"Man, I told you we was gonna be late," Said Tatiana (Girl #1).

"Shut the fuck up, bitch," Said Clifton (Boy #15), "We're gonna be fucking fine." The group walked

through the ghetto (where they all lived) and toward their school. Class started at 8:00 A.M. It was now 7:55.

"Don't call her a bitch, bitch," Said Tatum (Girl #16).

"Don't call him a bitch, you bitch," Sneered Omar (Boy #2). The five immediately began to laugh.

"Ah, nigga, you funny," Said Aliyah (Girl #17). Tatiana, Clifton, Omar, Aliyah and Tatum were the ones in the school that most people were afraid of. They were getting in trouble all the time, doing drugs, having sex, and starting fights. Most referred to them as "the ghetto clique". They didn't mind the name, they were from the ghetto. The ghetto was usually associated with people like them. Hoodlums, scum. Not that they cared.

At the school, Wayne (Boy #1) and Lawrence (Boy #8) were playing Magic: The Gathering. They had just finished playing their Yu-Gi-Oh game. The teacher wasn't in the classroom so the jocks knew this was their time to strike. The jocks, Roderick (Boy #13), Dave (Boy #7), and Devin (Boy #12) made their way over to where the nerds were. In a cliché sort of event, the bullying occurred. "Well hello there," Grinned Roderick, "What are you guys playing?

"Magic," Said Lawrence. He was concentrated on the game, whereas Wayne was afraid of what was about to happen.

"Oh well that sure sounds like fun," Said Devin.

"It is," Said Lawrence, "You're welcome to face the winner if you want. Which is going to be me."

"Mm, I don't think so," Said Dave.

"Why not?" Asked Lawrence.

"This is why," Said Dave. He then shoved all the cards off the table and knocked their decks over. Roderick and Devin high-fived. Wayne, wanting to avoid trouble, bent down and picked up his cards, completely ignoring the three jocks above him.

"Well that wasn't nice," Said Lawrence. The three looked at him and grinned.

"Well fuckface, we really don't care," Said Roderick.

"Well I do," Said Lawrence.

"Lawrence, don't be dumb," Whispered Wayne, "Just shut up."

"You best be listening to your friend there," Said Dave.

"You best be learning to speak properly," Mocked Lawrence. He bent down to pick up his cards but Dave stopped him.

"What's wrong about the way I be speaking?" He asked.

"Well your grammar is horrible," Said Lawrence, "Do you even realize how ignorant you sound?"

"You little bitch!" Shouted Dave. Dave didn't really care about his grammar. He kind of knew he had bad grammar anyways. The thing that pissed him off was that this nobody was standing up to him. He would soon be taught his lesson though.

Dave balled his fist. He went to strike Lawrence in the face. He felt someone grab his arm. It was Devin. "No," Said Devin, "You've already gotten into two fights this year. Do you want to get suspended again?" Dave thought about it. In the end, he decided it was best to just leave them alone.

"You're lucky, fuckface," He said, "You won't get off so easy if I EVER see you outside of this shithole."

"Well we could meet at Friday Night Magic," Said Lawrence.

"The fuck is that?" Asked Roderick.

"Every Friday at the game store there's a meeting where people come and play Magic. If you want to know more, just ask your friend over there." He pointed to Devin. Roderick and Dave turned to look at him.

"What the fuck? He asked, "I… don't know what you're talking about."

"This guy's a fucking retard, Said Dave. He and Roderick walked off.

"Guys, I'm soo sorry," Said Devin.

"Its fine," Said Wayne.

"Why did you try to deny your involvement of Magic?" Asked Lawrence.

"I don't want them to know I play," Said Devin.

"Why not?" Asked Lawrence.

"Because it's a nerd game," Said Devin, "No offense."

"None taken," Said Wayne.

"Why don't you want them to know?" Asked Lawrence.

"I already said," Said Devin, "They're the cool kids. I'm a part of them. I'm not going back to the lowly life of a nerd." Wayne frowned. "No offense again," Said Devin. He walked off back to where the other jocks were. On his way back, he gave Alfred (Boy #21) a shove.

The other jock, Darnell (Boy #14) was there. He wasn't the sort of jocks the others were. He was a lot stronger than them, for starters. He was good at just about every sport he tried. Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and many others. He was also nice. He wouldn't even hurt a fly, let alone a person. He didn't even like to hurt peoples' feelings. He felt bad for people like Wayne, Lawrence, and Alfred.

Alfred grudgingly walked to his seat. Just another day of the constant Hell he was put through. Bullied since a young age, abused by his parents, never having any friends; just a part of his life. Alfred often thought of taking his own life. He thought about it, but never had (obviously). He decided he would one day get revenge. But how? That was the part he couldn't figure out? He couldn't take on any of the tough guys in a fight. But little did he know, he would soon have a perfect shot at revenge.

