The True Malfoy Family

A/D: The Malfoys will be slightly OOC (out of character). So this is noncanon or just plain made up. She is Draco Malfoys sister Samantha Malfoy (Yes I know the family is named after constellations and yes Samantha is one that you very much). Samantha and Draco had not a perfect bond but still had a bond before the summer of 6th year but it started to go downhill during that summer so I am starting from there and yes Samantha is a Slytherin. You know how you can choose sorta which house you can go in she wanted to be in Slytherin she just wanted her family to be proud for once. Yes she is ambitious like others and cunning but quiet but you know no one every suspects the quiet one. Expect Samantha doesn't believe what the Dark Lord is doing is right and when she finds out about Draco's Dark Mark it's a mess. She just wants her family safe she tried to convince her father but feels he is a lost cause. She doesn't know where her mother is on this anymore. So that was info on Samantha.

The electric blue doe eyed girl awoke in the Manor that morning. It was a usual morning so it seemed. Samantha went to her mirror seeing a mass of curls like her Aunt Bellatrix but more of a mess if that was even possible. She heaved a sigh before casting a spell to make her hair straight, she was already different enough blue eyes instead of gray, curly hair instead of straight, and quiet instead of out spoken. That was just the beginning of her difference. She just wanted to make her father proud. Samantha made her way down the long hallway and the spiral staircase. She made her way to the huge dining room. Empty. How could no one be home? At least her mother and brother would be here. She checked Draco's room, her father's study, her parent's room, the sitting area, and even the backyard all empty! Her last resort was the library when a bang came from the front door and she ducked her into the library, wand in hand she listened to the voices. Death Eaters, she has heard the voices before but knew not whom they belonged too. The voices rang through the Manor as they yelled at each other to grab everything they could while the Malfoys are gone. Samantha drew a deep breath walking out of the library with hands on her hips, acting as if she was better than they were when really she was terrified for her life. "Excuse me? What are you doing in my house?" Samantha's high voice made both men jump. The Death Eaters looking at each other, dropped all the things they were planning to steal and disapparated from the Manor. She sighed again cleaning up the mess they left and after finishing cleaning she just had a piece of toast for a late breakfast. She was the only human in this house who could cook, but she only did it when she was alone. Her father didn't approve of it but she didn't care she just wanted to be accepted. Where would her family be and why they just leave her? It is not like they could have shown how much more they didn't want her. She shrugged off the whole thing planning not to tell. Samantha made her way to sitting room placing a book in her lap. Right now she wanted to think even though she just about had enough time to think. Again she heard a bang at the front door with hushed whispers and Samantha groaned softly not wanting her family to be home yet but that is beyond her control now. She heard the footsteps grow closer to the sitting room and she flipped to a random page in the book acting like an innocent little girl. Then she heard a high-pitched hear pricing laugh. Great just perfect just what Samantha needed her Aunt Bellatrix to bother her more. Samantha buried her face in her book so she didn't have to see the looks of her family. Lucius strode in like a god he thought he was but since his time in Azkaban he had lost a lot of grace; nevertheless, he stood tall nodding at his one and only daughter. "Samantha. Your Morning?" he sounded like he was making small talk with someone he hated. "Like normal, quiet." Her high voice spoke almost in a whisper. "Good." That's a lie you don't care quit pretending you do Samantha thought to herself. Lucius nodded once more before leaving the room with Bellatrix and Narcissa, which left Draco and Samantha in the room alone, together. Samantha and Draco have not spoken since the end of fifth year. Only thing they said over this summer was good morning and goodnight. Draco slummed into the armchair looking at his feet. It seemed neither of them had any idea what to say to each other anymore. Narcissa was listening from the other room ignoring her husband's and sister's hushed argument. It broke her heart knowing her children can't even say a word to each other anymore. She didn't raise the children to reject each other like this, it must have been Lucius's doing. Then again Narcissa couldn't blame it all on her husband but she could blame a lot. She kept listening to the quiet room hoping one of her beloved children would talk to the other.