Kazuha woke the next morning and saw a small fire smoldering along with what looked like a flatish, plate-looking rock that had eggs and some small meat portion on it. She sat up quickly, but soon regretted the decision. She tried to orient herself on what happened yesterday but could only get as far as the skirmish with Adelheid. At that point Heiji walked in and gave Kazuha a broad smile.

"'Morning my little bon-bon. Sleep well? Ya look fresher than a daisy, that's why I say..."

"Shut up, ya make no sense."

"Ouch! Even after I tend to yer wounds and get up early ta make ya breakfast?"

Kazuha rubbed her hair, making it look even more wild. "Ya know as well as I do that I don't look good. Probably don't smell too good either," Kazuha grumbled while reaching for the rock with the makeshift breakfast on it.

"Boy, did ya wake up on the wrong side of the stone floor or somethin'?" Heiji attempted to laugh off Kazuha's cold attitude. But he noticed she was genuinely unhappy. He took his plate and shifted over next to his wife. "Hey, what's wrong? Ya seem really..."

Kazuha gave Heiji a look that told him to stay silent then munched on some of the eggs. He didn't heed it. He tucked his arms behind his head and continued, "Ya know, if ya wanted to take a bath, there is a riv'r down at th' bottom of the hill. I could take ya down there..."

Kazuha's face changed. That didn't sound like too bad of an idea. The water would be pretty cold, but she's definitely had worse. At least she would be slightly cleaner than she was now.

"I think I'll take yer suggestion..." she tried to stand but forgot about her injured leg and painfully calloused feet.

Heiji shook his head. "Like I said, I'll take ya down there. But first ya need ta finish eatin'." Kazuha shoveled the rest of the food into her mouth, almost choking while doing so, then turned back to Heiji. He turned his back to her and crouched so she could pull herself up. It was at that point that she realized that he didn't have a shirt on. She ignored this point quickly, and wrapped her arms around his neck. He lifted her easily and the two started forth.

Kazuha, along the way, asked questions about the past day's events. She asked, firstly, why he didn't have his shirt on. He told her he had to rip up the one he was wearing in order to bandage her injuries. He couldn't rip up hers because she was wearing it and that was just be...eh. He didn't want her walking around with half of her shirt off. And he would just look stupid with half a shirt.

Then she asked him about his shoes. "Oh, that. Well, ya see when Adel-san started shooting at me I ran down the hill, but my shoes kept gettin' in the way, so I ducked inta a bush, and quick took 'em off. I figr'ed I'd come back fer 'em later but apparently she found them there and took 'em so I couldn't get them back. And speakin' of which, about when I walked to the top of hill while ya was restin' what I saw up there was somethin' I was glad ya didn't see. But what I saw was a whole bunch o' bones. Human bones. It put me on my guard; then suddenly I saw a flash and a bullet was practically lodged in my head. Thankfully it missed; jist whizzed past my ear. I made a break fer it at that point and came running back to get ya. It seems that Adel-san is a bit o' a sniper."

"What?!" Kazuha yelped.

"Shoot. I knew I shouldn'ta said that ta ya. Well I think I nailed her pretty good at one point. She was jist behind me and getting ready to aim when I turned and shot back. I had Kudou and my dad teach me how to shoot. Dad taught me the basics; Kudou told me how ta shoot with pin-point accuracy. I caught her in the left hand; that's her shootin' hand, actually. It seems she's been trained with both, though, but it most likely shattered her hand. The advantage she has over us, unfortunately, is that she's by herself and she probably knows this forest like the back o' her hand. Also she knows where the car is. She could be here still waitin' fer us or she could've left to go to the hospital, hopin' that we'd get lost and jist starve to death or somethin'. But what she doesn't know is that we're Osakans! And ya cain't kill an Osakan that easily!"

Kazuha frowned. "Are ya sure that it's really alright to be out wanderin' about when she could still be around?"

"I have my doubts that she's still out here. Unless she's really that persistent to kill us, she probably went to get herself checked out. I mean, that back flip ya gave 'er, I'm sure, did some kinda damage."

