Chapter 4

Travelling with a Freak

About a week later on Platform 9 3/4 the Malfoys arrived early, like always. Lucius always took the children early to avoid the mud bloods, half-bloods, and blood traitors. This also gave Lucius a chance to brag on Draco and humiliate Samantha. Before Samantha got on the train Lucius pulled her aside to yell at her. Thankfully the train arrived and she was able to break free from her father. She quickly boarded the train without saying goodbye to her mother.

Samantha dreaded riding the train near her brother because of Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy. Samantha sat by herself in the compartment. Suddenly, there was knock on the door and before Samantha could say anything the door opened. Samantha looked up to see the two faces of Crabbe and Goyle staring at her. She frowned. They always bothered her, hoping to get a date out of it. Crabbe said to her, "Come and sit with us won't you?" Samantha rolled her eyes replying. "I'd rather stay here. Please leave. I want to be alone." Goyle chuckled "Well, we don't want to be alone. Draco is off with Pansy so come on." "Um no! I'm staying here. Leave." Goyle tried to reach for her wrist but she snapped it back. "Don't you dare touch me! Leave me alone."

Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other and Goyle made another attempt at grading her wrist. This time he got it forcing her to stand, he said, "You are coming with us." The boys dragged her out forcing her to come with them to end of the car. "Get your hands off of me!" Samantha begged. Samantha was now angry and she frowned then all of a sudden she fell to the floor and looked at Goyle who was holding his hand. "You burned me! How did you do that without your wand?" Samantha looked down at her skin seeing it was a bright red. Before she could say anything Crabbe and Goyle had left her alone on the floor running to most likely tell Draco.

Samantha sighed and suddenly she was in a completely different section of the train. Still on the floor she looked around. "Well this is new," she muttered to herself standing up brushing herself off. She looked in the nearest direction to see a compartment. Carefully she slid open the door peaking in then smiling when she saw the one and the only Harry Potter. Before she could say hello to him a harsh voice butted in.

"Malfoy this isn't your part of the train." Hermione said firmly. "Malfoy is my brother. Please call me Samantha," Samantha would have offered her hand but her skin was still a bright red, "and sorry I didn't know." Hermione huffed slightly "Well you're still a Malfoy to us. Good to know your first name bye now." "Hermione! Be nice to her." Harry said then smiled at Samantha. "I agree with Harry 'Moine. She seems okay." Ron commented sheepishly. "No no, she's right I should be heading back to the Slytherins… Wouldn't want Draco to worry." Samantha then muttered to herself. "Not that he would anyways." "No! Stay really" Harry stood up to stop her from going. "No Harry, she wants to leave, let her!" Without another word Samantha nodded slipping out.

"Hermione. Did you really have to do that?" Harry sighed sitting back down. Samantha stood at the door listening. "Yes Harry I did! She could be a bad influence on us!" "Just in one sitting? She's a good person. She is different from the rest of the Malfoys. You could have given her somewhat of a chance right?" "Ronald would please tell Harry he is being ridiculous!" Hermione turned to Ron. Ron's ears turned red. "I think you should have let her stay. I mean we can't give her a chance? Why not? She's different from her brother and its obvious. She seemed upset." "Honestly you boys can be so stupid! It's an act. Draco sent her I bet!" "If Draco sent her she wouldn't have left so quickly!" Harry pointed out. Hermione had to admit Harry was right. "Why was she in this part of the train anyways?" Harry wanted to say hopefully to see me but he kept his mouth shut and shrugged. "I need to go for a walk." Harry sighed leaving the compartment.

