nervously but he just smiled.

"Absolutely," he answered as he ran his hand down the side of my cheek and I closed my eyes as I turned my face into his palm. I hadn't been touched by anyone in a long time. It was different for my brother to throw an arm around my shoulders or the occasional hug my mom gave me. Most people stayed away from me as much as possible.

I only hesitated for a second before I spoke. I might never have another opportunity for physical contact, I thought with loneliness and despair gripping my heart in an iron grasp.

"Do you want me?" I whispered, unable to speak louder. I opened my eyes to peek at him with trepidation. I would die if he refused. But my humiliation had already been made complete earlier in the day and I didn't think anything could hurt me more.

"Ahh, Leah," he groaned. "I can't do that to you." I looked down as I felt my face burn. "Sorry," I muttered thickly and I found I could hurt more.

"No, please don't think that," he said. "It's just that you're young and beautiful and I'm not. I mean your dad…" I whipped my head up.

"My dad is dead. He would never know… no one ever knows anything about me," I finished as tears spilled over my lashes once again. "I'm always so alone, I always hurt and I want to stop hurting for just a little bit. I want someone to want me because I'm worth more than nothing."

I turned sideways and tucked my legs under me so I was kneeling. "It's just you and me," I said and screwed up the courage to look in his eyes. "No one else ever has to know. Please want me," I was almost begging him and he heaved out a sigh.

"I do want you. I just don't want to hurt you more."

I touched the side of his face and leaned closer to him. "You won't hurt me. I'm not asking for anything you don't want to give. I'm not asking for a commitment. I'm just asking you to be with me tonight." He seemed to consider my request, so I touched my hot lips to his cooler ones and pulled back. "Please," I whispered and he seemed to cave. He put a hand to my waist and slid a hand over my cheek and into my hair as he brought my lips back to his for a deeper kiss.

"I need you," I breathed into his mouth. It was born of desperation and desire and he seemed to respond in kind.

"Are you sure?" he asked hesitantly. I could see that he still felt like the responsible one and I nodded, 'oh yeah," before pressing my lips back to his.

His hands ran up my back and over my bare shoulders before cupping my face. "You are beautiful Leah," he told me before he kissed me again. It was deep and I felt my towel slipping down as I responded to his passion. It felt so good to touch and be touched.

I let go where I had still been holding my towel at my breasts as I swung my leg over his lap and straddled him. It pooled around my waist and as l put my hands on his shoulders, he sucked in a sharp breath. His gaze was fixated on my chest and I arched my back just a tiny bit as I felt a long forgotten womanly pride in my body.

I let him look his fill before I leaned into him and fused my lips to his in a steamy open-mouthed kiss. He groaned and I would have smiled triumphantly if I wasn't so consumed with how good he tasted. His mustache tickled my upper lip but I didn't mind it; it was just a new sensation. I rocked my hips over his jean clad thighs and gasped at the heat that shot up my core. The towel covered my hips and thighs on the top, but I was bare against his lap and where his thick erection brushed me I clenched over and over as I ground my pelvis against his.

He pulled back and I arched my back, my head lulling backwards as I rubbed myself against him. He cupped my right breast with his hand while his other one pressed into my lower back. When his thumb brushed over my pearled nipple, I hissed at the sensation and licked my lips as I looked back at him.

"Please," I begged and he seemed to understand what I wanted as he lowered his head and sucked it into his mouth.

"Oh god!" It sent an electric shock straight to my center and I clenched my thighs as I squirmed in pleasure. My hands shot up to his head as he flattened his tongue against me and then rolled my nipple and sucked strongly. I wove my hands though his hair, holding him to me. Gosh, it was so soft and thick with a wave in it. Kind of like Bella's, I thought and had to immediately shove the thought out of my mind before guilt or any other unwanted emotion took hold.

He switched his attentions to my left breast and when he lightly bit my nipple I felt a small orgasm bolt through me from the combined friction on my clit.

I breathed deeply and leaned down, burying my face in his neck as I panted. After a few seconds, I started unbuttoning his shirt. He looked uncertain again even though he had just had my nipple in his mouth not even a minute ago. I smiled teasingly and it felt so foreign but welcome at the same time.