Heiji heard a light laugh. He smiled, relieved that his wife seemed to be feeling a little better about their current situation. "Okay," he announced. "I'll let you off here ta get undressed. Hopefully ya can somehow get yer five steps down to the river from here. I'll be down the river a bit, soakin' my feet, if ya need me, scream, hollar, bellow 'er somethin'. I'm sure that's not a problem fer my little honey bun."

Kazuha blushed. "Well, go then. I'll be here if ya need me." She crossed her arms and waited for him to leave. Hieji laughed and walked down stream. Kazuha let out a sigh and glanced at the river. It may be summer, but the water would still be pretty cold. She slipped her shoes and socks off her feet then tiptoed down to the river, grimacing with each limped step. She found a rock behind a bush that led down to the water. It wasn't very deep and when she stepped in only went up to a little over her knee. It was freezing cold to her, but the rock was comfortably warm due to the sun shinning on it. She decided to wash from the legs up then dry herself on the rock.

After the whole process was complete, using her shirt as a wet towel, she put on her undershirt and pants, drying the actual shirt on the rock next to her. She reclined on the rock and closed her eyes, taking in the warm sun and relaxing- the activity that she had missed during that past two weeks in Germany. She had been stressed about accompanying Heiji to his crime scenes but still trying to enjoy herself. She always seemed to be the most relaxed when she ended up in some odd situation after a great amount of action had just occurred. She loved traveling with her husband, but it often made her more stressed than she really ought to be.

She inhaled the fresh smell of the forest, letting the breeze stir her drying hair. She listened to the gentle rustling of the leaves in the tress and bushes above and around her head. She fingered a piece of grass in her fingers, ultimately enjoying the peace and quiet she had so long missed. The sun warmed and colored her face just pleasantly enough to make her doze. She needed to nap on rocks in the middle of forests more often.

Suddenly she heard a scream. Now this wasn't an ordinary scream. It was a Heiji scream. Heiji didn't scream very often. And when one hears it, sounds about like a wookie without the purring-rumbling sound. He was waaay to manly for his own scream. That was why it wasn't hear very often. But as Heiji did scream Kazuha genuinely knew something had scared him. She calmly searched through her catalog of what could have scared him; he never screamed at a villain, never at a dead body, never at seemingly paranormal activity, a clown maybe...it was at that point that Heiji came running up the bank.

"Kazuha!" his whispered loudly. She leaned out then waved her arm to call him over.

"Why were you screaming? And why are we whispering now?" Kazuha asked as Heiji sat down panting on the rock next to her.

"Bear, there was a bear..." Kazuha looked at him for further explanation. He caught his breath and continued. "I was soaking my feet when I heard a sound in the bushes. I thought it might've been that li'l assassin. But when I stood and looked, I saw a bear. At the same time it saw me and stood on it's hind legs. I didn't know what else ta do but scream and run! I think it star'ed followin' me but I don't know where it is now..."

"Idiot. Yer neva supposed ta run when there's a bear! Yer supposed ta back away slowly!" Kazuha said sternly placing her hand heavily on her husband's head. Heiji had tears in the corner of his eyes, Kazuha smiled and laughed inwardly. She hugged him to comfort him like a little boy with his mother after he scraped his knee. Kazuha was relieved to see the childish side come out again in him; the cheesy romantic hero was getting on her nerves. She left him and peered around the bush scanning the horizon for the bear; she didn't see any sign of it. She returned to Heiji and helped him up on his feet again.

"Can ya carry me?" Kazuha looked at Heiji with a sarcastic glint in her eye. Heiji gave her a sour face.

"Are ya dumb? 'Course I can carry ya!" he harrumphed. He got down and lifted Kazuha lightly.

"Oh! Heiji can ya get my stuff; my shirt and all?" With a sigh, Heiji adjusted Kazuha on his back then picked up the still damp garments. Kazuha beamed. "'Kay, let's go!"