Samantha heard the door open. She ran down the hall. When she looked back, she smiled seeing Harry walk out. Samantha causally continued walking down the hall. "Samantha!" Harry called. She stopped and turned around. "Oh," she said, "Hey Harry." "I'm sorry about Hermione," he said. "It's no big deal," she replied, " I understand. If I was in her position, I wouldn't trust me either." "Well I trust you," Harry said. He leaned in as if to kiss her. Samantha smiled, "You really shouldn't though." "Well I do," Harry said, "and you can't do anything about it." He leaned in closer. "You make it so easy Harry," Samantha said. "Easy to what?" Harry asked. "To make a girl fall for you," Samantha replied. They kissed. It was full of passion. The first time, that long Christmas ago, Harry was surprised, but now he was expecting it and made it even better. When Samantha pulled away, she said, "I'll see you later Harry." "I remember," he said, "Do you still have the dress?" "Of course I do," She turned around and walked away smiling. Harry walked back into his compartment smiling. "What are you smiling about Harry?" Hermione asked. "Oh, nothing," he said. "I know!" Ron said with a smile on his face. "Well what is it?" Hermione asked. "Harry just snogged!" Ron yelled. Harry blushed. "With who?" Hermione asked, "It had better not been with Malfoy!" "Her name is Samantha," Harry said, "and know it wasn't her. It was Cho Chang."

Samantha ran through the train with a smile on her face. Harry just made it too easy. There had to be some law about it. She could not love the boy who was her enemy. Wait scratch that. She didn't have any problem with Harry. Her brother, father, and the Dark Lord did. She didn't want anything to do with the war between Voldemort and Harry. She liked Harry. Samantha continued to the luggage car. Some first year boys were in it talking about how excited they were. When Samantha walked in, they froze. "Um, hello," she said. "Please don't hurt me!" one of them cried. "Why would I hurt you?" Samantha asked. "Well," one stuttered, "you're a Malfoy, and Malfoys hate muggle borns and he's a muggle born." "I'm not going to hurt you," she said, "My brother and father hate muggle borns. I don't." "Then you're the crazy one!" another one squealed. "I'm not crazy," Samantha said," That's s stupid rumor started by Pansy. I'm Samantha." "We know," the boys said in unison, "You're going into your sixth year." "I don't know why you know so much about me," Samantha said, "and I don't want to know. Here go by yourselves something from the trolley." Samantha pulled out two galleons. "Gee thanks," one of them said. The boys rushed out. Samantha went as far back in the car that she could. She even piled luggage around her so that she could be isolated. Samantha thought and thought about what had transpired. She had no idea what to do about Harry. Samantha pondered over her situation for about twenty minutes, when she heard someone enter the car. "I saw it Draco," Pansy said, "I wouldn't lie to you. She kissed him!" Samantha went pale. Cornelius Fudge, she thought, Pansy saw me kissing Harry. I'm doomed! "I don't believe you Pansy," Draco said, "Samantha might be a rebelling traitorous twit, but she wouldn't snog Potter. That's a death wish." "I saw it with my own eyes," Pansy protested, "She even smiled when she turned away. Why would I lie to you about your crazy sister?" Pansy asked. "My sister is not crazy," Draco said. "She defied the Dark Lord," Pansy argued, "anyone who does that is considered crazy in my book." "Well, are you sure it was Potter?" Draco asked. "Well," Pansy started, "I don't know if it was, but it was a boy with dark shaggy hair." The train whistle blew. The train had arrived.

All the students were in the Great Hall for dinner. Samantha hardly ate. The boys Samantha met in the train were sorted into Gryffindor. Before Samantha went to the dungeon, she looked for Harry. She thought she saw him, but when he turned around, she saw that it was Michael Corner. Samantha had an idea. Michael's hair looked like Harry's. She walked up to Michael. "Hey, Michael," she said. "Oh, hey Samantha," he replied. Samantha dragged him off to another hallway. Samantha knew Michael from Astronomy. They were partners, and there weren't many Slytherins in the class. "Ok Michael," Samantha said, "what I'm about to do is a little shocking, but it just means we're friends." "Ok," Michael said confusingly. Samantha leaned in and kissed him. Michael kissed her back. He was a good kisser. Samantha had thought about kissing him before because they were very similar, and they had shared some laughs. Samantha pulled away and said, "We are just friends. Okay?" "Do you snog all your friends?" Michael asked. "Only the special few," Samantha replied as she walked away. When the Slytherins returned to their common rooms, Samantha ran upstairs to unpack. She was rooming with Pansy, Millicent, and another girl. Samantha wanted to end the day as soon as possible. While unpacking, Pansy came up to her and said, "I saw you." "What are you talking about?" Samantha asked. "You snogged Potter!" Samantha looked at her. "I did not," she lied. "Well then who did you snog?" "I snogged Michael Corner," Samantha lied. Pansy was shocked, "Ew. That boy is crazy just like you. You're a perfect match." "He isn't crazy," Samantha yelled, "and I'm not crazy!" Things started flying around the room, and the curtains were flapping. The girls screamed. Samantha's hair was flying. "Stop it!" Pansy yelled, "Stop it you freak!" Samantha ran out of the room. "And your brother wants to talk to you!" Pansy yelled after her.

