Tense Trio

Chapter 6

Last chapter.

After the basement fiasco, the three princes had returned to PG's kitchen.

"Well that was quite an ordeal." Breakfast Prince said.

PG and FP were still fairly quiet.

"Come on," BP implored, "can't we have one time together where we are all getting along."

"What?" Prince Gumball replied, "We're not arguing."

"But you're not saying anything," Breakfast Prince expressed, "you guys used to be civil with one another, and now you hate each other, why?"

Brief silence.

"It's a long, demoralizing story." Flame Prince stated.

"Ugh, is it that kiss thing where you forgot the Flame Shield..." BP wondered.

"No, it's not that," PG affirmed, "but it is part of the reason."

"Yes, and we agreed to never speak of the reason," Flame Prince added, "lest I BURN THIS CASTLE TO THE GROUND!"

"You don't have to talk about it," Breakfast Prince said, "but you have to stop fighting so much, it causes nothing but trouble."

"We know that." Prince Gumball said.

Breakfast Prince looked on strangely.

"Well then," he responded, "why do are you guys so hostile, if you know it's bad?"

"We don't know." PG stated.

"It's kinda...involuntary," Flame Prince said, "we don't like to fight, it's just...spontaneous for some reason."

"Oh, well then." BP replied.

No one said anything for a moment.

"Can I have my Palmiers now?" Breakfast Prince asked.

"I'll get them made." PG said, then he looked at Flame Prince.

"And...I will try not to burn them this time." Flame Prince stated awkwardly.

"Yay." BP said.

There, done. The connection of Flame Prince and Prince Gumball will be explored more in my future fics.

Also, in case people did not know, Palmiers are some kind of pastry, named for their resemblence to palm leaves...I think.