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Prince Zander paced in his room. He hadn't done anything except think about the mystery maiden. She was different than any maiden he had met before. She had a smile that could light up the whole kingdom (A/N: Who knows where that's from!) and she actually cared about music. Her voice was that of an angel and her face, though he had not seen it,he was sure it matched her voice.

Kevin was having quite a hard time keeping a secret from Prince Zander. They had been friends since they were toddlers and they had never kept secrets from each other. He was tapping his foot anxiously as Prince Zander was pacing about the room. Then, as if a gas lamp had gone of in his head, Prince Zander stated,

" I've got it."

"You've got what?" Kevin asked,"because if it is a rash I am NOT rubbing the cream on it-"

"No!" Prince Zander exclaimed. "I know how to find the fair maiden," and he started walking out of his room.

"And Kevin, never speak of the rash incident again," he said before he left.

Prince Zander walked up to the throne of his parents with a look of dignity.

"What is it son," the king asked in a firm voice.

"I need to find the maiden whose foot fits this shoe," Prince Zander stated holding out the glass slipper.

"Zander, there are millions of maidens out there," the queen said,"what makes this one so special?"

"She's not like the other maidens," Zander said," she acts as if she's totally unaware of her radiating beauty, and she loves music as much as I do, and her voice makes my heart melt." When Prince Zander had finished talking, his parents were looking at him with sympathetic looks.

"Since this maiden means so much to you," the king stated.

"We shall find the foot that fits that slipper," the queen finished. Prince Zander thanked his parents and quietly left the throne room. Once he was out of earshot of his parents he said,

"I shall see you soon, my fair maiden."

Grace had been thinking nonstop of the lad from the ball. He had a somewhat goofy character, that made her giggle. She had failed to obtain his name, but she hoped that she would see him again soon.

She had also been thinking about Molly's cruelness to Stevie. Stevie had never done anything to Stevie and yet Molly continued to terrorize her. Grace decided at that moment to not obey Molly anymore. If Molly was cruel enough to order around Stevie, who hadn't done anything to her, imagine what she would do to others. But Grace did still care about Molly. They were sister and she did care for her. Maybe, just maybe, she could change Molly into a nice caring person. It was a hard job but Grace was up to it.

I am soooooo sorry this chapter is so short. I am having some writer's block on what to do with Stevie. I hope you guys like it though. And just remember, just because how to rock is ending, that doesn't mean our obsession with it has to.

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