01. Unexpected Change of Mission Parameters

Hi-Skool; it was a place loathed by most filthy humans that went through the three years of educational torture. Zim was not human, but he too loathed the establishment that had, in some respects, kept him imprisoned in the same manner. Sure he easily could have skipped all the classes, or taken in the robo-parents and said he was transferring, he could even move and pretend that he was older than his current earth alias.

His height was no longer the primary factor for age determination like when he first arrived. After a few years on Earth Zim found himself growing, and he naturally assumed that it was a reward from the Tallest for doing such a good job. Operation Impending Doom 2 had been declared a success even though his mission remained incomplete. The Tallest were not interested in the time frame so much as having an agent on Earth should the local populace become a nuisance to the Irken empire.

Zim could have moved and changed his identity at any time, but his Earth life had gotten comfortably familiar, and even Hi-Skool was not enough of a deterrent. Today however Zim need not worry about overbearing teachers and ridiculous exams. He had already graduated, and was merely here on business with one of the students. It was child's play to tap into the intercom system and deliver his summons, "Gaz… whatever your last name is… please report to the front of the school."

The purple-haired teen groaned at the sound of the alien's voice. She had hoped that she'd never have to hear that voice again when her brother headed for college. It had been stupid to simply assume that Zim would do the same. Thankfully Zim had stayed quiet once Dib was out of the way, what he was doing here, now, bothering her, Gaz didn't really care. He wasn't worth the bother, but the expectant eyes of her classmates forced her to leave her seat and address the issue. As soon as the door fully closed she could hear them whispering rumors and theories. Gaz made her way through the school, opening doors by kicking them until she got through the main doors and laid eyes on the green-skinned menace.

"What do you want, Zim?" she said menacingly.

"I have important matters to discuss with you, girl-child."

"I'm not a child," Gaz glared, and repeated her earlier question, "What do you want?"

"It cannot be discussed here," Zim sneered at the Hi-Skool students that loitered about, despite classes being in session. "I expected you to feel the relief of an excuse to be skipping class."

Gaz considered this for a moment, before heading down the steps. "If you're planning on wasting my time I will make you wish you were never incubated," she hissed dangerously, making her threat personal despite the audience.

"Excellent, come, Gaz-human," the alien marched away proudly, and with one final groan, Gaz shuffled after him, lazily dragging her feet.

"Where are we going?" Gaz asked as they walked, it had to be nearby, or Zim would have been using his ship. The customized crossbreed of earth cars and Irken space vehicles was one of the alien's better creations.

"Gaz, do you recollect how long we've been on speaking terms?"

Gaz wasn't really on 'speaking terms' with anyone, but she knew what the alien boy was talking about. After Zim had been on Earth for a couple years the underground classes at Skool were integrated into the lunch hour, seating had been limited, and what had been four tables of less desirable contacts had become one. Dib and Zim had been forced by social pressures to occupy the same table, along with a half-dozen others. Gaz had made the mistake of continuing to sit with them. "Seven years; now answer the question Zim."

"Once we're at the base," Zim replied brusquely. "During these seven years, have I ever overstepped the boundaries of appropriate interaction?"

"Let's see. You yelled profanities at my lunch. You frequently threatened me or Dib. You've stolen a notebook, fifteen erasers, two pencils and three tubes of lipstick from me. You kidnapped my class for one of your experiments. You've probably had spy cameras following me the entire time. But most importantly, you wrote over my save data for Monster Cruncher, so yeah, not appropriate."

"Well, now that the Dib has left in search of higher education, Zim has realized that social interactions with you also have their time limits."

"What's your point Zim?" Gaz asked, as they reached the block where Zim's so-called 'house' had been situated since his arrival on Earth. Now Zim remained silent, except for a voice command to deactivate the lawn gnomes as she stepped through the gate. He even held open the door as Gaz stepped inside. Once she was in the middle of the room, she whirled back to him with a glare, wondering what he was playing at.

"My point," Zim didn't look at her, he looked at the door, momentarily composing himself. "During that time I saw you tremble once, from a temperature uncomfortable for human bodies."

"You were the one out in the snow, trying to blow up the science lab," Gaz turned her face away, glaring at the couch instead. There were some things she didn't want to reminded of, like the warmth of Zim's jacket around her shoulders. He had found her shivering to be a distraction to his maniacal exposition.

"At that time, Zim realized a desire that has been left unaddressed." Gaz felt a hint of warmth travelling to her cheeks. Silently cursing herself, the combination of memory and phrasing was not doing wonders for her composure. "I want to see you tremble," Zim turned towards her, with intensity in his eyes that caught Gaz off-guard.

