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A/N: I've been having major Tahnorra/Tahorra feels. I don't know, this just popped out. Cranked it out in like thirty minutes. My headcanon is that Tahno is a total tease in bed.

Tahno hated it when people touched his hair. This was a very well known fact that he made sure people knew. Once upon a time, his fans would always try to reach out to try to stroke it, like it was a prize to be claimed. Once, one tried to cut a lock of it off to keep for herself. Needless to say, he didn't take it very lightly.

But Korra has a way of changing his mind.

He had to bite back a groan when Korra gripped his hair and thrust her hips against his mouth. He smirked at her and ignored her moan of frustration when he tilted his head to the side and nibbled the inside of her thigh.

She gave an impatient tug to the back of his head, and he responded with a bite, licking and sucking on the skin to quell any lingering pain. Her legs tightened, crossing behind his neck and pulling him into her, grinding against him when he wouldn't give her what she wanted.

But Tahno loved to tease, and he brought his mouth back to suckle on her lips, hands coming up to massage her cheeks, grabbing and clawing down her leg. Korra let out a strangled gasp, thrusting in time with him. She tightened her hold on his hair, tugging each time he ghosted over her clit just barely enough to leave an impression.

"S-Stop playing with me," she said, biting her lip to stop a loud moan when he gave a long, lingering lick to exact spot she needed.

"What?" he asked, slithering himself up her body, stopping to lick and suck at areas he knew she was sensitive to. He kissed her hip, moving up to flick his tongue into her belly button. "Can't handle it—" He palmed her breast, pinching her nipple as he placed quick kisses up the length of her neck. "—Uh-vatar?" he breathed against her lips before leaning in to capture it into a kiss.

Korra fought him the entire way, sucking on his tongue as she tried to dominate over him. She nibbled on his bottom lip, running her hands through his hair and tugging on it every so often. She wrapped her strong, muscular legs around his hips, grinding against his clothed arousal.

But Tahno never played fair, especially not here, not now. He reached down and slid a finger into her, lazily pumping it in and out. She broke the kiss, throwing her head back with a gasp as she thrust herself against him.

"Fuck, Tahno," she panted, trying to make him move faster against her, but he just suckled on her ear with a chuckle. He slowly slid his finger out, dragging it against her clit until he began to rub circles around it.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

Korra let out a frustrated huff before she grabbed him, flipping them over to where sat in his lap, grinding her hips into his. She grabbed his hair, pulling Tahno's face up to hers and crushing her lips against his.

She was all teeth and tongue, abusing his lips and pulling back to do the same to his neck. Tahno just groaned and bucked his hips into hers, reaching around to grab her butt and moved her harder against him.

Her hands and lips were everywhere, dragging themselves across his chest and moving through his hair. They clawed at his back and bit into his shoulder, leaving her mark behind.

"I'll show you," she growled against his lips, reaching down to unbuckle his pants.

I guess Tahno's not the only tease, aha! ;]