Soul Chronicles : Demonic Future

This is a sequel to my Warrior's Soul Books. I however do not own Bolt or any of its characters, Disney does!


Haven't you ever been so used to your way of life that anything different seems scary? My life was like that now, no villains no worlds to save, and now no one except Shadows to really push me. It had been years since the Neutrosian incident and now me and the large black cat just fight for fun. However we never actually try to hurt each other…any more. But when life throws you a drastic change, what do you do? Go with the flow? Fight it? Or do you sit there and complain about it? I'm an American white shepherd with a black patch on my left side in the shape of my name…

Chapter 1 – Return

"BOLT!" Mittens cried as she exited the house. The black and white Tuxedo cat hadn't aged a day, and you could see it on her shiny black fur as she walked into the sun lighting up the enormous yard. "BOLT?" she cried out again, glancing across the field in an attempt to find him. From out in the tall yellow grass, she could see a large spot of white lift up over the tops of the grains, revealing her husband's where about. Bounding quickly over the fields and laughing as he did, following just her voice to the house. Almost twenty yards or so from the porch there lay a fence, and the tall grass stopped. Though the rest of that grass was defiantly there yard, they left it tall so that their children could play in it when allowed. Except now they were grown up…for the most part. Bolt came barreling through the wall of grass strong and true, followed by Mike, their son, and Hazel their daughter, and like Mittens, never looked any older. Both children were around eight human years old, and rightly so. Their bodies aged like humans however due to their animal attributes, they matured quicker. Mike was a white puppy like creature only three quarters Bolt's size, he had black cat ears and what everyone called 'Chipmunk Stripes' that branched off of those ears and trailed down his back. Hazel was mostly cat herself, and was white with black tiger stripes trailing down her back and what looked to be Bolt's tail. "And, that's the race!" Bolt said coyly as he tapped his paw against the porch post, "I win!" he said and looked to Mike and Hazel. "I'm proud of you two, you didn't use your powers to try and win this time. You two followed the rules like real champions." Mike and Hazel both lifted their heads high, proud and tall. "Don't let it go to your heads." Mittens teased as she sat on her haunches, "Too much pride is one of the signs of a Villain." "Yes mother." the two of them said in unison. Mike's voice had deepened slightly, bringing him to a moderate level, and causing almost every human girl to fawn or swoon over it. He still hadn't really understood why that was. Hazel's voice though deeper in tone, still held an elegance to it, and her new confidence shined through even her quietist of sounds. "Where's Wolf?" she asked curiously. "He's on a D. A. T. E. remember?" Mike said. "It's more than what you have." a rough mid-ranged voice said from behind Mittens. Wolf stood nearly as tall as his mother, his head held high and his chest out, proudly showing off his grey fur and cat like face. "How was Mir?" Mittens asked suddenly. "What no 'hi son, how was your day,'?" he said, teasing her. "Nope!" she said, causing him to drop his jaw in disbelief. Bolt blasted out laughing as hard as he could, somehow his wife always had a way of taming their wildest son, but now she could do it with just a single word if she wanted to. "Well that's a fine 'howdy do,'!" Wolf said disgruntled at his father's behavior. "I…I'm sorry." Bolt said as he settled down, "She got you good!" "Yah. Heh! She and Mir are the only ones who can make me speechless." Wolf admitted. "You still didn't answer my question Wolf, how was Mir?" she said repeating herself. "Oh, Mir is fine." he said. "Is?" Mittens asked. "I'm right here Mittens." the heard a strong woman's voice say. "We all are." said a quiet high man's voice along with it. When Mittens turned around, there they were, Shadows the extra large black cat and his newlywed wife Sassy, the white cat with black stomach and paw fur. In front of them sat there children, Mir the white cat with chipmunk stripes that wrapped around her ears and touched the outside corner of her eyes, Anna, the perfect white cat, and Kevin, the grey cat with a white stomach. All three of them were nearly the size of their mother, though Kevin was just a wee bit taller. Kevin also was the only one to keep his head down and his ears flat against his head.

"Hi Kevin!" Hazel called out, and his ears quickly rose to their full height. "Hi Hazel!" he said and ran to meet her. Over the years, Kevin had grown up, no longer afraid of everything, his only fear was now hurting others by accident, so he kept whatever powers he used to a minimum, unless circumstances called for more. "Hey there Mike!" Anna smoothly said as she walked up to him, she no longer had that air of perfection or a snobby attitude, instead she was very protective of all of her friends and family, especially Kevin and her boyfriend Mike. She had never used her powers to hurt anyone, however she was nowhere near ashamed to display them to scare others into apologizing. "Hey Anna, how was the mall?" he asked. Mike had become like a teacher to everyone else, his brain was probably the most powerful of all of them. However he loved using it and his powers. He wasn't mischievous, but sometimes Bolt would catch him reading five books at a time, with him levitating all five, or even more. He had grown more intellectually than the others, however he always had trouble when he spoke, with his voice sending all teenage human girls around him into a dreamy daze. He had what they called 'the voice of a hunk' and Anna had already threatened four other girl so that they wouldn't take him from her.

