A Summer To Remember

"WooHoo! We're finally here! I'm so exited!" a familiar green changeling yelled jumping out of a 'Jump City Airport Services' limo, followed by Cyborg, Raven, and lastly the new couple robin and Starfire holding hands.

" Yes friend Beast Boy I to am quite exited to do the 'vacationing'!" Starfire replied excitedly.

"Same here. Though I'm still surprised that the Boy Wonder agreed to let us have the whole summer off to go on vacation." Cyborg said grabbing his bag from the trunk of the limo.

"Hey! It's summer and after all that's been going on we all need a brake and its safe because we have the Titans East looking over the tower and stuff." Robin replied.

"More like he just wanted to see Star in a bikini." Beast Boy said to Cyborg and snickered. Robin blushed as red as a tomato and looked away.

"If we don't hurry we're going to be late for our flight." Raven said walking towards the correct airport entrance for their flight number, pulling her dark blue suitcase behind her.


"Cyborg switch places with me." Raven said in her usual monotone.

"No. I get to sit beside that cute girl over there," Cyborg said pointing to a pretty brunette talking to her friends across the waiting room. "and besides sitting beside Beast Boy isn't that bad..." he said.

"The flight is eleven freaking hours!" Raven growled at him.

Cyborg just shrugged and went to get a bottle of water from the vending machine sitting near them. The group had made it through security pretty well besides the fact that Cyborg set off the metal detector every time until the security guard let him through because he was one of the Titans.

"All members of flight 717 may begin to board. Please have your tickets and passports ready at the gate. Thank you." the voice of one of the airport staff reported over the speakers.

"That's us." said Robin getting up and taking Starfire's hand.

"Oh joy to the world. Eleven hours of pure confined, over exited, over board, over annoying Beast Boy." muttered Raven as she got on the plane.


Four hours later Beast Boy sat in his chair looking down at the beautiful empath who was currently curled up with her feet neatly tucked up under her and slumped over sleeping on his shoulder. He knew that she didn't mean to do it, but that she had just fallen asleep and tipped over onto his shoulder. Everyone knew that the changeling had special feelings for the empath. Everyone but raven herself. Either that or she was just to stubborn to admit it.

"This is going to be the best summer ever Raven. I promise." Beast Boy whispered as he rested his head on top of hers and drifted into a sleep full of Raven packed dreams...

Hey guys! this is my first ever T.T fic so i was wondering what you thought so far :) plz R&R and tell me what you think thx :D