Amy lay in bed next to Ted, who was snoring softly. She was worried about Mort. He seemed so stressed out at the insurance place. Of course, that was only natural for she was stressed out too. Their house had burned down. It had been horrible! What kind of sick person would burn down a beautiful house like that? Then again, was she really that different from the person who burned it down? She did something bad as well: committed adultery. No matter how hard she tried, she would never be able to get that look on Mort's face out of her mind when he came into the motel and found her and Ted. It was all her fault. Everything that was going wrong was all because of her.

She should have known better. Should have known that cheating on Mort would push him even more over the edge than what he already had been. Mort had been a good man, for he never ran around on her, never laid a finger to her, and obviously loved her, but he had demons. They had been truly in love when they got married, and the first few years of their marriage was nothing but bliss. Things got even better when they found out they were going to have a baby. But three months into the pregnancy, and she lost it. Mort and her started drifting apart after that. He turned to drinking a lot. Mostly Jack Daniels, and would lock himself in his room and write for hours. At meal times, whenever she would try to start a conversation, she would see him looking at her, but past her. Like he was off in his own little world and she didn't even exist. Part of her still loved Mort, and part of her always would, but she knew that they wouldn't be able to work it out, and she had fallen for Ted, their Real Estate Agent. Ted wanted the both of them to go to Mort and tell him that they have fallen in love, and Amy was to tell him she wanted a divorce, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Mort was never very good at handling any kind of stress, and she had planned on telling him it was over, but she was a chickenshit and kept putting it off. If only things could have worked out. Amy had told herself numerous times that if she could do it all over again, she wouldn't cheat on Mort. Cheating was the coward's way out, and she always knew that. Maybe tomorrow she could call Mort and check up on him, and explain herself. She would tell him that she was sorry, that she should have told him about Ted sooner, and she also wanted him to know that Ted was the only man she was with, and nobody else. It would be nice to talk to him, try to convince him to sign the divorce papers, and maybe they could be friends. No. She shouldn't get her hopes up. If Mort had cheated on her, she probably wouldn't have been very nice, either. Who burned down their house, she didn't know. Mort had sworn to her that he never plagiarized from anybody else after he did it that one time, and he had paid the guy a lot of money. Amy was worried about him. Very worried. He needed some professional help, she knew that, but she would never mention it to him for she was afraid what he would do if she did.

When they were at the insurance place, Amy noticed that Mort still wore the watch that she got him years ago that said "I love you. Amy." That made her feel even worse. He obviously wasn't ready to move on, especially since he kept refusing to sign the divorce papers. That was the only thing he had to do, and their divorce would be final. Mort deserved someone who wouldn't hurt him, and would never stop loving him. Oh, well. Tomorrow she would call him, and hopefully they would be able to solve everything. With that, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.