Tense Trio

Chapter 1

I love this trio, and I don't know why.

On an overcast day in the Candy Kingdom, Breakfast Prince was helping Prince Gumball in his kitchen.

Prince Gumball was busy making Breakfast Prince Palmiers.

"I want one now!" BP yelled like an impatient five-year-old.

"Hold on," PG said, "they're not even baked yet."

"Well if you're gonna bake them you should probably heat up the oven first." Breakfast Prince suggested.

"It is on." Gumball stated.

"No it's not, the light's not on." Breakfast Prince affirmed, pointing at the oven.

"That's impossible," Prince Gumball siad, "I know turned it on almost an hour ago."

"There's no heat either," BP voiced, "it's probably broken."

"Great," PG groaned, "I guess I'll have to go to my lab and hold these over the bunsen burner one-by-one."

"Hold on, Bubbers," Breakfast Prince offered, "there's a far simpler solution...you know."

PG looked on for five seconds.

"Out of the question." he said bluntly.

"Come on," BP pushed, "make the call, it won't hurt."

"You don't know that," Gumball expressed, "someone could get hurt mentally or physically, and I don't want that to be you."

"Do you respect me?" Breakfast Prince questioned.

"Of course." PG replied.

"Well, if you respect me like you so claim, then you will make that call." BP proclaimed.

"All right, Waffles," Prince Gumball sighed, "I'll do it for you."

Breakfast Prince responded with a placid smile.

Gumball reluctantly picked up his phone and dialled it.

He waited as it rang.

"Fire Castle." the Flame Queen answered.

"May I speak to Flame Prince?" Prince Gumball asked.

"Lucent!" Flame Queen called.

"What, Mom!" Flame Prince replied.

"There's a call for you!" Flame Queen informed him.

Flame Prince took the phone "Hello?"

"Hey, Flame Prince." PG said.

"Oh, hey PG," Flame Prince responded flatly, "what do you want?"

"Well, my oven's broken," Gumball explained, reddening slightly, "and Albumen(Breakfast Prince) thought maybe you could help us...b-bake."

"Oh, I see..." FP replied.

"Again, his idea, not mine." PG attested.

"I'll bet." Flame Prince scoffed.

"I'm telling the truth." Gumball asserted.

"Whatever." Flame Prince stated.

"So, will you help?" PG wondered.

"...Fine, for Albumen...not you." the Fire Prince insisted.

"Fine." Gumball said.

"Fine." Flame Prince responded.

"I guess I...we'll see you soon." Prince Gumball said.

"Yeah." Flame Prince said in return.

"All right then," Gumball sighed, "see ya."

"See ya." Flame Prince said.

PG hung up his phone.

"Is he coming?" Breakfast Prince asked.

"Yeah, he is." Gumball said.

"Good," Breakfast Prince replied, "because I want my Palmiers."

For the sake of my fic, Flame Prince's first name in Lucent, which is another word for bright or glowing, and Breakfast Prince's first name is Albumen, which is another name for the white part of an egg.