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Chapter Seven:

She was enjoying a nice, lazy Wednesday (since she was still on leave, every day was capable of being a lazy day) that even Steve McGarrett had managed not to ruin so far. Kono had been able to clean her whole house, go grocery shopping, do some laundry, and even watched the last half hour of 'The Breakfast Club' on tv before anything disrupted her.

That anything wasn't really a thing. More of a who. A who that Kono was not enthused to hear from. Not after four and a half weeks of complete silence from the man who was supposed to be her boyfriend. Yeah, she figured that not at least calling after her accident was sufficient grounds to end things.

At first, she had almost thought that it was McGarrett. He had developed a pesky habit of dropping by, usually a few times a week, and bugging her about coming back to work. His surprise visits became far more frequent following the whole 'ocean freak out' incident. She was halfway to the door of her bedroom before she even doubted that it was Steve.

Kono hadn't gotten rusty during her time off, in fact, she had rather become more observant. She kept a mental record of all the cars that stopped outside her house, the faces of the delivery men and women who came bearing packages, even the habits of her direct neighbors. It wasn't paranoia, not in her mind anyway, just constant vigilance.

It was the second time that her visitor knocked that she knew for a fact that it wasn't Steve making one of his visits. McGarrett would knock twice with his whole fist, making a loud banging noise against the door rather than the usual knock. His knocking was very similar to his personality; curt and powerful. The person on the other side of the door, the not Steve, knocked three times, lightly, most likely done with just the first two knuckles.

Noticing the distinct difference, Kono stopped in her tracks and reached for her gun—which was sitting conveniently on her bed side table. Once she was armed, she quietly made her way to the door and looked through the peep-hole.

Adam Noshimuri was standing outside her door. Great, just freaking perfect. What a lovely surprise.

Had this had been, well, even three weeks ago she would have probably opened the door right away and listened to every word that Adam had to say because one week wasn't so horrible. One week could be explained by lack of knowledge, work, heck, she would even take blinding anger! But four and a half weeks, just a few days over a month? Kono Kalakaua was far too strong minded and independent to fall back into Adam's arms after that much silence.

"Kono? Kono please just listen to me" a muffled voice said (whined was more like it) from just beyond Kono's closed, locked, and dead-bolted front door. "I know you're there, please, open the door"

She didn't want to listen to Adam right now. She didn't even want him within one hundred yards of her for Pete's sake! Somehow, his not visiting her in the hospital, or calling her when she got out, or even sending her a goddamn 'glad you're alive' card didn't really make Kono feel like entertaining her once-lover. Once. As in past tense. Meaning not anymore.

What didn't he get about that? He was like a little terrier nipping at the feet of an angry German Shepard… Yep, he was asking for it.

She tucked her gun into the drawer of the end table next to her front door. The table was overflowing with mail and she made a silent note to go through it later. Then, with far more force than necessary, Kono twisted the lock and undid the deadbolt before yanking the door open. Adam was standing right there, fist up and at the ready to unleash another set of rapping at her door, only the door was gone now so all he could do was let it drop.

"What do you want?" Kono asked harshly, not letting her face betray her or show any emotion.

"I want to talk, I want you to listen to me. Please, Kono" he begged from the top stair leading to her front porch.

"No, Adam, I'm not going to listen to you. Not after you went weeks without so much as a lousy text message asking if I was even alive! You don't get to stand there and act like the slighted boyfriend when you didn't even have the decency to check on me after I was nearly killed. You can't—you can't do this" she said, waving her arms in the air between herself and her ex (though he seemed to think differently) boyfriend.

"Do what, Kono? Care? Act like your boyfriend?" Oh how dare he act like she was being irrational! No way in hell was that going to fly, especially not when she had woken up this morning to find one of her supposedly healed cuts on her stomach trickling blood onto her previously clean light green sheets—a stinging reminder about what she had gone through ever so recently.

Adam wasn't there when they stitched her up, or when she had to rub that vile concoction over her wounds, he wasn't even there when they took the first set of sutures out. He didn't get to act like he was the dotting boyfriend, not after being absent when she needed him. Of course, he probably thought that he was protecting her, 'keeping her out of danger' by staying away. What a load of bull shit.

"Act like my boyfriend? Act like my boyfriend? Well, you are doing a pretty great job of acting when it is convenient to you, Adam." She snarled, a glare firmly in place.