"Turn about is fair play," I said as I pushed his flannel shirt off his shoulders. I had never been into the look, never really even noticed it one way or the other, but somehow on him it was sexy in a real man way. He smiled crookedly as he moved to help me get it off of him. We both stripped off his white t-shirt and when it was thrown to the side, I ran my hands down his chest. He was surprisingly muscular. Not like the freak-show muscles that the wolves or Emmett sported, but just a fit male physique. His skin was pale next to mine, but it wasn't a turn off. I followed the path of my hands with my mouth, tracing his neck, collar bones and chest with my lips and tongue. I repeated his actions on his nipples and he hissed the same manner that I had.

Who would have ever thought that underneath his small-town sheriff exterior, there was a hot passionate man?

"Leah," he whispered as he drew me up level with him and I switched my attention to his jaw line. I kissed it from one end to the other. "Mhmm."

"If you really want to do this, I want to do it right; treat you right." I froze and pulled back slowly. Was he saying he didn't want me now? My face must have shown my inner thoughts and he touched my face and smiled.

"I'd rather not take you on a couch." I clenched my thighs and rocked hard against his pelvis as his words sent a shot of wet heat through me. Thank god he didn't have wolf sense of smell. I could smell myself strongly and it would have been so embarrassing if he could too. 'Take me'; he wanted to take me. How hot was that?

I stood up slowly and his eyes widened and I saw him swallow hard. I grinned in sheer feminine delight. My towel had fallen off completely and I was naked in front of him. The past few years of being in wolf form had kind of cast inhibitions aside and as I actually wanted him, I found his eyes on me a complete turn on.

I licked my lips and smiled as I reached my hand towards him. He took it and followed me as I walked to the bedroom. I glanced back at him and his eyes were firmly on my ass, I grinned and swayed my hips just the tiniest bit.

I threw the extra pillows and blanket off the bed so that all that was left were two pillows and the sheets. Before I could consider what to do next, he turned me around and caught me in a French kiss, his hands exploring my body. I returned in kind, our hands stroking and fondling, driving our excitement up to an unbearable level. He finally pushed me gently onto the bed and I laid back against the pillows as he came down over me. He kissed from my jaw down to my heaving chest, paying equal attention to both my breasts before travelling even lower.

He kissed my navel and rubbed his hands over my hips before he slid them around to cup my ass. He kissed my hipbones and along the top of my pubic bone. He used one hand to press my thighs apart as he maneuvered himself between them. He brought one up with my knee bent and I complied with the other as I watched his head descend.

He blew a cool breath over my impossibly hot slit and I jolted at the stark contrast of temperature. He looked up at me then with heavy lidded eyes and his sensual expression had wetness flooding my vagina. He used one finger to separate my outer lips and then I felt his tongue on me. I couldn't stop the cry of ecstasy that escaped my lips as he began to lave my whole nether region with his lips and tongue, nibbling on my labia as he worked his way towards the center. I wound my fingers through his hair as my hips undulated against him. He made small sounds of pleasure as he licked me with lush strokes of his shockingly talented tongue. He sucked my clit and pinched it between his lips and I felt more moisture flood me. When he inserted a finger into my clenching channel, I keened out my pleasure as he stroked my g-spot.

"Charlie," I gasped as he flicked his tongue over my sensitized clit. I came screaming his name and when I opened my eyes, he was smiling above me. I pulled his head down to me and kissed him fiercely, our lips and tongues battling in our passion and I slid my free hand down over his back to pull him closer to me. He shifted his weight and I felt his thick erection pressing into my cleft as it sought entrance. "Leah, I don't have a condom." I shook my head, refusing to give into negative emotions as I answered him. "It doesn't matter. I can't have children." He looked at me with surprise and something too close to pity in his eyes so I did the only thing I could think of to distract both of us.

I reached between us, wrapping my hand around his pulsing cock and stroked him a few times, luxuriating in the heady sensation of holding him in my palm. I guided him to my wet opening and he pressed against me. I felt the blunt head spearing me and caught my breath. He was larger than Sam had been and it had been such a long time since I had been with anyone.

He was slow and careful as he eased into me with small thrusts. It finally became overwhelming to wait and I wrapped my legs around him, using my strength to thrust against him and pull him all the way inside of me. My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt him fully seated in me for the first time. He was so big, stretching me to the point just before pain. He held himself on his forearms and kissed my face as he held himself still, giving me time to adjust to his girth. I started rolling my hips in encouragement, wanting him to move.