Gillian (Girl #2) walked into the class. She was wearing one of her grandma's old outfits. The jocks all laughed as she walked by. Her hair, outfit, and shoes made her look almost eighty. Gillian was definitely a traditional girl. "Nice outfit granny!" Shouted Roderick. All the jocks, except Darnell, laughed. Gillian didn't mind. Her grandma had warned her about boys and how she just needed to ignore them. She said they were, "nothing but horny, good for nothing, slave drivers. " Gillian didn't have any friends who were girls either though. Her grandma had told her about them too. "Nothing but slutty little good for nothing, vein idiots." Gillian's grandma didn't like her generation. That's why she was so proud of her little Gillian, sticking with old tradition. It made her heart very happy.

Vijay (Boy #3) walked meekly into the classroom. He more like ran into the classroom. Vijay was in in some state of constant paranoia. He was new to this country, barely spoke the language. So he figured kids would bully him any chance they got. That's why he practically ran to his classes; to avoid the lashing. The ironic thing was, the only thing people made fun of him for, was running to all of his classes. It looked funny seeing the little Indian boy run down the hallway. He scurried to his seat.

Esmeralda (Girl #15) and her brother Gilberto (Boy #20) walked into the class. Esmeralda and Gilberto were not known by many of their classmates. That's because they were really silent. Esmeralda was just naturally silent, but back in Mexico, Gilberto had been a chatter box. It was coming to America that changed him. When he had come to America he had high hopes. He would make friends, join a few teams, and be popular like he had been. But none of those dreams came to fruition. When he came, all he found was a bunch of idiots. Gilberto had great hatred toward all of them. They were nothing like he had expected them to be. He had a specific reason for hating all of them. Although he couldn't remember some of them, he still knew, he hated everyone in his class. Except for his sister of course.

Noel (Boy #4) and Linda (Girl #6) walked in. They were holding hands. They were always holding hands. Being the lovey-dovey couple of the class, they were always together. They couldn't stand being apart from each other. Young love, or at least, what they thought was love. But the "love" that they had was much more pure than the "love" of the other couples of the class.

The trouble makers came next. They were the only ones in the class the jocks never messed with. They had connections. The "trouble makers" really were trouble makers. They spent most of their nights with a can of spray paint and an imagination (if you know what I mean). They had even sprayed graffiti all over the school before. They had been caught for writing those vulgar things, but they all agreed it was worth it. This group consisted of five members. Stephen (Boy #11) and Alisha (Girl #12) were two of the members. They were in a "relationship." But this "relationship" was mostly them having sex, and Stephen beating the crap out of her. Axel (Boy #9) was also in the group. He was the undisputed leader. He was known for being a complete hardass, getting into scuffles daily, and being a HUGE pervert. He had committed a few rapes in his lifetime. The other two members were Nia (Girl #8) and Victor (Boy #16). They were also in a relationship. Although it wasn't abusive, their relationship wasn't the best either. They made their way to the back of the class.

The more "neutral" girls began to come in next. They were known for being completely boring and bland. There wasn't really anything special about them. Ethel (Girl #10) was the most well-known of any of them. She had run for class president every year since 6th grade. She had always lost though. Always lost to that same bitch, Callie (Girl #7). Cadence (Girl #14) was also part of this clique. Cadence had nothing distinguishing about her. Average brown hair. Average brown eyes. Absolutely nothing special. Kailey (Girl #20) was practically the same way. She had been very talkative in elementary school, but was bullied a lot for her weird thinking. That's why she was more of a silent type now. Chris (Girl #5) was the most known of the neutral girls. She was the star player of the volleyball team. That and the fact that she had a boyish name, were the only reasons why people knew her. She didn't mind though. She had never been really noticed before. Callie walked into the room after them. "Hello Ethel," She said with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Callie," Said Ethel.

"Guess who just got elected class president?" She asked. "Again!"

Ethel was about ready to lunge but she knew she couldn't risk getting in trouble. "Congratulations," Said Ethel. She felt like dying. But she knew she just needed to grin and bear it. Callie walked away laughing.

"Wander how many people she had to sleep with to win?" Asked Chris. They laughed. Ethel could always count of her friends to cheer her up.

Wallace (Boy #6) walked into the classroom. He never spoke a word. No one in the class had ever heard a noise come from his mouth. One time, in math, the teacher had called on him. Everyone was eagerly waiting to hear his voice. Instead, he just held up four fingers. That had been the answer. Everyone was extremely disappointed. But it was really no big deal. Everybody overlooked Wallace anyways. Literally too, Wallace was the shortest in the entire class. Even shorter than Zelda (Girl #11).

She walked into class next. She looked at the clock and saw that she was on time. "Yes!" She shouted. "Not late. Thank God, I couldn't let my perfect attendance record suffer."

"Hi Zelda," Said Gillian. Zelda smiled politely but didn't say anything. Even a loser like herself didn't want to be seen talking to that even bigger loser Gillian.