"Jesus, I'm not acting, can't you see that I was just trying to—"

"Protect me, right. You're always trying to protect me." Kono folded her arms over her chest and looked down for a moment before meeting Adam's gaze again. He still didn't seem to understand why she was frustrated, why his 'protection' wasn't enough to hold off her anger. Idiot.

"Exactly!" He smiled, actually smiled, as if he was elated that Kono finally got it! Look at that, they were finally getting somewhere and in a few seconds everything was going to fine and dandy. They could finally get their relationship back to where it was and quite possibly be happy again. All she had to do was accept that Adam was protecting her, which clearly she had, right?

"Yeah, we're done" said Kono simply, shaking her head slightly as she watched Adam's face contort in confusion

"What are you talking about? I was protecting you, you know that" Adam said softly as he reached out and put his hand to her cheek, softly running his finger over the contour.

Kono moved her hand from her side and placed it over his. He smiled slightly at this, still disillusioned into thinking that she was going to fall right back into his arms.

"Adam, you were protecting me but I didn't need protection. I needed you to be there when I couldn't sleep, when I thought Delano was staking out my house, and I needed you when I was lying in a hospital bed after I nearly drowned. I needed you, not your protection." Kono pulled his hand off of her face and let it drop back to his side. "Can't you see that? You weren't there when I woke up, or when I was released from the hospital, or at any time in the last month. So we're done, over. This-" she motioned between the pair of them"-this isn't happening anymore. I'm sorry, but we're through"

Kono took a step back, returning to her position under the door frame—just out of Adam's reach. He was silent for a few moments before shaking his head and looking at her with a look that spoke of pure contempt.

"You're ending this because I wanted to protect you, that's great Kono, just great" he glared at her but didn't move-standing his ground right outside her front door. Kono rolled her eyes at his idiotic statement, unable to keep the thought of how dense he was being out of her mind.

"No, I'm ending this because I needed someone to stand by me when I was hurt, not hide in the background." Kono gave him one last, albeit sad, smile and took a step forward, lightly kissing his cheek. There was finality to her movement, no lingering or underlying emotion, just a silent end to their relationship.

"Goodbye, Adam" she said and began closing her front door.

"You're making a mistake" Adam said, still stoically in place—stubbornly in denial that Kono had actually broken off their relationship. For a moment he reminded her of Gavin whenever she would be tasked with baby sitting and it was bed time. He would adamantly refuse and insist that he was not tired at all, he would then try to prove that he wasn't only to wind up passed out on the couch, or floor, or one time even the kitchen table, twenty minutes later.

"Maybe. Maybe not though" she closed the door on him, both metaphorically and literally, and let out a deep breath.

She stood there for a few minutes, waiting for him to leave—to hear the familiar creaking of her front porch steps as he took the two remaining steps down from where he was standing. He paced a little then just stood there, before he finally left her house.

Once he was gone, Kono allowed herself to slide down the door to the ground but wouldn't let any tears fall. It wasn't that she was broken up over this that had her feeling down, in fact she felt fine considering she had accepted that this relationship was over a few weeks ago when Adam still hadn't shown up to even check that she was, well, alive to begin with. Kono was just having a bit of difficulty comprehending that she had actually broken up with him—that she hadn't pulled back on her offensive and collapsed right back into his arms.

"This is how it should be" she reminded herself. He was the head of a major crime family, she was (or would be again, rather) a police officer; they could have never worked together. Because no matter how hard they tried, or how good the sex was, they were not going to make it if he honestly thought she needed protecting at a time like this.

She'd deny it if anyone ever asked, but she sat there for nearly half an hour before getting up, walking to her room, putting on pajamas and spending the next hour rocking out to Pandora radio as she finished cleaning her room. Once all of her laundry had been gathered from the outskirts of her room (how one of her bras had ended up tucked halfway under her dresser with a sock clipped to the hook was beyond her), Kono all but collapsed onto her bed.

Cleaning up her hurricane destroyed room had exhausted her, not to mention, dealing with Adam was quite strenuous. When all was said and done, she hadn't managed to even get under the covers, let alone set her alarm system or turn out the lights before she passed out.

Despite that, Kono slept like a college kid on break. Until there was a hand on her shoulder and someone sitting on her bed. Yeah, that sure woke her up.

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