Heiji began walking again, back up over the hill, stopping shortly at the little cave they stayed in to make sure they didn't leave anything, then continued to move across the top of the mountain. After walking for a bit, Heiji stopped to take a breather while Kazuha sat and stretched her cramped legs. Kazuha was a little surprised at how well Heiji endured the weight of carrying her and walking in a forest with bare feet. Heiji was mentally complaining about how heavy Kazuha was and how painful it was to walk without shoes. For a brief moment he was also thinking of how to track down Adelheid. After all, there were many different places she could hide, and she knew the country better than he did. But the thought was pushed to the back of his mind until he could actually obtain some shoes. After a few more minutes rest he pulled Kazuha back into a piggyback then proceeded down the mountain.

It had been a long time since the two started walking and they were quickly getting tired and bored of talking. It wasn't long after that was established that it started to rain. It poured. Heiji became nervous; the ground became slick and the mountain had some steep faces that he still had to get down and bare feet wouldn't be the best for such pleasant conditions. "Kazuha, we may need ta stop 'til the rain decides ta quit."

"But it may not stop 'til tomorra! Sleepin' on the dirt again doesn't sound like too much fun."

"Sleepin' on dirt is better than fallin' a crackin' yer back!" Heiji took another step, but lost his footing and slipped falling heavily on his back, landing with a grunt. Kazuha had easily pushed on his back and landed on her better foot. Then looked at Heiji with crossed arms. Heiji rolled over, heaving and covered with mud, glaring at Kazuha.

"I see yer point..." Kazuha relented. Kazuha helped Heiji up and the two hobbled over and took shelter under a large rock.

The two sighed in relief and leaned against the rock. Kazuha rolled her head along the rock and looked at Heiji. He was tilted slightly away and Kazuha noticed the dirt and grass covering his back. "Ya have grass all o'er yer back."

"Good ta know." Kazuha reached over and started brushing it off, it persisted to stick to his wet skin but she managed to get the majority of it off.

"There," she said when her work was done. "That's better."



The two sat in silence listening to the rain for a bit. Then Kazuha spoke first.

"I love rain."


"It smells so fresh and leaves everything clean and nice. Except for mud, of course."


"Do you like rain?"


"Me too."

Silence again.

"I also like the sound of it as hit hits the roof and walls."

The pattering of the rain served as an example. Heiji stiffened suddenly. Kazuha gave him an odd look.

"What...?" Heiji covered her mouth and looked towards the upper half of the rock. Kazuha hadn't heard anything and was a little put out with Heiji covering her mouth. She shot him a cold look. Heiji leaned from under the rock only to jerk his head back in just in time to not be hit by the bullet.

"Not again!" Kazuha moaned.

"This'll be over in a sec!" Heiji pulled out his gun from his pants, making Kazuha wonder why she hadn't noticed it before...

A familiar figure had jumped down from on top of the rock. Adelheid stood up from her crouch. Her shirt torn and her hand bandaged, she held her weapon in her right hand. Heiji pushed his wife behind him and locked eyes with the other girl. He was crouched and had his gun in his lap. Kazuha thought he looked a lot like a dog with his hackles raised, poised to fight. He looked pretty stupid to her.

Adelheid muttered something in German with a smirk on her face.

"I don't know what yer sayin' but I don't like seein' ya here again. Jist turn yerself in!" Heiji snorted.

"Why? I've been doing my job for years! Being a translator and tour guide for famous detectives; I get paid pretty well for what I do! You all are just a bit of a more difficult mission."

"Who tells ya to do this?"

"Mmm, no one in particular! You won't even care once you're dead!" she fired at Heiji who had raised his gun and shot the weapon out of his hand, it flew away out of the shelter of the rock. Heiji recoiled and held his hand, giving her a wicked look. He knew their luck had run out; the only ray of hope, quickly slipping away. They were relatively safe under the rock until she decided to move in. She wouldn't do that soon because they still had strength. Heiji racked his brain for a plan, at least, to escape without any more injuries. He couldn't bear it if Kazuha were hurt any more than she was now. He glanced back at his wife. She had a perfectly calm face. This was to be expected. She'd been in situations like this before because of him but at this point he could see no realistic way out...

