Kazuha woke with the bed cold and empty beside her. Ah, he's risen with the sun again. She heard him shuffle quietly into the room to grab some other preparations, but for what? She didn't care. She rolled over on her side and adjusted the pillow.

Heiji turned and closed the drawer "Oh good! you're up!"

"Who ever said I was up?" she grumbled into the pillow.

Heiji ignored the question. "C'mon, I wanna show ya somethin'!"

"But it's too cold!" Kazuha whined. Heiji yanked the covers off of her. "If ya don't come now yer gonna miss it!" Kazuha shivered as she stood and re-arranged her pajamas, then sliding on her slippers and tying on a robe she followed him.

"What could be so important as to get me up this early..." Kazuha paused and her mouth dropped as she saw the view from her kitchen. Over the green land lay a mist that enshrouded and mingled amongst the trees. The fog was so thick it looked like it could be cut and served on a bagel like cream cheese. Beyond the greenery lay the ocean, above it was the bright blue sky. Kazuha sighed. "It's beautiful." She intertwined her fingers with Heiji's. "It's so romantic, don't ya think?"

"Mhmm. Now don't go getting all soft and mushy on me alright? I just thought you'd like ta see this before we head back ta Japan."

"Scotland's been so refreshing," Kazuha remarked as she released his hand and headed to pantry to collect items for breakfast.

"Yeah, plenty of good cases and pretty scenery. But the best part is being with my lovely wife!" Heiji swung around the counter and gave Kazuha a light kiss on the cheek then headed off to the bathroom.

"Is there something you want for breakfast?" Kazuha yelled down the hall. "Maybe some haggis?"

"Heck no!" Heiji yelled back. "How about some toast with eggs? Add some kippers from last night while you're at it."

"How'd ya like your coffee?"

"Ya know, black with some creamer."



A few minutes later Heiji came out of the bathroom still steaming, with the towel wrapped around his neck. Kazuha set the thickly sliced toast on the table as he sat down in the dark wood chair. "Smells great, hun." Heiji dished himself some of the food from each plate as Kazuha poured the coffee for Heiji and added the amount of creamer he liked. She was just stirring it in when her heard a loud "Oh! Ew!" She whipped around and looked at Heiji. "Kazuha! There's a strand of yer hair in my eggs!"


"It's gross!"

"What you've never gotten hair in yer food before?"


"Does it really matter? I'm yer wife fer goo'ness' sake!"

"But ya haven't even showered yet!"

"Yer such a baby, ya know that? You can just pull it out ya know!"

"But when I cook I never get hair in yer food!"

"That's 'cause ya never cook in the first place! And 'sides, if you don't want my hair in yer food ya can make it yerself or put yer own hair in yer food like this!" She stomped over to Heiji and pulled on his hair until she got a chunk of it off of his head then dropped it in his food.

"Ow!" Heiji cried. Then he stared at his plate. "Ya ruined my food!"

"I thought you wanted yer hair in it!"

"When did I eva say that?"

"It was implied."

"Implied my foot! Ya know as well as I do that it's unsanitary to have hair in yer food!"

"What do ya want me to do 'bout it, huh?"

"Wear a hairnet?"

"Wear a...you wear one, idiot!"

"Why? My hair doesn't get into anyone's food!"

Kazuha was about to say something she knew she would regret but stopped herself. She clenched her hands at her sides and took a deep breath. "Whatever, idiot. If you want some different food dish it yourself. It's not like I slaved over it or anything." Kazuha got herself some eggs and porridge then headed out onto the deck and sat on a chair, watching the mist quickly evaporate.

Heiji knew he had really ticked her off so he shoveled his hair-covered food into his mouth, not without gagging a few times, then did the dishes to appease his wife. Heiji knew good and well that he didn't want to show up in Japan with an angry wife unless he wanted to get the cold shoulder. Shinichi got this for a while after he showed up again as his original size, but Shinichi and Ran could make up faster than Kazuha and Heiji could.

He headed into the bedroom and pulled the sheets off and threw them into the washing machine then packed up the clothing, making sure each went either into his suitcase to represent dirty clothes or Kazuha's suitcase to represent clean. That was how she liked it. They had an hour left and because they were so far in the mountains they had a good ways to go before they reached the nearest airport. The weather could also be a little wet due to the fog from earlier that morning so they had to be ready for anything. Heiji heard the sliding door open and close. He heard footsteps on the wood flooring then he heard a sniff. "Oh! My dearest is so very thoughtful," he heard Kazuha's voice. "doin' th' dishes and th' wash like a gentleman! But what could have driven him to do sucha kind 'n lovin' feat? Where's my hero? My Prince?"

Heiji knew it was all pure, transparent sarcasm, but he played along anyway. "My damsel look no further! I am he!"

"Really now, Heiji? That aside, did you...?"

"Pack the suitcases? Yes."

"Sure but..."

"Clean th' bathroom and th' kitchen entirely? Yep."

Kazuha put her hand on her hips. "Okay Mr. Know-it-all, 's the car filled up with gas?"

Heiji's confident expression changed. "What?"

"You went out on your late-night mission to solve the case of the cheating wife that was halfway across Scotland; did you stop to fill the car full of gas?"

"Well ya see Kazuha that was a case a'..."

Gotcha. Kazuha looked unconvinced. Heiji was actually doing pretty good until this point. He usually only just remembers to brush his hair in the morning. She recalled one morning when he walked halfway out of the house without any pants on. You can be sure that there were a lot of weird looks from the neighbors, especially since he was known as the world-famous Osakan detective rivaled only by Tokyo's Kudou Shinichi. The reason for all this was because he got distracted easily, he was observant and focused on a case but very absent-minded when off of work. Kazuha surmised that the fresh air was helping to clear Heiji's head. She smiled and bent to give him a kiss on the head, he didn't look up. "Ya look more distressed than what I would've expected from askin' that question," Kazuha noted with a hint of concern. "What's up?"

Heiji didn't move his head from his hand; he mumbled something inaudible. "Hmm?"

"The car...doesn't have any gas at all," he muttered. "Only 'nough fer a half a mile..."

"Ya idiot!" Kazuha barked. "Ya knew we were gonna drive to th' airport! Why didn't ya fill it up, huh?"

"I had some...other things on my mind at th' time."

"What could ya possibly have on yer mind that's more important that gasoline so we can go home?"

The two continued to bicker even when they got out of their tight situation and made it to the airport by some miracle. During the plane flight they were asked to 'please quiet down' because they were 'disturbing other passengers.' Heiji was about to tell the stewardess off when Kazuha intercepted and apologized for them both. It was a long trip but the made it through, neither too badly injured.