40 Remaining

The bullet missed its mark. Calum (Boy #5) ignored the pain and continued running. The pain he was feeling now would've been a lot worse if he didn't have his bulletproof vest on. Devin (Boy #12) fired his gun again. That's right; the gunshot was from Devin, not from Chris (Girl #5) or Esmeralda (Girl #15).

"You can't let him get away," Said Callie (Girl #7) putting on her innocent look again, "If he escapes he might kill your friends."

"I'm trying," Said Devin as he pulled the trigger again. The bullet hit Calum in the back. He cried out in pain but continued on. "How the hell did that not at least wound him?" Asked Devin, confused.

"I have no idea," Said Callie. Idiot.

"That should've been enough to kill him," Said a still confused Devin. Callie didn't want Devin to waste too many bullets; after all, the gun would soon be hers. Calum made a mad dash for a classroom. He quickly got inside, shut the door, and locked it. He put his back up against the door and let his breath come out. He slid against the door until he was down on the ground. He was finally safe.

"Oh no, he got away," Said Callie.

"We can just wait for him," Said Devin, "He'll have to come out eventually." Callie needed an opportunity to kill Devin. When was her chance going to come? Maybe she could kill him without the gun. She had to think of something. The only idea she had was really lame, but it just might work on a stupid jock.

"Devin, you look so tense," Said Callie.

"I do?" Asked Devin.

"Oh very much so," Said Callie, "I bet if I gave you a massage, you would feel a lot better." Devin thought about her offer. Now that she mentioned it, he was kind of tensed up. What was the harm in a little relaxation?

"Okay sure, why not?" Said Devin.

"I'll start with your shoulders," Said Callie. Devin turned and she began to caress his body with her magically soft hands. "My my, your shoulders are so strong and firm," Said Callie in a seductive voice.

Callie couldn't see it, but Devin blushed. "Thanks I do work out a lot," He said sheepishly.

"I can tell," Said Callie. She began to massage his back as well. Devin let out a moan. Callie decided to go ahead and make her move. She pulled out her pen and jammed it into Devin's neck. He screamed in pain. She slid the pen across his neck leaving a shallow cut.

"BITCH!" Screamed Devin. Callie grabbed his head and twisted. There was a sickening crack. Devin's neck was broken. It was just that simple.

"Wish I had done that sooner, so I wouldn't have had to waste so much time with you," Said Callie with a grin, "And by the way, thanks for the gun." She smiled and took the gun from his lifeless hands. "Maybe you should've focused more on the game, and less on the girls," Said Callie as she walked away from the body.

Chris (Girl #5) and Esmeralda (Girl #15) were both still staring at each other. They both had guns pointed at each other. None of the others in the room dared to move. They were all focused on the two girls with the guns. Chris stared into Esmeralda's eyes. She knew that this time, she wasn't backing down. "Keep your gun," Said Chris as she lowered the shotgun, "But if you try something I guarantee you will die." She turned away from Esmeralda. So the tough girl act had worked! Esmeralda breathed a sigh of relief. The whole thing had been an act. There was no way she could've shot Chris (she wasn't even sure if her gun was loaded!) Her bluff had worked and she still had the gun.

"Chris," Said Ethel (Girl #10), "Why are you doing this?"

"I'm not going to die," Said Chris aiming the gun at Ethel, "If any of you people try to kill me, I'll kill you first."

Kailey (Girl #20) was furious. Chris had stolen her gun and left her with her crowbar. If it came down to just the six of them, Chris could definitely kill Kailey now. Kailey didn't like it that way. She was determined to get her gun back, and with that gun, the power.

Cadence (Girl #14) glanced over at Wallace (Boy #6) who looked deep in thought. Cadence never had figured out Wallace. He never talked, but why? Did he have a bad childhood experience? Was he just naturally shy?

Wallace was deep in thought. He was thinking about how he could escape. He had gone from being with two crazy people, to being with five crazy people! He knew what The Program was capable of doing to a group of tight friends (especially girls). There had been numerous occasions were so called "BFFS" had killed each other. And they were almost always girls. Wallace was definitely worried. After the girls killed each other they would kill him. He knew that. And he knew that he wouldn't be able to defend himself with his "weapon" a lousy piece of paper. But Wallace knew he couldn't go back out there. Not with Clifton (Boy #15) keeping vigilant watch. He had a slight chance of winning against these girls, but he knew he was no match for Clifton and has Ak47. Wallace seemed to be in an unwinnable situation.