Pulling out his contacts in one sweeping motion he took a determined step towards the girl, "Part of me still sees you as my enemy." His proximity was clearly uncomfortable as Gaz backed away from him. He discarded his wig taking another step closer. "At my core I must subjugate my enemies; I cannot fight the need to have you tremble at my feet." Gaz seemed intimidated; Zim had backed her into the wall, now he thrust his arms against the wall on either side to prevent her from escaping. He had been planning this for a month, and Gaz would probably subject him to extreme pain afterwards, he had to move fast, make her tremble before her usual violent streak at him behaving like an idiot. "Part of me wants to kill you," he said darkly, and it happened.

Gaz trembled, just slightly.

"Victory for Zim," the alien shouted, proud of his accomplishment and thrusting his arms into the air.

"I wasn't trembling in fear, you idiot," Gaz yelled back, her face getting redder.

"What?" his antennae drooped. "You're lying!"

"Oh how I wish that I was…"

"The temperature is appropriate for human bodies, what else could make you tremble, Earth parasites in your belly?"

Gaz bit her lip, and Zim's eyes widened.

Suddenly the Irken bent down and pulled Gaz's shirt away from her stomach, making her tremble again. "You're not allowed to have some filthy Earth parasites in your stomach!" he yelled, until Gaz's hand pushed him away by his forehead.

"I don't have parasites!" Gaz snapped back, "I'm not cold, and I'm not afraid. I was... turned on…" Gaz was now quite red, Zim assumed fury, Gaz knew embarrassment.

"Turned on?" Zim questioned letting his arms flop to his sides, "Humans have an on switch?"

"No, it's just a figure of speech."

"You trembled because of a figure of speech?"

"No!" Gaz looked at the big red eyes that looked at her incredulously. "'Turned on' is a metaphor for sexual arousal."

Zim blinked, trying to comprehend the situation, trying to apply his independent research and three years of 'sex-ed' to the past minute.

"I should go," Gaz began sneaking away, when Zim grabbed her arm.

"You've had many Earth boyfriends."

"I've had two," Gaz replied, trying not to be insulted by Zim's exaggeration.

"Were either of them capable of making you tremble?"

"No," Gaz looked at the alien, trying to figure out the alien's strange thought pattern.

"So… Zim is superior in this area?" Zim looked up at Gaz hopefully.

"Sure," Gaz said flatly, letting the green boy have his ego-boost.

"Victory for Zim," he shouted, waving his arms in the air, as Gaz shook her head and moved for the front door. Suddenly the alien was in front of her, blocking the door, "I want to make you tremble again."

"What?" Gaz was glaring now.

"I want," Zim stepped forward, "to make you," he was dangerously close again, but this time Gaz wasn't backing down, "tremble for me." Zim grabbed the belt loops on Gaz's pants and pulled her the extra inch towards him, crashing her folded arms against his chest. "I want to do what your pitiful human boyfriends could not," he said darkly.

"You," Gaz swallowed the words, "You have no idea what you're asking Zim."

"Zim is asking you to turn you back on your species, deny your biological inclination to produce offspring, and give an alien who may one day decide to take over your entire species opportunity to pleasure your body with or without the titles you humans give to that position."

Gaz blushed harder, if that were possible, staring wide-eyed at the alien. On second thought, perhaps she had been the one who didn't realize what he was asking. For a moment the tight-armed fold of her arms loosened, and Zim's face melted into a self-pleased grin. Glare hardening, Gaz pushed the alien boy away, "Back off Zim! You think you can get whatever you want without any work." Gaz promptly headed for the door while Zim blinked helplessly.

It was mere seconds of information, but Zim processed it frantically. Gaz hadn't actually said no, her words were a test of dedication to the endeavor. Zim ran through what he knew of human standards and protocols. Usually before entering into a reproductive relationship humans interacted more regularly in social settings to determine the quality of the potential mate.

Zim was familiar with being tested. "Saturday," Zim called as Gaz had just stepped past his fence, "can I see you Saturday?"

"Why would I want to see you?" Gaz asked menacingly, but she had stopped moving.

"A movie, Zim shall pay."

"What movie?"

"Uh… Zombie Apocalypse Sixteen," Zim answered hurriedly.

Gaz paused, "I like the night showings," she answered, soft and quiet, then harshly, "don't screw it up."

Zim's eyes widened in realization as Gaz proceeded with her walk out of his neighbourhood. He had a date… with Dib's scary sister…

End Mission Log

A/N: Originally this was just going to be a one-shot. Then it expanded into a three-piece on an outline. Did I stick with that outline? I wish! No, the story keeps expanding itself, and so I've decided to update all the old chapters with a new look. There's little change in content, maybe a sentence or two and some fixed spelling, so no one has to reread if they don't want to.