A Summer To Remember Chapter 10

"I'm going to get another glass of mango juice." Raven said as she got up to go to the beach bar in search of her new addiction. Mango juice. She didn't bother to ask Beast Boy if he wanted anything because she knew he would just end up drinking her's anyway.

"Okay." he replied not interested. When Raven put her book down he noticed a piece of folded paper with the word 'Bleed' written in Raven's neat writing on it sticking out of the back of the book jacket. Being Beast Boy he was instantly interested and wanted to know what it was, but he didn't want to be snoopy and go ahead and read Ravens personal things, so he decided he would ask her about it when she got back. A few minutes later Raven returned in her dark blue bikini and beach wrap skirt with her beloved mango juice and sat back down beside him. He decided he would get right to the point and ask her about it because he knew she hated it when people drew things out and made a simple question a big deal.

"Whats that?" he asked and definitely caught her by surprise because he saw her ever so slightly jump and stiffen.

"Whats what?"

"That" he pointed at the piece of paper. When Raven noticed what he was talking about her hand shot out and pushed the paper further into the book where he couldn't see it.

"It's nothing." Raven said with a tad quiver in her voice. Now it was her time to surprise him because he had never seen her so...nervous? All it did was make him more interested though.

"oh c'mon Rae. You know you can tell me anything right?" he begged.

"I know... Its just... Its kind of embarrassing." once again he had never heard of Raven, his strong, beautiful Raven, ever say the word 'embarrassing' in such a vulnerable way. Now he really, really wanted-no, needed to know what was on that paper.

"Plwwweeeeaassseee!" he begged then morphed into a kitty cat and gave her huge begging eyes that not even the coldest of people who liked running over baby animals with transport trucks could say no to.

"ItsasongIwroteforyou" she said so fast the he almost couldn't believe his ears.

"Wait- What? Could you repeat that a bit slower for me?" he asked.

"Its a song I wrote for you." she said just loud enough for him to hear with her head turned away from him. Beast Boy smiled. He had heard right. She had wrote a song for him. He wanted to jump up in joy but resisted the urge to.

"Could you sing it to me?" he asked hesitantly with his huge smile still plastered to his face. Raven nodded and without saying another word or even looking at the paper (or Beast Boy for that matter) she started to sing. She started off slow a quietly at first.

I feel like I'm drowning in ice water
My lips have turned a shade of blue
I'm frozen with this fear
That you may disappear
Before I've given you the truth

I bleed my heart out on this paper for you
So you can see what I can't say
I'm dying here (I'm dying here)
'Cause I can't say what I want to
I bleed my heart out just for you

Still not looking at him she became more confident ad sang louder and put her heart into it.

I've always dreamed about this moment
And now it's here and I've turned to stone
I stand here petrified
As I look you in your eyes
My head is ready to explodeI bleed my heart out on this paper for you
So you can see what I can't say
I'm dying here
'Cause I can't say what I want to
I bleed my heart out just for you

He reached toward her and gently turned her head so she was looking at him while she was singing and blushing.

And it's all here in
Black and white and red
For all the times
Those words were never said

A huge piece of coral encased in black energy flew out of the ocean and landed a few feet down the beach but they ignored it.

I bleed my heart out on this paper for you
So you can see what I can't say
I'm dying here
'Cause I can't say what I want to
I bleed my heart out just for you

I bleed my heart out just for you...

"Raven... That was... Beautiful." Beast Boy said when Raven had finished singing. Raven held his gaze and slowly they both leaned in to each other...

Hey. I'm going to leave a little cliffy here. Sorry I haven't updated in a bit like I said I would... My Grandpa who I was very close to was recently sent to the hospital in a comma due to a lung disease and died the next nigh while my Grandma and I were both holding his hands. I just haven't been in a writing mood but I felt I owed you guys an update. My writing is probably crappy though so i apologize for that to but I needed to think about something happy and this was the perfect way to so i put it as it popped into my head. The song is "Bleed" by Hot Chelle Rae. I don't own anything except the story line. Bye.