He thrust in strong motions and I didn't care of the sounds coming from me. I panted and moaned when his strong, thick cock scraped my g-spot as he withdrew. As his motions increased in pace, I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge. I tilted my pelvis back so that when he pushed into me, my clit dragged over the top of his shaft. After several more of his thrusts, I felt my orgasm sweep me like a tidal wave. I cried out incoherently as pleasure exploded from my center, making my toes curl and stars flash behind my eyelids. My wet, clenching heat seemed to bring him close to his own climax and he lifted my left leg over his shoulder as he increased his force and pace. I matched him thrust for thrust as he rode me with stamina I hadn't expected from him. I felt my body building back up to its pleasure point and I didn't stop vocalizing my pleasure. It seemed to make him even more aroused and he worked his hips like a piston in me.

"Baby, I gonna cum," he said in a breathless voice and I reached between us to stroke his balls. They were drawn up tight to his groin and I manipulated them softly in my hand a few times and he grunted as he slammed into me twice more. His orgasm was as intense as mine had been and he moaned and called my name.

His hot seed spurting into me sent me off into another orgasm that had me screaming out his name again. He captured the sound with his mouth and I met his tongue with mine as I came down from the heights of my pleasure.

I didn't feel shame as I floated back into reality and when he slid out of me and made to move off, I wrapped my long legs around his back. He stopped and looked at me and I gave him a tiny smile.

"Please stay for just a little bit?" I asked him in a timid voice.

"I was just trying not to crush you," he said with tender affection in his voice. I leaned towards his face and licked his lips before pressing my lips to his for just an instant.

"You aren't crushing me. Please don't move; I like you like this." A touch of red brushed his cheekbones. "Uh, are you sure I'm not too heavy." I smiled and for the first time in forever, I felt it reach my eyes.

"No, I'm a lot stronger than you'd think. You feel right," I continued and when he laid his head on my breast I sighed and ran my hands over his shoulders and back. I slid my legs down until my calves rested lightly on his thighs and I closed my eyes, basking in the feeling of being intertwined with him. After a few minutes he levered himself back up on his forearms and stroked my face with the side of his hand. I opened my eyes and he gave me a lazy half smile.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a caring voice and I nodded. He moved and sat up, running his fingertips down my thigh. "Let me clean you up," he said in a low tone and I looked down at myself. I was slicked with sweat and I felt our combined moisture trickling out of me onto my thighs and the sheet. I should probably feel embarrassed, but I felt nothing but triumph and arousal at the thought of his semen filling me. Was I a horrible person, because I was hot over being fucked into oblivion by a sexy older man?

He reached down and grabbed his jeans but I put my hand on his forearm as I moved to the edge of the bed. "Take a shower with me," I said with sleepy eyes. He looked surprised. Did he think I just wanted him to screw my brains out and then leave? Is that what he wanted? He raised an eyebrow but smiled slow and lazy. He dropped his pants back onto the floor and took my hand instead. I walked, feeling sexy and irresistible, into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

"Adjust the temperature how you like it," I told him with a small kiss. He gave me an inquiring look and I shrugged. "I don't know how warm you like it. I run hot."

"I know," he said with a teasing smile and then he looked me up and down with a blatantly sexy look. Somehow it made me feel more comfortable and I smiled, feeling like a normal woman for the first time in so long.

He adjusted the temperature and then stepped in after me. Edward and Bella's shower had dual shower heads that were the size of dinner plates. It made the experience amazing as we were able to stand together, surrounded by the pulsing water. It was cool against my skin, but felt good after the intense heat we had just generated. He stood behind me with my back flush against his front. Taking a small bottle of body wash from the shelf, he lathered his hands. They were gentle as he ran them down my sides, over my breasts and stomach before dipping one between my legs. I eased my thighs apart so he could gently stroke my swollen flesh. He rubbed me clean under the running water, his movements both practical and somehow tender, loving. I turned my head against his shoulder and he captured my lips with his own.

His kiss was sweet and romantic; a slow dance of lips and tongue and I moaned breathlessly into his mouth. I moved around to face him and took the soap to wash him. I ran my hands over his torso, using my nails on his nipples and made him groan. I felt a thrill run through me at the sexual power I held with him and moved my hands lower to his half-erect penis. I soaped it languidly, pulling gently as I stroked him slowly and smiled as he pulled out of our deep kiss.

