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Juushiro held his breath and stared into the eyes of the man above him; earlier, when Kisuke drew out his fingers and coaxed him to spread his legs wider, he understood what would follow. Having felt how gentle the younger man was in preparing him, Juushiro felt a little better. A tinge of fear still lingered, but seeing Kisuke's warm grey eyes made it recede further into the back of his mind.

His eyes fluttered closed when Kisuke leaned in to capture his lips in a tender kiss, and he allowed himself to melt into a flurry of lips and tongue. Then, he felt it. The now-familiar pressure returned, except this was...oh. He gasped, louder than he had intended to, and trembled as the pressure built, and built, until it became the burning ache that he had felt before. Kisuke had used the oil liberally, but Juushiro's muscles still protested as Kisuke pushed forward.

"Look at me," Kisuke whispered, and Juushiro complied. It's okay, you can trust me. I'll take care of you. A small smile crept onto Juushiro's face as he nodded. Still, tears pooled at the corner of Juushiro's eyes on their own accord, and as Kisuke entered deeper, a single tear ran down the side of Juushiro's face. Kisuke pressed his lips on the older man's eyelid and kissed the trail left behind by the tear.

Kisuke didn't want to go in all the way at once, preferring to alternate between pulling back and thrusting in, advancing only a tiny, tiny bit with each thrust. The pace was agonizing for him; every muscle in his body urged him to slam home in one stroke, but he refused to cave into his instincts. No, this was Juushiro's gift to him, and he would cherish it, accept it as delicately as he could. And so he gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and rolled his hips gently.

Juushiro felt himself being stretched; it felt strange, foreign, yet knowing that it was Kisuke inside of him warmed his heart, and his face flushed. The slight frown on the younger man's face and the way his jaw flexed told Juushiro that Kisuke was holding back, and Juushiro suddenly found himself yearning for more. He wanted all of Kisuke.

"You can let go," Juushiro said softly, bringing a hand up to cup the younger man's face. "It's okay, let yourself go."

Kisuke's breath hitched at the encouragement. No, he could not, he would not. He was afraid of what he would do if he didn't control himself.

"It's okay, you won't hurt me," Juushiro whispered. "I trust you."

Kisuke looked into those warm, supportive green eyes and found his resolve waver. "I—" he began, and was immediately silenced by a finger on his lips. He fought to calm himself, then, when he felt a hand grip his thigh and tugged, everything crumbled.

With a low growl, Kisuke snapped his hips.

Juushiro's gasped out loud at the sensation; it burned, it filled him, and...he loved it. He heard Kisuke groan, a deep, almost-primal sound, and he felt himself throb. More, more...

Kisuke stopped moving; he was now sheathed to the hilt, and he trembled as he fought for his breath. The tightness and heat threatened to drive him into a frenzy, but he couldn't, he mustn't give in, because despite what Juushiro believed, he could hurt the man if he let go completely. And he would rather die a thousand painful deaths before he hurt Juushiro.

"Move," Juushiro said hoarsely. "Move."

Kisuke almost sobbed at the quiet command. The need in Juushiro's voice was clear, and it only served to increase Kisuke's own desperate, overwhelming need; need for pleasure that he had been denying himself since the beginning. Control, control, he reminded himself as he pulled out. Then, he closed his eyes and thrust forward. A cry escaped his lips as he was once again enveloped in trembling, delicious heat.

Over and over again, he rolled his hips; he did not hear his own moans, nor his strangled cries of Juushiro's name. He did not see Juushiro arch his back, did not feel the pain from Juushiro's nails digging into his arms.

By now, Juushiro had picked up the rhythm of their lovemaking, and he raised his hips to meet every thrust, groaning each time he felt himself stretched to the limit. His hair was damp with sweat, and his arms trembled as he clung to Kisuke. He was vaguely aware of his name being called, and he responded with his own murmurs of Kisuke's name.

He understood now, the reason of his fear in the beginning. He was afraid of Kisuke seeing him so undone, so...completely exposed and vulnerable as he offered himself to the younger man. But he also knew now that his fear was completely unnecessary. Because, as he watched the raw emotions on Kisuke's face, he realized that Kisuke was also offering himself to Juushiro.

As his body rocked in time to Kisuke's thrusts, Juushiro felt himself approaching his limit. He held his breath in an attempt to hold it back, but the pleasure only increased. "Wait! I'm—" he cried out, tightening his grip on Kisuke's already-bruised arms. "Stop—"

Kisuke didn't stop. Instead, he bent down to claim Juushiro lips and murmured into their kiss, "Together..."

Juushiro nodded and echoed, "Together." Then, he closed his eyes and let go. He felt Kisuke throb inside of him, and with a loud cry, he reached his peak. His body arched and his toes curled as he rode the wave of his climax, only vaguely aware of the sudden warmth on his stomach. He heard Kisuke's breathy growl as the man attained his own release, and Juushiro's eyes watered.

The room was silent except for ragged, erratic pants from the two men; Kisuke rested his forehead on Juushiro's for a moment, then, he collapsed on top of the older man. Juushiro gave a soft grunt at the impact, but he didn't move. That was when he realized that his legs were wrapped tightly around Kisuke's waist; he had no clue when he'd done it, but it felt so comfortable, so right, that he didn't want to let go.

Kisuke lost track of the time, but when he opened his eyes again he found himself sprawled on top of Juushiro. Startled, he propped himself up on an elbow and blinked; did he actually pass out? He began to roll off of Juushiro's body, but was immediately pinned in place; Juushiro's green eyes regarded him in amusement, the man's hand on Kisuke's back to hold him against his body.

"Hi," Juushiro said, his face still flushed. Stray strands of white hair lay matted against his cheek, giving him a disheveled look quite unlike his usual poised appearance.

Kisuke chuckled and reached over to brush the hair off of Juushiro's cheek. "Hi."

"I don't feel like moving," Juushiro said with a hint of playfulness as he gently stroked Kisuke's back.

"Okay." Kisuke grinned and nuzzled the older man's neck. "I'm not in a hurry."

Yes, trouble continued to brew in the horizon, but for the moment Kisuke didn't care. As Juushiro's breathing eventually tapered off into a smooth, steady rhythm, Kisuke closed his eyes and let sleep claim him. Tonight, just tonight, he allowed himself—for once—to relax and simply be...himself.

I've truly enjoyed writing about Ukitake and Urahara. This is the first time I've ever written a pairing other than Shuuhei and Renji, and it certainly felt...different. In a way I felt like I had to treat them more carefully, more gracefully than the two younger guys, and I hope that I had managed to do so.

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