Archie (Boy #18) ran into the classroom. "WHAT'S UP NIGGAS!" He shouted. Archie, for a small kid, was relatively loud. He always had a huge, goofy smile on his face. For lack of a better term, he was "the class clown." He was liked by many, but was by no means popular. Nobody responded. Archie rolled his eyes and walked to his seat.

Malik (Boy #10) walked into class. He was a complete, 100 % redneck. He took off his camo hat and tied it to his belt loop. He spit out his gum and walked to his seat. Malik loved America. He loved the military, he loved his mother, he loved the country, he loved pretty much everything American. There was one thing he hated though. Strike that, one thing he DESPISED! Queers. Those worthless pieces of shit didn't even deserve the life given to them. At least, that was Malik's opinion.

The bell rang. Their teacher, Mr. Walker walked into the class. "Where is everyone?" He asked.

"How should we know?" Asked Dave. Mr. Walker glared at him.

"Regardless, we'll get started."

It was then that the "emo" kids showed up. Tonya (Girl #3), Calum (Boy#5), and Kristopher (Boy #9) walked in. "Where have you been?" Asked Mr. Walker angrily.

"The bell just rang," Said Tonya, "Jesus." She and Calum walked past. Mr. Walker glared at them.

"Kristopher, take your headphones out right now!" Shouted Mr. Walker, "I can hear that music from here." If looks could kill, Mr. Walker would be dead. Kristopher looked at him with pure hatred. He reluctantly pulled out his headphones. "Stop listening to that hardcore stuff," Said Mr. Walker, "It's not good for your brain."

"And you think that rap crap is?" Spat Kristopher. He walked to the back of the class. If the ghetto kids had heard him dis rap, they would have jumped him. But they weren't there yet.

Next the cheerleaders came in. Mr. Walker just frowned and marked them all tarty. He didn't expect any different. The cheerleaders were almost always late. Lacey (Girl #19) was the head cheerleader. Adored and loved by many (yet despised and hated by just as many), Lacey felt like she ruled the school. The other cheerleaders were just her jesters. Nothing more. Judy (Girl #21) liked to believe she was more than that to Lacey, but she knew she wasn't. Judy was just as good of a cheerleader as Lacey, maybe even better. The problem was her looks. Lacey was much more attractive than Judy. While Judy's beauty was more in her face, Lacey's was more in her breasts. That's what had gotten her the head cheerleader position. Tamia (Girl #18) was Lacey's personal bodyguard. A cheerleader herself, she was a little more sturdily built (she was mostly used to be at the bottom of pyramids.) Anyone who tried to mess with Lacey or call her a slut (which she was) would have to deal with Tamia and her wrath. The last of the cheerleaders was Kamryn (Girl #9). She was nothing more than a stereotypical dumb blonde. That was a perfect description of her. Dumb, but spunky. With the group was Mindy (Girl #13). Much as she liked to believe she was friends with the cheerleaders, she really wasn't. They all hated her. Mindy was nothing but a spoiled brat. Granted, they were too, Mindy was different. She had more money than even Lacey! That's what made them really mad. Mindy had tried out for the cheer squad and although her moves were decent, they didn't put her on the team. She still though they were her friends though. That's why she would always hang out with them. They would tell her to go away, but she always thought they were kidding. Even Kamryn found her extremely stupid.

"I'm disappointed ladies," Said Mr. Walker. They didn't say anything.

The ghetto kids walked in. "Geez, what's with everybody being tarty!" Shouted Mr. Walker angrily. "And Omar, please pull your pants up PAST YOUR BUTTCRACK!" There were snickers and laughs around the room. Omar reluctantly pulled his pants up. But when he got back to his seat he pulled them back down. Damn bitch can't tell me what to be doing. He thought angrily.

"There's still one more student," Laughed Lacey. Sydney (Girl #4) was the last to walk in. She came behind the ghetto kids.

"Awe, look they got a new member!" Shouted Dave. Everyone laughed. Clifton sent him an evil look.

Sydney was autistic. She walked in very slowly whilst talking to herself. In one hand she held her favorite pink lunchbox. In the other she clutched her favorite manga. She walked slowly to her seat as people around the room snickered.

Mr. Walker felt really sorry for her. He hated her having to be a part of "The Program." But they had been the chosen class. Mr. Walker didn't really mind the rest of the people being chosen, he never really liked them. He thought about taking Sydney out of the Program but then the numbers would be uneven and it would get complicated. He decided to just make her do it.

"Excuse me class, I'll be right back," He said. He left the room. That was strange. Why would Mr. Walker leave? That's what everybody was wandering. Everyone started feeling drowsy.

"What the hell?"

"What's going on?"

These were just a couple of the questions running through everybody's minds. Unbeknownst to the students, a sleeping gas was being pumped into the classroom. Everybody fell onto their desks, fast asleep. The gas had worked like a charm.