"Leah," he hissed. I leaned in, peppering kisses on his lips and jaw. "Mhmm."

He abruptly turned me away from him and directed my body into the spray to rinse me thoroughly. "You're going to kill me," he groaned and I grinned wickedly. When we were both free of soap, he reached out and shut off the water. He grabbed a towel before I could and started rubbing me dry. It was so achingly gentle and chivalrous that it made me feel all quivery inside. When I was dry, he wrapped the damp towel around his own waist before taking a dry one to wrap around my body.

We moved back into the bedroom and he stripped the top sheet with its evidence of our earlier passion and tossed it on the floor. It was such a simple thing, but it did volumes to my emotions. I had not ever had anyone be so sensitive and caring towards me, definitely not Sam.

"Stay with me?" I asked him quietly and he nodded wordlessly. I liked that he wasn't a talkative person. Our silence was comfortable as we lay on the bed together. We were facing each other and he ran his fingertips up and down my arm. I knew I had a sappy, dreamy look on my face but I didn't care. For the first time in years, I didn't hurt; I felt peaceful, feminine and most importantly like I mattered more than dirt.

I was hot, temperature-wise, and un-tucked the towel from around my boobs. "You don't mind do you?" I asked him as I pulled it from my body. He lifted an eyebrow as he smiled slow and sexy. "Never."

We lay there touching affectionately, kissing, with no rush in the slow building passion. I was slick, ready for him after a while and he had regained his impressive erection. He stripped the towel from around his waist and I hooked my leg over his. He rubbed the tip of his turgid length over my slit, giving a few strokes to my clitoris before sinking slowly into my waiting heat.

It was a slow loving this time as we rocked together, my arm hugging him close to me as he stroked my hair and face, whispering words of praise and arousal. We both reached orgasm together and when he erupted inside of me, I cried out in a high tone, the feeling of him spilling inside me once again sending my senses reeling. I rode the aftershocks, clenching around him and he gasped. "Ahh, you're so tight!"

I smiled; I did have incredibly strong muscles.

"You're so big," I retorted gently as I caught my breath and I was amused when he flushed a little. When our breathing had returned to normal, he pulled out of me and used his towel to clean himself before he ministered to me. When he was finished, I turned my back to him and he spooned me. I wouldn't have ever thought of myself as the cuddling type, but when he wrapped his masculine arms around me I found myself feeling safe and peaceful. I wiggled my butt against him and he tightened his arms around me as he nuzzled me behind the ear.

"Sleep, Leah," he murmured and I wound my fingers through his where his hand laid against my toned stomach. "Will you be gone when I wake up?" I asked, feeling insecure. He moved our hands in a small comforting circle.

"I'll be here."

I fell asleep with his arms around me and for once I slept a dreamless sleep.

I woke up with my head resting on a male chest and felt an instant of panic before I remembered what had happened last night. I hesitantly lifted my head and peeked at his face.

Charlie Swan.

Fuck me. I hoped - I really hoped - that Bella didn't kill me.

He smiled at me and I gave a timid one back and could only think of the words to the Patty Loveless song 'Lonely Too Long'.

Well good morning; tell me how'd you sleep last night

You're still smiling so we must've done something right

Don't feel guilty because you turned to me last night

We ain't done nothin' wrong

We've just been lonely too long

We ain't done nothin' wrong

We've just been lonely too long

It's only natural when you've been too long in the dark

To look for comfort and to warm yourself by the fire

We're just afraid that we might get our fingers burned

We ain't done nothin' wrong

We've just been lonely too long

No we ain't done nothin'

We've both been lonely too long

Okay, so really I can't take credit for much more than the idea and the lemon. Sari wrote the first part of it and helped me flesh out the other parts. Who didn't cry when Leah fell apart on the couch?

Should I continue or just leave this as a citrusy one shot? I guess it all depends on what the readers want. I'm pretty sure I can rustle up a few (maybe a lot) more spicy scenarios. I might even be able to get Sari to help me formulate an actual plot so it's more than just a marathon of sex. We'll see. If you have an opinion, let it be known with a review!