Alfred (Boy #21) and Sydney (Girl #4) were both staring at each other. Alfred was completely weaponless (thanks to that bitch Lacey (Girl #19) and her stupidity). He knew that Sydney could just kill him if she wanted to. But she didn't. Sydney turned away and continued looking for books. She recognized the guy from her class as one of the ones who was actually nice to her. She didn't mind being with one other person, so long as there wasn't a crowd. Alfred quickly ran over to her bag and began to rummage through it. He found a bow and arrows in there. He quickly fitted an arrow in the bow and aimed at Sydney. But for some reason, he couldn't release his grip. He had fully intended to, but something was stopping him. He lowered the bow and stared at Sydney. The girl was different just like him. But they were different in two different ways. Alfred had nothing against Sydney; he had never even talked to her before. But he knew people loved to bully her, maybe even as much as they bullied him. She was probably bullied even more than him. Alfred sighed; he couldn't do this. He hoped that some other person would come along and kill Sydney and he could just kill off all the others. All the others would be fun to kill. Alfred decided he would leave her weaponless though (better her than him). He felt bad stealing her bow and arrows, but he knew he needed a weapon. She could use her books to defend herself (a snicker from Alfred as this thought crossed his mind). He went off in search of a different victim (or victims).

Clifton (Boy #15) was meandering around the hall outside the classroom with the group of six people in it. The hallway was long and he was near the middle. That's when he heard a noise coming down the stairs. He ran over to them, with his gun ready. Suddenly, he saw Vijay (Boy #3) run down the stairs. Clifton fired a stream of bullets. They landed all around the small child. Vijay screamed and in a panic, fell down the stairs. Clifton aimed for him again, but, from the ground, Vijay sprayed him with the pepper spray. Clifton cried out and staggered backwards. Vijay took the chance to run. He ran past Clifton and toward the exit. He wanted to go home. This bitch was going to pay! Clifton tried his hardest to locate the boy. His eyes were stinging and he couldn't see well. He saw an outline so he fired his gun at it. It wasn't Vijay, it was just a door. The bullets didn't do much (as the doors were bulletproof). Vijay found that the he couldn't get out, so he ran the other way (toward Zone 1). Clifton fell onto the ground and wiped his face. It was no use. The sting was still there. He tried again, but to no avail. It burned!

"Has it really already been six hours?" Asked Mr. Walker.

"Yes sir," Said a soldier.

"And only two deaths!" Shouted Mr. Walker. This was unacceptable.

"Actually three sir, Girl #7 recently killed Boy #12," Said the soldier.

"Still, three is disappointing for six hours!" Shouted Mr. Walker, "But I know something that will speed things along for us waiting."

"What's that sir?" Asked the soldier.

"Let's place bets on who we think will win," Said Mr. Walker.

"That does sound like fun," Said the soldier. A couple other soldiers decided to come over as well.

"You go first," Said Mr. Walker pointing to a soldier.

"Yes sir, well, I think the winner will be Boy #15."

"Elaborate," Said Mr. Walker.

"Well he's already killed, he's near a lot of other contestants, and he has the best weapon in the game," Said the soldier.

"Alright well we have one bet for Clifton then," Said Mr. Walker.

"I think the winner will be Boy #14," Said another soldier.

"You mean Darnell?" Asked Mr. Walker.

"Yes sir," Said the soldier, "He has a gun, he's with another strong jock, and he's probably the physically strongest in the whole class."

"Yes but I'm pretty sure he's refused to play," Said Mr. Walker, "Eh, oh well. A bet for Darnell."

"I think it'll be Alfred," Said another soldier.

"Reasons?" Asked Mr. Walker.

"He's got determination," Said the soldier, "He has hate for almost all of his classmates and plus, his bow and arrows will do pretty well."

"Yeah but he let Sydney escape," Said Mr. Walker, "Oh well. A bet for Alfred."

"What about Boy #20?" Asked a soldier who appeared from seemingly nowhere.

"Ah yes, young Gilberto," Said Mr. Walker with a chuckle, "Who knows. If he can get a good weapon he could eliminate five contestants really soon. So a bet for Gilberto. So, no bets on young ladies?"

"Actually sir I think it's going to be Girl #19," Said the last soldier.

"Oh yes, the queen bee Lacey," Said Mr. Walker, "A wise choice, but for what reasons?"

"She has the chainsaw and she can definitely use her looks to her advantage," Said the soldier.

"Very good, a bet on Lacey," Said Mr. Walker.

"So who do you think will win?" Asked a soldier.

"I think it's going to be-

Gillian (Girl #2) now had an axe and a spear. She was proud of her two weapons, but she wanted a gun more than anything. If she could find a person with a gun, she could hopefully kill them and take it. Then, she would be set. She also needed another shield since her last one was now dead. That's when she heard the sound of feet running. The pounding and thuds were getting closer. Gillian turned to see Vijay running down the hallway. He didn't have a gun, but another weapon would still do Gillian some good. The boy was running like a madman. Gillian leveled the axe with is head. She swung, but Vijay ducked. He turned around and sprayed her with pepper spray. She, like the other three he had already shot with it, screamed and grabbed her face.

Vijay was even more freaked out now. Now the students were using more powerful weapons against him! He knew he had to get out of the school.

Gillian quickly began to chase him. She couldn't let a victim escape! She wanted to get a kill!

"Well the winner might be Gillian," Said Mr. Walker, "But another great potential winner is definitely Girl #7."

"Oh yeah, if Callie keeps using her looks to her advantage, things could go well for her," Said a soldier.

"She also has a gun," Said Mr. Walker, "But I guess this game is a toss-up. There are a lot of worthy competitors. It'll be interesting to see what will happen."