Like Bolt and Mittens, Shadows and Sassy hadn't aged at all, their youth displayed almost eternally. "Hey there dog!" Shadows said with a scowl of disappointment written on his face. "What are you doing here Shadows?" Bolt asked, a practiced glare masking his face, and stalked up to the large cat. "Thought I'd stop by, got a problem with that?" Shadows asked as he too stood from his sitting position and walked towards the shepherd. Inches separated them as Bolt lifted his right paw, anger flared as he growled. Shadows at the same time lifted his paw, and extended his claws. "We'll see who has the problem!" Bolt said and the two…clasped their paws together, like two humans clasping their hands together in excitement. "About time you got here!" Bolt said as his false anger disappeared. "Good to see you too." Shadows followed with a laugh. "Boys!" Sassy said exasperated, Mittens simply chuckled. Looking at her family as they chatted, Mittens couldn't help but think of the past. How small the Kits were and how much they had gone through and the time she had almost lost Bolt, even to his own darkness. "Penny for your thoughts?" Bolt asked her, bringing her from her revere. Mittens turned to gaze into his earthy brown eyes, and smiled, "I'd be a millionaire with all the memories I just had." she informed him. Bolt laughed silently, relishing in the memories he had as well.

Before they knew it, night had fallen, even though Shadows really liked the night, he too fell fast asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. "Night guys." Bolt whispered as he looked at the group of animals. "Yah whatever!" Shadows mumbled in his sleep. Bolt chuckled at his friend and turned to make his way back to the bed that he and his wife slept. When he arrived, he saw her, basking in the moonlight's glow, the white of her fur glittering in the light it gave. 'I'm glad that Sassy got over me, and that she doesn't have her chameleon fur anymore.' he thought to himself. The moment he placed his paw on the plush pillowed comfort of his bed, Mittens reached out and placed her paws against his cheeks and kissed him. "Hello handsome!" she whispered as she broke free. "What was that all about?" he asked, but got his answer from the very look in her eyes. Saying nothing more, Bolt walked the rest of the way onto the bed and lined himself with her, "I love you." he said before kissing her again.

Elsewhere, men in what looked to be armored suits, charged through the desert, guns at their hips ready to fire when ready or necessary. Ahead of them stood what looked to be a large building, half buried in the sand. "The door is sealed shut." one of them said into their mask, relaying what they found to the others. They all nodded, and one close to the door pulled something out of a plastic bag. Unwrapping it quickly he pushed it up against the door, sticking it to the lock. "C4 should to do the trick." he said, and attached two wires before turning around and making his way with his team, to a safe place. The blast tore the door right off of its hinges, throwing it open to the inside. "That's how you open a door." he said proudly, and stood up to glance at the dark depths of the building. From inside the team could hear the deep breathing of something, "Sounds asleep." one of them said. "I'll go in, this is the last of Dr. Catzer's bases. We have to make sure there isn't anything left." he said and entered in. His team watched as he vanished into the darkness, silently, only his steps echoed through the building. Minutes later, the breathing stopped, and he called out, "What the hell is this thing? No! Stay back!" they heard, and gun fire was heard before the most sickening of cracks could be heard accompanied by his pained and shortened call, "Erraghhh…" "The hell just happened?" one of them asked, and pointed their guns into the darkness. From inside the blackness, red menacing eyes opened up, and glared at them with a low bloodthirsty growl, "OPEN FIRE!" one of them called out, and the lot of them pulled their triggers. No one heard it when they each screamed in bloody murder.

Bolt could smell smoke everywhere, billowing out of places he couldn't yet see. The colors bled in quickly like a rush of paint forming into the city, destroyed and burning to the ground. Shock covered his face as he glanced at the spectacle, "What happened?" he asked. "Good question." he heard Mittens say from behind him. Bolt turned around to see her and Rhino waking towards him. "I thought that I was in bed." Rhino said, "This makes no logical sense, and I have a level 4 IQ." "Maybe it's a dream?" Mittens said, trying to make any sense of the situation. "No dream little guardians." said a beautiful female voice from above them. When they looked up, they saw a strange sight, a mutant girl of cat like origins, stood high above the towering inferno, "This is my warning, this is the future I have for your people as they become either slaves or food to my people, and you have no hope of salvation." she said. As the shadow moved from her face, they could see not only was she similar to Catzer's cat men experiments, but she was a Siberian tiger, with large bat wings the same color as she was. "Just who do you think you are?" Bolt asked, all three of them taking a defensive stance. "I am Savage, leader of the Felarian race. The day I arrive on your planet, you and all your people shall bow before me, and I will execute you guardians as an example to your people." she said with a sickening smile and then, black. Bolt woke with a start, panting and breathing hard as he looked around. Next to him Mittens also tried to catch her breath and the children, all six of them stood around. "Dad, we have a problem." Mike said with a stern look.

End of Chapter 1