He paused. he'd thought he'd heard something...very quiet, but familiar. He heard a psht sound and looked back at Adelheid. Her arms arms suddenly went limp and dropped her gun then the rest of her body collapsed to the ground, making a funny noise on the way down, and landed fast asleep.

Heiji and Kazuha peered off into the distance. A young man stood up and clicked his watch back into place the wandered through the rain over to them. Once he stood underneath the rock he looked the two up and down and shook his head. "I've never seen two people look so ragged after spending a day in the woods. And Kazuha-san looks worse off than you do! Are you really that incompetent, Hattori?"

"Kudou?!" Kazuha yelped.

"Kudou!" Heiji cheered. "Ya got my message!"

"Well you didn't make it very easy." Shinichi gave him a hard look. "All the way to Germany! Geez. That's one of the languages I can't speak and yet you bring me here, leaving me to struggle..." he sighed. "You can explain further on the way back. My car's at the bottom of the hill. I have some extra clothes for you two. Can you get that far?" Kazuha looked at Heiji, still in shock. Heiji returned the glance and nodded. Shinichi walked back out into the rain and picked up the sleeping assassin. Then proceeded down the hill. Heiji followed with Kazuha on his back.

After Heiji and Kazuha were dressed and had filled in the blanks to what Shinichi was missing he told them his side of the story.

"Hattori texted me two days ago saying that there was something he didn't like about your translator and that he had reason to believe she wasn't safe," Shinichi explained as he drove. "He asked me to come to Germany saying that he will pay me back for the ticket and rental car. And you will, or I won't help you out again -ever. So I made my way here and found the hotel you were staying at. Hattori had left a note telling me that you had gone on a hike..."

"When did you do that?" Kazuha sputtered.

"Jist before we left, I was actually writin' it when I was talkin' ta ya." Kazuha blushed, trying to remember if he had.

"It also told the license plate number of the car you rented. So I went to the police and asked for them to find your car. Thankfully there was a friend of a friend of Detective Satou's there and he knew who I was. I told him to come as back up just in case something didn't go right but, as you know, everything went fine. But tracking you was the irritating part. And speaking of which, Hattori didn't your mother ever tell you that if you get lost you need to stay in one place until someone can find you?"

"You would do the same if ya're in the same situation, Kudou."

Shinichi harrumphed and continued, "So I followed the recent shoe prints all the way around the forest, and saw the place where you had obviously had your skirmish with Adelheid-san. Then followed you up over the mountain, to your little camp, past the river and at that point it started raining. I picked up my speed and followed you over the hill, but lost your footprints at the top of the mountain. Then I heard a gun shot and ran back down to the hill to find you, cornered under that rock. So I snuck up behind her (for an assassin she wasn't very observant) and got her as you saw."

"I didn't even know that you had your tranquilizer watch on you still!" Kazuha remarked.

"I keep it around when I need it. It come in handy when the criminal tries to attack someone or run." Heiji and Kazuha smiled and sipped their drinks, Shinichi's treat, then relaxed, letting Shinichi drive them back to the hotel as they slept.

Later that evening, after everyone had cleaned themselves up, they went out to dinner. The trio went to a nice restaurant, again Shinichi's treat, and had a normal meal instead of roasted bird and eggs.

Adelheid was put locked behind bars after being attended to by doctors. She gave up information about who she worked for after a long several hours of questioning.

Poor Ran was left in Japan, she wasn't happy that the only time she learned that her husband had gone to Germany was in a letter on the table that she found after she went shopping. Needless to say, Shinichi got a good railing from her after dinner. He was to clean the house and go shopping for the rest of the week when he got back to Japan.

Heiji and Kazuha returned to Japan for a little while; living with Heiji's parents. While there, Kazuha's injuries were bandaged and well taken care of by Heiji, who, while his wife sat on the couch trying to recover, doted upon her every whim. Kazuha was content but missed her loud 'discussions' with him. These were soon continued after she was better.

Heiji was glad to have a shirt and shoes, and later bought some German coffee.