Author's note

Just because it says 'The End' doesn't mean I'm done, I've got another book planned, but that will have to wait until I'm done with another of my current projects. However, I will hold to tradition and give you a taste of what's to come. Call it spoilers or sneak peeks, here is your look into the next book…

"I'm sorry mother," Mike said as he looked down to the floor, "but we'll be stuck in this astral world until Kevin can wake up, and judging by how much of his power was used to get here, that might be a while." Mittens turned her pointed ears down and looked to her paws, "So I'm all that's left to stop him." she whispered. Wolf looked up, seeing his mother so disappointed nearly broke his heart, so he lifted himself up "Listen mother, you can't give up on dad, he needs you more than ever now." he said. "Skylar has lots of books from Neutros, many containing new spells and magic. Maybe you can learn a few from them." Penny suggested. Mittens looked up, hope filling her eyes, "It's the best shot I have!" she said, "Thank you all." and with a flash of light, she woke up, the ruins of her old house surrounding her once again, "Don't worry Bolt, I'm coming!"

There you have it, a clip from the next book, please be patient while the rest of my stories finish up. Gotta Mosey!