Samantha ran out of the Slytherin dungeon and into the girls' bathroom. Moaning Myrtle was in there. She saw Samantha come in. She looked angry and sad. "What's wrong with you?" she asked. "Myrtle," Samantha said, "Can you leave me alone? I want to be alone right now!" Myrtle disappeared. Samantha sat in the bathroom for the longest time. Samantha knew that she could end her life with a simple spell. Diffindo and Sectumsempra. She would often use the charm to cut her stomach and back, but only when she was really depressed. Every now and then she would check for tears, but there weren't any. She hardly ever cried anymore. When Samantha left the bathroom, she wiped imaginary tears from her face. She was on her way to the common room when someone grabbed her and covered her mouth. She struggled and bit the person's hand. She pulled out her wand, about to stun the person, when she saw that it was Draco. "What on earth, Draco," Samantha said, "You scared the boggart out of me!" Draco didn't apologize. "Ouch," he said, "That hurt!" "Well, that's what you get for scaring me," Samantha replied, "What do you want? You're not supposed to be out of the common room." "Neither are you," Draco said, "I need to ask you something." "What?" "Pansy said you snogged Potter," Draco said, "Is that true." Lying to her brother came easily to Samantha, but what she said wasn't a total lie. "I snogged Michael Corner," Samantha said. "Oh," Draco said, "He's in Ravenclaw." "So?" Samantha asked, "He's better than Potter." "Barely," Draco said, "He's creepy and dark. He's," "The perfect match for me," Samantha finished. "No," Draco said, "Well, sort of. He's a freak. Just like you." Draco stopped as soon as the words were out of his mouth. "So, you're calling me a freak?" Samantha asked. "No, Sammie," Draco said, "I," "Called me a freak," Samantha said, "Don't use that nickname. I hate it." "I didn't mean it," Draco said. "Yes you did," Samantha replied, "Goodnight Ferret." Draco grabbed her arm, "Don't ever call me that you freak." "Don't call me a freak, ferret," she said. Draco pushed her to the floor. "What are you going to do?" Samantha asked, "Are you going to be like Lucius?" "You have always been so stupid!" Draco yelled, "Just once, it would be nice for you to be grateful!" Samantha got up. She was starting to get mad. "Grateful about what?" she yelled, "Grateful that my entire life has been torture?" "Grateful that you're still alive!" Draco said. "I have no reason to be grateful for that. Ferret," Samantha said. Samantha started to walk away. "I hate you!" Draco yelled after her. That did it. Samantha went into a state of rage. She flew off the floor towards Draco. She grabbed him by his neck and lifted him into the air. She had fire in her eyes. Her hair was going wild. Smoke was coming from her hands. She dropped Draco and grabbed his arm. Right where his Dark Mark would be. She lifted him to eye level. Draco could see the fire in her blue eyes. He could see the rage in her face. Draco screamed and fainted. That was the last thing Samantha remembered because she blacked out.

Samantha woke up looking at the tops of trees. She sat up. She was in the Forbidden Forest. Samantha wasn't far in. She could still see Hagrid's hut. When she tried to get up, there was a pain on her neck and left arm. She looked at her arm. There was a burn mark all around her wrist. Samantha put her hands on her head. She let out a scream in anger. Samantha got up. She was still in her uniform. She walked out of the forest. Her hair was a curly mess with leaves and twigs, but she didn't care. Samantha used her hair to cover her neck. Samantha ran out to the castle. She was late for Potions. Samantha ran to the dungeon. Snape let her in with a stern scolding. Samantha saw the only available seat was next to her brother. She sat down. The lesson was how to heal burns. When she made the potion, she couldn't help but notice that Draco had no burns on his neck or arm. The two sat in silence the entire class.